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  1. This isn’t a Chad Steele post. This is an actual post directed at Paul. Earlier today I found that my Chad Steele comments were set as spam. Essentially, I was banned. I’m extremely disappointed in you, Paul. The Chad Steele character was a JOKE, poking fun at Star Wars collectors as a whole. No one was being hurt, and quite a few people on here found it funny. I had fun writing those comments, and I had a great one planned for if the Barge reached its goal- which would be the final post from the character. That would’ve been it. Why couldn’t you take a joke? I’m a collector of both scales, I backed the barge, and I’ve been collecting since 2008. The fact that you have to ban an obvious joke account really says a lot about how insecure you are about your hobby. We collect plastic based off a movie from 40 years ago- lighten up for once. Chad Steele was fun while it lasted, and I thank everyone who was such a good sport about it. I still have respect for the news JTA posts, but Paul, you’ve revealed yourself to be just as vein and self important as Chad Steele himself. I apologize for infringing on your super-serious Star Wars collecting journalism, and for trying to make people laugh.
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