Grades Are Everything TG (Roxanne TF)

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  1. It’s the final year of high school. That’s the time when grades count the most. Whether or not a person decides to study is his or her own choice. Those who put time diving into books will succeed while the others who slack will fail. Sadly, the world isn’t a perfect place. There are those who don’t study, but still end up rising on top while others put countless hours into learning the material to bare fruitless results.
  3. Tyler was one of those who put in the time and effort to learn, but could never remember anything. Another problem he had was what he wanted to become for his future career. A Mathematician.  To get into his university of choice, he needed the grades, especially Functions, but alas with how things looked, it was an unreachable dream.
  5. Tyler was in class just like any other day. The teacher threw formula after formula with a quick example for each. Tyler tried his best like always to write down every word that came out of the teacher’s mouth, his messy handwriting quickly scribbled all over the page.
  7. “Mister Stone!” Tyler’s head rose up, his hand paused midway through writing down the example. The teacher pointed his chalk at the board. “Seeing how this equation here uses half-angled identities, what’s the next step when using sinθ/2?”
  9. With all eyes on him, Tyler broke into a huge sweat. “Just give me a moment to think.”
  11. He quickly went back to his notes from the previous day, but before he could check his notes, the teacher stopped him. “Without looking at your notes, tell me the answer.”
  13. In defeat, he answered, “I don’t know. I can’t remember.”
  15. The teacher looked ticked off. “Well, you would’ve known it had you studied like the rest of the class.” He stopped looking at the student. “Anyone else?”
  17. Tyler wanted to object with all his might and say he did study, but it would’ve been pointless. No matter how much he tried, he could never get better. He whispered to himself so that no one could hear, “I wish I could become smarter at any cost.”
  19. As the lecture continued on, Tyler’s handwriting started to get neater. His rough and bold text started becoming softer and cleaner. He even started writing in cursive as if he’s done it for years. His hands started to slim along with his fingers growing longer. His nails lengthened and became well manicured as they got glossed over with a small shine to them. To match his hands, his arms slimmed and got a bit shorter. He questioned his writing for a moment, but then remembered that that’s how he always wrote.
  22. He shrank down by over a foot. While shrinking, his eyes slowly readjusted and looked slightly upwards to continue paying attention to the lecture. His clothes grew baggy and he felt uncomfortable for a second. His shoulders were shoved closer together, and his waist caved inwards giving him a petite body. He wondered why he felt shorter than majority of the class, but he went back to work after looking back at how he’s always been one of the smaller students.
  24. His spiky brown hair became smooth and started to travel down his back. It grew and grew, while his body took all other signs of hair and forced it to only come out of his head. His hair split up in half and formed a peculiar version of pigtails that almost made the shape of a ribbon. An actual ribbon materialized to keep his ribbon like hair as is. He felt the hair on his neck and grabbed one of the tails. He almost forgot how much work he put into doing his beautiful hair in the morning.
  26. He rubbed his eyes with his feminine hands as they widened. Their original blue colour turned into a shining ruby colour. His eyebrows thinned, and eyelashes sprouted and gained some eyeliner and mascara. Tyler quickly pulled his hands away with the urge to continue rubbing in fear reminded of the makeup he put on in the morning.
  28. He softly bit his bottom lip as he tried hard to copy the material. Pressed in between his teeth, his bottom lip along with the top lip puffed out making them plump and kissable. A bit of lipstick formed on them and the taste reminded him not to bite down often.
  30. The rest of his face compressed while his check bones rose up a little and gained a small blush. He swallowed and started coughing. His coughs were much higher than usual, almost like a girl’s should be, but oddly, nothing sounded wrong with that. What he didn’t know what they he actually swallowed his Adam’s apple instead of his saliva.
  32. The teacher stopped lecturing and looked at Tyler. “Need a drink mister Stone?” he asked in worry.
  34. In his new feminine voice, Tyler said, “Yes. Sorry for interrupting the class.”
  36. As he stood up, his shorts became smaller so they wouldn’t fall off. He walked out to go find the water fountain. While walking, his hips widened giving him a small sway and a slight hourglass figure. His butt puffed out to help match his new hips. Actually, it would now be incorrect calling him a guy. That pronoun is out-dated by a few seconds.
  38. She finally found herself in front of the water fountain. She bent forward to take a sip as her back arched forwards with a crack permanently. As she took small sips of the water, each gulp resulted in her breasts growing. She was quite thirsty so she drank a lot. When she was done, she sported small C-cup breasts.
  40. On her way back, her clothes started to change. Her white shirt shrunk and fit her new petite body and that goes for her new breasts. A bra did itself underneath her shirt. Her rough boxers became soft white panties. Her shorts opened up down the middle to allow a small draft to enter. From there, they turned black and widened to become a cute skirt. Not ending there, however, material added to the skirt and travelled up her body till it wrapped over her shoulders. Just like her ruby bow, a small ruby tie wrapped around the collar on her white shirt. Her shoes opened up a bit and turned into short heels, which raised her by about half an inch. Lastly, her white socks stretched all the way up her legs and turned ruby just like her bow and tie.
  42. When she opened the door, she heard the teacher say, “Is there really nobody here that knows how to solve this?”
  44. Quickly glancing at the question on the board, she called out, “I can sir.” She took the piece of chalk he offered her. After writing her answer on the board, she turned towards her classmates. “As you can all see, you needed to use the half-angle identity sinθ/2=±√{(1−cosθ)/2}.”
  46. The teacher clapped his hands. “Well done Roxanne! Nothing less expected from the top of our year!”
  48. Roxanne bowed her head. “Thank you. I must continue studying though if I want to become a mathematician.”
  50. The teacher laughed. “I doubt you need to worry about that. Now back to your seat so I can continue my lesson.”
  52. She gave a huge smile. “Yes sir!”
  54. One kid whispered to another, “Teacher’s pet.”
  56. “Detention!”
  58. “…fuck.”
  60. Roxanne giggled from her spot.
  63. THE END!
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