Xenos Hunters Session 25

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  12.         antoine Bellerophon retunes his vox so it's voxnet only
  13.         antoine Bellerophon ++That is a lot of Tau.++
  14.         antoine Anselm ++Gloria Imperialis,++ the Knight-Brother says through breaths. ++My yearnings are made manifest.++
  15.         antoine Navarre ++Then know this, strength is not measured by how much blood you spill or how much glory you gain in battle, it is at the end of the day when you can say that you saved a life. That you prevented someone from being snuffed out in a cruel, bloodsoaked, dark world.++
  16.         Navarre would like it known that he was talking about loyal, human civilians, for the most part...
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  18.         Balmung ++I agree Navarre++
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  23.         Bellerophon     thinks with the force of a spoos mooroon head, processing a week's worth of thought into a second or two of silence
  24.         Bellerophon     ++The Emperor's will be done. The tau will die and the planet will be securely within the Imperium's grasp once more.++
  25.         Anselm  tosses a grenade into the mass of xeno-citizens.
  26.         Bellerophon     surveys the area, working his autosenses to identify the most immediate, dangerous threats
  27.         antoine The frag grenade detonates, sending hot shrapnel death into the crowds, their bodies are throw about and the other xenos' hurried pace turns to panic.
  28.         Bellerophon     steps farther into the room, making space on the stairs for Balmung, Omniel, and Navarre to follow them into the maglev station
  29.         Bellerophon     ++Brothers above in the foyer, proceed down the stairs. Hostile contact identified.++
  30.         Balmung heads to the stairs with his axe readied
  31.         Navarre would follow Balmung, switching to metal storm rounds if needed.
  32.         antoine The various xenos warriors turn to respond to the threat. The mag-lev station has a waiting train on tracks either side of the station. The platform is punctuated down its length by a pair of thick supporting columns that reach up to the roof every 30m
  33.         Omniel  clomps down the stairs as well, weapon at the ready.
  34.         Anselm  "Joffery!" the Knight shouts in some effort to be heard by his new servant. "Let us handle this! Check the area above, remain out of sight!"
  35.         antoine The human retreats to the top of the stairs
  36.         Bellerophon     ++Anselm and Balmung engage the tau riflemen individually. I will engage their battle suits. Navarre and Omniel, exterminate the avian xenoforms.++
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  38.         Navarre would switch his bolter back to Kraken bolts, after he spots a group of tau warriors and unleashing HELL upon them!
  39.         antoine Two of the bolts smash the startled warriors to the ground.
  40.         Omniel  zeroes in on the hound-like xenos and unleashes a sustained burst of fire towards them, staying close to the stairwell.
  41.         antoine Several of the hounds go down, they wimper on the floor as they bleed among their fellows.
  42.         antoine The rest of the hounds and their kroot masters charge towards you, the avian like creatures click their beaks before taking long lanky strides or leaping towards you. They swing their long yet study weapons around their heads ready to strike
  43.         antoine They crash into the kill-team but cannot seem to harm the Emperor's mighty sons.
  44.         Anselm  lights his power sword as he unsheathes his own personal sword and launches himself towards a Crisis Suit.
  45.         Navarre "Damnable beasts!" Navarre swears, as the hounds swarm around him!
  46.         Balmung snarls ++Kill them all, they eat our dead!++
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  49.         Anselm  collides with the bulky suit before he can land, lancing through its cockpit with the blade of his power sword. The thing topples over beneath the force of his landing, and he tears through it with a crescent slice of his weapon, howling in triumph.
  50.         Balmung swings his axe in a flurry killing kroot left and right
  51.         antoine Balmung cuts down nearly two thirds of the pack he is engaged with, the lanky xenos are no match for a son of the Fang.
  52.         antoine The tau warriors and drones Anselm has landed around turn and fire on Anselm, illuminating his armour with blue coloured pulse rounds as three other squads move to the cover of the column and send a few snap shots which hit Balmung.
