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  2. created 11-06-2012
  3. updated 15-06-2012
  5. // Contact me via websleuths.com on username PeterParker
  7. INDEX:
  8. 0. -------- FOREWORD
  10. 2. -------- IMPORTANT ALIASES
  12. 4. -------- TIMELINE FROM 2005 TO 2012
  13. 5. -------- Selection of Magnotta's sockpuppet accounts
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  16. 0. ---------------------------------- FOREWORD ---------------------------------------------------------
  17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. When the news broke i thought it was impossible for a video like this to float around on the web and even more surprised it was supposedly uploaded by the killer himself. My curiosity got the best of me and i found the video and watched, what was (is) one of the most vile things i've ever seen. I had to pause the video three times and take a breathers in between before it finished.
  21. I couldn't (and still can't) fully understand what would drive a person to do something like that and i had to find out why this murder came to be. I had to find a way to make it logical in mind, the events that led to this act.
  23. I started searching for answers and what i found out is a snowballing of events that started as far back as 2005. I thought this would've been an afternoon thing but this killer Luka Magnotta has left (planted) such a shit storm of information online that it quickly came more.
  25. The Luka Magnotta - Timeline of (sick) Events was created. I hope somewhere, someone can use this information to convict, find peace or make sense of the stuff that happened.
  27. Thanks to the people of Animal Beta Project, WebSleuth & For Great Justice for sharing information and not giving up. My heart goes out to everyone directly affected by this murder, Lin's family & loved ones.
  29. This murder could've been prevented. May you find peace.
  31. // Most of the information you are about to read can still be found online, although some accounts have been removed by law enforcement or webmasters.
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  34. 1. ---------------------------------- LUKA MAGNOTTA GENERAL INFO ---------------------------------------
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  37. NAME: Luka Rocco Magnotta
  38. BIRTHNAME: Eric Clinton Newman (named after Eric Roberts).
  39. BORN: 07/24/1982 in Scarborough to parents Don Newman and Anna YOURKIN and has a younger brother and sister and two younger half-siblings. Both Magnotta and Louis YOURKIN were raised by their biological grandmother Phyllis Yourkin who lives in Peterborough’s north-end.
  41. URL: http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?        e=3575212&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter#
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  44. 2. ---------------------------------- LUKA MAGNOTTA IMPORTANT ALIASES ----------------------------------
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  46. Magnotta used hundreds of sockpuppet (shell) accounts to promote himself online, to raise his online persona. From weeding through most of them, these are the ones that refer to important information in the timeline and reveal important information.
  48. Magnotta Important Aliases:
  49. Luka Rocco Magnotta (not his birthname but legally changed in 2006)
  50. Vladimir Romanov
  51. Katherine Tramell (refers to Basic Instinct)
  52. TheScarface3030
  53. Currentnews40
  54. Rocco Magnotta
  55. Alexis Valoranreich
  56. Rita Van Volkenberg
  57. Jamsey Cramsal
  58. Mattia Del Santo
  59. John Kilbride
  60. Anna Mansfield
  61. Angel (escort name)
  62. Kirk Newman
  63. Lina Collins
  64. Vitaly Koslov
  65. Vince Luciforia
  66. Shane (while staying in NYC)
  67. Kirk Trammel (name on false passport, reference to Basic Instinct killer Catherine Trammel)
  68. Grace Carpenter
  69. amanda grace
  70. canadianluka (for online escort accounts)
  71. Luka Lukii
  72. maggie lawson
  73. Jayne Mansfield
  74. Jimmy / Jim (escort name, http://www.themalenude.com/reviews/jimmy-gay-escort-review-696.html / http://www.daddysreview.com/cruise/2007-08-27/jimmy_toronto)
  75. Breann Pearl Lang (https://www.facebook.com/breann.lang/)
  76. Lesley Anne Downey (Moors Murder victim, created FB accounts under this name)
  77. cutelittlenemo1 (possible lead to Hollywood Sign murder?)
  79. KNOWN E-MAIL ACCOUNTS include:
  80. luka99@gmail.com
  81. stojanovic.luka99@gmail.com
  82. ferrari_stud19@hotmail.com
  85. 41627509XX (Toronto, Canada) - His personal number (was active till he got caught)
  86. 41646981XX (Canada) - His escort number
  88. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  89. 3. ---------------------------------- MY FINDINGS & INTERESTING FACTS-----------------------------------
  90. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  92. After doing all this research on Magnotta and going through his various online persona there are a few things i'd like to share:
  94. Firstly, he has put a tremendous amount of man hours into creating all these Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, BlogSpot and random forum and website accounts. He has interlinked most them, meaning he shared, liked, placed (fake) responses between all of them. Magnotta doesn't strike me as an internet guru, the highest skill he seems to have is the use of TOR and pragmatic evasion techniques. As an (ex) IT security consultant i know howto create bot (fake) accounts on numerous platforms and how to spot and get rid of them. Even if i'd use an automated tool to create the volume of accounts Magnotta has made, it would've taken weeks (without being flagged) and then i'd still have to interlink them all, post different content and upload photos to them all (which would be hard to automate). All this work must've taken years.
  96. Secondly, there clearly is a pattern in his online behavior. One could call it an 'online M.O' even. Weeks before a crime is committed his internet posts peak. He is telling the world something is about to come. We see a peak in August 2010 through January 2011, the lead up to the first kitten killer videos and a month after. We see the same online behavior from August to December 2011, the snake kitten killer video and April to May 2012, Lin's murder.
  98. As of now one can argue whether or not Magnotta is connected to the Hollywood Sign murder and the Torso found in Arizona. However, if we look at his online footprint it puts him in Hollywood and Arizona at the time of the murders, also the there are peaks that lead up to the murder/found body dates. This of course doesn't proof a thing, i am just merely researching his online footprint.
