Mission Briefing of Mana

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  1. [17:16:04] <ManaTree> Wisp and Luna exchange greetings to each other, high in the morning sky!  The inn rooms are quiet and peaceful until some crisp knocks on each of the doors-- Lyle'd come too, almost forcefully accompanied by an older-looking man in a thick suit of armor.  His fist reaches another door and turns the knob.  "Huh.  Even this furry little guy?"
  2. [17:18:43] <Lyle> "Of course."
  3. [17:19:07] * Eirene inches the door open and looks around. "Mmmmmmyes?"
  4. [17:19:51] <ManaTree> "Huh.  That's a new kind of story, they never even leave their forest these days.  Well, hearing that he helped out's as good as anybody!"  The man gives a hearty laugh.. for a second.  "Oh, hello there."
  5. [17:20:57] <Lyle> "Wendel Escort Service, here just for you."  He'd bow, trying to pull off some sort of suave butler look, although it was a bit too hasty and clumsy for that.
  6. [17:21:27] <Eirene> "Ohhh, right, you were going to show us around. Who's that?"
  7. [17:22:37] <Lyle> "He's..."  He'd scratch his head a bit, thinking of the right words.  " mentor, I guess.  He's actually a full-fledged Gemma Knight, unlike me."
  8. [17:22:37] <ManaTree> The tall man gives an incredibly brief wink and kneels.  "Gemma Knight, Kurt Auriga, at your service, milady.  Lyle here's my subordinate."
  9. [17:23:30] <Eirene> "Oh. Hello there! I'm Eirene."
  10. [17:23:33] <ManaTree> With a stand he pats the boy on the back.  "Ha!  Don't talk like that!  You're getting there faster than I did, that's for sure."  Pausing, his expression becomes slightly more serious.
  11. [17:23:39] * Eirene waves.
  12. [17:24:31] <ManaTree> "It's a pleasure.  I heard the story from him, and... turns out that rabbit-guy sent us a letter, too, asking for an audience.  I was off-duty so I thought I'd provide an escort.  You were here to see that... er, 'songwriter,' correct?"
  13. [17:25:12] <Eirene> "Mmmmm!"
  14. [17:25:30] <Eirene> "Maybe he can help me find my stolen song."
  15. [17:25:48] <Eirene> "Aaaaanywaygivemeaminutetogetreadyokay-"
  16. [17:26:01] * Eirene ducks back, and closes the door again.
  17. [17:26:10] <ManaTree> "Haha!  Well, he's in a good mood about the sound of your story, too."  He gives a crisp nod before going back to the other doors.  "And getting your companions won't hurt..."
  18. [17:27:46] * Lyle would wait, a finger sort of lightly scratching his cheek nervously.
  19. [17:29:19] * Terse wakes up before anyone else, and asks the innkeeper if he can borrow the kitchen, expressing a willingness to pay if needed.
  20. [17:30:28] * Briar before he even enters his room is clutching to the ceiling by instinct, noticing it is Lyle, he drops down. "Oh, its you."
  21. [17:30:41] <ManaTree> That sure explains why he didn't respond to his door getting knocked on.  And in very broken English - or whatever you'd like to call that language - the innkeeper didn't see any reason to disallow it.  After all, it's a cheap place with few employees.
  22. [17:31:11] * Lyle would wave. "Yup. Sorry if we startled you..."
  23. [17:31:57] <Briar> "Nah, just nervous habits popping up. Saved my life a few times."
  24. [17:32:18] * Lyle would nod. "I'll bet."
  25. [17:32:25] <ManaTree> Kurt smirks.  "Well, good to see you have some energy in you, little guy.  You have my thanks for helping out yesterday."
  26. [17:32:44] <Briar> "No problem."
  27. [17:33:09] * Terse whistles while he works, pouring batter, frying a rasher of bacon, surreptitiously looking around before drawing the vials of secret spices from his pack, adding a pinch of this, a little sprinkling of that...some fresh cream to the pancakes.  The kitchen is redolent with the aroma of good, honest, home-cooked food
  28. [17:33:46] <ManaTree> Confused and totally ignorant, the tall man knocks at the door Terse was staying in a few more times.  "... Huh.  Didn't you say there was one more?"
