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  1. Welcome to the renewed "very cool scp server v3.0"
  2. discord invite: https://discord.gg/jY59E3w
  3. Developer contact: kaletaa@pm.me or t.me/kaletaa
  5. You might know us already, names we have used in the past:
  6. levente's cool scp server
  7. phelp's cool scp server
  8. very cool scp server
  10. Server rules:
  11. - Do NOT cheat
  12. - Do NOT harass staff members
  13. - Do NOT ask for permissions
  14. - Cross teaming is allowed
  15. - Moderate mic spam is allowed (Maximum 20 seconds)
  17. Discord rules:
  18. - Do NOT break the Discord TOS
  19. - Do NOT ask for any privileges from staff
  20. - Do NOT post NSFW content anywhere else than #nsfw-room
  21. - Do NOT post gore outside of #nsfw-room
  22. - Do NOT spam
  23. - Do NOT use any language other than English (the foreign rooms are an exception to this rule)
  25. Staff application process:
  26. Fill out this form: https://vamosgang.gq/scp/
  27. We will inform you about the results in the following 72 hours.
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