  100. ONLINE FOOTPRINT (including Hollywood Sign and Arizona Torso info), linear events.
  101. -----Pattern 1
  102. 2010 - August: starts posting online that he's going back to Russia.
  103. 2010 - September: EXIF data on his photo's place him in Europe at this time.
  104. 2010 - September: A peak in sockpuppet Facebook pages.
  105. 2010 - December (2nd) : Youtube user Jasminethecat666 uploads video of drowning cat.
  106. 2010 - December: The September created accounts 'like' & share the Youtube video.
  107. 2010 - December (21st): YouTube user Uonlywish500 uploads '1 boy 2 kittens' killing videos.
  108. 2011 - January: Magnotta interlinks his fake accounts with the '1 boy 2 kittens' videos.
  109. 2011 - January: Creates cutelittlenemo1 tag on BlogSpot.
  111. -----Pattern 2 (Hollywood Sign murder connection is cutelittlenemo1)
  112. 2011 August: Creates personal website & Twitter acount. YouTube user cutelittlenemo1 is created.
  113. 2011 August: Cutelittlenemo1 joins psychcentrol.com
  114. 2011 September: Posts several racist articles on StormFront & BlogSpot. Interlinks them.
  115. (2011 November: Magnotta is in Europe (again), in England.)
  116. 2011 November: Facebook pages created named'1 Cat 1 Christmas'. Also posts the same stuff on BlogSpot.
  117. 2011 November: BlogSpot 'Luka Magnotta lives in Phoenix Arizona 2012' is created.
  118. 2011 November: Fake Wikispace with bio is created says 'As of 2011, Magnotta lives in Phoenix Arizona'.
  119. 2011 December: Kitten Killer vid 'Python Christmas' is uploaded with upload location Islington, London.
  120. 2011 December: Sun reporter confronts Magnotta in Wembley, England.
  121. 2011 December: Sun reporter receives a taunting mail from Magnotta 'next time i kill humans'
  122. (2011 November: Magnotta is in Amsterdam now, a fly over back to the US)
  123. 2011 December: Cutelittlenemo1 joins Rape & Gay forums looking for sex & coprophilia hookups in LA.
  124. 2011 December: Cutelittlenemo1 (via TOR) asks on drug forum 'What is the best type of sedative'
  125. (2011 December: Magnotta is in Phoenix, Arizona according to forum join locations)
  126. 2011 December: Cutelittlenemo1 still looking for men 'wants to be raped in dark locations and left behind'
  127. 2012 January: Magnotta offers massages on Facebook profile 'looking for gay men' in the Hollywood area.
  128. 2012 January: His 'Hollywood Pimp' & rent-a-boy service confirm Magnotta is in Hollywood.
  129. 2012 January: Medellin’s boyfriend can't seem to conact Medellin anymore.
  130. 2012 January: A dismembered body (torso only) is found in Tucson, Arizona.
  131. 2012 January: Hervey Medellin, a (gay) man is reported missing by friends and family.
  132. 2012 January: An Eric C. Newman (Magnottas birthname) got a traffic ticket in Arizona.
  133. 2012 January: Dogwalkers find severed head, feet & hands of Hervey Medellin below the Hollywood sign.
  135. -----Pattern 3
  136. 2012 April: Starts creating a lot of sockpuppet accounts again.
  137. 2012 April: Magnotta uploads a videos named "Cannibal serial Killer - Luka Magnotta".
  138. 2012 May: Magnotta stars (aggressively) posting on Craigslist 'seeking men4men for home video'.
  139. 2012 May: Posts via fake account 'There is a vid circulating The Deep Web it was shot in San Fransisco'
  140. 2012 May: Uploads video via fake account containing a photo of Magnotta holding an ice pick.
  141. 2012 May: Magnotta starts mentioning his '1 lunatic 1 ice pick' video on a few of his fake accounts.
  142. 2012 May: Magnotta asks neighbor to come to his apartment and talk about film, neighbor declines.
  143. 2012 May: Craigslist webmasters post warning not to reply to 'men4men' posts after reported harassment.
  144. 2012 May (24th - 25th): The night of the murder of Jun Lin.
  145. 2012 May (25th): The '1 lunatic 1 ice pick' is found online.
  146. 2012 May: Magnotta starts interlinking his accounts again.
  148. There is no evidence linking Magnotta to any other murders other then killing kittens. All the online information puts him in the same locations (Hollywood & Arizona) where the murders took place. The M.O shares dismemberment, placing of body parts and a gay victim. His online M.O. seeking men is the same as the lead up to Jun Lin's murder. Nothing more.
  150. -----------
  152. I believe the following (BELIEVE):
  153. Magnotta is the Kitten Killer.
  154. Magnotta filmed the 'Python Christmas' video in England.
  155. Magnotta sent the taunting e-mail to The Sun reporter Alex West.
  156. Magnotta victim Jun Lin wasn't his first.
  157. Magnotta planned this murder for a long time but the victim was a random factor to him.
  158. Magnotta wanted to use the murder of Jun Lin as his 'claim to fame'.
  160. -----------
  162. -Used the song 'True Faith' from the movie American Psycho as background music in his murder video and pre-murder video.
  163. -Had plastic surgery to look like actor James Dean and has done various James Dean themed photo shoots.
  164. -His apartment has a big poster of the movie Casablanca (the only poster in his apartment).
  165. -Written on his apartment  wall "If you dont like the reflection. Dont look in the mirror. I dont care"
  166. -He killed Lin with an ice pick a reference to Basic Instinct. In his December 2011 e-mail to the Sun he quotes Basic Instinct by saying "killing is different than smoking… with smoking you can actually quit."
