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Shoe0nHead Buzzfeed Test - Questions & Answers

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Jun 14th, 2017
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  1. What Kind Of Anti-Feminist Are You?
  3. four different types of anti-femininsts. which are you? choose the answer that aligns with your initial reaction. don't think too hard.
  5. You're watching a buzzfeed video and somebody brings up the wage gap. What is your reaction?
  6. Shut up idiot lol go home.
  7. *Shoe's wage gap button*
  8. Heavily dissect the reasons why the wage gap is a myth. Citing several sources.
  9. Women on average are dumber than men. It makes perfect sense that they would make less money. I don't understand why this is so hard for liberals to grasp?
  10. The wage gap kinda is real though...
  12. What's the worst thing about feminism in your opinion?
  13. They are destroying western civilization.
  14. They are ugly, fat, man haters and need to stop playing victim. They live in the first world. The only thing keeping you down is your massive gut.
  15. They're ideological.
  16. They don't make enough videos. I need more of that delicious cringe.
  17. They have power in academia and are influencing people.
  18. Nothing. There's literally nothing wrong with calling yourself a feminist.
  20. Cat Calling is
  21. please. you're a feminist, you don't get "cat called".
  22. obnoxious but not a real threat.
  23. the result of a degeneracy within men and women.
  24. Probably does not happen as much as feminists claim. We don't have enough evidence to prove it. That one video was cherry picked.
  25. a disgusting act of dominance done to make women feel inferior
  26. usually done by lower class men
  28. What is your opinion on religion?
  29. religion is a joke. muslim, christian, whatever, all jokes.
  30. religion is what built the first world. christian values are engrained in our society and should be protected, regardless if you are religious or not.
  31. i miss the days of the crazy fundies
  32. Easily debunked by science.
  33. there is nothing wrong with peacefully following a religion. peaceful muslims are facing discriminiation due to mass islamophobia.
  34. as long as you're not hurting anyone who cares?
  35. i'm religious. religion is important to me.
  37. what is your opinion of Donald Trump?
  38. I voted for him. It's a shame he seems to be selling out lately.
  39. don't mind him.
  40. he's easy to mock, but everyone and their mother is doing that.
  41. The white house is full of religious right wingers again. Not good.
  42. Daddy Trump is amazing.
  43. Worst. President. Ever. Would rather have Clinton or Bernie.
  45. Opinion of GamerGate?
  46. fun times. the internet was crazy.
  48. Further proved how biasted the left wing media really is.
  49. Harassment campaign against feminists. Even if all of them were not harassing, it was pretty obvious.
  50. There are more important issues than video games.
  51. overblown nonsense.
  52. i tried to stay neutral.
  54. Describe in your words what a feminist looks like:
  55. usually fat, dyed hair, ugly, look at trigglypuff, she's like the ultimate feminist
  56. I don't understand this. A lot of feminists are very beautiful. Like Emma Watson.
  57. A degenerate woman or a cucked man.
  58. They all look different but their minds operate similarly. Ideologies are cancer.
  59. lolcows come in all different shapes and sizes.
  61. If you had to pick one, who is your favorite out of these guys?
  62. Chris Ray Gun
  63. Armoured Skeptic
  64. Sargon
  65. Shoe0nhead
  66. Undoomed
  67. Lauren Southern.
  68. Computing Forever.
  69. Bearing.
  70. Logicked.
  71. Harmful Opinions.
  72. TL:DR
  73. TJ
  74. Milo Y
  75. Blaire White
  76. Jeff Holiday
  77. Roaming Millennial
  78. Hunter Avallone
  79. Vernaculis
  81. What do you think of traditional values?
  82. if that's your choice that's cool. tradcons are pretty lulzy somethimes though.
  83. out of touch.
  84. it's what keeps this nation and nations like it together.
  85. too old school for me.
  86. too rooted in religion. no thanks.
  87. i am pretty traditional.
  88. it's ideologies like that that hold us back even in science.