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  54.         Bellerophon     braces himself and his heavy bolter into its firing position, levels the barrel for a moment in thought and consideration, and attempts to beat his old record of three battlesuits in one burst
  55.         Bellerophon     guns down two of the crisis suits, the explosions from each individual bolter shell sympathizing harmonically with its nine other fellows, forming a massive explosion as they detonated, taking any of the battlesuits' munitions with it
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  57.         Omniel  ++Perhaps you should go easier on the others, Brother, in case you require spare parts in the future.++
  58.         Navarre ++I suggest after the battle, we scavenge what we can and set up replacement hooves.++
  59.         Bellerophon     ++Ha. You are hilarious, Brother.++
  60.         Bellerophon     manages to sidestep a shot from a battlesuits' plasma rifle. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER FORGET.
  61.         Balmung ++I thought Imperial Fists were known for there serious demenor++
  62.         Navarre ++You would find that Dorn himself would not miss the oppurtunity to make jest of an Ultramarine.++
  63.         Balmung chuckles over the vox
  64.         Bellerophon     squints underneath his helmet
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  66.         antoine The two remaining battlesuits flit about while firing salvos of plasma and missiles at Bellerophon and Anselm. Anselm is caught by two plasma rounds and its pitched to the ground, his chapter markings on the right hand shoulderpad marred and blackened by the blast.
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  69.         Navarre would open fire on the surrounding avian xenoforms with his bolter, grim countenance, hidden by his helmet.
  70.         Navarre would also make sure to load Metal Storm rounds!
  71.         antoine Navarre cuts down almost a third of the second kroot pack, his bolter illuminating the faces of the xenoforms with each of its barks of defiance.
  72.         Omniel  sweeps his servo-arm through the mass of hounds to fend them off.
  73.         antoine Omniel cracks skulls and breaks the bones of the hounds, sending them faltering back for a moment.
  74.         antoine All the kroot and hounds except a single pack of hounds fall back from the devastating damage being inflicted upon them.
  75.         antoine The hounds that remain seem more interested in fighting over the multitude of left over corpses that fighting the kill team.
  76.         Balmung leaps up into the air with his jump pack and fires a grenade at one of the crysis suits
  77.         antoine The grenade leaves huge scars in the battlesuit but it remains barely standing.
  78.         antoine The Mag-lev train on the left closes its doors and departs, civilians left behind run across the platform to the other train, they continue to be hit by stray fire. Their bodies begin to slowly pile up inside the station.
  79.         antoine The rest of the Tau warriors continue to pepper the squad with fire.
  80.         Bellerophon     gets rocked, again, by plasma fire
  81.         antoine Further above you hear a loud impact and Joffery calls down "Some massive orbital lander just set down outside!"
  82.         Balmung "Xenos or Imperial?"
  83.         antoine "Imperial Design"
  84.         Balmung "Alright how about markings can you see any?"
  85.         antoine "I can't see from here."
  86.         Omniel  weathers the storm of Xenos fire calmly. ++Shall we attempt to hail them on the vox?++
  87.         Balmung ++Probably be a good idea, it looks like the pup is down++
  88.         Bellerophon     broadcasts on open Imperial vox...equencies
  89.         Bellerophon     ++Imperial lander, identify yourself.++
  90.         antoine ++This is Oriel, I bring reinforcements.++
  91.         Bellerophon     ++We were doing just fine.++
  92.         Bellerophon     reaims his heavy bolter against the fire warrior masses and cuts them down
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  95.         antoine Bellerophon cuts down almost two whole squads, the remnants retreat, jumping down onto the left hand tracks and running away towards the military encampment by foot.
  96.         antoine Two battlesuits open fire on the squad, missiles and fists sized bolts of plasma streak towards the squad, only a single missile hits the ultramarine while the rest of the fire merely kills ravenous hounds or defaces the stonework behind you.
  97.         antoine Navarre is hit though, a lucky shot throwing him prone on the stone work the Imperial Fist joins Anselm in being out of the fight.
  98.         antoine The panic on the right hand train rises as the grav assisted transport fails to depart like it is expected.
  99.         Omniel  shoulders his missile launcher casually, locking on to one of the remaining crisis suits before launching a krak missile, hoping to disable it.
