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  1. # Making cool App with React Native and have fun!
  3. ## Hi, I want to create an shopping list app in android
  4. ## this app can help me to remember food expire date and reduce food waste
  6. ## 1. Who I am?
  7.    1. GA WDI student, PM background
  8.    2. Rookie programmer- I know Javascript, HTML, CSS, and very little ruby
  9.    3. I want to create an app
  10. ## 2. The challenge I faced
  11.    1. No java or android background
  12.    2. really new to react
  13.    3. I am learning backend technology
  15. ## 3. Why I choose react-native and the similarity between css and react-native stylesheet
  16.    1. stylesheet just like CSS
  18.    2. react is good to create list and react-native is very similar to react
  20. ## 4. Just do it
  21.    ### 1. my plan
  22.       1.1 core function of the shopping list
  23.       1.2 user system with database
  24.       1.3 add barcode scan function
  25.       1.4 add recommend expire date to the common foods
  26.       1.5 add menu recommend function
  28.       ...(on going)
  30.    ### 2. Implement
  31.       2.1 Start with the core function of my app - a list
  32.           a. I need to make a list
  33.           b. I can add new shopping item to the list
  34.           c. I can delete item from this list
  36.       2.2 improve the core function
  37.           a. I can record food expire date of each item in this list
  38.           b. I can change food expire date if I got it wrong
  39.           c. If the current date is close to the expire date,warn the user
  40.           d. If the food expired, warn the user
  42.       2.3 the app can restore the list, when I open it, I can see the list which I created last time
  43.           a. Store the data online? No, local first!
  44.           b. Read the stored data file from my phone and show it in the app
  45.           (react-native-fs)
  47.       2.4 create user account with user name and password
  48.           a. Each user name can have one account with data file and password
  49.           b. need a function to create new account
  50.           c. Can switch to different account by login and logout
  52.       2.5 add auto login function to the app
  53.           a. in the login page, there is a switch, when the switch is on, when the next time I login in, it can automatic login
  54.           b. I need a new variable to store my auto-login value.
  55.           c. I need to store this variable in my data file
  57.       2.6 add scan bar code function
  58.           a. Camera setting
  59.           b. bar-code API
  60.           (react-native camera)
  61.       2.7 Create a ruby backend server
  62.           working on it...
  64. ## 5. I want to make friends
  65.       my contact details
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