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Jun 15th, 2011
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  1. Dear Customer,
  4. As stated in emails over the past 2 weeks, from several weeks ago until the end of Q3 we are undergoing a full overhaul of our services, and restructuring our business model entirely. As stated before, these changes will be the source of multiple downtimes, slow support time, and other service issues as we iron out the technical kinks in our systems, re-negotiate with providers and hire additional staff.
  6. Because of this, we have extended the following options to you:
  9. a) Continue with us through this restructuring time. You will be given an additional 6 months of service credit on top of your already paid service. You will also be able to keep your original pricing, which will be non-existant for new customers after the restructuring process is complete.
  12. b) Recieve a refund of the remaining balance of your account, to be paid out 30 days after you submit cancellation. These cancellation requests must be submitted through your customer support login as a unique ticket with the subject "Refund Request".
  15. The EFC nodes are still being deployed. We understand this delay may be affecting some customers at this time and we apologize for any inconvenience that this delay may cause you. We hope to have those containers released to you by the end of the week. Please note that you may choose to recieve a refund of your remaining service time if you do not wish to continue with our service through these outages.
  18. Any hostile or abusive support requests will be interpreted as an intent to cancel, and your service will be immediately terminated and your account placed in the queue for pending refund. Our technicians and management are working very hard to ensure that our services moving forward are of the highest quality and that we are able to scale to great heights without the need to restructure or revise our strategy again.
  21. We appreciate your support and cooperation during this time, and hope that you will choose to stay with us through this restructuring, as we assure you that the benefits will far outweigh the inconveniences that you may experience over the next several weeks. Keep in mind, continuing with our service will ensure that your pricing is locked in after the restructured pricing increases.
  24. If you choose to leave, we appreciate the time you have been with us and we wish you the best.
  26. Thank you
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