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  1. PBO: PBO is simply an acronym that stands for Precision Boost Overdrive. Although far more cool sounding, Angel showed a preference to the acronym. The bases behind the technique is simple, even if the background processes involved can be highly complex. The process involves a multitude of factors at once for a singular catalyst. The Doll will exert her control over available reishi in her surroundings and pull it close and into her body. Simultaneously, its use and ability over kido that allows her to more or less seal the deal by further encapsulating her physical form in the aforementioned energy. Ironically this form has almost nothing to do with control and deployment of energy attacks, but seeing as she took inspiration from data collected in the way certain Shinigami access Shunko and the way some Quincy make use of Blut, there was a defining and discernable element that showcase a bit of the inspirational source material.
  3. In this instance, the two preliminary factors mentioned above act as both a form of preconditioning, an extra source of fuel, and more importantly, a key. In her own testing and hardware tinkering, Angel eventually kept editing her own software clauses and pushing the engineering of her physical shell forward. In doing so she created what most would consider as a BIOS profile. In this case, BIOS stands as an acronym for Basic Input/Output System, which in turn means a set of computer instructions in firmware which control input and output operations. This BIOS profile has a plethora of tweaked settings that affect just about every physically-affecting module, gadget, or microprocessor among other things. It works somewhat like overclocking the cpu or gpu in a computer. A certain amount of voltage is usually ran through those chips to make them perform in ways they ordinarily could not, or for even further performance at voltage levels that could make it dangerous in the long run.
  5. In this use case, rather than voltage, it's the initial combination of energies that decrypt the key necessary to access the BIOS profile, and kickstart the use of PBO. Every transistor and semiconductor in her body acts at dangerously fast levels creating great amounts of body heat. It is not enough for it to burn anything or anyone, though it's quite noticeably hot to the touch. It has the effect however of darkening her skin several more shades than usual as a result of all the heat and the energy building up within her physical shell and core. Just like a system that has been overclocked with extremely high voltage however, that along with frequency can eventually degrade the chips and cause overall instability. This too manifests in its own way in her technique.
  7. The benefits of PBO can be seen in an overall exponential increase of her movement speed, including reaction times, and the level of physical strength she’s able to produce. More specifically, this is a physical increase to those variables by a maximum x2. This is no different than a simply overclock on a processor with multithreading functionality; that means multiple threads, or more than one thread per processor core. Likewise however, she’s able to delegate all the “voltage” per say, into a specific case, or a variable as Angel is concerned. In processors this shows up as a way higher single thread overclock without touching other cores or threads. For Angel it means that in her choosing, she could choose not to boost both of her variables but rather only one, either speed or strength. If she chose this path, focusing on one would instead see the increase to a max of x4. Once she has chosen a state, she may not switch but once during the duration of the PBO. The enhanced frequency and calculations of the chiplets and microprocessor architecture she possessed enable such a thing to occur with ease. However, due to the amount of energy required, and the absolute stress it hammers into her body, the condition cannot be hold for long until her system becomes unstable. Just like a desktop pc, an unstable overclock will throw off calculations and coordinated processes into crashing; in her case, the form is forcefully terminated when the conditions required to maintain it can no longer be sustained. For Angel this translates into a maximum duration of five posts during combat [indefinite during social threads for rp and aesthetic purposes].
  9. Doubling those variables, even if for a limited amount of time however does not come without further issues. Just like too much voltage and too high frequencies on a CPU can damage some of its cores, the io dye, or its memory controller, Angel has her own share of difficulties. Aside from the visual changes, her personality is altered to resemble and mimic that of an unstable program without a proper set of guidelines or parameters to guide its escalating and branching set of rights and privileges. She’s far more vocal, with far more dirty and sigingenous forms of language. To resemble a nearly uninhibited and distinctively different Angel, she’s far more prone to seek and enjoy violence and similar acts and emotions that would usually create a rush of the heart and the mind. Beyond that, there is a great stress put into her body and her capabilities, leaving her very winded right after PBO is finished, and completely unable from accessing its BIOS for the remaining of the battle.
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