Janco Week 3

Jan 21st, 2017
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  1. The next three days were a roller coaster of emotion. Janna never took Marco back to her room, but there was always that underlying tension. It cropped up when she touched him, when she hung off his arm or took his hand.
  3. Marco, for his part, never shook off her advances. He still wasn't sure what he wanted anymore, he knew that he wanted Janna; he just didn't know if he wanted Jackie more. So for now he accepted Janna's advances, which Janna seemed fine with.
  5. Janna seemed fine with it because whether Marco wanted to or not he was reciprocating, hard. He held her hand firmly after she took it. He stroked and caressed her back when she hugged him, when she was hanging off of him he put his arm around her shoulders like it was nothing. To anyone observing them from the outside they appeared to be a normal couple.
  7. So it wasn't surprising that, when they bumped into Jackie at the skate park, she assumed that they were together as a couple. Janna had thought that Jackie wouldn't be there this Friday, as Jackie had said earlier that week that she had to go to her cousin's wedding.
  9. "Hey guys." Jackie said as she rode up to them, noticing that their hands were intertwined but not mentioning it, not wanting to embarrass her friend.
  11. "Oh." Janna said, surprised, "Jackie, I didn't expect you to be here." Janna forced herself to not panic.
  13. "Yeah, the wedding got pushed back to next week, so I figured I'd just chill today." Jackie nodded to the boards that Janna and Marco were carrying were both carrying, "I didn't know that you skated Diaz."
  15. Marco blushed and rubbed the back of his head, "I'm not that good, but Janna invited me and I figured why not."
  17. "Cool!" Jackie smiled at them both, "Well, don't let me keep you from your date, good luck!" Janna skated off back into the bowl with a half a dozen other people.
  19. Janna blushed and Marco looked at her, confused, "What did she mean by that, we aren't on a date."
  21. Janna stared at him for a moment, before shaking their intertwined hands. Marco looked down, surprised, "Oh, yeah, I guess that might do it." He let go of Janna's hand, feeling awkward that he hadn't noticed that they were holding hands in the first place.
  23. Janna made a face and aggressively grabbed Marco's hand, "I think you've forgotten who's in charge here." She said, "Or have you forgotten our deal? You are mine until Sunday at midnight, and if I want to hold your hand I'm going to do it."
  25. Marco looked at her, surprised. He had forgotten the deal. He hadn't thought of the fact that he was being forced into these situations since Monday. Marco wondered at the fact that he could forget such a simple fact. Perhaps it was because he had been having so much fun during the week, and Janna hadn't asked him to do anything that he wouldn't have done if he didn't have to. After those first two days things had been far tamer than he had anticipated.
  27. "C'mon, I don't want to skate anymore." Janna practically dragged Marco away from the park, not noticing Jackie's confused look. Janna knew now that she needed to confess properly to Marco by the end of Saturday. She had been debating it since Monday. She knew that Marco knew that she liked him, but he hadn't said anything about it and she had been to scared of his answer to ask.
  29. She didn't bother riding her skateboard, as it would have been too hard to keep a hold of his hand while doing so. Instead she kept his hand in an almost painful grip as she walked, practically stomped, down the street.
  31. "Janna, what's wrong?" Marco asked.
  33. Janna didn't answer as she wound her way through the smaller side streets that surrounded the park. She needed a place for them to be alone. Preferably a place with a bed. Star had mentioned that she could open pocket dimensions with her scissors, but Star had her scissors. Did she have a spare pair? Janna couldn't remember, her temper was too wild right now, going over how Marco had looked at Jackie.
  35. They went to Marco's house. His father was out delivering a sculpture to a customer, but his mother was home, cleaning up Rafael's studio before he got back, as he always found new inspiration in the lives of others.
  37. She probably noticed them come in and assumed that Marco was home. That or she vigorously ignored that there were two sets of footsteps going upstairs. Marco knew his mother was all for freedom and independence, but allowing him to take someone up to his room without first checking to make sure that everything was on the up and up was unusual for her. Did Janna say or do something to his mother? No, she couldn't have.
  39. Instead of pulling him into his own room Janna surprised him by opening the door to Star's room and walking in without a care. A thought struck Marco, "You aren't going to try to steal the book, are you?"
  41. Janna scoffed, "No, I'm just going to see if Star has any spare scissors lying around."
  43. Before Marco could protest that it was dangerous to play with dimensional scissors Star's mirror started ringing. Marco looked at the mirror and saw that it said Star on the surface. Star must be calling her own mirror from Mewni, but why?
  45. Stepping up the the large device Marco pressed the gem on the right side like Star did whenever she interacted with it. The picture switched to Star standing in a bedroom that was fairly similar to the one that Marco was in. Star looked a bit frazzled, but still cheerful.
  47. "Hey Star." Marco said, waving to his friend, "What's up?"
  49. "Not much on my end." Star said nonchalantly, "But what are you doing in my room?"
  51. "Uh, well, you see..." Marco muttered, flustered.
  53. "Yo, Star, where do you keep your spare pair of dimensional scissors?" Janna yelled from under Star's bed, her legs poking out like she's the wicked witch of the east.
  55. Star took a moment to think about this before saying, "In my underwear drawer, I think? Maybe in the sock drawer?"
  57. Marco sputtered, "You're just going to let Janna get a hold of interdimensional scissors? Do you have any idea what she'll do with those?"
