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  1. [21:10] Dinh says, "Hey, hey. Got some uhh... Less than stellar news to give."
  2. [21:10] Cameo Orn Octavius asks, "What news?"
  3. [21:11] Cameo Orn Octavius says, "All news seems to be bad recently"
  4. [21:14] The Lovain would take a deep breath, as he calms himself down. There were visible bags under his eyes, and well, they seemed to be a bit redder than usual. Perhaps a sign that the youth had been shedding some tears not too long ago.
  6. Either that, or he smoked some soothe reed.
  8. Considering the news though? It was almost certainly the later option.
  10. "Vasilios Quinn is dead." Much like with ripping off a band-aid it was better to get it over with quickly. Delivering the horrible news, words that he wished he'd never have to say, and yet here he was... Saying it again.
  12. "That, and we know who his killers are, but... I'll give you a moment to let you process that before I say their names."
  13. (Dinh)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. [21:17] It wasn't unexpected. Not completely. When the news hit Cameo, there wasn't a flinch from the leader of the Syndicate. That feeling of cold filled the air, and the smell of soothereed and wine also could be smelt from it.
  18. Despite it all, he didn't sway. Instead he just started a little more forwards.
  20. "I failed in the raid to rescue him. I assumed he was dead the moment I did. I mourned that night. It's why I wasn't so talkative." He hadn't heard the exact words, but he had already hardened himself to the possibility. He knew the cost of failure.
  22. "What are their names?"
  23. (Cameo Orn Octavius)
  24. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. [21:21] "I see... I had assumed the worst too, but I had hoped. Foolishly I should add, but..." His voice trails, as he takes a deep breath. Vasilios was truly gone. Just thinking it stung.
  28. He opens his mouth to continue, but halts. He needed to compose himself. This was his boss he was speaking too, now wasn't the time to let his emotions get the better of him.
  30. "I had a conversation with Aki, and she informed me of his killers. Eustace let the knights into the cells, but it was some knight by the name of Cristovan. I'm unfamiliar with him, but... He's on my list of people to kill. Actually...
  32. He's at the top of it."
  34. A deep breath follows, as the goon attempts to quell his unbridled fury. To some degrees of success. After all, he had made a promise to Kelsa.
  36. "That's all I have to report.
  37. (Dinh)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [21:24] Teeth grit.
  42. ".. He is the one I failed to stop. I beat him once, long ago. But he devolped some sort of ability. He moves with speed unmatched. I couldn't hold him in place long enough to strike." And because of that he lost. Because he lost, Cristovan had saved Sophie and..
  44. Cameo's Underboss had died.
  46. "There is a woman I want you to add to that list. A Knight named Sophie Duran. She was his lover. If you want to hurt him, kill the person he loves. I need to also train. I need to make it so I have a way to take him down next time."
  48. Next time.. There would be a next time. Coldness flowed through the air around Cameo, stingingat the walls.
  49. (Cameo Orn Octavius)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [21:29] "There's only so much you can do when someone's blinking around the battlefield. I'm sure you did all you could..."
  54. Some small words of comfort, that probably didn't do anything for Cameo, but an attempt was still made.
  56. "Cristovan, Sparda, Eustace, and now..." His voice trails off, as he hears the fourth member of the list of people he intended to send to an early grave. "Sophie Duran."
  58. That was his list. Was it completed, not by a long shot. Odds are there would be many more names added, and hopefully stricken from that list. Though as he stood right now? He was far too weak to even harm a hair on any of them.
  60. That's why he needed to get stronger.
  62. "I'm with you there though, Boss. I... I need to get much, much stronger. We can't let this happen again."
  64. It was hard enough for Dinh to even form an attachment with someone, so losing someone he had put the effort to make one with... Stung. It stun a lot. Never again would he feel this.
  66. Never again would he lose someone.
  67. (Dinh)
  68. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. [21:32] "It's a weakness. I need to catch someone. When I fight.. I need to make them freeze."