  29. [17:33:47] * Briar sniffs from the door of his room
  30. [17:33:58] <Briar> "Something smells good downstairs."
  31. [17:34:05] * Lyle would blink. Sniffsniff. "What's that smell?" He'd follow his nose to the kitchen.
  32. [17:34:34] * Flammie suddenly pokes her head in through an open window into the kitchen.  (Food?)
  33. [17:34:40] <ManaTree> Sniff sniff.  The door inches open.  "Oh, that would explain it.  Well then!"  The Knight takes the back of the formation heading toward the kitchen.
  34. [17:34:51] * Eirene hops out again, now looking less bedhead and more actually ready to face the day. "Mmmm~ No one told me breakfast was inc- wait waiiiit~"
  35. [17:34:56] * Eirene hurries after. Flapflap.
  36. [17:34:56] * Briar makes his way down stairs, half tip toeing half running.
  37. [17:36:12] <Terse> Just as Briar sniffs, there's a sizzle of good fat from the bacon, frying merrily in two separate pans, with a third for sausage.  Some people prefer crisp bacon, some prefer it floppier, but Terse generally tries to keep all of his bacon from being too much of either.  The griddlecakes aren't perfectly round, there are a few imperfections in the shape, but they're thick and made with real...
  38. [17:36:14] <Terse> ...batter from scratch, a pat of butter atop each.  A few fresh oranges...a luxury, really, and Terse whips out his trusty juicer, setting to work with aplomb.  No eggs, obviously, with Eirene present.
  39. [17:36:59] * Lyle would sniff again, then blink, before watching Terse kind of silently. He can't seem to come up with a sufficient greeting...or...something. He'd go back to scratching his cheek lightly again.
  40. [17:37:02] <ManaTree> The Inn has a decent-sized kitchen thanks to being in a big city.  And it happens to have big enough windows for a head to pop in, too- whether a beast like Flammie could climb through it unscathed, or even the door, is a different story.  Still, the innkeeper beckons them all in with a businesslike smile.
  41. [17:37:24] <Terse> The sausages are seasoned with good, red pepper and a few herbs, the bacon receiving just a light brush of seasoning before it's stirred around to make sure it cooks evenly.
  42. [17:38:11] * Flammie sniff sniff.  (Foodl.)  And tries to crawl into the window...resulting in one window being clogged with white and red fluff, and not much more.
  43. [17:38:19] <Eirene> "....Uh. Terse."
  44. [17:38:27] <Eirene> "You've got a fluff infestation."
  45. [17:39:00] <ManaTree> "Huh."  Kurt follows behind and stops in the doorway to do a double-take.  "Well, what're you doing here so early, little guy?"
  46. [17:39:17] * Lyle would suddenly notice Flammie there, then walk over. "Oh, um, hi there." He'd turn around to face the group. "This is Flammie, they're a friend."
  47. [17:39:54] * Terse tosses a slice of orange to Flammie, "Oh.  Fair morning, Eirene...sorry, you caught me in a bit of a mess." He turns and smiles, a smudge of flour on one cheek.
  48. [17:40:10] * Terse doubletakes, "...There's a dragon in my kitchen, isn't there?"
  49. [17:40:33] <Eirene> "Well, I wouldn't exactly say 'in'."
  50. [17:40:36] * Flammie catches the orange slice from midair, then gives her dopiest grin at Terse before nodding to Lyle.
  51. [17:40:39] <Eirene> "But it's trying!"
  52. [17:40:48] <ManaTree> Another hearty laugh.  "It's good to know you're up bright and early!  If they all overslept I don't know what even I'd do."
  53. [17:41:17] <ManaTree> "Flammie... is a pretty energetic one.  I just hope people in town aren't staring right now."
  54. [17:41:21] <Briar> "Wha, what is that. I haven't see some that big, well, since that one wolf came through the forest."
  55. [17:41:24] * Lyle would suddenly blink. If this were animated, there'd be a dim lightbulb over his head.