  167. -Posted movie reviews of 120 Days of Sodom, The Human Centipede, A Serbian Film & Rocky online. He also 'likes' The Human Centipede movies on most of his Facebook accounts.
  168. -Is fascinated with James Dean, Madonna & Marilyn Monroe.
  169. -His alias reddragon1 is a reference to the Red Dragon novel and film about Hannibal 'The Cannibal' Lector.
  170. -Obsessed with The Moor Murderers and its victims. A few of his fake accounts were named after the Moor victims. 'Lesley Anne Downey' and 'John Kilbride'. He created a YouTube video named 'Luka Magnotta Canada's Most Notorious', it features photo's of him and The Moor murderers. He sent The Sun Newspaper a disturbing e-mail signed 'John Kilbride' and he likes Myra Hindley and The Moor Murders on his YouTube and Facebook accounts. He also called himself 'Myra Hindley of Canada'.
  171. -Magnotta's TOR link kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion
  175. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  176. 4. ---------------------------------- TIMELINE FROM 2005 to 2012----------------------------------------
  177. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  179. I have to mention that i've collected all this information and sorted it and double checked. However, seeing there is so much information out there i must admit it might be cluttered. If you find anything that doesn't add up or is simply wrong and you want it corrected feel free to let me know.
  181. Also this information is presented as is (typo's included). I simply have no more energy & interest to triple check it at the moment.
  183. 2005:
  184. Magnotta is convicted under his birth name Eric Clinton Newman for defrauding several
  185. retailers and stealing $5,000 and one count of fraudulently impersonating a Toronto-area woman, culminating in a suspended sentence and probation in 2005.
  186. A series of judge imposed conditions reportedly banned him from owning or using a camera or a computer, and from accessing the Internet.
  188. August 12, 2006:
  189. Magnotta, born Eric Newman officially changed his name to Luka Rocco Magnotta.
  191. Dated with Nina. Nina, born a man (now a woman) ended the relationship in March 2006. The following reasons are stated in post May 26 2012 interviews:
  192. - Magnotta stated he had sex with his mentally ill mother when he was a teen.
  193. - Had no emotions, was cold as a fish and did not want to have sex or showed signs of intamacy.
  194. - Talked about serial killers constantly and expressed interrest in killing animals and people (jokingly).
  196. Nina held no ties after that.
  198. 2007: Magnotta has cosmetic surgery to look more like his idol James Dean.
  200. The editorial staff of the Vancouver-based citizen journalism portal Orato.com were put off by Magnotta's 'creepy' contributions. Magnotta a frequent contributor to the open journal came into the staffs spotlight after publishing creepy content.
  201. URL: http://metronews.ca/news/vancouver/245363/vancouver-editors-put-off-by-creepy-magnotta/
  203. This year (2007) Magnotta also files for bankruptcy. A Wikipedia article on “Luka Magnotta” was first created in 2007
  205. June 28, 2008:
  206. Magnotta posts photo's of himself in Hollywood, California on his flickr account.
  207. Photo's include the Hollywood sign and a photo with horror icons Freddy Krueger and Michael Meyers on the Hollywood Boulevard.
  208. URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28106952@N02/
  210. August 21, 2008:
  211. A post is created on xtube by 'Luka Magnotta' titled 'Luka Magnotta : My Stepmom'. In which he explain how he had sex with his stepmother. His ex-girlfriend confirmed Magnotta told her he had sex with his mother in 2006. The post seems sincere and is a simular style as his future post under his alias cutelittlenemo1 on psychcentrol.com in August 8, 2011.
  212. URL: https://www.xtube.com/community/blog.php?id=MTk2ODg=
  214. August 31, 2008:
  215. Posts more self-shot photo's on his flickr account and also adds photo's of killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.
  217. 2008 through 2009:
  218. Magnotta started a lobby with his puppet accounts to get Family Guy clips banned off YouTube. Receiving huge critisism from the YouTube community Magnotta retaliated with his accounts posting numerous flagged responses. Eventually this resulted in Magnotta's original YouTube account lukamagnotta1 being banned. One of his puppet accounts 'megaman999megaman' got a special YouTube response by the critics.
  219. URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxxIQLXDuQg&feature=plcp
  221. May 16, 2009:
  222. Luka Magnotta Facebook page is created.
  224. June 1, 2009:
  225. Blog posted on Digital Journal by User 'Rocco Magnotta' titled:
  226. 'Luka Magnotta: How to Completely Disappear and Never Be Found' also features a photo of Magnotta.
  227. URL: http://digitaljournal.com/user/310106
  229. December 7, 2009:
  230. Under the name 'marilynmonroe4' shares his (made up?) story about his "Wild Threesome With 2 Straight Guys" on freeones.com. Posted from Los Angeles (location data).
  231. URL: http://board.freeones.com/showthread.php?318488-My-Wild-Threesome-With-2-Straight-Guys
  233. August 23, 2010:
  234. An 'interview' is posted titled 'Luka Magnotta Discusses His Career In The World Of Adult Films'
  235. by Currentnews40 on the crowd powered site NowRepublic.com (anyone can post). It is the only
  236. article Currentnews40 has posted besided photo's of Magnotta.
  238. -------
  240. June 2, 2010:
  241. Magnotta creates various accounts on gaydating sites. Using names like 'Jim', 'Jimmy' & 'canadianluka' he posts on gayarab.com, gaycanadacentral.com, requestadate.com, gay-datanta.com & mundoanuncio.com. They all  contain the same text and are all posted (only) on this day. He wrote "looking for a serious relationship with a middle eastern man. I love middle eastern men".
