Exploited College Girls - Rachel - Her First Anal - Oct 18,

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  1. Exploited College Girls - Rachel - Her First Anal - Oct 18, 2012
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  26. Exploited College Girls - Rachel - Her First Anal
  28. October 18, 2012
  32. We had Rachel on ECG about a month ago and she put in an amazing performance. From riding the Rabbit to a huge orgasm to a masterful demonstration of her BJ skills to getting fucked like a nympho, she is one of the hottest and most enthusiastic girls on the site. If you managed to make it through her last video without busting a nut and shutting if off, you'll recall that in the closing moments of the shoot she agreed to let me take her ass virginity on camera.
  33. I'm not exactly a stickler on keeping promises to random porn sluts, but in this case I felt like my word was bond! Long story short - Rachel is back and she's getting a delivery in the backdoor. I hope someone is home to sign for it! But, to my surprise, she has no idea why I invited her back. I confess I take a bit of pleasure in breaking it to her.
  34. She's a little crestfallen when she hears what's in store. She was picturing another nice relaxing shoot while I make her cum over and over with the Rabbit. She gets a little nervous, fidgety, possibly thinking about canceling but after some thought she agrees to persevere and offer up her tight ass for my enjoyment (and yours!)
  35. Quick side note, I didn't notice this last time because it's not as obvious in person, but Rachel looks a whole lot like Jessica - the slutty redhead vampire from True Blood. If you are a True Blood fan and always wanted to see Jessica get her fangs pushed back by some dick and then get fucked like an undead bitch deserves to be, this update will be pure pleasure.
  36. As for the action, this session was about 10x hotter than the last one because once she decides she's in, she's all the way in. She even drops to the floor and throws her ass in the air for an enema. Once I'm sure her starfish is clean, we get to it and I start stretching her out with my finger, then two fingers. As she relaxes I get out a double ended dildo and stuff one end of it into her tight ass. Eventually I get it folded and DP her with it - one end in the pink, one end in the stink.
  37. I give her a break from stretching her ass and have her suck on my cock for a while. I'm surprised to find that since our last meeting she's learned to relax her throat and swallow my whole cock. I guess she's learning SOMETHING at ASU, her parents will certainly be proud.
  38. Anyway, foreplay time is over, she's getting buttfucked. I position her on the bed with her face in the sheets and her perfect ass in the air. A little squirt of lube and with a bit of a push, it's on. Or in, rather. For an anal virgin, Rachel takes to it pretty damn well. She relaxes and lets me pound her. For more penetration I lay her flat and fuck her ass even deeper, like I'm trying to pin her to the mattress. I can feel her getting into it, pushing back, squeezing her thighs together so I can tell she loves it.
  39. To finish her off I prop her up on her back on some pillows and fuck her ass from the front until she cums. Twice. Her first - and second - anal orgasms. It's great stuff, she admits it's one of the best orgasms of her life and is still breathless and jittery when I cum on her face.
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