  100.         Navarre is down!
  101.         antoine A loud war-cry is hear coming from above "AAAAHHHHH!!"
  102.         Balmung ++Omniel once that sui-What's that?++
  103.         antoine The Crisis suit is damaged like the other but not destroyed.
  104.         Sinbad  ++Brothers, I sought allies!++
  105.         Sinbad  ++I brought the brave!++
  106.         Balmung ++So nice of you to join us Sinbad we were wondering if you had gotten lost!++
  107.         Sinbad  ++I did! The jungle is gigantic! But I am in the city again!++
  108.         Sinbad  ++I have songs to sing as well!++
  109.         Sinbad  descends from stairs, the doop with two figures atop in tow
  110.         Balmung ++You may sing your songs once we are feasting on mead on meat but first we must finish our work here, Omniel finish off the suits and secure our fallen brothers I'll handle the other Tau++
  111.         Sinbad  ++Understood!++
  112.         antoine A horde of thousands of mangy feral warriors descend the stairs at breakneck speeds. Men and women, most with bulging muscles or strong lithe frames run down with finely crafted weapons in their hands, the most common of which is a one or two handed hammer. Many of them are covered in black paint or powder that gives them an eerie look.
  113.         antoine They smash into the enemy lines, butchering tau warriors and wearing down the enemy battlesuits. A few climb the middle columns and then jump onto hovering drones before bashing or piercing their metallic shells to down the proscribed AI warriors. They have no protection however and those Tau who do get a shot of wound or kill a very small portion of the force. It doesn't stop there as they...
  114.         antoine ...turn their attention upon the civilians in the train who shriek in terror as the deathworlders begin the slaughter.
  115.         antoine Oriel and Decimus walk down the stairs in the wake of these savages.
  116.         Sinbad  ++Protect the Inquisitor!++
  117.         Omniel  ignores the slaughter taking place, more concerned with examining the battlesuits up close.
  118.         Balmung surges on with the pack of savages and slaughters more Tau
  119.         Sinbad  flies over to form another defense for Oriel, his Stalker making shots of opportunity against Tau suits
  120.         Bellerophon     picks himself and his weapon off the ground, the missile blast causing less damage than the plasma rifle fire
  121.         antoine Soon the train is awash with blue blood and the Xenos corpses are dragged out of the transport one by one.
  122.         antoine Oriel moves to a maintenance panel of some kind and pulls it open so he can inspect it.
  123.         Bellerophon     approaches Oriel and Oeris
  124.         Bellerophon     ++Captain. Oriel.++
  125.         Anselm  audibly growls, washing the vox with a bass grumble.
  126.         Balmung returns to the group covered in tau blood
  127.         Anselm  snaps awake at the word "Captain".
  128.         Bellerophon     redacts that
  129.         Anselm  "Captain Oeris!" he shouts, immediately standing. When he realizes it is only Oriel, he relaxes with some slight sense of disappointment.
  130.         Bellerophon     ++Captain, Brother.++
  131.         Sinbad  covers Inquisitor Oriel with Decimus
  132.         Balmung nods in Oeris's direction
  133.         Bellerophon     FUCK
  134.         Bellerophon     ++Brother. Oriel.++
  135.         antoine The Inquisitor mutters "Well done Brains" before changing some wiring connections within the maintenance panel.
  136.         antoine The pitch of the train changes slightly and Oriel turns around "I have re-engaged the train so that we may depart when ready."
  137.         Anselm  sheathes his blades and looks about.
  138.         Balmung ++Well that was fun++
  139.         Anselm  turns, and examines his earlier kill.
  140.         Bellerophon     ++I believe Omniel was ...examining the battlesuits.++
  141.         antoine An old woman of the feral tribes is carried forward by the largest of the men present, a wizened old woman who has survived far past the average lifespan of a human living in the jungles of this world.
  142.         Sinbad  drops to a knee in reverence
  143.         Balmung nods to the old woman
  144.         Anselm  sinks his hands into the hole made by his attack, and rends the suit's chest open.
  145.         Bellerophon     retunes his voxcasters
  146.         antoine "Sinbad, we have achieved the first step in riding the void-creatures from this world. I would touch your face and know the Sky-Wizards perfection with my own hands."