  243. August 17, 2010:
  244. Magnotta posted photo's of himself on ComeBackAlive.com stating he will be moving to Russia in a few months.
  246. September 27, 2010:
  247. Magnotta is believed to be travelling around Europe. This information was retrieved with locations on EXIF data on his photo's.
  249. December 21, 2010:
  250. YouTube user Uonlywish500 posted a series of 3 videos of which one was titled '1 boy 2 kittens' of two kittens being suffocated in a plastic bag. John Lennon’s Merry Christmas (War Is Over) is heard in the background. The only other YouTube video Uonlywish500 'liked' was the opening credit sequence of Catch Me If You Can, a 2002 film about a man who eludes police for years using assumed identities.
  252. December 22, 2010:
  253. The “For Great Justice” Facebook group is formed to try and find the identity of the suspect (Magnotta).  
  255. December 31, 2010:
  256. The “For Great Justice” group retrieves EXIF data from one of Magnotta's personal photo's he posted online. The EXIF data confirms the confirms the photo was taken in Toronto Eaton Center at 2010:10:31 16:16:15 with an Iphone.
  258. January 2011:
  259. The Facebook group dedicated to finding the 'Vacuum Kitten Killer' received an anonymous message
  260. identifying the kitten killer as Luka Magnotta, and saying, falsely, that he lived in West Hollywood.
  262. February 2011:
  263. The Facebook group tracked him to Toronto, Canada and working with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, approached the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which approached Toronto police. After further investigation Magnotta is tracked to Montreal but the police were unable to find his exact location.
  265. February 14, 2011:
  266. Jun Lin (future victim) uploaded a photo of himself on his Weibo account under his nickname 'Justin the Villian'. The photograph, a computer-altered photograph of himself with wild purple hair and a
  267. cracked face that turns grey around a mouth of broken and missing teeth was named “My self-portrait” by Lin.
  269. March 9, 2011:
  270. User 948995 named Luka Magnotta says he was staying in Phoenix Arizona in the Sheraton Phoenix hotel.
  272. April 2011:
  273. Luka (as sentinal560) mentions being on a drug used to treat schizophrenia.
  274. Sentinal560 moniker later appears defending Luka on Youtube and favoring all his videos.
  275. URLS:
  276. http://livekite.com/warning-for-risperdal-nov-2003/1227616
  277. https://www.youtube.com/user/sentinal560
  279. April 19, 2011:
  280. Another Magnotta Facebook page is created.
  282. April 26, 2011:
  283. Magnotta creates “The Nine Satanic Statements, Sins and Rules Of The Earth” blogspot account.
  285. May 1, 2011:
  286. Does a photoshoot at his apartment in Montreal with local photographer Paul Mason.
  287. URL: http://www2.macleans.ca/2012/06/07/a-photographers-encounter-with-luka-rocco-magnotta/
  289. May 27, 2011:
  290. A post on Stormfront.org refers to Mr. Magnotta as “an open white supremacist”
  291. and claims he was being forced to flee Canada and return to Russia because of “his views on white supremacy.”
  293. Jul 10, 2011:
  294. Magnotta creates a 'Luka Magnotta' Facebook page and posts a photo of himself infront of the Eiffeltower in Paris, France.
  296. July 30, 2011:
  297. His personal website www.luka-magnotta.com goes live (July 30th).
  298. Twitter account @Luka_Magnotta is created and yet another Magnotta Facebook page is created.
  300. August 8, 2011:
  301. Cutelittlenemo1 joins psychcentrol.com forums and places a lengthy (maybe sincere) comment on a post called 'I hate my mother and I don't care enough to change it' and signs off with 'vladimir romanov cutelittlenemo1'.
  302. URL: http://answers.psychcentral.com/Depression/i-hate-my-mother-and-i-dont-care-enough-to-change-it-/
  304. August 11, 2011:
  305. YouTube account 'cutelittlenemo1' is created. It has a 'Versace' thumbnail and names himself 'Vladimir Romanov' in its details.
  307. August 17, 2011:
  308. Tweets about taking a MMPI2 Psychological Test (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), via @Luka_Magnotta.
  310. September 2011:
  311. Arcangel9 posts the following article on stormfront.org "Luka Magnotta : Multiculturalism is Dangerous" with a link to his personal website. Minutes later in a thread about Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Arcangel9 writes that Mussolini was a “courageous” individual.
  313. September 26, 2011:
  314. Magnotta creates another Blogspot account posting a blog titled 'WHAT ARE THE EFFECT OF BAD PARENTING'.
  315. This Blogspots also praises StormFront.org.
  317. October 27, 2011:
  318. Magnotta stops tweeting. Up until this day Magnotta has been tweeting almost daily via @Luka_Magnotta. The next time he starts tweeting again is on March 15th 2012.
  320. October 28, 2011:
  321. Magnotta posts a review of '120 days of Sodom' on one of his blogspot accounts.
  322. He writes "Not to many of you heard about this film. The reason being is because it's banned in many
  323. countries due to their intense rape scenes, fascism (eating feces), and torture."..."Despite the dark and disgusting feel to it it can be viewed as a piece of art." He also posts a review about the horrofilm 'The Human Centipede'.
  325. November 15, 2011:
  326. Another Blogspot is created by Magnotta with the title 'Luka Magnotta lives in Phoenix Arizona 2012' including a rant about Homolka and his alter-ego Vladimir Romanov.
  328. November 25, 2011:
  329. Two Facebook pages named '1 Cat 1 Christmas' are created. Also several Blogspot accounts are created with the same cat photo and same title. One of the Blogspots (Magnotta) writes "Shot in Islington, a suburb of London, United Kingdom in 2011, the video shows a cute litte kitty interacting with a boy and his pet. The Christmas present is revealed towards the end of the video and is so cute."
