TG The First Shower 3

Apr 28th, 2019
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  1. Peter was still in the locker room. He was the last one there and waited for everyone to leave. When he was the only one left he sent Diane an IM asking where she was.
  3. He had planned this for several weeks. On high schools it's almost a rule that the hottest girl gets the hottest guy and Peter had found out that, to become the most popular hot guy, you only had to use the first shower. He figured that, to become the hottest girl you just had to use the first shower in the girls room. It was almost to easy to use reverse psychology to have Dave using the first shower. Peter gave his plan a 90% chance of succeeding and if it had worked two horny hot girls, from which one his girlfriend, were waiting for him in the shower.
  5. He received an IM from Diane:
  7. I feel so hot, can you cool me down?
  9. Peter smiled, everything had worked out fine and he now had the most popular girl in school as his girlfriend. He stood up and walked to the door which separated him from a complete school career full of sex and hot girls. He slowly opened the door and took a step inside, a step into his new life. Suddenly he was being hit against the head and he fell on the floor, unconsciousness.
  11. When Peter opened his eyes he was standing with his arms above his head. He tried to take them down but they were tied to a shower and there was no way he could get them off. He tried to look around but he almost couldn't move his head. He looked down and saw he was naked. There was a lot of steam around him and it was warm in the shower. Diane stepped out of the steam and Peter let put a sigh of relief.
  12. 'Kinky,' he said. 'But I am better when you untie me.'
  13. 'I'm sorry sweety but I had other plans.' Diane replied.
  14. 'You will do exactly as I say and I tell you to get these stupid handcuffs of so I can fuck the shit out of you.' Peter said angry. He didn't plan this to happen. He would just fuck Diane and after she was gone he could fuck Nadia. He hadn't any time to play stupid games. They were supposed to listen to him and follow his orders.
  16. 'Change of plan dickhead,' said Nadia who stepped out of the steam too. 'From now on we give the orders and my first order is to shut up and take a deep breath because it will be your last breath you'll ever take by yourself.'
  17. 'What the he'll are you talking about!' Peter screamed. 'You are supposed to be my sex slaves.'
  18. 'Not gonna happen Peter,' Diane said. 'We opened the window and stayed ourselves but we can't promise the same to you. Listen carefully because I will only tell this one time. From now on you'll be trapped in the body we are going to give you. You're aloud to watch, feel and listen but from now on you won't control yourself anymore. You will be trapped in you're own body.' She walked towards Peter and turned on the water.
  20. 'Noo, noooooo, stop it. Please I beg you to stop it.' Peter almost cried but Diane and Nadia didn't feel any pity.
  22. The water splashed on his hands and from there on it flooded downwards to his feet. His hands started to turn smaller and black nail polish appeared on his now manicured nails. The muscles in his arms started to fade and with a bit of sorrow the girls watched this hot boy turning into a little girl.
  24. Peter tried to protest one more time as he saw hair growing in front of his eyes. 'I promise I will never bully again, I will be better.' He said but the girls shook there head.
  25. 'Too late Peter, too late.'
  26. Peter got by accident some water on his face and you could see it change. Hair turned from blond to brown and his eyes turned from blue to dark brown almost black. His lips puffed out a tiny bit and his face shaped into a more oval form.
  28. His neck had thinned down as his Adams apple disappeared and his voice raised higher and higher until he sounded Luke a clear soprano. 'Please don't.' He said but it was of no use. The water had passed his shoulders that narrowed themselves and the water reached his chest. A moan escaped his small lips and bumps formed on his chest. Diane and Nadia watched as little breasts poked trough the (now far less) muscled chest. When they reached a small but firm B-cup they stopped growing and peter pouted, he had hoped for more.
  30. Steam started to envelop again and Peter inhaled his future breath by breath.
  32. His butt barely grew and his hips stayed almost the same too when it was hit by the water. His waist pinched in a little bit so he had something of an hourglass figure but not nearly as sexy as Nadia and Diane. His cock shrunk and finally disappeared. His one flat groin started to cave inwards as a slit appeared, making Peter fully a girl. More steam was inhaled by Peter who was barely consciousness at this point.
  34. His thighs grew a little and the muscles in his legs faded leaving the girl with a tiny, vulnerable body. A small last moan escaped her lips before she passed out. The water stopped and the steam slowly faded away.
  36. Nadia and Diane untied the girl and put her some clothes on. They looked at the girl. Mousy brown hair fell around a pretty but shy face. She had an underdeveloped body but underneath her young appearance was a beautiful person. Jeans and a simple shirt covered her body and a small yellow rose in her hair made her look pretty. Nadia and Diane watched at her in silence until she came by.
  37. 'What happened?' Sam asked.
  38. 'You passed out for no reason,' Diane said. 'I'm glad to see you're okay.'
  39. Nadia helped Sam up and they both hugged each other. Sam stood in front of both girls and with a little bit of envy she looked at both girls body. Diane noticed it.
  40. 'Oh come on Sam,' she said. 'You're getting more beautiful every day and do you remember that one guy with the guitar from music class?'
  41. Sam nodded.
  42. 'He has definitely a crush on you and he only looks at you even when we stand right next to you. I bet he would still look at you if we were both naked and kissing each other.'
  43. Sam laughed shyly. 'You girls are the best.' she said and she walked away, probably checking if that guy with the guitar was still there.
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