Fizzling Magma 5 (AiE; Fizzle, nsfw)

Jul 14th, 2013
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  1. >Morning rolls around
  2. >You don't get up when you normally do
  3. >You had one hell of a night
  4. >Also Fizzle is cuddling you with a death grip
  5. >Its cute but he's a lot stronger than he lets on
  6. >So lay there
  7. >Try not to think about how you're stuck to the sheets
  8. >Or WHY you're stuck to the sheets
  9. >No more cider for a long time
  10. >Fizzle is nuzzling your neck now
  11. >Breathing his hot breath down your shoulder
  12. >Why does he have to be so cute?
  13. >Even his little excuses why having sex together isn't gay are cute
  14. >Every time he says them you wanna give him a kiss
  15. >Wait when did YOU become gay?
  16. >...wait when did you care about that sort of thing?
  17. >There's nothing wrong with playing on both teams
  18. >He'll get over his crush
  19. >You'll go back to fucking a barely conscious Berry Punch in the bar's alleyway
  20. >As if he can read your thoughts, Fizzle's starts licking your neck
  21. >He mumbles something about an emerald
  22. >Why exactly do you want to back to meaningless sex again?
  23. >Maybe this is better?
  24. >He's just so nice to be around
  25. >Like a best friend
  26. >A best friend who you can have incredible sex with
  27. >" leave the emeralds...I wanna lick them...."
  28. >You decide you'll worry about all this later
  29. >Finally wiggle out of his grasp and sit up
  30. >He immediately stirs and yawns
  31. >Looks up to you with adorable pink eyes
  32. >"Morning Anon...umm..."
  33. >He looks around, sees the scorch marks on the walls
  34. >And the sheets
  35. >Both the crumpled parts and the clawed up parts
  36. >"....crazy night, eh? Gotta be careful next time we do bro's night out, heh....."
  37. >He's not completely awake
  38. >But you can see the anxiety rising in his features as he takes in the damage you guys did
  39. >Its just sheets
  40. >And wallpaper
  41. >His butt probably aches too
  42. >Tell him you need a shower
  43. >"Good thinking,'ll help you wake up...I'll....umm...clean up in here...."
  44. >His ears are doing that droopy thing
  45. >And dear god he's holding his tail under the covers
  46. >You can't leave him alone in here he'll panic
  47. >Him panic-cleaning might be more harm than good
  48. >But you know it'll be impossible to argue with him
  49. >Unless...
  50. >You ask him if he'd like to shower with you
  51. >"Really? Anon...I mean...isn't that a little...ya know...two guys in a shower its just...isn't it..."
  52. >He whispers the last word in that sentence
  53. >You groan and grab his arm
  54. >Give him a tug out of bed
  55. >Zero resistance
  56. >His face gives it away
  57. >He loved every second of you being so dominant and direct
  58. >You're such a mush pot, Fizzle
  59. >You lead him to the bathroom
  60. >You're both naked already so, running the water
  61. >Fizzle has his back to the wall
  62. >Staring at you while you bend over to adjust the temperature
  63. >Purposely take your time
  64. >Even with the water running full blast you can hear him fidgeting
  65. >Never thought much of your own butt before
  66. >Nice to have a fan
  67. >Deliberately sway left to right
  68. >Hear him gulp and breath a little quicker
  69. >Straighten up, climb in, water is perfect
  70. >Feels amazing considering what you were drenched with last night
  71. >"I'll...wait for you to finish, Anon...Ya know, bro code, one bro per shower nozzle"
  72. >Bro code?
  73. >Give him a weird look
  74. >"N-no really Anon...go ahead I'll wait...and...ummm..."
  75. >You follows his eyes up and down your body
  76. >Its getting hot in here...