  331. November 28, 2011:
  332. A 'Luka-Magnotta' Wiki is created on Wikispaces.com by a user named 'mantaray900'. It contains a (false) biography with hints he planned to retire in Phoenix Arizona. He wrote "As of 2011, Luka Magnotta lives in Phoenix Arizona and is retired from the entertainment industry. He has denied his involvement with Canadian Serial Killer karla Homolka along with animal abuse allegations."
  333. URL: http://luka-magnotta.wikispaces.com/
  335. November, December 2011:
  336. Magnotta was living in a $60-a-night room above the Fusilier Inn in Wembley, north London, while sightseeing in the capital.
  338. December 2, 2010:
  339. YouTube user Jasminethecat666 (Magnotta) uploaded a video of drowning a kitten in a bathtub.
  340. Several Facebookpages (created in Sep 2011) reference to the video.
  342. December 2, 2011:
  343. A seven-minute video titled “Python Christmas” is uploaded. A video of kitten being fed to a python.
  344. The video held the message "promises more feeding videos" and was posted on a site called Flix from an account registered in Islington, North London.
  346. A "Linda Collins" uploads the video to LiveLeak and says its from "Islington, London". "Linda Collins" also seems to be very pro-Magnotta in "her" Nov-2011 article " Male Model Falsely Accused of Animal Cruelty" URL: http://authspot.com/thoughts/luka-magnotta-male-model-falsely-accused-of-animal-cruelty/
  348. December 8, 2011:
  349. The Sun reporter Alex West and his photographer track down Magnotta and hold a 20 minute interview (about the kitten killings). During the interview two cops show up to evict Magnotta from the hotel.
  351. December 12, 2011:
  352. Days later The Sun received an e-mail target to Alex West believed to be sent by Magnotta but signed John Kilbride (a Moors murder victim, ref. May 15, 2012).
  353. The e-mail is in response to the 'Kitten Killer' videos and their interview.
  355. He wrote "You have some very sexy journalists at your paper." and finishes with "So, I have to disappear for a while, until people quit bothering me.
  356. But next time you hear from me it will be in a movie I am producing that will have some humans in it, not just pussies. I will, however,
  357. send you a copy of the new video im going to be making. Once you kill and taste blood it’s impossible to stop."
  359. Reporter Alex West is convinced Magnotta sent him the e-mail. The mail was sent to the Sun from a Dutch computer.
  361. The Sun reported that their documents were sent to Scotland Yard, but that an investigation did not take place.
  362. URL:
  363. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4349658/Magnottas-disturbed-disturbing-disgustingbrlooking-in-his-eyesbr-left-me-shaken.html
  364. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4349654/Cannibal-on-run-after-chopping-up-man-warned-The-Sun-I-cant-stop-killing.html
  366. December 21, 2011:
  367. Cutelittlenemo1 joins Rapeboard.com creating 2 posts trying to hookup with a 'dominant master' to get 'raped'
  368. cutelittlenemo1 joins Justusboys.com asking for partners who are into coprophilia. In this post he states to be 'out here on the west coast' (Join Date: Dec 2011, Location: Phoenix Arizona).
  370. December 22, 2011:
  371. Cutelittlenemo1 (via TOR) asks the following questions in a post about morphine, valium and diazepam
  372. "What is the best type of sedative? I think liquid morphine is extremely quick , it doesnt take much time for the effects to start kicking in."
  373. URL: http://www.topix.com/forum/drug/valium/TBBFGU842GGREI00N/p6
  375. A thread is posted on Animalloversweb.com with the title 'Cutelittlenemo1 Vladimir Romanov'. Vladimir Romanov being one of Magnotta's aliases.
  376. In the post cutelittlenemo1 asks about wanting to adopt small pets: "Hey, my names vlad,
  377. We are in Arizona currently and we are interested in speaking with anyone who is also an animal lover.
  378. I , personally have worked in my families pet store before and have many useful tips on how to take care of small animals.
  379. Get in touch with me if you have any animals around Phoenix Arizona who need adopting."
  381. December 25, 2011:
  382. Cutelittlenemo1 joins and posts the following on S&M forum (warning):
  383. "Hey, im an extremely attractive man in my 20's, I am looking for a dom master who will be able to teach me a lesson I will never forget. I enjoy being brutally anal raped (by 1 or more men) I enjoy being forced to drink piss and eat shit, I also like to get punched and kicked until I cant move. So the bigger you are the better. I dont want any pussies or losers who will back out.. you have to be very agressive and have a strong perverted side like me.
  384. I also like to be handcuffed and driver to remote locations then thrown out in the dark so I dont know where I am (if you prefer me naked thats cool) Then we can talk about what happened when I get home and laugh hah ahaha.
  385. I love to get drunk and when I am so drunk I cant stand then you will have COMPLETE control over me, I have a hot little ass thats just waiting to get violated.  
  386. message me if your serious, no time for time wasters."
  388. Cutelittlenemo1's bio on this site also mentions 'Vlad' a reference to his other alias 'Vladimir Romanov'.
  391. -----
  393. January 13 through February, March & April:
  394. Magnotta creates dozens of YouTube & DailyVideo accounts. On all accounts he uploads the same videos and likes the ones on his other accounts.
  395. URL: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174736&page=12
  398. January 6, 2012:
  399. A dismembered body is found in Tucson, Arizona.
  400. Detectives say the victim was decapitated and his head, hands, and feet weren't located with the body.
  401. Magnotta's online alias cutelittlenemo1 clearly states he was searching for 'pets' and pet owners in Arizona (before moving on to the West coast).