  59. Star smirked and winked at someone behind Marco, "Oh, I think I know exactly what she's going to do with them. Have fun~." Star singsonged before the line cut out.
  61. Marco didn't want to turn around. He didn't want to know what the madwoman known as Janna was doing behind him, but unfourtunatly for him once the line went dead the mirror turned back into a regular mirror, and Marco could see Janna as she stepped up behind him and gently wrapped her arms around his chest.
  63. He shivered as he felt her stand on her tippy toes and whisper in his ear, "Marco, I'm about to do something I'll probably regret... Could you hold still for a minute?"
  65. Marco wasn't sure if he should run or fight. Probably both. He just nodded, entranced and confused by the tone of voice Janna was using. Sultry, but with a tremble, like she was scared. Marco didn't like that. He hated when people got emotional around him. Made him feel responsible for helping them.
  67. Janna paced around the room, trying to get her head together. She couldn't just pull Marco into a pocket dimension and screw his brains out, much as she wanted to. Who knows how that would affect him, and their budding relationship. Janna bit down on the scissors hard, hurting her teeth as she thought.
  69. Marco watched from his vantage looking into the mirror.
  71. She needed a clincher, something to push Marco hard into her arms. There was a way. Star had told her about it, but it was dangerous. Janna sat on Star's bed and met Marco's eyes. She decided, it was worth it, besides, it's not like it would hurt any worse than if he rejected her anyways.
  73. But Janna just sat there. Star had been very clear that what she was about to do should only be done if you absolutely trusted the person you were going to do it with. It was more intimate than sex, more dangerous than Russian roulette, and only about half the people who ever did it came away unscathed.
  75. But Janna had one day. She had what was left of today, and Saturday, that was it, and Marco just stood there, giving her this stupid look. She wanted to hate him for being so oblivious for so long, but she couldn't. It's not like she was clear about what she wanted.
  77. Janna took in a deep breath and stood. She flipped the scissors in her hands and deftly opened the portal, concentrating on where she wanted it to go. She tried to give Marco one of her smug grins and said, "C'mon slave boy, let's go have some fun." She jumped into the portal.
  79. Marco stared at the portal that Janna had just jumped through for a moment before he kicked himself and ran after her, tumbling through the portal after her.
  81. The pair landed on a beach of pure white sand and the portal closed behind them. As they stood and looked around they were awed at the sight. White, slightly glittering granuals ran in a near flat plane to their north and south. To the west it rose into sparkling hills of opal, ivory, and bone white. The sky in prefect contrast is an inky black with barely noticeable swirls of deep indigo and violet. Shining like pin pricks in the void are stars tinged with blue, red, green, and a thousand shades that they couldn't think of names for.
  83. To the east and equally inky sea of oil laps calmly at the beach, and standing front and center, right at the edge of the water, is a tall gray tower of stone blocks. Windowless, doorless, silent.
  85. Janna's hands come up to clutch at her shirt above her heart as she gazes in wonder at the beauty surrounding her. After several silent moments Marco's voice shatters the stillness, "Where are we?"
  87. Janna's heart pounds harder in her chest, his voice is melodic, like a half heard song. She looks at him and his olive skin nearly glows in the starlight, his chocolate eyes deep pools that she could drown in. Janna swallows, her mouth dry and tries to speak, but only a squeak escapes her lips.
  89. "Janna?" Marco asks, touching her elbow, "Are you ok?"
  91. Janna gently grips Marco's sleeves and pulls him closer to her, standing again on her tip toes to bring her face closer to his perfect visage. She want' to kiss him, so badly that it hurt, his look of concern turns to one of confusion. "Janna?" He asks again, more urgently.
  93. "If... If... If." Janna says, over and over, trying to get the words out, trying to communicate with this god, this angel, this Adonis in front of her.
  95. "Janna!" Marco says urgently and shakes her gently, "Snap out of it!"
  97. Janna shakes her head and looks away from Marco. Star didn't tell her that his would happen. But Marco seemed unaffected by whatever was affecting Janna. Maybe it was because of where they were. She needed a place to calm down, somewhere where Marco looked normal.
  99. The sound of a door opening made the pair look over at the tower. A door that had previously not been there had opened, and a warm firelight glow flickered out into the night.
  101. "Ok, that's creepy, Janna, get us out of here, whatever you wanted to show me we can see when the weird building isn't trying to eat us."
  103. Janna took one look at Marco, thought about going home and what that would mean, tried and failed to say something again, and bolted for the open door. Marco, being Marco, stared after her for a second, and then bolted after her. Janna was surprisingly quick for a girl her height and beat him to the door, but didn't shut it behind her. Marco rolled in and stuck close to the floor, scanning the room for threats.
  105. The door slammed shut behind them. Marco expected it to disappear next, but it didn't. After making sure the room contained only himself and Janna he did the obvious thing and tried the door. It opened easily onto the sandy beach. Marco left the door open and turned back toward Janna, who was standing near the center of the circular room and looking around awed.
  107. The room was nice, Marco would give it that. It was mostly dark wood, painted plaster, and tasteful silver and green accents. It was a comfy seating area with several high backed and overstuffed chairs sitting around a central fireplace.
  109. Across from the front door there was a second door, presumably out the other side of the tower. Janna finished gaping at the room and turned a bright smile onto Marco. "Welcome to me." She said, gesturing around at the tower.
