MGE Side III Little Mermaid

Jun 12th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Mira’s Little Mermaid
  2. Ufufu♪ How was your tour of the ruins? Eh? It looks like I had more fun? Jeez...♥ That’s because you did something like that to me, even though I was going to wait until nightfall...♥ Ufufu, it’s too late to get embarrassed now, I love that side of you...♥
  3. But, that was merely a pre-meal workout♪ Let’s take a moment here to replenish our energy for tonight♪
  5. This is “Mira’s Little Mermaid”, a restaurant I often go to for lunch, which has a waterway that leads directly into the restaurant♪
  6. That means you can enter from the waterway like this and stop your gondola inside the restaurant to enjoy your meal, or you can even pull your gondola up near the restaurant and have the staff bring you a light meal straight from the restaurant.
  7. Well? It’s really convenient don’t you think?
  8. That’s why the fishermen that work around Mira often drop by here in their boats around lunchtime to order food♪
  9. In Mira, besides the main street with all its taverns lined up, there are also many shops facing the waterways like this where you can order from aboard a boat.
  10. This restaurant was built from restoring an old deteriorated water mill, so it not only faces the waterway, but also has an unconventional structure with the waterway passing right through the building, making it a very comfortable work environment for aquatic monsters who are new to being mermaids♪
  11. Originally, when this restaurant had first opened, the song maiden owner also opened it up to all the mermaids in the area as a place to learn how to cook, so in the beginning, the monsters cooked with fish they had prepared themselves.
  12. But before long, the fishermen began catching fish for them, and now they cook using those fish... Ufufu, nowadays, the fishermen always come to this restaurant at the end of the day♪
  14. All of the fishermen love this restaurant so much that they say things like “This place has the best deals!”, and they bring their freshly caught fish here before they sell them at the market♥ They all just can’t wait to see the fish they caught themselves made into home-cooked meals full of love by the mermaids that work here♥
  15. Ufufu, this restaurant also serves drinks at night, and the mermaids that work here will sing songs as they prepare the meals♪
  16. They take the prized fish the men caught themselves, make it into meals just for them, and serve it with a gentle song... No man wouldn’t love to be treated like that♪
  18. It’s a common sight here to see young fishermen, encouraged by their senior fishermen and caught up in the calm warm atmosphere and alcohol, to confess their love to the mermaid waitresses, saying things like “Please keep on cooking for me!”♪ Ufufu, it really is a wonderful restaurant♪ I’m also going to go all out and make you a wonderful home-cooked meal today♥
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