  147.         Sinbad  removes his helmet and goes over to the old woman
  148.         Sinbad  pulls down his snoopy cap and offers his head
  149.         Anselm  pulls puts a foot down on the pilot's body, and pulls at the head with one hand until it rips free. ++'Sky-Wizard?'++ he says over the vox. ++I trust that's their name for the Emperor?++
  150.         Navarre wakes up. Stretching and standing and... well... laughing. ++I have not been knocked around like that... since I was a scout.++ He rolls his neck a bit, taking off his helmet, revealing a face wizened with age and close cropped white hair, with a beard, and several scars. ++I seem to be in... alright health. All things considered.++ He was alive, that was the best he could say.
  151.         Sinbad  ++Go with it. Explain later.++
  152.         Sinbad  hisses
  153.         Balmung removes his helmet letting down his long white beard
  154.         antoine The woman reaches out with her hands and takes your head in both of her hands. The touch is light for a moment before suddenly the grip tightens and she holds your head in a vice grip. You hear an exclamation from Oriel before time suddenly freezes for everyone in the station.
  155.         Omniel  uses his combi-tool and servo-arm to reclaim some of the less-damaged bits of Xenos tech, engrossed in the task.
  156.         Balmung growls and his upper lip curls
  157.         antoine Time suddenly unfreezes and Oriel completes his exclamation "NO!" and the woman falls to the ground, her flesh pale and withered as if she just aged 10 years in an instant.
  158.         Anselm  's face immediately contorts into a fixation of revulsion and anger.
  159.         Omniel  pauses, looking back towards the others. ++That was highly irregular...++
  160.         Sinbad  drops out of the trance, then goes to stare at the Matriarch in horror
  161.         Sinbad  says strange speech to her
  162.         Balmung "I haven't heard anything like that since recieving a blessing from a Runepriest before I left the Fang"
  163.         Anselm  steps up, taking his helmet in hand.
  164.         Anselm  ++What in the name of Holy Terra was that?++
  165.         antoine The woman was now dead, her lifeless corpse and tattered hair soaking up the blue Tau blood covering the platform.
  166.         Sinbad  falls to his knees and goes into a fervent bobbing prayer
  167.         Navarre "I am not sure anything actually happened..."
  168.         antoine A tribal man with a hammer points to Sinbad and says something in an archaic speech.
  169.         Anselm  calms down, and snorts. ++Dead, then. It seems she used the last of her life to do that.++
  170.         Anselm  dons his helm again, with a tau head now beside the treacherous tank commander's, then decides against mentioning it further. ++Brother-Apothecary,++ he says, ++see to my wounds if you'd please.++
  171.         Balmung puts his helm back on and looks at Oeris
  172.         Sinbad  looks to the feral warrior in silence for a moment, then goes back to prayer, more mournful and slow than frantic as was before
  173.         Navarre "Of course, yes." He'd go over to the Knight Teutonic and begin treating the wounds. "I will need someone to look after my own, but I can wait until everyone else is treated. And brother, you will do well to remove those heads."
  174.         Balmung "Bah, let him show his kills Navarre"
  175.         Balmung motions to show the asortment of trophies on his own armor
  176.         Anselm  grunts, and considers snapping back at the Fist, but is still too concerned with other matters...
  177.         antoine Oriel stares down at the corpse, eyes narrowed. "I knew it, I sensed it but she was strong, there was no doubt."
  178.         antoine Peculiarly Patriclus also looks off-put by the resent turn of events unlike all the other humans present who seem unaffected.
  179.         Navarre "I will let him show his kills, but not in a way that I may mistake him for a specter of my past come to haunt me. I have killed enough skull wearing bastards to have more then a few follow me around, seeking ill vengenace."