  111. Marco looked skeptical, "I don't get the feeling you mean that in a metaphorical sense, do you?"
  113. Janna shook her head and flopped into one of the overstuffed chairs, beaming like a little girl who just got a puppy. She felt incredibly. This was her domain. She could do anything she wanted here. Just by thinking it there was a kettle on top of the glassed in fireplace with two mugs sitting next to it, already filled with her favorite hot chocolate powder. Another thought and one of the chairs scooped up Marco and slid him around next to her, their chairs fusing into a single high backed love seat.
  115. Janna grinned into Marco's confused face as she took his arm, all her previously lost confidence returning like a barrel filled with rainwater. Janna gestured excitedly to the entire room, "All this is me!" She exclaimed, knowing deep in her bones that what she said was true. This place was her in the realest sense.
  117. Marco looked around the room again, and he could see what she was saying. The room sort of reflected who she was. Her humor, her sense of style, her weird macabre sensibilities, but it was also warm and pleasant. "O... K." He said slowly, not understanding what Janna was expecting.
  119. Janna looked at him like he was an idiot, and gestured around, "Well, what do you think?"
  121. "It... suits you?" Janna made a face at him, and the kettle began squealing as it boiled. Marco quickly pulled it off the element set into the top of the fireplace casing and poured them both a mug of hot chocolate. He handed her the one that was obviously hers, because it was shaped like a skull, and sat back in the love seat. "I don't know what you expect me to say. To be honest I don't know what you were expecting from this week at all.
  123. "At first I was afraid that you'd make me do strange things but other than that one time it's been pretty normal. Actually, it's reminded me of when we hung out more back in grade school. To be honest it's been nice, and it's reminded me why we have always been friends." Marco smiled at Janna, who had kicked off her combat boots and brought her feet underneath her.
  125. "But then that thing with the massage happened and things got all weird and I got all confused and I don't know how I feel about... this." He gestured at the small space between them. "Janna, you... You like me right? I'm not getting my signals crossed or something right?" He looked pleadingly at her. Neither of them were sure if he was pleading for her to say that he was wrong or right.
  127. Janna laughed. It was either that or cry so she laughed. "Such an idiot." She muttered under he breath, blowing on the steaming cup of hot chocolate. Then she looked up into his eyes, hers glistening with the unshed tears, "I love you Marco... I've loved you for nearly three years now." She smiled sadly, "Thanks for noticing, safe kid."
  129. Marco pressed his lips together and looked away. He had been laser focused on Jackie for nearly a decade. He hadn't had time to consider other girls except in his fantasies. Janna had always flirted with everything and everyone, so he'd never noticed when her flirting had turned serious. Maybe he wouldn't have even if he had been paying attention. "Oh." He said into the silence.
  131. They sat in silence for several minutes before Janna said, "You don't love me back, do you?"
  133. Marco looked at her sadly, "I'm not sure... Maybe? I need some time to process everything."
  135. Janna nodded, looking downcast. The fire guttered and went out, leaving the room lit only by the soft orange glow of the embers dying.
  137. Marco took Janna's mug and set them both on the fireplace and wrapped his arms around the slim girl, "That's not a no, Janna." He whispered in her ear, "I like you. I, I think you're pretty. We have fun together, and I like your company. I just... I'm just not sure if there's anything more than that."
  139. Janna looked up at him, suddenly angry, "Of course there's more than that you ass." She practically shouted in his face, "I haven't been doing all this cutsey couples shit by myself you know!" Janna yanked herself up by his shirt collar, "I wasn't holding my own damn hand, I wasn't forcing you to put your arm around me, I wasn't telling you to introduce us as a couple, or to whisper sweet bullshit in my ear!" Janna pushed the idiot so that his back was pressed against the love seat and she was practically on top of him.
  141. "I'm not the one who's smile make me get butterflies in my stomach. I'm not the one with eyes that I can drown in. You were there! You were doing all of that! You weren't just some bystander looking on! You fucking participated and you gods damned well loved it!" Janna was almost crying, but she held it back, she wouldn't show weakness.
  143. "You want to think? Think about this!" She pulled him to her and slammed her mouth down on his so hard that their teeth clicked together. When he tried to push her off she grabbed his hands and yanked them up and behind him, willing the love seat to hold him down as she ravaged his mouth. For the first three seconds he resisted, but she shoved her fingers into his hair and pulled until he relented.
  145. As Marco relaxed, realizing that he wasn't getting out of this without putting in enough effort to actually hurt Janna he figured he might as well enjoy it, and kissed her back, hard enough to show his displeasure at having this intimacy forced on him.
  147. Janna, not one to be outdone, pressed back harder, nipping his lip hard enough to make him say 'ouch' into her mouth and jamming her tongue into his mouth to wrestle with his. It's not the kind of kiss most people want as the start of a relationship, filled with anger, simmering resentment, coated liberally with sexual tension, and technically against the will of one of the participants, but Janna was determined that even if he said he hated her he would never forget her.
  149. Really she was tempted to rip his clothing off and take him right there, but even in her half enraged state she wouldn't take things that far. After several long minutes of furious kissing Janna ran out of energy and stopped moving. For a moment Marco thought that he had gained the upper hand and attempted to keep wrestling with her, but he quickly realized the she had stopped and pulled back enough to separate their lips.