  77. >Awkward silence
  78. >A lot of meat gazing from Fizzle
  79. >You're not too comfortable with being eye-fucked
  80. >You don't mind being checked out
  81. >But now he's turning your morning shower into a shampoo commercial
  82. >You don't wanna think about scrubbing yourself down
  83. >While Fizzle jerks off in the corner
  84. >Staring at you
  85. >Nope, not having that
  86. >You tell him to get in with you
  87. >He comes back to earth
  88. >But seems to appreciate to be told rather than asked
  89. >He hops to it
  90. >His claws are over his crotch
  91. >You tell him his friend can come too
  92. >His cheeks become redder than the dragon-meat he's trying to hide
  93. >Fucking adorable
  94. >Well, as adorable as a dragon hiding a hard-on can get
  95. >It's only worse for him when he gets in
  96. >Shower is kinda small
  97. >Not really room for you, him, his spear and his wings
  98. >You don't really like to fool around in the shower anyhow so its mostly scrubbing
  99. >Fizzle makes the cutest noises when you got his back
  100. >To be fair you're not quiet about it either
  101. >Fizzle loved that part the most
  102. >Or maybe he liked that you were making him useful?
  103. >Either way you had to stop him before your back had no skin left
  104. >Or before his claws got lower
  105. >You both finish up
  106. >You're out of the shower first
  107. >You feel his gaze burning holes into your rear
  108. >You're toweling yourself off
  109. >Fizzle is positioned awkwardly behind the shower curtain
  110. >Concealing his lower half
  111. >" go ahead Anon...I just need to...scrub something..hah hah. Sides you got clothes to get right?"
  112. >Right
  113. >Clothes
  114. >Agree and decide not to think about what he's going to do in your shower
  115. >But you bend over nice and slow to pick up a towel
  116. >Hear him swallow and suppress a gasp
  117. >Before you leave him to take care of himself
  118. >Its not like he can put a pair of pants on and hide it
  119. >Like you're on your way to do
  120. >Get dressed
  121. >Grab an apple for breakfast
  122. >Get ready for work
  123. >Work consists of hanging out in the market area and waiting for a pony to come with an odd job
  124. >It pays the bills, don't judge
  125. >Not like there's much else to do for money in a town like this
  126. >Hear Fizzle moan loudly from the bathroom
  127. >Followed very quickly by the water being turned on
  128. >Sorta drowns him out
  129. >Not enough for you to get a chubby from listening
  130. >Stop it Anon, that's just as bad
  131. >Go to the other room and try and read
  132. >Keep looking up...
  133. >Think of something else
  134. >Louder groan from there
  135. >Bite lip
  136. >Just about to get up and pounce him but
  137. >Fizzle leaves the bathroom
  138. >Looks like a little kid who just broke a lamp
  139. >You only hope he cleaned up after himself
  140. >" there...yea...but um....your shower curtain kinda...."
  141. >Something smells burnt
  142. >Guess he really likes your ass...
  143. >Chuckle and toss him an apple
  144. >Tell him you need to go to work but he's free to do whatever
  145. >"Oh...I guess I could...go..."
  146. >He sighs the last part
  147. >He doesn't want to leave
  148. >You don't really want him to go either
  149. >He's looking at the floor again
  150. >You tell him he doesn't have to go back to the volcano
  151. >Mention where Spike and Rarity go gem hunting
  152. >His eyes light up at the mention of gems
  153. >Still a dragon under all that cute
  154. >"Wow...that sounds...that sounds awesome Anon! I'll bring you back some so you can....ya know...sheets...heh heh"
  155. >You were trying not to think about the condition of your bedroom but you thank him for the offer
  156. >He smiles and promises you the best emerald he finds
  157. >You blush, thinking of early
  158. >You tell him you hit the gym after work if its a slow day and head for the door
  159. >"I'll meetcha there then, Anon! Gotta work on my muscles and stuff. and I can spot you! Best bros sweat together!"
  160. >You can only imagine how much he'll be spotting you
  161. >You agree and see him out
  162. >He's already airborne, flying toward the gem quarry
  163. >Time to see what the ponies broke today
  164. >Work was thankfully slow
  165. >You shot the shit with AJ mostly while she sold her apples
  166. >Somehow the ponies managed to go the whole day without breaking anything
  167. >You were pretty tired anyhow, you didn't get much sleep the night before
  168. >You keep thinking about Fizzle digging gems up
  169. >Bending over to pick them up
  170. >Dammit, Anon, focus
  171. >AJ noticed you were half here and asks whats up
  172. >You fumble and say some lame excuse
  173. >She shakes her head and starts packing up her wares
  174. >Sun was beginning to dip in the west
  175. >Most of the ponies heading home, market closing up
  176. >Damn you were really out of it today
  177. >Time to get a little gym in before dinner
  178. >Head home, change, head back out
  179. >When you get to the gym--
  180. >Oh my lord
  181. >Fizzle waves
  182. >He's waiting by the door
  183. >Dressed in black shorts and a tank top
  184. >Both of which are a size too small for him
  185. >On his body that's saying something
  186. >Oh and a pink headband but you won't notice that for a few hours
  187. >Before you can ask
  188. >"H-hey Anon! I umm...I found a lot of gems so...I traded some with Spike's friend..for the clothes...she said you'd like this...ya know because working out and it'll stop me from sweating on all the benches!"
