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  1. 19:49:29 [Grinch-Apertus]: "Oh miss universe changed."
  2. 19:49:29 Almy-Apertus would re-take her rightful spot, humming.
  3. 19:49:43 [Theavus-Apertus]: [Low] Like th' way a strong man murders pussy, or like a "burn y'ass alive" kind o' killin'?
  4. 19:49:45 [Almy-Apertus]: "Choke on my tail, pup."
  5. 19:49:57 [Theavus-Apertus]: If y' ask so nicely.
  6. 19:50:04 [Grinch-Apertus]: "Gladly..." *he smirked at Theavus* "Like burn him alive."
  7. 19:50:08 Theavus-Apertus leaned towards Almy.
  8. 19:50:13 [Almy-Apertus]: "-YOU- can swallow my hoof."
  9. 19:50:17 Almy stares blankly at you.
  10. 19:50:23 Grinch chuckles at you.
  11. 19:50:29 Theavus-Apertus shrugged, and leaned over to try and put his jaws around one of Almy's hooves.
  12. 19:50:31 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Oh don't be like that Grinch, I know you love me."
  13. 19:50:58 [Grinch-Apertus]: "From the bottom of my heart...I hate you."
  14. 19:51:00 Almy-Apertus would give her hoof a twitch...as if saying, or threatning him that -SOMETHING- will happen.
  15. 19:51:08 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Love you too."
  16. 19:51:26 Theavus-Apertus once more sought to lock his jaws in such a way as not to harm but to make it hard to kick it in deeper. He'd let go if she were to try and just pull it out though.
  17. 19:51:52 You shrug at Almy.  Who knows?
  18. 19:52:02 [Grinch-Apertus]: "Hoof fetishist?"
  19. 19:52:22 Theavus-Apertus wove a hand in a so-so gesture to Drake.
  20. 19:52:28 Almy-Apertus would just reach over to give an -HARSH- smack upside Theavus head as he did that.
  21. 19:52:35 Almy-Apertus with her hand, that is.
  22. 19:53:37 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Why.... would you put their hoof in your mouth. Thats like licking a shoe! Goats have no foot hygiene!"
  23. 19:53:55 Theavus-Apertus 's head got smacked, tilting a bit to a side, ear bent down from it... he seemed quite thick-skulled in that regard, though, grumbling discontently. "Buh moooom..." he grumbled, somehow, around the draenei's
  24. 19:53:55 Theavus-Apertus hoof.
  25. 19:54:02 [Grinch-Apertus]: "And you elfie are annoying beyond belief."
  26. 19:54:11 [Thelso-Apertus]: "I know!"
  27. 19:54:30 Almy-Apertus would give him a stern look "No buts."
  28. 19:54:33 [Almy-Apertus]: "Just butts."
  29. 19:54:34 Theavus-Apertus sought to try and pick up his empty tin mug off the table and chuck it over-shoulder in Thelso's direction.
  30. 19:54:35 Almy nods at you.
  31. 19:54:37 [Theavus-Apertus]: ...
  32. 19:54:49 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Ah there we go! Almy got her attitude again."
  33. 19:55:04 Theavus-Apertus reached his hand then to try and slip it under Almy and quite shamelessly grope her. "'ike dhish?"
  34. 19:55:24 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Oh dear."
  35. 19:55:28 Almy-Apertus would give him a another stern look, sighing "...Really now?"
  36. 19:55:37 [Theavus-Apertus]: Y'ashked.
  37. 19:55:37 [Grinch-Apertus]: "Wow..."
  38. 19:55:42 Theavus-Apertus grined around her hoof.
  39. 19:55:51 [Thelso-Apertus]: "I bet he didn't feel much though."
  40. 19:55:53 Theavus-Apertus squeezed a bit.
  41. 19:56:02 Theavus-Apertus - His hand not his bite.
  42. 19:56:05 [Grinch-Apertus]: "Almy has enough to feel."
  43. 19:56:28 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Oh you would know, wouldn't you?" <He'd wiggle his eyebrows.>
  44. 19:56:37 [Theavus-Apertus]: ...
  45. 19:56:41 [Grinch-Apertus]: "I have eyes in my head."
  46. 19:56:44 Almy-Apertus would have a butt that was sizeable and squeezable quite a bit, she'd just arc her back slightly at that...grunting "...For fuck sakes, keep your hands for yourself."
  47. 19:56:52 [Theavus-Apertus]: BISH HE'S ENHAJHED!
  48. 19:57:00 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Oh belore...."
  49. 19:57:13 [Theavus-Apertus]: ...
  50. 19:57:32 [Grinch-Apertus]: "Theavus...I count to three and your hands are gone from her."
  51. 19:57:39 [Grinch-Apertus]: "One."
  52. 19:57:44 [Grinch-Apertus]: "Two."
  53. 19:57:48 Theavus-Apertus shifted his palm a bit around the spot, trying to put his elbow on the table so he'd get to leverage to bounce Almy a bit on his palm as if to pat her there, spending the three seconds well enough before pulling back.
  54. 19:57:53 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Theavus is his hand? She enjoying it, I am rooting for you boy!"
  55. 19:58:02 Theavus-Apertus was with his palms in the air when Drake would get to three.
  56. 19:58:07 [Grinch-Apertus]: "Three."
  57. 19:58:26 Theavus-Apertus wiggled his digits, butt-free, letting go of her hoof as well to speak: "Clean as a whistle, cap'n."
  58. 19:58:37 Grinch stares you down.
  59. 19:58:37 Almy-Apertus would just pokerface hard, letting him...she was at the point where she didn't even care anymore.
  60. 19:59:54 Theavus-Apertus brushed his guilty palm against his own abdomen as if to wipe off the scent before offering it to Grinch for inspection.
  61. 19:59:57 Almy-Apertus would rub her butt "At least it felt nice, I'll give you -THAT- much."
  62. 20:00:14 [Theavus-Apertus]: Thank y', blueberry.
  63. 20:00:17 You nod at Almy.
  64. 20:00:31 [Almy-Apertus]: "...Almy..."
  65. 20:00:36 Grinch-Apertus just stared at Theavus he glanced at the claw and then back up at him.
  66. 20:00:40 [Theavus-Apertus]: ..Right, m'bad.
  67. 20:00:58 Theavus-Apertus had the face of a guilt-free pup.
  68. 20:01:06 [Almy-Apertus]: "Why does everyone have problems to say my name?"
  69. 20:01:07 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Oh Theavus you dog! Well played."
  70. 20:01:12 [Almy-Apertus]: "It's a simple NAME."
  71. 20:01:17 [Almy-Apertus]: "-FOUR- letters."
  72. 20:01:21 [Thelso-Apertus]: "Give them time Al."
  73. 20:01:43 Theavus-Apertus slipped his left arm under his right shoulder to give Thelso a thumb-claw up where Almy and Drake couldn't see it, before shifting his hand to make it seem like he just scratched his side.
  74. 20:02:13 [Grinch-Apertus]: ".."
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