  56. [17:41:28] <Briar> "Flammie, huh."
  57. [17:42:01] <Briar> "Nice name."
  58. [17:42:20] * Terse scratches its head, "Well, everyone's hungry.  It doesn't seem to want to eat me, so it's alright.  I'll need to cook more, though." He begins working on another load of pancakes, smoothly spreading the batter.
  59. [17:42:58] <Lyle> "U-um..."  he'd run over to the middle of the room.  "Kurt and Flammie, these are Eirene, Briar, and Terse." He'd motion to each one as he says this.
  60. [17:43:03] <Eirene> "Anything I can do to help?"
  61. [17:43:18] * Flammie grins at Briar, then pulls back with an almost-audiable pop.  The group can see the full bulk of her body for a moment before she takes to the air, and a moment later there's a dull 'whud' against the front door of the inn, as though something large and soft just impacted it.
  62. [17:43:47] * Briar waves casually at the flammie, restricing his every primal instinict to run.
  63. [17:43:52] <Briar> *instinct
  64. [17:44:07] <Terse> "I've got it, but I wouldn't mind if you tell me how it all tastes, once it's ready." He grins, brandishing a spatula as easily as his weird multi-part knife.
  65. [17:44:19] <ManaTree> "Terse, huh?  You've got a lot of spirit in you, glad to see it.  Well... what I'm here for is to let you all know that I've got an appointment set up a little later in the day, about that song.  Some time to wake up wouldn't hurt, though!"
  66. [17:44:38] <Eirene> "...we should probably move this outside, don't you think?"
  67. [17:44:42] <Eirene> "Like a picnic!"
  68. [17:45:03] <Terse> "Good idea.  Hey, Lyle, Briar, see if you can get a table outside, I've got this."
  69. [17:45:13] * Flammie WHUD.
  70. [17:45:33] <Briar> "Table? Nah, just kidding I know what a table is."
  71. [17:45:36] <Eirene> "And I'll keep Flammie from knocking down the inn."
  72. [17:45:42] * Eirene hops off.
  73. [17:46:04] * Lyle would blink. "Sure, that sounds good..." He'd walk over and look for a table that looked easily carryable and would motion to Briar to help him carry it.
  74. [17:46:31] <ManaTree> "I really envy the energy you kids have.  I really do."  Keeping a smile on, the man takes what's left to need help with and makes sure the others get set up alright.  Though he mostly keeps a watchful eye moreso than anything else.
  75. [17:46:49] * Briar helps lift the table over his head. Oddly strong and tall for a chobin.
  76. [17:47:07] * Eirene tosses open the front door to the inn, then stands in the doorway. "Hey, Flammie. Miss Flammie? Mr. Flammie? In either case, we're moving everything outside, don't worry."
  77. [17:47:09] <Briar> ((by lifting the table over his head))
  78. [17:48:03] * Lyle would carry it along, looking for a nice wide open place to set it down before gently setting it down. "Let's put it here."
  79. [17:48:30] <ManaTree> The group gets guided to a nice spot that's unobtrusive and doesn't get in the way of the city's activity, which is actually a good deal this early.
  80. [17:48:46] * Flammie backs up when the front door opens and nods to the harpie, sitting down to the side with a grin. (Bacon!)
  81. [17:49:07] * Terse nods, mentally cursing himself for not being more eloquent, but...the food-smells cheer him up.  It's always nice making things yourself.  The bacon and sausages go onto three separate platters, one in each hand, one balanced surprisingly on his head, his mop of blonde hair spread out beneath it.  Moving quickly, he passes Lyle and spins in a quick circle, depositing bacon on one end,...
  82. [17:49:09] * Terse ...sausages in the middle, and completing the circle he takes the final platter of bacon off his noggin and sets it down at the other end of the table, before heading back inside, white apron looking a bit silly against his rough, practical clothes.
  83. [17:49:33] <Terse> "Remember, nobody starts eating until all the food is outside." He gives a flat, warning glance back behind him. :|
  84. [17:50:15] * Eirene claps.
  85. [17:50:16] * Briar steps away from the table.
