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  1. JoJo’s Bizzare Drinking Game:
  2. Rules:
  3. 1.   Assume this is your first time watching even if it isn’t. (Meaning that if a character “dies” only for it to be revealed “I was alive all along”, or “Magically resurrected” or “Time Loop Bullshit” means they’re not dead, STILL DRINK (A character’s soul being stolen counts as a death even if it is won back later)
  4. 2.  When A Character dies, chug for one second multiplied by the number of episodes since they’re debut (So if JoJo pops up in episode 1, and dies in episode 60, chug for 60 seconds) (Epilogues count)
  5. 3.  The Dog Rule
  6. (i) 1 Sip if a dog dies
  7. (ii)    2 Sips if the dog’s name was said on screen before it died
  8. (iii)   3 sips if we see an already dead dog on screen (so when if JoJo the dog dies, and it cuts to JoJo the man and then back to JoJo the dog, take 2 sips for JoJo the dog’s death and 3 for the cut back to its dead body)
  9. (iv)    Only Danny, Iggy and Koichi’s dog count as characters (meaning only chug if they die, but don’t chug for other dogs).
  10. 4.  Engrish, Furenchu, and Itarian, take 1 sip for each word that isn’t said in Japanese (Stand names don’t count for obvious reasons) (Yes, Yes, Yes is 3 sips) (Tres Bien, Tres Bien is 4 sips) (Mamma Mia is 2 sips)
  11. 5.  Catchphrases, Oras, Mudas, Doras and Horas
  12. (i) Whenever Jotaro says “Yare Yare Da” Yare Yare” or “Yare Yare Daze” take a sip
  13. (ii)    Whenever Joseph says “Your Next Line Is” take a sip
  14. (iii)   Whenever Josuke talks about or is concerned about shoes take a sip
  15. (iv)    Whenever Okuyasu says “Oi, Josuke” take a sip
  16. (v) Whenever Rohan yells “Koichi-Kun” take a sip
  17. (vi)    Whenever Dio says “Muda” chug for the duration of the mudas
  18. (vii)   Whenever Jotaro says “Ora” chug for the duration of the oras
  19. (viii)  Whenever Josuke says “Dora” chug for the duration of the doras
  20. (ix)    Whenever Polnareff says “Hora” chug for the duration of the Horas
  21. 6.  Whenever someone dies performing a heroic act or using up the last of their hamon, add 2 seconds to their in memoriam chug
  22. 7.  Meme lines
  23. (i) Kono Dio Da! (or It was Me Dio) = 2 sips
  24. (ii)    ZA WARUDO = 2 sips
  25. (iii)   YES! I AM! = 2 sips + Engirsh sips
  26. (iv)    BITES ZA DUSTO = 1 sip with Engrish sips
  27. (v) I Brought Tequila! = 2 sips(As the Japanese word for Tequila is Tequila no Engrish sip is required)
  28. (vi)    GERMAN [blank] IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD = 1 sip
  29. (vii)   Nice Nice Very Nice Caesar-Chan two sips + Engrish Sips (He says Caesar in Engrish too)
  30. (viii)  Rererorerorerorerorero
  31. (ix)    “Emerald Splash cannot be deflected”
  33. (xi)    “My Harvest is invincible”
  34. 8.  Every time someone refers to a character as “JoJo!” (or GioGio) take a sip (the nickname is used progressively less as the series goes on)
  35. 9.  Drink for Each music reference (if it Re-Occurs like Dio only drink the first time, if it is a reference that spans multiple characters like William and Caesar Zepeli drink once for Will and once for Caesar upon their introductions)
  36. 10.  Dumb rules
  37. (a) Drink whenever Koichi enters frame, drink a harder alcohol if he’s with his dog.
  38. (b) Drink when something undeniably cool happens (20 metre emerald splash, Josuke impales and immediately heals his mother, the ENTIRE poker game)
  39. (c) Drink if someone gets REALLY frustrated when Roundabout starts playing.
  40. (d) Drink whenever two or more characters strike a pose at the same time.
  41. (e) Whenever something completely absurd or out of left field happens (Like Shigeichi trying to pick up girls with his fat stacks, or when Rohan licks the spider, Kakyoin eats the cherry, and Kakyoin puts someone in an argentine torture rack)
  42. (f) Drink whenever Jotaro laughs
  43. (g) Drink each time Joseph is racist or experiences culture shock
  44. (h) Whenever something incredibly questionable occurs (e.g. Joseph threatening to beat Suzie Q)
  45. 11.  
  46. (a) If Vento Aureo is announced during the drinking game, finish all available alcohol, buy a bottle of jagermeister, and if Stone Ocean is also announced finish that too.
  47. Special Clauses:
  48. The Mangaka Clause: If a character is caught in a time loop and dies continuously, you may stop tribute drinking for them after the first time loop (But will be labelled as Pro Yoshikage Kira)
  49. Double or nothing Clause: If two drinking rules overlap, drink for both of them.
  50. The Weeaboo Clause: A Participant may be exempt from Stand Cry Chugging if they punch the air repeatedly calling out the same stand cry during the duration of the cry
  51. The Cunt Clause: If a character’s tribute chug exceeds 60 seconds a participant can opt out.
  52. The Reasonable Amount of Alcohol Clause: If someone is deemed too inebriated to continue, they will be allowed stop.
  53. Yoshikage Kira’s Stand Is Called Killer Queen, meaning Shear Heart Attack and Bites The Dust count as Engrish
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