  189. >He clicks his claws together
  190. >He looks visibly uncomfortable but looks to you for a compliment
  191. >'She said you'd like this'?
  192. >What the hell did he tell her?
  193. >What the hell did Spike tell her?
  194. >What the hell did Rarity infer from the aformented?
  195. >Goddammit, she's probably gossiping all over town now
  196. >You nod slowly and tell him he looks...
  197. >Nice
  198. >He smiles back and turns around
  199. >You decide the previous 'oh my lord' deserves to be here
  200. >His ass
  201. >Those shorts
  202. >They look like they're painted on
  203. >His tail is held by the fabric, making it sway as he walks
  204. >Your dick can't handle this right now
  205. >Not after being ignored this morning
  206. >Your shorts can't exactly handle your dick
  207. >Adjust your shorts in a hurry before malfunction
  208. >Follow him in
  209. >Thoroughly forget what kind of workout you intended to do
  210. >He wants to lift
  211. >Because that's what bros do or whatever he said
  212. >You can't concentrate on what he's talking about
  213. >Which is kinda upsetting because he's talking a lot more than usual
  214. >Feel like a bad friend
  215. >But your mind keeps going back to his ass
  216. >In those shorts
  217. >You wanna rip them off
  218. >And bend him over one of the machines
  219. >Fuck it, everyone can watch
  220. >Maybe they'll learn something!
  221. >Wait what the hell, Anon?
  222. >It doesn't make sense you've only seen him completely nude
  223. >Why do a pair of tight gym shorts make you wanna throw him to the floor and rape his tight little--
  224. >"Anon....umm...I said you wanna bench first or...should I?"
  225. >Oh right weights
  226. >Go first, need to burn off this energy
  227. >Try to think about something else
  228. >Anything else
  229. >Fizzle spotting you
  230. >Tight crotch hovering over your face
  231. >Anything else other than that!
  232. >Struggle with weights
  233. >Remind yourself Rarity is giggling about this somewhere
  234. >While telling all her chatty marefriends
  235. >Renewed vigor Finish your set at least
  236. >"Nice job, Anon! Thought you were gonna need help there!"
  237. >Notice he sways his hips forward and back when he talks
  238. >Very slightly but
  239. >Its in your face
  240. >Everything
  241. >Bite lip
  242. >You can't do this
  243. >Sit up and wipe the sweat off your brow
  244. >"...You OK, Anon? Did....did I push you too hard? I"m sorry I just---"
  245. >You shake your head and tell him you're not feeling it today
  246. >Half truth, cause you're certainling feeling something
  247. >He nods a little, but you can tell he thinks he did something wrong
  248. >Stand up, give him a good slap on the shoulder and tell him everything is cool
  249. >And maintain eye contact
  250. >Always
  251. >Eye contact
  252. >You tell him you're gonna run a little and he can keep lifting if he wants
  253. >He agrees, rubbing his shoulder cutely where you gave him the whack
  254. >Gotta find a treadmill
  255. >Don't turn around
  256. >Don't look....goddammit
  257. >Running is going to be a project...
  258. >Treadmills in a pony gym are different
  259. >You need to get a unicorn to turn it on for you with magic
  260. >So stand by one and wait
  261. >Try to hide your massive erection
  262. >Sorta succeed in holding it in the elastic of your shorts
  263. >Course the second your done...