  90. How would you describe your political leaning?
  91. far left
  92. socially left. i support lgbt and stuff but not feminism.
  93. center. right wingers tend to be too religious. left is too emotionally charged. both have their issues.
  94. both sides are dumb.
  95. center right. i'd rather align with the right wing and not the feminists.
  96. right. take a look around. this country needs right wing values.
  97. far right.
  98. i thought i was left but even the left is becoming anti-science.
  100. What is your opinion of Anita Sarkeesian?
  101. ahahahahahahahahhaha. dumb bimbo who scams people. jon mcin-cuck is just as bad.
  102. anita sarkeesian? i haven't heart that name in years....
  103. typical left wing mouth piece. there are bigger fish to fry. like the (((people))) controlling those sources of media.
  104. i really don't see why people hate her so much.
  105. nothing she says is supported by facts. she's borderline jack thompson.
  106. i don't care about video games or pop-feminists. this country is turning to shit. why do you care about video games?
  107. low hanging fruit imo.
  109. If you could ask a feminist one question what would it be?
  110. just fuck off already
  111. are you aware you're destroying the nuclear family or...?
  112. why don't you like open dialogue?
  113. why are none of you funny? like. none of you. seriously. every "feminist" comedian or channel is trash. step your game up, guys.
  114. hey how are you...?
  116. How do you feel about the alt-right?
  117. they are SJW's in their own way.
  118. they're annoying but at least they're not feminazis.
  119. the alt right is the clear pushback to the regressive left. they are our allies.
  120. i consider myself pretty alt-right.
  121. cancer that needs to be purged.
  122. i'm not alt right but their memes are pretty dank i guess.
  123. white nationalist identity politics. no thanks.
  125. What is your opinion on Buzzfeed?
  126. the fast food of feminist cancer. easy and delicious. but very bad for your health.
  127. white-pop-feminism. no feminist takes buzzfeed seriously (i hope)
  128. marxist propaganda made to appeal to young kids and teenagers.
  129. more low hanging fruit.
  131. The patriarchy
  133. is legit. men hold all the power in society. this is an observable fact. it's not men's fault. it's just reality.
  134. the first world is not under patriarchal rule. look at the middle east for that. that's the result of religion.
  135. the patriarchy is a lie fed to women when the reality hard truth is our society runs on gynocentrism. "women and children first".
  136. men built society, sorry cucks.
  137. the concept of the patriarchy cannot be proven. it's fear mongering.
  139. "theach men not to rape"
  140. more like "teach muslims not to rape"
  141. men were never told that rape is good. rapists will always rape.
  142. TEACH WOMEN NOT TO DROWN THEIR CHILDREN. do you see how stupid you sound?
  143. consent classes are important. i don't see the issue here.
  145. what does it mean to be an american?
  146. freedom.
  147. western, traditional values.
  149. we're very lucky to live in a secular country.
  150. america is overrated
  152. How do you feel about the other waves of feminisim?
  153. first and second had their reasons to exist.
  154. 1st and 2nd were problematic. todays feminism is more inclusive.
  155. all waves of feminism were bad.
  156. there are good and bad things about all the waves of feminism including modern feminism.
  158. Where do you get your information about feminism?
  159. Pro-feminist books.
  160. School.
  161. YouTube anti-feminists, mostly.
  162. Feminism is like any ideology and incredibly easy to dismantle. You don't need much education about it.
  163. Look around you. Look at Germany and France. That's all the information you need about it.
  165. If you had to describe your ideology what would it be?
  166. Feminist.
  167. Left leaning Anti-feminist.
  168. Right leaning Anti-feminist
  169. Atheist.
  170. Conservative.
  172. what is something you get accused of often?
  173. i care too much about "low hanging fruit"
  174. i'm "authoritarian"
  175. i'm a "nazi" for simply being right wing
  176. i'm an "sjw"
  177. i'm a "fedora"
  178. i'm too "moderate"
  179. i'm a "nihilist" and "don't care enough"
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