  402. Cutelittlenemo1 was also opening a 'business' in the near future in Arizona: http://www.topix.com/forum/city/searcy-ar/TD617A5VF9S2BPEH4
  404. January 2012:
  405. Magnotta offers 'massages' via his newly created Facebook page in and around the Hollywood area.
  406. Later different newsagencies confirm that his Hollywoodpimp known only as 'Alex' confirmed Magnotta was working as a rent-a-boy in that area
  407. at the time of Medellin's murder.
  409. January 4, 2012:
  410. In California Medellin’s boyfriend can't seem to conact Medellin anymore.
  412. January 9, 2012:
  413. Harvey Medellin, a 66-year old gay man is reported missing by friends and family.
  415. January 17, 2012:
  416. An Eric C. Newman was in Payson, Arizona and got a traffic ticket under Case Number: M-0447-SP-2012001076.
  418. January 19, 2012:
  419. Dog walkers in Bronson Canyon below the Hollywood sign found a severed head and a search by authorities also turned up two hands and two feet,
  420. which were buried in a shallow grave. LAPD detectives determined that the parts belonged to Hervey Medellin, a 66-year-old former homosexual Mexicana Airlines employee.
  422. January 22, 2012:
  423. Magnotta creates a luka-magnotta-magnotta-magnotta blogspot account posting photo's of himself
  424. and a Youtube video of a German news report about the '1 boy 2 kittens' video. Its labeled with the tag 'cutelittlenemo1'.
  425. URL: http://luka-magnotta-magnotta-magnotta-2011.blogspot.nl/2012_01_01_archive.html
  427. February 19, 2012:
  428. Magnotta posts several messages on his Facebook page looking for male clients to offer 'massages' around the Los Angeles area.
  429. He mentions his phonenumber and his 'pimp' Alex.
  430. URL: http://observer.com/2012/06/is-luka-magnotta-the-hollywood-sign-killer/lukawallpost/
  432. February 22, 2012:
  433. Magnotta creates a second post on one of his Blogpost accounts. Its a very long story about Sex involving feces. Of course he places another photo of himself with it.
  435. March 3, 2012:
  436. Magnotta posts a blog on blogspot.ca titled 'Necrophiliac Serial Killer Luka Magnotta' (now taken offline) in which the author writes of falling in love with the “mummified corpse of a young man."
  438. March 15, 2012:
  439. Magnotta starts tweeting again via @Luka_Magnotta.
  441. April 22, 2012:
  442. 4 identical videos posted on youtube by user 'Rita Van Volkenberg' titled
  443. "Cannibal serial Killer - Luka Magnotta" and contains the same song used in the murder video.
  444. A month before Lin's savage murder.
  445. URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UUPdNx92Uj0
  447. April 24, 2012:
  448. English version of "Cannibal serial Killer - Luka Magnotta" video posted by the same user.
  450. April 25, 2012:
  451. Jun Lin (future victim) posts a photo of a Montreal subway car on his Weibo account with the caption “midnight cannibalism train”. Some Chinese Internet users to speculated that he was somehow foreshadowing his own gruesome death.
  453. May 3-24, 2012:
  454. Magnotta places various ads on Craiglist for 'men seeking men'. During these days several Craiglist users reported to be stalked and harrast.  
  456. May 6, 2012:
  457. A Craiglist user posted a warning to 'watch out for this guy' and cited one of Magnotta's aliases.
  459. May 12, 2012:
  460. Someone posts on Yahoo “There is a video circulating TOR (The Deep Web) all I know is it was shot in San Fransisco, I have been trying to find it for weeks.”
  462. May 15, 2012:
  463. YouTube user 'Alexis Valoranreich' uploads a video containing a photo
  464. of Magnotta in a purple hoodie holding an ice pick infront of a Casablance poster.
  465. The video was named 'One Lunatic One Ice Pick Video (1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video)'
  466. and was placed online 9 days before the actual murder video.
  467. URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msugdAqGj_0
  469. This same day he also 'liked' the video named 'The Victims of the Moors Murderers'.
  471. 'briankinney556' joins www.neoseeker.com and creates a thread called 'The 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video' asking about the video and if the murderer is rich. 'babymaggie11' joins www.ohlookaforum.com and creates a simular thread '1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video' asking about the video. OLaF admins have confirmed that 'babymaggie11' registered with e-mailadres 'BrianKinney556@xxxx.com' (xxx to hide the full mailadres).
  473. http://one-lunatic-one-icepick.blogspot.com is created. A Photo of Magnotta in a purple hoodie with ice pick is shown with (again) referring to the Deep Web (TOR) and asking about who the killer is.
  475. May 16, 2012:
  476. Dailymotion user 'anonymousgirl33' is created and places the same videos as May 15th on this site.
  478. User 'anonymousgirl4' joins www.psychforums.com and starts a thread called 'The 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video'. To quote the 'anonymousgirl4' " There is a video of a guy around aged 20 from San Fransisco, he apparently made real snuff films that depict cannabilisim and necrophilia along with the murder. I am doing research on this and I would VERY much appreciate any and all the advice and help you could give me. Is he a psychopath or Anti Social or what?". This is 8 days before the murder.
  480. A simular account and post was created on Answerbag.com under the alias Aiden_V.
  482. May 24, 2012:
  483. The day the murder and dismemberment of 33 year old Jun Lin took place.
  485. A Craiglist user places a final warning about Magnotta's posts.
  487. robertta9892 places two identical posts online (standard Magnotta selfpromotion) titled 'Luka Magnotta Bisexual Male Model and Porn Star Psychotic Behavior and Psychopathic Tendencies'. This post is a collection of news and video URLS that refer to Magnotta's past. Its a long list and mustve taken a while to create. robertta9892 replies to both posts with a lengthy documented response explaining what a psychopath and an sociopath is.