  264. >Look up
  265. >Treadmill unicorn standing there
  266. >Of course its a mare
  267. >Of course she's eye level with your shorts and saw most of everything
  268. >Has a look of half arousal and half disgust
  269. >She finally looks up, settling on disgust
  270. >You don't address your issue, just ask to use the treadmill on a slow setting
  271. >Just gonna walk it off
  272. >She harrumphs and starts it for you
  273. >Turns around and trots away
  274. >Her ass doesn't look half as good as Fizzle's
  275. >Dammit Anon
  276. >Say it with me now
  277. >Focus!
  278. >Jump on the treadmill
  279. >Start power walking
  280. >Feel things beginning to cool off downstairs
  281. >Good thinking
  282. >Just look ahead
  283. >Not much to look at, no TVs or anything
  284. >Just the weight room
  285. >Always kinda funny to watch the ponies do workouts
  286. >You see Big Mac lifting a weight with his mouth, and that roided up muscle pegasus
  287. >And Fizzle
  288. >He's with muscle pegaus
  289. >Doing squats
  290. >Fizzle, you piece of shit
  291. >Stumble a little
  292. >Don't look
  293. >Can't help it
  294. >He just did another one
  295. >Every time he goes all the way down
  296. >His tail shoots up in the air
  297. >Perfect curves
  298. >Can barely make out his package pressing at the very bottom
  299. >Mission utterly failed
  300. >How have his shorts not split open?
  301. >This is impossible
  302. >You give up
  303. >Cold shower
  304. >Go home
  305. >Fuck Fizzle
  306. >Yea, that's a plan
  307. >Get off the treadmill
  308. >The unicorn can turn it off later
  309. >Hurry off the to lockers
  310. >Grab the largest towel you can find and wrap it around your waist
  311. >Hope nobody saw the condition you're in
  312. >Strip under the towel
  313. >Don't care about where your clothes land
  314. >Ponies have no use for them
  315. >Especially your pre-stained undergarments
  316. >Holding your towel to you strategically, you sprint to the showers
  317. >Its a wide open space with a bunch of nozzles
  318. >Best you can do for privacy is stand in the corner
  319. >Brace yourself for the cold water
  320. >"H-hey...Anon?"
  321. >Oh no
  322. >Take a deep breath and say hi
  323. >Don't turn around
  324. >"...Is...are you ok? You looked a little red and you ran into...oh..."
  325. >He saw whats wrong
  326. >Its impossible to hide, really
  327. >You peek over your shoulder
  328. >He's still in his outfit
  329. >Those shorts
  330. >They're beginning to tighten in front, he's blushing and staring at your trembling cock
  331. >Fuck
  332. >Can't take it anymore
  333. >Divebomb him
  334. >Fizzle gasps when his back hits the wall
  335. >Your tongue is down his throat
  336. >You rip his shirt off with one swift motion
  337. >Sorry Rarity
  338. >His wing hits the nozzle and the shower turns on
  339. >Room begins to fill up with steam
  340. >You break from your kiss and immediately start pulling at his shorts
  341. >He says something
  342. >Not sure what
  343. >Don't care
  344. >You can't wait anymore
  345. >Claw and pull at the elastic
  346. >They finally tear free
  347. >His cock springs right into yours
  348. >No time for that though
  349. >You turn him around
  350. >Your erection is so stiff its almost painful when you smack it against his bare ass
  351. >He moans loudly from just that
  352. >His tail shoots up
  353. >Your fingers dig into his shoulders
  354. >Lubed with only pre, your sweat and the steam, you plunge into his tight rear
  355. >This isn't like in your home
  356. >Or in his cave
  357. >There's no awkwardness to make it cute
  358. >Or alcohol to dull your senses
  359. >You spent all day wanting this ass and now, in a public shower, you're taking it
  360. >You don't care who sees, who hears, who walks in on you two
  361. >You don't even bend him over, standing up against the wall is all he gets
  362. >Every thrust sends his chest and claws into the tiles
  363. >Every squeeze and slap of his ass makes him pant and beg for more
  364. >You tell him to be quiet and take it
  365. >And he's absolutely loving every second
  366. >He's crying out, claws digging into the tile
  367. >Screaming your name, begging for you to go harder
  368. >You oblige
  369. >Grabbing his tail like last time, you slam him into your package
  370. >You can't hold onto it though, he's whipping it around like mad
  371. >See spouts of blue flame shoot into the air
  372. >The steam gets thicker, your bodies are pooling sweat under you
  373. >You can barely even make him out, your vision is obscured by everything