  180.         Balmung "Don't worry brother Anselm's armor is far too clean to be one of them."
  181.         Sinbad  continues to pray, now silent
  182.         Anselm  looks over at the Space Wolf, then down at the blood-bathed armor he wears.
  183.         Anselm  ++Of course.++
  184.         Navarre "If I shoot him, the blame would lie on him. I am just an old man, making sure the ghosts that haunt him do not best him in his twilight years."
  185.         Balmung snorts and laughs "Maybe we should get your eyes checked then"
  186.         antoine Oriel sneers momentarily before turning towards the train, "We must board with haste or risk losing everything."
  187.         Bellerophon     ++Then we must go, however I do not know why we do not board the lander.++
  188.         Sinbad  stands and goes to his companions on the doop, and makes ready to leave, giving one last call to the feral fighters
  189.         Bellerophon     ++It would provide much more support.++
  190.         Navarre "Perhaps we could split up?"
  191.         antoine "The enemy have anti-air defences, they have none defending their underground entrance."
  192.         Sinbad  goes over to Oriel offering a prayer
  193.         Anselm  ++I do not wish to think about the Tau anti-air defenses at their base. That lander will be shredded apart.++
  194.         Anselm  ++A waste of Astartes, that path. We should stay together.++
  195.         antoine The tribal warriors begin to board the train, somewhat worried looks on their faces at the prospect of a floating xenos tech conveying them anywhere.
  196.         Bellerophon     gets on the train
  197.         Anselm  boards the mag-lev.
  198.         Balmung boards the train
  199.         Balmung ++Coming old man?++
  200.         Bellerophon     ++Take with you what you will, Omniel. It seems unlikely it will be destroyed.++
  201.         antoine Oriel and Decimus board the train
  202.         Navarre "I am coming." He put his helmet on and boarding. ++And watch it with the age jabs. You might bruise my old and sensitive ego.++
  203.         Balmung laughs
  204.         antoine Once the doop, Sinbad and his servants are on board the train slowly accelerates away from the station.
  205.         antoine The smooth ride is unlike any grav-assisted vehicle you have ever ridden on. Even a nimble well treated Landspeeder usually has a grumble and rumble coming from its engine.
  206.         antoine Light embedded in the subterranean wall flash by rapidly, leading to a strobe-like effect giving momentary glimpses of your fellow passengers
  207.         antoine The train slows, evenly before coming into an identical station as before, it is completely devoid of xenos or seas of blue blood.
  208.         Anselm  ++Worrying.++
  209.         Navarre ++About what? We have not arrived to kill everything yet.++
  210.         antoine The doors open and Promen gingerly step out onto the platform.
  211.         Bellerophon     finds the nearly silent, motionless ride odd and yet at the same time pleasent. After this mission is completed perhaps Omniel can take a look...
  212.         Anselm  disembarks amid the tribals, power sword lit in one hand with personal sword in the other.
  213.         Sinbad  guides the doop out via its reigns with its human riders on and goes to regroup with the ferals
  214.         Balmung ++We have guests....++
  215.         Navarre ++Do we?++
  216.         Balmung grunts
  217.         Bellerophon     ++Of what sort?++
  218.         Anselm  grows alert, and hastily looks about.
  219.         Balmung looks at the ground and follows it up a set of stairs
  220.         Navarre ++I will take a wild guess and say they will not be friendly.++
  221.         Balmung ++There are tracks that don't make sense++
  222.         antoine The stairs lead up to an open air exit.
  223.         |<--    Balmung has left (Connection reset by peer)
  224.         -->|    Balmung (Balmung@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  225.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps Omniel should check his auspex.++
  226.         Anselm  ++They speak... they scheme.++
  227.         Balmung ++Auspex wouldn't help the tracks are serveral hours old++
  228.         Omniel  ++That much is true.++
  229.         Bellerophon     gets out of the train
  230.         Bellerophon     ++It was implied that there were currently beings here in the moment, rather than in the past.++
  231.         Balmung growls ++Did you hear that Anselm?++
  232.         Anselm  ++I did.++
  233.         Balmung ++Shall we investigate?++
  234.         Anselm  ++Yes. Yes, we should.++
  235.         Anselm  sheathes his personal sword and takes out his stummer, thumbing it active...
  236.         Sinbad  makes a series of strange sounds to the feral warriors after listening on the vox net
  237.         -->|    Balmung653 (Balmung@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  238.         Anselm  slowly, cautiously ascends the stairs.
