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DartCraft Beta 0.2.11 Changelog

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Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. Beta 0.2.11
  2. - Note: This version of DartCraft has reworked the config file to such a degree that deleting the config file and allowing a new one to generate is highly recommended.
  3. - Bugfix: Forceaflouge Blocks will now show in NEI without IC2 installed.
  4. - Bugfix: Players should no longer be able to interact with removed DartCraft TileEntities.
  5. - Bugfix: Mekanism Universal Cables can no longer stay attached to certain DartCraft TileEntities and subsequenty make available some odd duplication glitches.
  6. - Bugfix: Fixed a crash in Force Pipes when referencing a non-essential BuildCraft class.
  7. - ThaumCraft entities such as Angry Zombies and Taintacles are now proper global entities and can now have their spawners crafted using mob chunks.
  8. - Force Grinding should now work for ores registered as "oreIron" and "oreGold" and not just vanilla ones.
  9. - Force Sticks should no longer be converted into normal sticks with GergTek installed.
  10. - GregTech TileEntities can no longer be Force Wrenched unless enabled in the config under the "insane" category.
  11. - Removed the bugged option to cheapen the Repair upgrade.
  12. - Added an option to disable the Repair upgrade completely. (Note: this will not affect existing tools.)
  13. - Added the already present oreChunks option to the config file so players may disable the ability to craft Ore Chunks from dartcraft dusts.
  14. - The config now warns not to enable ore regen for new worlds and normal ore generation will now occur in new chunks even while this setting is enabled.
  15. - Added a "Regen Key" to the config that allows users to specify a String which the regen handler will check to determine whether or not regen was run for a given chunk. Changing this key is not recommended and is not necessary to fix old chunks as the default key is different from the previous default key. (The old key was "powerOre" if anyone was wondering.)
  16. - Added a config option to manually set DartCraft entityIDs. By default the config has them all set to 0, which will let Forge determine a unique entity ID, however they can be manually set to avoid entityID conflicts should they arise.
  17. - The Damage upgrade no longer gives Sharpness per two levels on Force Swords, instead the Damage upgrade itself is given to Force Swords. Actual damage should be unaffected.
  18. - The max level for the Damage upgrade can now be set in the config file from 2-5 (default 5). This will not affect already upgraded tools. The Speed and Sturdy upgrades can now be slightly configured as well.
  19. - The Heat ugprade no longer gives Fire Aspect on Force Swords and now just gives itself. Mechanics should not be affected.
  20. - The maximum level for the Heat upgrade is now 1.
  21. - The Wing Meter's look and size has been changed, it is now smaller and greener. A config option to use the old look and feel has been added. In the future the Wing Meter will be referred to as the Magic Meter.
  22. - The Magic Meter now recharges at 1/8 the speed (very slowly), however there is a config option to restore the previous speed.
  23. - The new Magic Meter has a total of 2000 magic by default (up from the Wing Meter's 1500) and is increased by an additional 1000 for each piece of Force Armor equipped (upgraded or not.) The Wing upgrade does not affect this.
  24. - Magic is now required to use Heat and Freezing implements such as Heat/Freezing swords and Fire/Ice arrows. If a player's magic meter has been depleted recently they cannot use these mechanics.
  25. - Force Wrenching blocks now requires some magic in addition to Liquid Force to accomplish.
  26. - Force Rods now require and use magic when they are activated. The amount of magic used is based on the upgrade present, and some of the upgrades can use a rather significant amount of magic.
  27. - Wing armor will no longer protect against fall damage if the Magic Meter is depleted. In such an event there will be no damage mitigation. (Careful!)
  28. - Specific upgrades using magic can be disabled in the config. For example, if you set "Heat Magic" to false in the config file Heat-imbued Force Swords, Force Bows and Force Rods will not require magic to use.
  29. - The Damage upgrade on Force Swords now requires magic to use, and will do less damage if the user has no magic left. This feature can be disabled in the config.
  30. - The Magic Meter will now be refilled a few seconds after changing dimensions.
  31. - Hostile Mobs will occasionally drop Magic Jars that will refill a bit of your magic meter when picked up; the jars are then destroyed. Small jars will refill 1/8 of your meter and large jars will refill 1/4 of your meter.
  32. - Hostile Mobs will also occasionally drop a Recovery Heart, which restores one heart when picked up and is then destroyed.
  33. - Normal mode on Force Bows can no longer shoot Fire or Ice arrows, and does not use magic.
  34. - The Speed upgrade on Force Armor is now responsible for Step Assist and the ability to skate across liquids, instead of the Wing upgrade.
  35. - Refactored how Wing Jumping works. It is now based on an algorithm that allows for fewer pieces of Wing Armor to still have useful effects, while four pieces still gives the greatest height.
  36. - Wing Jump height is now moderately configurable. By default overall jump height at max armor has been halved, but this can be changed in the config to be higher or lower.
  37. - Added a new config subsection called "hardcore". These settings will generally disable certain dartcraft features entirely for servers that wish to torment their players.
  38. - The ability to use Wing Swords to fling oneself can now be disabled. Force Swords can still be upgraded with Wing, but they will only slow the user's fall when held, nothing more.
  39. - The ability to use Wing implements in the Twilight Forest can now be disabled in the config. Other dimensions should be unaffected.