  151. They looked into each others eyes. Both angry, both scared, both hurt. Marco had tears at the corners of his eyes, Janna had slowly drying tracks down her cheeks. Both their lips were sore, puffy, and Marco's had split. Marco was also sporting a painfully hard erection that was pressed quite firmly into Janna's not entirely dry nethers. They were breathing hard and swallowing the saliva that had accumulated and transferred between them.
  153. It took another minute before their hearbeats had calmed to the point where they were able to speak again. Marco said, "Yeah... I was there. I guess I didn't realize what I was doing... I just did it. But you... You asked me to, told me to, wasn't this whole thing because of the book?" Marco recalled.
  155. Janna looked at him like he was an idiot, "No... No, it wasn't. I don't care about the book, Star said I could look at it whenever I wanted a long time ago, this was always about you, about making you finally see that I'm here, and I've been here the entire time."
  157. Marco looked shocked, "But... Then what have I been doing this for?"
  159. A shadow of Janna's smug grin came back, "You got played Diaz. I wanted some time with you, some time to show you how I feel." She chuckled, "Star helped."
  161. Now it was Marco's turn to get angry, "You tricked me! You tricked me into being your servant for a whole week!"
  163. "Yeah." Janna nodded, "What else was I supposed to do, come to you and confess that I'd been in love with you for years and beg you to just give up on Jackie because, what, I'm the better girl? Fuck me Marco, I'm not. I know that. You would have turned me down in an instant. I just wanted my chance, y'know. I just wanted a chance for me to be happy, and maybe that's selfish, but it's no more selfish than never noticing that someone I've been friends with for years is in love with me. I wasn't exactly subtle about it Marco."
  165. "That's not fair, I was distracted." Marco tried to reason.
  167. "Yeah, you were, so Star and I came up with a plan. I get you for a whole week, all to myself, and if things work out then things work out, and if they don't at least I know I got a fair shot." Janna shrugged, finally sitting back off of Marco and into her own seat.
  169. Marco sat and thought for a moment. He was still angry at Star and Janna for tricking him, but Janna did have a point. He'd been laser focused on Jackie practically since the first day he'd seen her, there just hadn't been any room for anyone else. He considered the last week. He'd never thought about how after that first kind of date that he'd defaulted to acting like Janna's boyfriend. It just came naturally to him, to hold her, to tousle her hair, to smile at her when she smiled at him, to wink knowingly back when she did it. Certainly, she had almost always started it, by holding his hand or grabbing his elbow, but she was right, she never told him to reciprocate. She never asked that he continue the ruse of them being together. Marco had just done it.
  171. Marco signed, "I just don't know Janna. It's been fun, but I just don't know. I still have feelings for Jackie, that's not going away even if I do have feelings for you too now. Confused feelings, but I'm not going to tell you that they're not there.
  173. "I just need to think about it. Really, truly, think about everything that's happened and how I feel about all this, ok? Just give me some time."
  175. Janna snorted, "How much time Diaz? Am I going to have to wait another three years for an answer?"
  177. "No! No." Marco looked at her, abashed, "I'll tell you soon, by the end of next week at the latest.
  179. Janna grinned at him, "Next Saturday you say? A date you say? You're paying this time you say?"
  181. Marco sighed, "Yeah, ok, a date. A proper date, you and me, next Saturday." Marco said slowly, nodding as if that made the words more true.
  183. Janna smiled. A bit sadly and quite a bit happily. She'd get an answer, at least. A proper answer. Janna leaned toward Marco and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. He returned the gesture in full force, using his considerable strength to squeeze the life out of her as he crushed her to him. Janna didn't mind that much, snuggling into his chest. When they released each other Janna didn't pull back that far. Just enough to gaze into those chocolate pools.
  185. "I love you, Marco Diaz." She said softly, and gently kissed him on the lips. Marco returned the gentle kiss, and when they parted they were more red faced than when they had been shouting at each other.
  187. Marco coughed, "I think now would probably be a good time to go home."
  189. Janna nodded, looking away from the boy, and grabbing the scissors out of her jacket pocket, "Yeah."
  191. They didn't say anything once they got back. Janna put the scissors back in Star's dresser and jumped out the window so fast that Marco thought she might almost be running away from him and the awkward situation. Marco checked, but she had landed past the cactus patch and was racing down the street.
  193. Marco walked back to his room and sat down. He really needed to think.
  195. That Saturday wasn't spent doing much of anything. He practiced his karate, helped his dad out weeding the back yard, and bummed around the house, alternately thinking very hard about a certain black haired girl and doing his best not to think about her.
  197. After dinner Star returned from Mewni and Marco had some choice words for her, like 'asinine' and 'scheming' and 'thanks'. Star took it in stride and squealed when he revealed that he would be taking Janna out on a date next Saturday, though there was less squealing when he said that he hadn't decided yet if he really wanted to date Janna long term.
  199. Then Star had some choice words for him, like 'indecisive', 'insensitive', and 'wasting all my hard work', but Star left him to his thoughts, knowing that trying to push him on this would only make it worse. It didn't stop her from teasing the crap out of him, and using his phone to have long conversations with Janna that she deleted before giving it back.
  201. Then it was back to school, but it was different. Marco stopped waiting by his locker for Jackie every morning, thinking that it would be rude to Janna if he kept pining for the blonde girl while she was still waiting for her answer.