  239.         Anselm  ++What in the name of the Throne?...++
  240.         |<--    Balmung653 has left (Quit: Balmung653)
  241.         Omniel  ++What is it, Brothers?++
  242.         -->|    Balmung814 (Balmung@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  243.         Bellerophon     follows the others
  244.         |<--    Balmung has left (Ping timeout)
  245.         =-=     Balmung814 is now known as Balmung
  246.         Anselm  ++Down! Stay down!++ Anselm urges over the vox.
  247.         Navarre ++What do you see, Anselm?++
  248.         Anselm  ++Corpses. Warriors dropping dead. Something must be here... something...++
  249.         Omniel  ++Invisible assailants?++
  250.         Navarre ++Something is killing the Tau?++
  251.         Bellerophon     ++Sounds like all the more reason to bear witness to it personally.++
  252.         Bellerophon     climbs the stairs
  253.         Anselm  freezes, and slowly looks up.
  254.         Anselm  ++Omniel.++
  255.         Omniel  ++Anselm?++
  256.         Navarre would follow Bellerophon. Something... this is peaking his interest.
  257.         Omniel  ascends the stairs cautiously.
  258.         Anselm  thumbs off his stummer. ++I was just reminded of something... what were the words from that vox-intercept you got, again?++
  259.         Anselm  steps slowly out, looking up at the rooftops.
  260.         Navarre ++The Harrowing?++
  261.         Anselm  ++Something about a snake?++
  262.         Omniel  ++The asp, and the harrowing...++
  263.         Anselm  ++Very good.++
  264.         Bellerophon     ++It sounded like generic heretic babble.++
  265.         Omniel  ++Indeed.++
  266.         antoine Oriel moves up to the exit.
  267.         Navarre ++But yes... what could cause you such worry, Brother?++ Navarre would see this for himself!
  268.         Anselm  ++Just a sound. Forgive me for being a bit on edge as of late.++
  269.         antoine He looks around before stating, "He lacks discipline but he does a good job."
  270.         Anselm  looks to the Inquisitor. "That your man?"
  271.         antoine "Come down here Scope." Oriel turns to Anselm, "Why yes, you didn't think I would come here without various assets to use?"
  272.         Bellerophon     ++I thought he was refrencing you.++
  273.         Balmung grunts "Could have told us don't you think?"
  274.         Navarre goes to say something... but then closes his mouth as the Inquisitor speaks. ++Is... is that what I think it is?++
  275.         antoine "Information needs to be compartmentalized for the safety of all involved." he says with a smile.
  276.         Anselm  ++Needle rifle-fire. Acute.++ Anselm says to the Apothecary before looking at Oriel again. "What, then, is your plan for us here?"
  277.         Navarre ++If it is needle fire, then it is not.++
  278.         antoine A man gets up from a nearby roof and shimmys his way down to the ground, a needle rife in his hand. The courtyard is littered with Tau dead by his hand.
  279.         Balmung grumbles something in Fersian
  280.         Omniel  ++This improves our position somewhat.++
  281.         antoine Around you is a dusty courtyard, squat buildings all around you. Further south you spot several larger towers and apart from them there is also a spaceport where drop ships are regularly taking off from and landing at.
  282.         Bellerophon     ++A needle rifle? Surely he could have been fitted with a Nomad or an Angelus...++
  283.         Sinbad  comes out slowly, the natives pouring out behind him and the doop
  284.         antoine The man with the needle rifle and the angular face known as scope turn to the Inquisitor, "Big O, the boys and girls have the prize but are pinned down."
  285.         Navarre ++Perhaps a Solo would have better suited his needs?++
  286.         antoine "The Colonel is holding like always but they are mounting a serious offensive."
