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  1. * Babe - named after the titular pig from the movie Babe (Emboar)
  2. * Lassie - named after the titular hound from the TV show Lassie (Stoutland)
  3. * Azure - named after Nate's favorite color (Azumarill)
  4. * Snowy - named after Snowball from the movie Stuart Little (Purrloin)
  5. * Remy - named after Remy from the movie Ratatouille (Watchog)
  6. * Larry - named after Larry, one of the three stooge pigeons from Animaniacs (Unfezant)
  7. * Howard - named after the titular duck of the comic Howard the Duck (Psyduck)
  8. * Jack - named after the titular boy of Jack and the Beanstalk (Sunkern)
  9. * Zeke - named after the soufflé-loving basketball player from the mvoie High School Musical (Sewaddle)
  10. * Cuddy - named after the director of medicine from the TV show House (Audino)
  11. * Ma - named after the mother sheep from the movie Babe (Ampharos)
  12. * Hellboy - named after the titular red-blooded hero from the comic Hellboy (Magby)
  13. * R2D2 - named after the inventive robot from the Star Wars movies (Magneton)
  14. * James - named after a funny villain from a show about monster catching (Weezing)
  15. * The Blob - named after the titular blob from the movie The Blob (Grimer)
  16. * Irwin - named in honor of Steve Irwin, the Krookadile Hunter (Sandile)
  17. * The Thing - named after the titular thing from the movie The Thing (Trubbish)
  18. * Darrow - named after Ann Darrow, the lead actress character in King Kong (Darumaka)
  19. *  Tommy - named after a Digimon Tamer, who had Armadillomon as his partner, from the TV series Digimon Adventures 02 (Sandshrew)
  20. * Carmen - named after Carmen Sandiego, a femme fatale treasure thief (Trapinch)
  21. * Knuckles - named after the enchilada from the Sonic game series (Mincinno)
  22. * Marilyn - named after Marilyn Monroe, a famous actress/model (Cincinno)
  23. * Matilda - named after the titular girl from the movie Matilda (Gothita)
  24. * Little - named after the titular Stuart Little from the movie Stuart Little (Emolga)
  25. * Galore - named after Kitty Galore from the movie Cats vs. Dogs (Liepard)
  26. * Snellie - named after Squidward's prized snail from the TV show Spongebob Squarepants (Shelmet)
  27. * Mario - named after titular character from the game Super Mario Bros (Foongus)
  28. * Zoroark - given to Nate by Sage Rood in Driftveil City; it used to belong to someone important to the sage, so he can't change its name (Zoroark)
  29. * The Prince - named after The Prince from the movie Bambi (Deerling)
  30. * Charlotte - named after the titular spider from the book Charlotte's Web (Joltik)
  31. * Plymouth - named after a famous rock located south of Aspertia City (Boldore)
  32. * Big Ben - named after a big block tower somewhere north and across the sea from Unova (Klink)
  33. * Elphaba - named for the wicked witch of the west from the book series The Wizard of Oz (Nosepass)
  34. * McGonagall - named for the head witch of Gryfinndor from the book series Harry Potter (Ferroseed)
  35. * Rufus - named after the naked mole rat from the TV show Kim Possible (Drilbur)
  36. * ET - named after the titular alien from the movie E.T. (Elgyem)
  37. * Maleficent - named after the sorceress from the movie Sleeping Beauty (Drifblim)
  38. * Wilbur - named after the star pig from the book Charlotte's Web (Spoink)
  39. * Sauron - named after the all-seeing eye from the book series The Lord of the Rings (Skorupi)
  40. * Casanova - named after a movie about a womanizing romantic, called Casanova (Woobat)
  41. * Athos - named after the lead musketeer from the book The Three Musketeers (Cobalion)
  42. * Aramis - named after the vain musketeer from the book The Three Musketeers (Virizion)
  43. * Regina - named after the queen bee from the movie Mean Girls (Pawniard)
  44. * Casper - named after the titular friendly ghost from the movie Casper the Friendly Ghost (Litwick)
  45. * Jay-Jay - named after the titular plane from the TV show Jay-Jay the Jet Plane (Skarmory)
  46. * Batlady - a play on the character of Batman from the comic Batman (Golbat)
  47. * Jenner - named after the evil rat in the book The Secret of NIMH (Raticate)
  48. * Porky - named after the famous pig from the TV show Looney Toons (Grumpig)
  49. * Cpt. Kirk - named after the famous captain from the TV series Star Trek (Altaria)
  50. * B. Wayne - named after the main character of the comic Batman (Gligar)
  51. * Jinx - named after the girl who brings misfortune wherever she goes from the Teen Titans comics/show (Absol)
  52. * Horus - named after a god of the sun from Egyptian mythology (Solrock)
  53. * Porthos - named after the womanizing musketeer of the book The Three Musketeers (Terrakion)
  54. * Wario - named after the bad guy from the Mario game series (Amoonguss)
  55. * Chan - named after Jackie Chan, a martial arts expert (Mienfoo)
  56. * Paul - named after an octopus used to determine the winner of some contest (Remoraid)
  57. * Pearl - named after the cute octopus from the movie Finding Nemo (Frillish)
  58. * Hoover - named after the first seal 'taught' to speak
  59. * Daisy - named after Donald's love interest from Disney (Golduck)
  60. * Cousin It - the hairy uncle from the TV show The Addams Family (Piloswine)
  61. * Eales - named after the woman who invented ice cream (Vanillish)
  62. * Chucky - named after the cursed doll from the movie Child's Play (Bannette)
  63. * Sebae - named after the Python sebae, or African Rock Python (Onix)
  64. * Sandow - named after Eugen Sandow, a legendary strongman (Gurdurr)
  65. * Whitney - named after Eli Whitney, the creator of the cotton gin (Cottonee)
  66. * Bruce Lee - named after the martial arts master himself (Sawk)
  67. * Orville - named after the albatross from The Rescuers (Pelipper)
  68. * Oberon - named for the fairy king from the play A Midsummer Night's Dream (Clefairy)
  69. * Fagin - named for the miser from the book Oliver Twist (Sneasel)
  70. * Astro - named for Major Victory from the comic Guardians of the Galaxy (Golurk)
  71. * Bloods - named for a famous gang (Basculin)
  72. * Brother - the eldest of the two, so he was named this (Latios)
  73. * Granmamare - named for the goddess of the sea from the movie Ponyo (Goldeen)
  74. * Hogan - named after the famous wrestle Hulk Hogan (Throh)
  75. * Palpatine - named after one of the Sith Lords from the movie series Star Wars (Palpitoad)
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