  203. Classes were a bit harder, as he had some of them with Janna. He studiously kept his eyes on his paper, though they did meet eyes once and Janna smiled at him weakly, clearly feeling the anxiety of the situation as much as him.
  205. He was able to 'relax' when he was with star, playing games and going on mini adventures during the week. She was his rock during this time, a constant, if always changing, but she was there for him when he needed her, and he found that he could think more clearly after relaxing for a few hours.
  207. That is until she gave him a sly smile and asked if he was fussing over a certain mutual friend of theirs. She had no mercy in teasing him about how she knew that he would choose Janna in the end, and wasted no time in listing all the things about Janna that made her perfect for him, though it mostly came down to the fact that Janna was a good yin to his yang.
  209. Marco pointed out that Star also fit that role pretty well, but Star laughed and said that he was cute, but he was no Oskar. Marco chuckled, he could certainly agree there.
  211. The anxiety slowly built over the week. By the end he thought that even if he said no and Janna killed him for it it would be better than the building tension that was tying him in knots.
  213. Friday dragged on like the day would last forever. Marco was so on edge that even Star couldn't get him to calm down. He didn't sleep that night either, not until exhaustion pulled him under near six in the morning. He awoke feeling that he needed another full day of sleep but when he looked at his clock it was nearly one in the afternoon.
  215. He'd come to a decision last night, sometime in the half awake wonderland that had been his mind. It should have put him at ease, at least he knew what he wanted, but that didn't stop the butterflies in his stomach or the twitching from his face as he paced in his bedroom. It was all going to be fine, nothing bad would happen. They were just going to talk, eat, and talk about dating like civilized people.
  217. When six o'clock rolled around he wasn't ready. He had dressed casually, as they weren't going anywhere fancy, just a local restaurant that Janna liked. He grabbed some cash out of his savings, grabbed his phone, and had his mom drop him off out front of the building. She of course was in love with the idea that her son was on a date and told him that if he came home late to be quiet.
  219. Her implications left him sweating. He complained that she shouldn't be encouraging her teenage son to stay out and make bad decisions. She responded with a story of some of the bad decisions she'd made as a kid his age. He determinedly didn't think about it.
  221. Janna showed up moments later, walking down the street. She had changed her usual outfit and was instead wearing a strapless black dress that clung to her small chest and flowed down to her knees. She was carrying a small, jolly roger purse and was wearing black heels that made her nearly as tall as him. She also had on red and black stripped stockings, which drew Marco's attention to the fact that she had very nice legs indeed.
  223. They stood there nervously for a few moments, not looking at each other, Marco stuffing his hands into his pockets, Janna tucking some of her loose hair behind her ear. A couple of older guys walked out of the restaurant, talking and laughing loudly, jolting them out of their awkward silence and Marco thanked the guy holding the door open for them to go in as the pair ducked inside.
  225. The guy at the podium asked, "For two?"
  227. Marco nodded and the man grabbed two menus and took them to a booth in the back, "I'll be right back for your drink order." And the man left them alone.
  229. After a moment Marco said, "So... Is this awkward or what?"
  231. Janna nodded, "You have no idea."
  233. Marco chuckled, "I think I do."
  235. Janna looked up at him for a moment, then back down at her menu, "Yeah, I guess."
  237. They lapsed into silence, only speaking to order. Occasionally one or the other would look up, meet the eyes of the other person, and they would both look away. Star quietly squealed to herself from across the room, watching the two with intensity as all her hard work started paying off.
  239. They had no idea how adorable they both were.
  241. They tried to make small talk. Weather, sports, the usual, but they could never keep it going for long as one or the other trailed off or awkwardly stopped half way through a sentence. When their plates were cleared away and they were left with the bill they just stared at it for a moment before Marco went to pick it up.
  243. Janna's hand fell on top of his. They stayed like that, and looked into each others eyes. "If you're trying to let me down gently you're doing a terrible job." Janna said, too matter of factly.
  245. "No, no." Marco quickly said, "I'm not doing that, nope, no."
  247. Janna looked at him skeptically, "So you aren't letting me down?"
  249. "Don't say it like that, you're making me feel bad."
  251. "So you are?"
  253. "No. No, just let me explain." Marco pleaded.
  255. "What's there to explain, it's just a yes or no Marco, it's not rocket science." Janna said, irked.
  257. Marco looked away and then back, "It's more complicated than that."
  259. "No it isn't." Janna said in an exasperated tone.
  261. "It is, there's stuff, and things."
  263. "Oh? Well, stuff and things are very important, we all know that." Sarcasm, cute, coming from her lips.
  265. "No, just, just let me explain, ok? Wait until I'm done."
  267. Janna scoffed, "Marco Diaz, can't even say he doesn't want to date a girl without dragging it out into a speech."
  269. "I'm not... Just stop. Just stop for a minute and listen." Janna gave him a look, "No, listen to me Janna, because this is important." Janna frowned but nodded.
  271. "I've been pining for Jackie," Janna opened her mouth but Marco gave her a look, "I've been pining for Jackie for nearly ten years, and that's not just going to go away. But, but I haven't gotten anywhere with her and maybe, maybe it's because I was always scared that the girl in my head wasn't the real person, and maybe it's just because I'm a coward, but I've still been doing it, still crushing after this girl for nearly a decade and that's the kind of thing that leaves a mark.