  72. Around him, it was like the world was again growing colder as he realized what he needed to do more intently. The shake of winter around him, light ice particles starting to settle on his fingers. Slowly, Cameo would move a single hand forwards, lightly going to bump Dinh's shoulder as he said such, listening to the list.
  74. "Cristovan, Sophie, Holly Hargrave, Erika Salis.." His own small list, composing of some of the same names. Animosity swayed in his tone as he said it, slowly breathing, calmly breathing.
  76. "We will both improve our strength. And we will rend the safety and happiness from the knights."
  78. "Vasilios has gone onwards to winter. We shall shepard the knights the same."
  79. (Cameo Orn Octavius)
  80. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  82. [21:39] It was tolerable at first, the decrease of temperature, but the longer their conversation went, the colder things got. Cameo was practicing something. Perhaps ice magic? Or maybe it was something else, all Dinh knew was it was getting a whole lot colder here.
  84. As the fist connected with his shoulder, Dinh would slowly nod his head, as he listened to Cameo's own short list. Two names were shared between the two of them.
  86. Good, that just meant the likely hood of them dying was higher.
  88. Slowly, the teen would close his eyes, as he began to envision it. Each and each person on their lists, falling before them. Achieving that ideal future would be hard, but that's what he was here for. After all, time was his to command.
  90. That future would come to pass.
  92. "All of them will die. That's not a prediction. No, that's a spoiler."
  93. (Dinh)
  94. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  96. [21:43] [ ]
  98. The hand would have remained on Dinh's for a few more moments, the temepeture slowly dropping, everything slowly drawing colder as the eyes remained on the wall beyond Dinh. He looked as if it was the thing standing in his way, only to slowly turn, and take a few steps away from the boy.
  100. "You're right. The knights, the people on those lists.. they'll crumble. They'll break. It's fact. It's not fiction."
  102. "Each one. Everyone." Step, step, step.
  103. (Cameo Orn Octavius)
  104. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  106. [21:47] The frown was gone, the smug smirk was gone, all that remained on Dinh's face, was his sheer unrelenting resolve, brought on by the death of his mentor, and his conversation with Cameo.
  108. Sorry Kelsa, but it seems like I can't keep that promise.
  110. "Each one. Everyone." He'd say, mimicking his boss' words, as he watched him begin to depart, deciding to do the very same himself.
  112. "Peace between us, war between them."
  114. With that, the goon would depart. His goal clear as the night sky. The future he so yearned for would come to pass.
  116. It had to.
  117. (Dinh)
  118. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  120. [21:48] Cameo Orn Octavius says, "Peace between us. War amongst them, Dinh."
  121. [21:50] Darrel Hull says, "An then Kae ran over ta help him out."
  122. [21:51] Galynn stands.
  123. (Galynn Sulis)
  124. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  126. [21:52] Agrien Vandroy whispers something.
  127. [22:38] Stronger, he needed to get much, much stronger.
  129. Considering how strong the people were on his list to kill? The way he is right now, he'd simply be swatted to the side. Beaten without effort. He was weak, very, very weak.
  131. Though that could be fixed.
  133. Those emerald eyes of his would close, as he began to use his mastery over time magic, to peak back into his battle with the 'Oni'. Where had it all gone wrong?
  135. Sure, during that fight he was able to briefly gaze into the future to predict that rat bastard's attacks, but that didn't do him much good. Sure, he could see when he was going to be struck, but that didn't mean he could dodge it.
  137. Though perhaps there was another way to go about this. Instead of trying to use his magics to predict when to dodge, he needed to use his glimpses into the future to predict when he should attack.
  139. See the moment their guard drops from an attack, and use that moment to strike. Sure, their attacks had a chance to hit him still, but if he could get a glimpse of the exact moment of when he should strike, a bit of pain would be more than fine.
  141. If he knew when their guard was going to drop, he could prepare for it, and all he would need would be one strike. A singular hit
  143. All he needed to do was pinpoint that exact moment.
  145. Then victory would be his.
  146. (Dinh)
  147. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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