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  1.  “Open your eyes, take a look around you. Realize that we are all living hollow lives. We are all mindless drones being told what to do, when to do it, and how to accomplish it. We live in a society that suppresses the happiness of the people in order to use then as cogs in the machine. There is no living for yourself anymore, what we think is a freedom of choice and the ability to make your own decision is in actuality the ability to choose one of a small number of paths that all lead down the same road with the same effect. That is supporting what has always been instead of breaking down barriers and creating a new world for ourselves.” – 11/28/11
  2.  “The greatest accomplishment any intelligent person can strive for is to know themselves. Some spend a lifetime trying to achieve this great feat while very few succeed. It is these people's footsteps we should be following in, not the ones with fame, glory, money, or power. For while those with the aforementioned luxuries may lead an apparently successful life, it is those who know themselves that truly have the understanding to live life to it's fullest potential” – 12/6/11
  3. “What is the point of living anymore? Nothing we do will have a lasting effect on anything for the universe is ever changing, ever evolving, and ever destroying. While what you do in this age may be remembered for a period of time that seems almost eternal to us, but what happens when there is no more us. Everything that our kind has created will eventually be erased, just as the planet we live on will cease to exist. When this happens what was the point of putting in the effort to accomplish anything.” – 12/6/11  
  4. “When talking on the subject of life it is wrong to think that a long life is a good one. Instead you should be thinking in terms of how great your experiences are. A short life in which you are pleased with your actions and choices is infinitely better then a long life where you are constantly being careful and avoiding the experiences that make life worth living.”  - 12/6/11
  6. “We all live life making mistakes along the way, the secret is to not let those mistakes define who you are. Take control and learn from your mistakes, we are not moving along on a set path, we are creating the path we travel as we live. If a mistake seemingly takes you down a wrong turn or a dead end plan a new route. If that route is blocked smash your way through it, there is nothing stopping us from being happy other then ourselves. So create your own path to happiness, take hold of your life and always remember that everything can change in the blink of an eye. Just never give up hope and you will always come out on top. “ – 12/11/11
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