  273. "And then you come around and say that you like me and that's cool, I guess, because I know what it's like to crush after someone who doesn't get it and I know that we've been friends for so long that something like that wouldn't ruin it or whatever but then I think about it and I'm like, woah, Janna's been crushing on me. Not some goth guy or weird chick, just me.
  275. And I'm just left feeling... Inadequate. I'm a coward Janna, I haven't been able to confess to the one girl I've ever thought of and suddenly one of my best friends, someone I like and admire and yes, weirds the crap out of me sometimes says that she wants to date me, of all people, and that scares me Janna. That freaks me out, hardcore."
  277. Marco ran a hand through his hair, messing it up and smiling weakly, "I don't know how to be a good boyfriend. Hell, I don't know how to be a good friend sometimes. I'm so preoccupied trying to make sure that everything goes to plan, that everything is alright, that everyone is safe and I just spend so much time worrying about school and karate and my parents and my friends and it's like, where do I even fit a girlfriend into all of that?
  279. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wasn't prepared to even consider what you were offering. I thought about it and I just couldn't picture it. No, don't give me that look, I'm not rejecting you. Sit down, I'm not done." Janna seated herself back down and crossed her arms. "I couldn't picture it Janna, and that's a problem, because if I couldn't picture one of my closest friends being something more, then how was I going to ever get a girlfriend?" Marco laughed at himself, "Never. I wouldn't have been alone or anything, but I came to the conclusion that I hadn't left any room in my life for the love that I had wanted for so long.
  281. I don't... love you Janna... But I think that I might, if I give it a chance, and I want to take that chance. I guess what I'm saying is that I want you to be my girlfriend. Not as a substitute for Jackie, not to prove to myself that I can have one, nothing like that. I like you Janna, I always have. You're cute and kind and pretty and a complete goofball and you go way to far with your pranks sometimes but you're a good person, and I like you, and I want to be with you, because I think I might need someone.
  283. "Not just right now, or for a year. I want someone to be with me, for me, for a long, long time. I want to be loved, Janna, and I want to love someone. I want to have someone I can trust, with everything, and I think that you can, that you should, be that person. I'm messing this up, aren't I?"
  285. Janna had tears in her eyes, and her voice was shakey, "You just had to say yes you idiot." Her hand gripped his harder.
  287. Marco smiled, "Yes, Janna, I want to be your boyfriend, and I want you to be my girlfriend, if you'll have me."
  289. Janna smiled as wide as the ocean and literally jumped over the table, tackling Marco in his chair, kissing him all over his face and repeating, "Yes, yes yes," In his ears. They would have been the center of attention is Star hadn't shouted "Woo!" From the other side of the restaurant and started doing a dance on the table. After Marco paid for both their bills they were kindly shown out and asked that they not return until they'd learned some decorum. But the waiter was smiling and Marco figured they wouldn't be turned away if they came back.
  291. Star and Janna squealed and high-fived and hugged liked they had just won a lottery and Marco looked on with a smile as his best friend and his new girlfriend celebrated essentially getting him a girlfriend. Needless to say he wasn't that mad that they had planned the whole thing. It's not like he didn't have a say in it or anything, and besides he got a cute little tornado out of it, so he was happy. He was doubly happy when Janna pulled away from Star to give him a big, long, and surprisingly tongue filled kiss.
  293. "We need to celebrate!" Star screamed, opened a portal, and dragged Marco and Janna through into a dim, smokey club that Marco recognized as a place that they were most certainly not supposed to be.
  295. "Star! What are you doing?" Marco pleaded to his friend.
  297. "Having fun Marco! Loosen up!" Star began dancing on the strobing floor and was quickly swallowed into the throng of undulating bodies.
  299. Janna smiled up at her new boyfriend and grabbed his arm. "C'mon, I need to blow off some steam, let's party!"
  301. And Marco was dragged into another night of insanity. He danced with Janna, then Star, then watched them dance, then they all danced together. At some point a group of goth kids a little older than them joined them. Someone ordered drinks, Star got sloshed, Janna got tipsy, and they managed to pressure Marco into taking a couple of shots. Then they all danced some more. At some point someone poured green goo all over Star and she gleefully got it all over everyone around her.
  303. By the end of the night they were sweaty, gooey, and tipsy. Well, except for Star who was completely out of it. It took them five tries before the portal opened into Star's bedroom and the trio stepped through. Janna and Marco practically carrying Star's near unconscious body through and dumped her onto her bed.
  305. The pair stumbled out of Star's room and into the bathroom. Marco to brush his teeth and Janna stripping her clothing and jumping into the shower. After Marco had rinsed out his mouth he saw Janna poking her head out of the shower and smiling at him. He smiled at her and tried, with his addled brain, not to think about the fact that he had a naked girl in his bathroom.
  307. Then Janna had to screw it up and flash him with the shower curtain, making Marco stare in shock. Janna grinned at him and curled her finger at him, indicating that he should join her in the shower.
  309. "I don't think that's a very good idea, Janna." Marco said quietly, even as his biology told him that it would be a very, very good idea.
  311. "C'mon, Marco, what's the worst that could happen, you enjoy yourself too much?" Janna giggled from the shower, "Just get in here you big doof, before I use up all the hot water."