  40. - The ability to create and use Ender Swords to teleport oneself can now be disabled.
  41. - The ability to upgrade Force Armor with the Wing upgrade and subsequently use Wing Armor flight can now be disabled.
  42. - The ability to upgrade Force Armor with the Sturdy upgrade can now be disabled.
  43. - The ability to upgrade Force Armor at all can now be completely disabled.
  44. - Force Armor with existing upgrades that are disallowed will simply have those functions become dormant.
  45. - The ability to upgrade and use a Force Rod with Speed, Heat and Healing on them are now individually configurable. When existing rods with these upgrades are used users will hear an error sound instead of receiving their effects.
  46. - Added a config setting to prevent Ender Rod use in combat. Players will have to wait for 5 seconds after taking damage from another entity before they can use an Ender Rod with this setting enabled. This is enabled by default.
  47. - Added optional cooldowns to Force Rods. Heat, Speed, Camo and Sight have a 2 second cooldown while Healing and Ender have a 5 second cooldown. This must be enabled in the config.
  48. - Force Rods can be exmpted from magic use in the config file, but by default they are not.
  49. - Force Infusers now require experience from their user when upgrading. One level per upgrade material is now required to upgrade unless the player is in creative mode. This can be disabled in the config, or made more difficult by requiring 2 levels for tier 3 and 4 and 3 levels for tier 5, 6 and 7 upgrade materials.
  50. - Infusers can no longer be used by players other than their owner.
  51. - If speedMagic is enabled in the config the Speed upgrade on Force Armor will now use a small amount of magic while moving, unless the player is under the effects of a speed potion. This feature is disabled by default.
  52. - Force Infusers will now infuse instantly for no resources if the user is in creative mode.
  53. - The Error Tab on Force Infusers will now display more useful error information like telling you upgrades are invalid or more of a specific resource is required.
  54. - Added the Force Hammer, a DartCraft version of IC2's Forge Hammer that has twice the durability and is an IForceConsumer. The Force Hammer can make IC2 plates out of Iron, Gold, Copper, Tin, Lead and Force ingots which it can then craft into 2 of their respective casings (excepting Force Plates of course), as is standard to IC2.
  55. - Force Hammers will not be deleted when they use up all their charges, so you can fill them with Liquid Force at any time. Should you want to destroy your depleted Hammer simply Force Transmute it back into a Force Stick. (This only works if they have no uses left.)
  56. - Added config options to always show the Magic Meter, and a more interesting hud change option that moves the health bar to where the magic meter is which, at the moment, is enabled by defaut. This health meter supports additional health added by Tinker's Construct.
  57. - Added the Chu Chu, a hostile slime-like entity that generally spawns in groups. Chu Chus are always the same size, are rather fast and unlike slimes do not spawn more when killed. Chu Chus come in a variety of colors and can drop their color of Chu Jelly when killed. The entityID and spawn settings for Chu Chus is also configurable.
  58. - Chu Chus come in Purple, Green, Red, Blue and Gold, and are ordered in rarity from common to rare in this order.
  59. - Force Flasks now render 3D in your inventory and rotate properly in EntityItem form. (Do not confuse these with EntityBottles which are meant to be static decorations.)
  60. - Force Flasks may now hold milk by right-clicking a Cow to milk them. Milk Flasks can be drank to clear the player's active potion effects and as a side-effect restore 2 hearts.
  61. - Force Flasks may now hold Liquid Force by infusing them in the Force Infuser with a bucket of Liquid Force, similar to Empty Buckets. These Force Flasks can then be drank to imbue 30 seconds of speed 3 and also randomly heal you (or harm you) by up to 4 hearts.
  62. - Liquid Force Flasks can be used to craft the new Red, Green and Blue Potions along with 5 of their respective color of Chu Jelly and a Gold Powder. These potions will revert to Force Flasks when drank and will restore either magic or health based on their type. A Red Potion will refill your health to full, a Green Potion will restore your Magic Meter to full, and a Blue Potion will restore both your Health and Magic to full.
  63. - Milk Flasks can be crafted into the Chateau Notch using 5 Gold Chu Jelly. The Chateau Notch will revert to a Force Flask when drank and imbue its imbiber with 3 minutes of infinite magic use.
  64. - For some reason when potions are created a piece of Glass Dust will be produced as a biproduct.
  65. - Milk Flasks and Liquid Force Flasks are valid containers of their respecitve liquids and can be used as such in Force Infusers, Force Engines and other implements that can use Liquid Force and Milk.
  66. - Red, Green and Blue Potions as well as the Chateau can be disabled in the config. When disabled, the potion's recipe will not be added, exising potions of that type will not be consumable and the corresponding Chu Chu will also no longer spawn in the world.
  67. - The Amount of health restored by Red and Blue Potions can be configured, but the default values are full health restoration. The time in seconds that Chateau's Magic effect lasts can also be configured.
  68. - A cooldown can be imposed onto Potions preventing their successive use, however by default there is no imposed cooldown. Potions can also be configured to not be allowed during and slightly after combat.
  69. - Tooltips on DartCraft Potions will indicate what the server's settings are in regards to them. If a potion is completely disabled it will simply say "Disabled".
  70. - Book of Mudora entries have been added for Liquid Flasks and Chu Chus. Potions are detailed under the Chu Chus section.
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