  488. URL: http://www.scaminformer.com/scam-report/luka-magnotta-bisexual-male-model-and-porn-star-psychotic-behavior-and-psychopathic-tendencies-c78766.html
  490. The night it happened Magnotta invited his former downstairs neighbour Derek MacKinnon, a movie actor,
  491. to come over and talk more about 'films'. MacKinnen who played a serial killer in the movie 'Terror Train' refused stating he was busy. MacKinnen also says that his character in 'Terror Train' is a constantly changing serial killer who cut up and dismembered his victims.
  492. URL: http://www.dunnvillechronicle.com/2012/06/04/magnotta-inspired-by-slasher-flick
  494. The victim Lin Jun works a five hour shift at Verdun dépanneur and leaves at 5 PM.
  495. At 9 PM Lin Jun sends one of his friends a text-message, after that his phone was off.
  497. May 25, 2012:
  498. Gruesome and disturbing '1 Lunatic 1 Icepick' video is found online.
  499. The first source was theYNC followed by BestGore. It is said the original video file was found on an image/file hosting site unrelated to the gore sites and uploaded via TOR. In the video 'True Faith' by New Order plays in the background (same song as the April 22/24 videos, American Psycho OST).
  501. Derek MacKinnen bumps into Magnotta, who was wearing a red wig.
  503. A neighbour reportedly spots Magnotta carrying a box to post office.
  505. May 26, 2012:
  506. Sick & crying Magnotta spotted on an Air Transat flight from Montreal, Canada to Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport.
  508. May 27, 2012:
  509. Renville alerts U.S. and Canadian police to Internet video but they dismiss it as a fake.
  511. May 27-31, 2012:
  512. Several witnesses contacted French police with claims of having seen Magnotta in Bastille area of east Paris and the north-western Batignolles quarter. He was reportedly partying and drinking.
  513. He hooked up for 2 days with a Parisian clubber, who later found out it was Magnotta and contacted French Police.
  515. May 28, 2012:
  516. During the day The Montreal police were alerted to Lin Jun's dissapereance.
  518. May 29, 2012:
  519. 10:15 AM Montreal police are called to the apartment building at 5720 Decarie in Snowdon by residents complaining of a foul smell. Lin's torso is discovered in a suitcase next to a small mountain of garbage bags in the back of the low-rent apartment complex.
  521. 6:00 PM Ottawa police contact Montreal officers to say a package from Montreal containing a foot has been delivered to the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada.
  523. Several citizens call police to report a video circulating on the Internet showing a man being killed and dismembered.
  525. 9:00 PM postal employees intercepted a package bearing Lin's hand addressed to the Liberal Party in Ottawa.
  527. 11:30 that night, witness statements and personal effects found in the trash led officers, armed with a search warrant, to apartment 208. Inside they found blood on the mattress, table, fridge and freezer.
  529. Canadian-wide arrest warrant is issued. Canada Border Services Agency was advised. Interpol is advised.
  530. Fourteen hours after Lin's body was found, the hunt for Magnotta went global.
  532. May 30, 2012:
  533. After investigating the video Montreal police link the victim to student Lin.
  534. Later that day a close friend of Lin's confirms the identity.
  536. May 31, 2012:
  537. Quebec's prosecution bureau announced it was charging Magnotta with first-degree murder,
  538. interfering with a corpse, mailing obscene materials, corrupting morals (via the Internet)
  539. and threatening Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
  541. Magnotta is added to Interpol's wanted person's list.
  543. June 1, 2012:
  544. Magnotta is spotted at the Bagnolet international bus station in Paris.
  545. The Eurolines bus company handed over bus station CCTV footage and paperwork.
  546. Autopsy and DNA results the victim is Lin. A pressconference is held.
  548. --- June 4, 2012:
  549. Youtube video posted by user 'ibechillin69' where Magnotta is laying on a couch smoking and saying 'hi to his fans'. 'La Isla Bonita' by Madonna plays in the background. It is confirmed that this video is an old Magnotta video floating around on YouTube in 2011. It is unconfirmed if 'ibechillin69' is a random troll or one of Magnotta's accounts.
  551. Dailymotion user 'ct4' is created and comments on the videos uploaded on May 16 "Luka Magnotta?! As if it could be HIM. Somebody is framing him."
  553. YouTube account 'Anna Mansfield' was created this day and commented on (all) videos posted on April 22, 24th and the May 15th video. These are the only comments posted and only activity. Comments seem to be posted to stir a dicussion.
  555. Later this day Magnotta is arrested in Berlin, Germany. In an internet cafe while googling himself and looking at nude images of himself online.
  557. --- June 5, 2012:
  558. False Creek Elementary School received a package containig a human hand (believed to be Lin's hand).
  559. St George's School received a package containing a human foot (believed to be Lin's foot).
  561. June 6, 2012:
  562. A Torrent version of the murder video is created and uploaded by user 'lasse23'. Verified on June 4th by VERIFIED_TORRENTS. 849b771cd19aa609ba28b8227d9f7056.mp4 Info Hash D5EB7C6DF1D158A9018644E4EDA49F6C3336F493
  564. June 12, 2012:
  565. Jun Lin's family releases an open statement via Concordia University.
  566. URL: http://www.concordia.ca/now/docs/statement-from-jun-lin-family.pdf
  568. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  569. 5. ---------------------------------- KNOWN SOCK PUPPET / FAKE ACCOUNTS --------------------------------
  570. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  572. Magnotta's sockpuppet accounts run in the hundreds. He used them to create a fake online 'celebrity' presence. Inter-linking, liking & sharing amongst all of them.