  313. Marco sighed, maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was teenage hormones, or maybe he just wanted to shower naked with Janna, but he stripped his clothes and stepped into the steamy shower with her. She had her back to him as the scrubbed down her front with one of his loofahs. Marco gingerly reached out and traced a line down her back with his hand, feeling the soft skin of her back.
  315. Janna shivered. She hadn't actually expected Marco to take her invitation, and now that he was here she didn't know what to do, so she just kept washing herself. When Marco's hands began tracing lines on her back she shivered, enjoying the sensation but too shy to say so.
  317. Marco stepped forward and reached around Janna, grabbing the loofah. He whispered in her ear, "I'll do your back if you do mine." Janna nodded, feeling her face go red.
  319. Marco was feeling the same way, admiring how daring he was being. He gently scrubbed at Janna's back, coating her in a layer of suds.
  321. "I'm not going to break Marco, go harder."
  323. "That sounded dirty." Marco said without thinking, and Janna turned to him, revealing her full, very naked, front to him. She rested her hands on his shoulders.
  325. "Do you want it to be dirty?"
  327. Marco laughed uncomfortably, "Uh, maybe?"
  329. Janna grinned at him, her eyes darting down to his very erect manhood, "I'd say that's a yes." She grinned smugly, confident that he found her attractive, at least.
  331. "May-uah!" Marco jumped as Janna pressed herself into him, rubbing her small breasts against him and stimulating his very hard dick with her pubic hair. She was shaking all over from nerves but pressed on.
  333. "I." Janna began rubbing her body up and down Marco's, "Think." She stood on her tip toes, bringing her face up near his, "That you," She kissed him once, "Need to be more honest with me." She slid back down him, dragging her wet, soapy body down his.
  335. Marco whimpered in pleasure, overwhelmed by the onslaught of feeling coming from his body. Janna giggled at the cute sounds he was making and continued her ministrations, gently rubbing herself against him. She was psyching herself up for actually touching Marco with her hands when he grabbed her shoulders and stopped her.
  337. "I, uh, I'm sorta..." Marco looked at Janna, pleading. Janna licked her lips and reached down between them and gently grasped Marco's cock in her hands. "Ah, don't."
  339. Janna stilled herself. She'd seen porn, knew what she was supposed to do, but she wasn't sure if she was ready to do it. This was all going so fast, and she didn't want to push Marco into sex before he was ready. Was she even ready?
  341. But she was fascinated with the feeling of Marco's anatomy in her hand. It was hard, but with some resistance, like hard rubber that you could still bend. She squeezed it gently and Marco groaned into her ear, "Janna, please." She didn't know what he was begging for but she loved it, and squeezed again. She bit her lip at the breath that hissed out of him.
  343. She stroked downward and Marco moaned. She stroked up and he whispered her name. She loved it. She began stroking him up and down slowly, feeling every inch of him as he writhed in her hand. It was less than a minute of constant, slow strokes before Marco said, "Janna, I'm going to cum." Janna kept stroking, staring down at the organ, curious at what it would look like when it released it's load.
  345. Marco twitched in her hand and began letting out a long, low moan and then a wad of white, viscous goo shot from the tip of his penis with such force that it hit her in the nose, forcing her to close her eyes and miss the rest and he covered both their stomachs and her hand in the creamy white goo.
  347. She stopped stroking and blinked a few times, then looked up at Marco who had his eyes closed and was breathing hard. Janna smiled at the boy, feeling that this was another milestone, another step to making him all hers. She felt the nervousness lessen as she washed Marco's spunk off her and he recovered.
  349. "Wow." Marco said. Janna agreed. She didn't expect Marco to hug her from behind, but she enjoyed it, the feel of his tall, wet body pressed into her back, his strong arms wrapped around her.
  351. "So, I did good?" She asked with a smile.
  353. "You did amazingly. I kinda feel like I should repay the favor." Marco's voice was also more relaxed.
  355. "Oh? Does my little Marco want to explore my secret cavern?"
  357. "Don't make it weird."
  359. Janna giggled, "Ok, ok, here, I'll show you." Janna grabbed Marco's right hand and slowly led it down her stomach toward her nethers. She shivered as his coarse fingers ran through her pubic hair and she spread her legs to accommodate his large hand. His fingers began naturally pressing into the soft tissue of her outer labia and she grinned as he fumbled with them.
  361. She put her hand over his and guided his middle finger to her clit, gently pressing his finger into her button and exhaling as a little pleasure ran up her spine. She leaned back into his and said, "Go to town down there, I don't mind."
  363. Marco began exploring her folds, sliding his fingers in and around her. It was a bit of a weird experience, feeling something other than her own hand or one of her toys down there, but she liked it, especially when in his exploration he slid his finger up and around her love button, making her gasp.
  365. Marco was focused on the new sensation of Janna's warm vagina, the slickness of it, and the layered folds of flesh. When Janna gasped he wasn't quite sure what he had done, but he explored a bit more and she did it again. Marco ran his finger around the area and Janna's breathing got heavier. Marco had read somewhere that rhythm and repetition were the key to good sexual relations, and so continued making a small circle with his middle finger.
  367. Embarrassingly he was using the beat to space unicorn to keep him in tempo, but with that hand occupied he decided to use his left to explore some of Janna's other assets. Janna yelped when he plucked at her cute, pink nipple and Marco stopped for a moment in surprise. "Don't stop." Janna whined, and Marco returned to his ministrations.