  287.         Anselm  Looks to the Inquisitor. "What is this 'prize,' Inquisitor?"
  288.         Navarre ++An Ethereal?++
  289.         Balmung ++Most likely++
  290.         Bellerophon     ++Pinned by...what?++
  291.         Navarre ++Pathfinders? Sniper drones?++
  292.         antoine Oriel turns to Anselm with a sinister grin on his face, "Why, the Ethereal of course."
  293.         Navarre ++Called it.++
  294.         Sinbad  makes a very odd face upon seeing Oriel's grin, but thankfully it is hidden by his beaked helmet
  295.         Anselm  sheathes his blades and folds his arms. "I trust you have some other task for me, then."
  296.         antoine "No, we are to all move to secure the Ethereal, its capture is both the Tau and our own priority."
  297.         Anselm  grumbles to himself in disapproval.
  298.         Bellerophon     ++It's capture or its elimination?++
  299.         Navarre ++I believe the inquisitor is asking for something live.++
  300.         antoine The man called Scope adds "They are this way, we need to hurry or Brains will have his brains splattered over a wall." He says with a somewhat psychopathic chuckle.
  301.         Bellerophon     ++I will require a more suitable weapon, then.++
  302.         antoine The sniper moves off towards a wide alleyway.
  303.         Navarre ++Once more into the breach. I will follow inquisitor.++
  304.         antoine Oriel and Decimus follow.
  305.         Sinbad  and his rather sizable company follow behind everyone else
  306.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  307.         Anselm  ++Balmung. Shall we get the drop on them?++
  308.         Bellerophon     clomps along, Me, Myself, & My New Robotic Foot
  309.         Balmung ++Aye++
  310.         Anselm  fires his thrusters and launches upwards.
  311.         Balmung follows Anselms ++Bellerophon make sure the old man doesn't break his hip now.++
  312.         antoine ++Bellerophon, this is Watch Captain Oeris. We have breached the outer defences and are closing in, where are you?++
  313.         Navarre ++I'll remember that, Balmung, when you are lying in a pool of your own blood!++
  314.         Bellerophon     starts to reply to Balmung before being cut off
  315.         Balmung laughs loudly over the external vox as well
  316.         Bellerophon     ++Sergeant Bellerophon to Captain Oeris. We have just made our departure from the Tau's maglev terminal in their position in the desert. We have made contact with Oriel and Decimus and element's of Oriel's team. We are moving in now.++
  317.         antoine There is a pause before Oeris adds, ++I am sending a force of my fighters to link up with you while my main thrust pushes for the starport.++
  318.         Bellerophon     ++Understood, and although my understanding of the current situation is limited, I will ensure they are put to their best possible use.++
  319.         antoine A click of acknowledge comes though from Oeris.
  320.         Bellerophon     ++Balmung, where are we being led? Do you see anything?++
  321.         antoine Scope leads you through various buildings and alleyways, it seems that the Tau are falling back to their starport to escape the impending assault. You reach a dead end to an alleyway and Oriel turns to you, "Could someone please make a hole?"
  322.         Navarre ++Gladly.++ Navarre would reply and make use of a krak grenade.
  323.         ===     The nickname “Balmung653” does not exist.
  324.         Balmung ++Aye looks like there are some tau on the other side of the building in front of us++
  325.         Balmung ++I suggest we take position in the building and pick them off while they're in the street still++
  326.         Balmung ++I can head fighting from inside the building though++
  327.         Omniel  ++Allow me, Brother. You may need that grenade.++
  328.         Navarre ++We would not want this to be too easy, would we?++
  329.         Omniel  revs up the drill and approaches the wall, setting to work.
  330.         Anselm  fires his thrusters and flies at an angle for the mass of xenos, roaring over vox.
  331.         Bellerophon     ++My thanks, Brother. I will attempt to pin them down when we breach this wall.++
  332.         Balmung follows Anselm and readies his meltagun
  333.         Omniel  breaches methodically, like a boss.
  334.         Anselm  crashes into the turret of a Hammerhead, and grips onto its covering.
  335.         antoine Omniel tears a huge chunk out of the wall and soon a much greater hole is formed as the cascading effect takes out 3 square meters of wall.
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