  574. 2remembermealways4u
  575. Darklillyangel (Last Chance for Animals' (LCA) Special Investigations Unit (SIU) bait account)
  576. stefany187
  577. Louise Rebecca Sanchez
  578. Lorenz S
  579. Capitan Totti
  580. iloveclubbing22 (dailymotion)
  581. anonymousgirl4
  582. Sentinal560
  583. anonymousgirl33
  584. arcangel9
  585. imadog1
  586. teddybear1
  587. toronto19651
  588. r989t498
  589. herebedragons
  590. cuteverycute (social anxiety forum http://www.socialanxietysupport.com/forum/f23/luka-magnotta-98509/)
  591. 9893893t4rk
  592. babydollLW
  593. red66night
  594. t300tk9300
  595. Inhisass
  596. r23fv989jkls
  597. 3r4fgouskjrh90
  598. ~luka-magnotta (Post 2007 Devian Art profile http://luka-magnotta.deviantart.com/)
  599. ~stunningstud (Pre 2007 Devian Art profile http://stunningstud.deviantart.com/)
  600. EAT666ME
  601. h13k2j9kjh543
  602. 2009384dfgw
  603. 9000t400490
  604. 85739453
  605. Mega700km
  606. 90080072
  607. versace44444
  608. 893894030
  609. catherinetramell2000
  610. brian brian
  611. Tyrone99Power
  612. 300red300
  613. 77forgetmenot77
  614. liquid666liquid
  615. madonnaandme1
  616. richardduck17
  617. sonic4433
  618. sopranos2322
  619. TheSopranos20
  620. pokerstar50  (his twoplustwo poker account http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/members/242124/)
  621. imlovinit50 (http://atlanta.beforelastcall.com/imlovinit50)
  622. pricelessstud19
  625. Thanks to PAXIMUS:
  627. Luka Magnotta YouTube accounts
  628. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  629. Jasminethecat666
  630. ... Jasminethecat99 (has posted at least 4 comments on other videos under this name 1 week ago)
  631. TheScarface3030
  632. TheSopranos20
  633. sexyman89489
  634. 666StallionItalian
  635. Tyrone99Power
  636. global100canada
  637. catherinetramell2000
  638. miami3093840
  639. Gucci20901200
  640. Mr9848534
  641. 5q5676
  642. 2remembermealways4u
  643. iloveilovelove
  644. pricelessstud19
  645. 6event6horizon66
  646. sentinal560
  647. fallinloveandadoreme
  648. rosesareredmylove
  649. materialgirljuly
  650. sopranos2322
  651. pointofnoreturnn
  652. 1999vamp – 1 month ago – liked Boa Vs Rabbit video
  653. bluesky40987
  654. eat666me (1 month ago)
  655. richardduck17
  656. sharkeinthewater
  657. red66night
  658. princessgyasya3
  659. 66believe66
  660. BasicInstinct1212121
  661. versace868668666
  662. catherinetramell2000
  663. 5q5676
  664. johnathanclarkson22
  665. inthenextlife12
  666. MsXbox3600 (possibly – account deleted, supporting Luka)
  667. Lighttunnell
  668. flyerfrequent9
  669. 66iseestupidpeople – (4 weeks ago)
  670. 436t6 (1 month ago)
  671. simplythebestyes1
  672. 2remembermealways4u
  673. madonnaandme1 – liked hitler speech video – swastika in 1 kitten video
  674. TheIlovecookies3
  675. sucks2bufool
  676. imlukamagnottas1fan
  677. everyonelovesmeso
  678. loveannanicolesmith
  679. areyoujealousyet
  680. thegreatwallofchina8
  681. cape33fear
  682. jesuslovesme887
  683. iloveasiaalways
  684. freedomforall47
  685. doyouloveme09
  686. seenoevilhearnoevil1
  687. 77forgetmenot77
  688. makepeacelove7
  689. thecaribeanisgreat
  690. limoncello23
  691. lawandorder5
  692. iloveasiaalways
  693. candy4avagardner
  694. Santaslave666 – possibly (closed)
  695. championforrights2
  696. iluvlukamagnotta
  697. davidbeckhamfan43
  698. michaeljackson088
  699. sexygayvampires (2 months ago)
  700. event88horizon – 1 month ago
  701. SMCY05
  702. 98712399
  703. Liquid999liquid
  704. loveforever254
  705. megaman999megaman (closed)
  706. katerbee
  707. batman19090
  708. basicinstinct4
  709. quicksilver44
  710. spiderspider1211
  711. russianprince111
  712. safeandclearalright
  713. sucks2bufool
  714. india90001
  715. bluesky40987
  716. tigertigerburning4
  717. inthenextlife12
  718. SaraConnor3000
  719. strangersinthenitexx
  720. boldsexychick19
  721. bluesky40987
  722. bemybaby9090
  723. 01thevulture – (most recent posts)
  724. blackweb66688 – (most recent posts)
  725. jasminethecat99 (most recent posts)
  726. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  727. Luka Magnotta Vimeo Accounts
  728. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  729. maria maria – (3 videos, 8 months ago)
  730. mary maria – (3 videos 8 months ago)
  731. Jayne Mansfield (2 months ago)
  732. Vincent Karlov (4 months ago)
  733. Adam Carter (2 months ago)
  734. Anik (2 years ago)
  735. Peter Lucifer (2 months ago)
  736. Luka Magnotta (2 years ago)
  737. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  738. Luka Magnotta Daily Motion Accounts
  739. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  740. 876667788p
  741. 984753d
  742. luka-magnotta
  743. hollywoodca8
  744. versace9000
  745. w647476
  746. bluesky666
  747. PINKSUNSET666
  748. 666believe666 (25th 09 2011) vampiressexy13
  749. 436346g
  750. Joanne_Scott
  751. 66998866armani
  752. 5o05fj5lld
  753. iloveclubbing22
  754. video111110
  756. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  760. Sincerely,
  761. Peter Parker
  762. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
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