  369. He plucked at Janna's nipple again and she moaned out louder so he took the hardening pink nub between his fingers and squeezed, pulling it a bit. Janna moaned really loudly and Marco clapped his hand over her mouth, afraid that his parents might have heard. "Shhh." He said into her ear.
  371. Janna pulled his hand away from her mouth, "It's not my fault, I have really sensitive nipples."
  373. "Oh." Marco said, "Should I not?"
  375. "You should, I'll keep quiet just don't stop what you're doing."
  377. "Oh, ok." Marco said and conentrated on keeping his right middle finger moving in a small, circular motion while he pinch and pulled at Janna's small breasts. Janna moaned and bit her hand, but he could still hear her moans as she squirmed in his hand. She bucked into his palm several times before taking her hand out of her mouth.
  379. "I need you inside me." She said breathlessly, "I need you inside me right now."
  381. "I don't think-"
  383. "Good." Janna said as she opened the shower curtain and stepped out, "Don't think, just lay right here." She said laying down a towel so that Marco's prone form wouldn't spread water all over the bathroom.
  385. "Janna isn't this a bit fast?"
  387. Janna licked her lips, her body trembling like a taut violin string, "Do you want to stop?"
  389. She could tell by his erection that he didn't, but he confirmed it when he lay down atop the towel. Janna fished in her purse and pulled out something she thought she wouldn't need tonight. Marco looked astonished at the condom, then smacked himself in the forehead for not thinking of it himself.
  391. Janna grinned at him and tore open the package. She walked over to Marco and knelt next to his erect cock, fiddling with the condom so that it would unroll properly. Following the instructions that she had looked at earlier that day she unrolled the rubber down his shaft to his balls before straddling him.
  393. "Janna, if you're not sure about this..." Marco trailed off.
  395. "Marco." Janna said softly, "You don't have to worry about me, I'm a big girl, I can make my own decisions, so if you don't have any objections I'm going to put this monster inside of me."
  397. Marco stared at her, "Don't call it that." He whined.
  399. "What should I call it?" Janna asked coyly as she rubbed herself on him, "Marco Jr.? The purple helmeted warrior of love? My Mexican meat stick? I'm curious now Marco, what should I call this thing that I'm going to be giving my virginity to?"
  401. Marco sighed at the manic grin that Janna was giving him, "Janna." He whined, "This is definitely not the time or place."
  403. Janna began rolling her hips, grinding her wet pussy into the dick in question, and found that she liked teasing the boy sexually far more than she had while their clothes were on. "I think this is the perfect time and place, I mean, when else am I going to have you pinned down, at my mercy?"
  405. Marco frowned at her, then brought his hands up and pinched her nipples, rubbing them between his fingers. Janna moaned and bucked her hips against him harder.
  407. "Not fair." She moaned as Marco's continued onslaught made her gasp and fall onto his chest.
  409. "All is fair in love and war Janna." Marco grinned, "And I like winning." Janna panted against his chest and reached down to grasp his sheathed cock. She positioned it at her entrance and looked Marco in the eye.
  411. "I like winning too." She said as she slowly bore down on in, letting it slide into her inch by inch until he bottomed out inside her. She took a moment to feel just how full she was with him. Marco had closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the towel in pleasure. Janna was tempted to just stay there, but Marco rolled his hips, shifting himself inside of her and she moaned and rolled her hips back into him, shifting him more.
  413. They stayed like that for several long minutes, rolling their hips into each other, enjoying the new sensations. Janna eventually pressed her hands against Marco's chest and lifted herself up to sit on his lap, pushing him in even deeper than she had thought he could go. She moaned and pressed a hand to her pubic bone, almost as if to hold him inside of her.
  415. From this angle when she rolled her hips the tip of him inside of her scraped against a more sensitive spot, so she undulated on top of him faster and faster, using her hands to brace against his chest. Marco's hand came up and gripped her hips and he rolled his hips in time with hers, pulling himself slightly out of her before slamming back in, causing her to gasp.
  417. Several minutes and she could tell that he was getting close, but she was going to get off if it was the last thing she did so she brought her left hand up to her breast and pinched and rolled it just the way she liked while her right hand slid between them to rub at her clit. Her moans grew more intense as she felt her climax begin approaching.
  419. Marco's thrusts were becoming erratic as he drew closer and he didn't have the breath to tell her when he was close. After a few more thrusts he plunged deep into her and she felt his cock twitch inside of her several times. She redoubled her efforts to get herself off and just as he was beginning to come down from his euphoric high she pushed herself over the edge.
  421. She fell forward, his cock falling out of her as her hips convulsed and she bit into his shoulder as his arms came around her as she moaned into him, her climax lasting several long seconds. With one last shudder her body relaxed on top of his, sore and tired, spent and satiated.
  423. Marco rubbed her back and she cuddled into him, "I'm going to go to sleep now." She said matter of factly. Marco didn't argue, but he did roll her off of him and onto the floor. She protested but he patted her head and stood up on shaky legs. He stumbled over to the shower and turned it off. Then he stumbled over to Janna and picked her up off the floor.
  425. He walked slowly and carefully to his room, to his bed, and set Janna down into his blankets. She curled there while he shut the lights off and crawled in next to her. She cuddled up next to him, her body still damp with water and sweat, and kissed his cheek.
  427. "I love you Marco."
  429. "I love you too Janna."
  431. End
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