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Brilliant idea for a FFVII fic

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Aug 14th, 2011
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  1. [18:45:29] TheBlackShadow thinks that could actually work. Meteor is destroyed and the main immediate threat to the Planet is ended, but the Sister Ray is destroyed, leaving Sephiroth protected/accidentally-imprisoned in the Northern Crater. The party spend the postgame going around protecting the last enclaves of humanity from WEAPON attacks. Much of the Planet is devastated, but life survives. After centuries as a post-apocalyptic wasteland,
  2. [18:48:37] Sorceror_Nobody thinks there could be a fanfic in this. He wouldn't want to write it, though
  3. [18:50:39] <Sorceror_Nobody> We'd need a master fanfic writer. A legend. A genius. A certain Mr. Clawfa-*shot*
  4. [18:52:33] TheBlackShadow imagines a vaguely IX-like steampunk setting. Everything VII has to be something-punk, so it would have to be steampunk to correlate to the quasi-cyberpunk of the original game.
  5. [18:53:56] <TheBlackShadow> There could also be the chance to leave in pieces of forgotten ancient (I.e., VII-era) technology to spruce things up a bit. Need to power up a boss? Give him a salvaged thousand-year-old Shinra machine-gun or laser rifle.
  6. [18:56:13] <TheBlackShadow> I also like the idea of having characters from VII as religious figures. They were mighty heroes who saved the world from destructon in their day, so it only makes sense that they would survive in folk memories. Eventually fading from memory into legend, and from legend into mythology.
  7. [18:56:18] <Mango|DFortress> Yes, because machine guns were sooooo effective in VII >_>
  8. [18:56:36] <Mango|DFortress> This is actually a really epic idea
  9. [18:57:11] <TheBlackShadow> Mental Audio: Behold, the Most Revered Arch-Bishop of the Holy Order of the Church of Yuffie!
  10. [18:57:26] <Mango|DFortress> XD
  11. [18:58:28] Faethin [~Faethin@wikia/Faethin] has joined #FFWiki
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