  374. >His ass slapping into your thighs, his tail flailing
  375. >You reach around and grab his cock and squeeze hard
  376. >Your touch was like a jolt of electricity to his body
  377. >He moans and you feel his body shutter
  378. >He's already cumming
  379. >Reach further back and grab where his cock meets his body
  380. >Feel his balls through those soft, plush scales
  381. >Squeeze even harder
  382. >The blue fire goes even higher in the bathroom as you milk him like an animal
  383. >His ass clenches down on your cock and spurt after spurt of dragon cum splatters on the wall
  384. >The smell hits your nostrils and you feel light headed
  385. >Your mind swirls with desire
  386. >A sense of feral need floods your actions as the musky scent of Fizzle's explosion gets stronger
  387. >You can't help yourself
  388. >You lean in and bite down on his shoulder
  389. >Making him yours even more than you are already
  390. >He squeals and begs for you to finish in him
  391. >You bite down harder
  392. >He pleads, crying your name out
  393. >You barely hear him
  394. >This isn't about him anymore
  395. >Your cock throbs and swells in his ass, almost fighting with his tightening hole
  396. >You feel your own seed beginning to build in your neithers
  397. >You're really close
  398. >You clench, trying to make this last
  399. >Making Fizzle endure you a little longer
  400. >He begs you again, this time his tail snakes around and pulls you into him even harder
  401. >A few thrusts like that send you well over the edge
  402. >The steam and smell of dragon musk, along with his desire for you trigger an intense orgasm
  403. >You bite down harder, growling fiercely as you dump your hot load into his quivering cheeks
  404. >You keep rutting him till your balls have been drained and his tight little shorts are a distant memory
  405. >You're both panting, you almost snorting through your nostrils
  406. >He's still puffing out whisps of blue flame
  407. >You're still inside him, and you slowly pull out
  408. >You take your load with you, most of it splattering on the floor
  409. >Holy shit you needed that
  410. >Trying to catch your breath
  411. >The showers are ridiculously hot now
  412. >And the steam is making it impossible to see
  413. >So you don't quite make out Fizzle turning around
  414. >And pulling you into a tight hug
  415. >He's trembling
  416. >So are you
  417. >You pet his back, feeling a twinge of guilt for how you just treated him
  418. >He seems to sense it and nuzzles your neck
  419. >Relieved, you give him a squeeze
  420. >Still trying to catch your breath
  421. >The shower is like a sauna
  422. >Even soaked from the water you're sweating profusely
  423. >So much for not getting a good workout today
  424. >"Anon...that...that was amazing...I...knew you'd like the shorts...heh heh"
  425. >You nod against his chest, trying to regain your senses
  426. >You can't remember when you've been that horny before
  427. >Maybe dragon musk makes people lose their inhibition or something
  428. >Something science...pheromones...something
  429. >Can't think that complicated right now
  430. >"Do you...think...maybe we should...ya know...we were kinda loud..."
  431. >"Eeeeyup"
  432. >Both of you look up
  433. >Third voice
  434. >Not human or dragon
  435. >Standing in the entrance to the shower is Big fucking Macintosh
  436. >His green eyes are wide like saucers, he's somehow blushing under that red coat and..
  437. >His very hard member is throbbing between his hind legs
  438. >Pointing accusingly at both of you
  439. >Small puddle of pre under him
  440. >Fizzle lets you go and blushes hotly, clicking his claws together and looking around nervously
  441. >You're still too lost in your afterglow to care about how you look
  442. >You ask him how long he's been there
  443. >No answer, same 100 yard stare
  444. >You start to ask again but Big Mac abruptly turns around and heads back into the locker room
  445. >You hear one of the doors to a bathroom stall close and lock
  446. >Faint sound of panting
  447. >"He was....watching us shower? Haha, geez, Anon, some of these these ponies are... ya know... fucking faggots, am I right?"
  448. >He doesn't deliver the line with the level of confidence you need to pull off the level of slick he was going for
  449. >But to his credit, he trucks on
  450. >"Not like us, Anon...nope...we're best bro's and all but...I'm not about to watch some other guys ....ya what...we did...that's really pushing it, ya know?"
  451. >You ain't kidding, Fizzle
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