  86. [17:51:37] <ManaTree> "Well!  Don't let me interrupt your festivities."  His face is a little envious but he speaks to Lyle with a sense of duty in mind.  "You know where to take them after preparations are finished, right?  I'll let him know you'll be on your way."
  87. [17:51:48] * Lyle would step away, keeping an eye on Flammie. He gets the feeling that Flammie wouldn't like to wait.
  88. [17:52:30] * Briar cocks his head. "Take us someplace? Can't we stop at the market first. I need to stock up on some curatives.:
  89. [17:52:35] <Eirene> "Why don't you have breakfast with us?"
  90. [17:52:41] <Eirene> "I mean, since you're here and everything."
  91. [17:52:58] * Flammie watches the food, but after a moment or two paws up to Kurt and sits on her haunches, looking up at him.
  92. [17:53:16] * Terse dips into a flourish-filled bow towards Eirene, not quite hiding his grin, before going back to the kitchen and returning with a platter piled high with pancakes, a pitcher of orange juice in one hand, a smaller of cranberry dangling from his last two fingers
  93. [17:53:40] <ManaTree> "Wellllll... I'm off-duty today, but I guess I'd feel a little out-of-place."  A small cough.  "I guess I could stay to keep the Flammie in line- after all, people might be staring."  Anybody who does stare gets a glare shot at them, usually enough to make them flee instantly.
  94. [17:54:10] * Terse sets everything down, and withdraws from the pocket of his apron a stoppered jar of syrup, the good stuff, with a thick spout to pour with.
  95. [17:54:48] <Terse> "Hey, you're a friend of Lyle's, right?  Stay and eat, I made more than enough."
  96. [17:54:59] <Terse> "Please enjoy your meal, everyone."
  97. [17:55:09] * Eirene makes grabby hands at the pancakes. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaakes.
  98. [17:55:37] <Lyle> "Thanks, I'll be sure to."  He'd sit down now, and start loading up his plate with a little bit of everything.
  99. [17:55:38] <ManaTree> "Well, that's good enough for me!  Thanks a lot.  You'd be surprised how thin-spread breakfast can get back there."  His head tilts toward the palace, without explicitly mentioning it.
  100. [17:56:34] * Terse returns to the kitchen, "Almost forgot!"  A moment later, he returns with plates, tossing one deftly onto the table before each person, the dishware wobbling before it settles right in front of them, and commencing to put a generous helping of pancakes onto Eirene's plate personally, adding a thick swirl of syrup before he sets the last plate down beside her, and takes a seat himself, "Now...
  101. [17:56:36] * Terse ...we can get started."
  102. [17:56:50] <Eirene> :D
  103. [17:57:07] * Flammie paws back up to the table and sits at one end of it.  (Food!)
  104. [17:57:10] * Briar starts eating quickly at first, then slows down once he realizes he is not in the woods anymore and doesn't have to eat like something will steal it.
  105. [17:57:12] <Lyle> "Oh yeah, they really don't give us nearly enough there."  He'd cut up his pancakes and then get to eating them.
  106. [17:57:22] * Eirene begins stuffing her face in a most unladylike manner.
  107. [17:58:04] * Lyle apparently has the best table manners. He'd slowly eat everything, and even chew like 10 times like he was counting or something.
  108. [17:59:27] <ManaTree> The Gemma Knight gleefully tells stories about... well, Lyle's embarrassments are few and far between, but get inserted here and there.  It's mostly stories about Flammie and other not-too-exciting things of Gemma Knight work-- he wouldn't want to steal his subordinate's thunder THIS early, after all.
  109. [18:00:20] <Terse> Incidentally, Flammie's plate is actually a platter
  110. [18:00:35] * Flammie does her best to eat politely without having hands.  The platter makes this easier, but still...
  111. [18:00:55] * Terse munches on copious amounts of bacon, a lesser amount of sausage, and a good stack of pancakes.  Breakfast is, after all, the day's most important meal~
  112. [18:01:01] * Lyle would mostly keep silent. It's hard to tell whether he doesn't want to talk or just can't think of things to say.
  113. [18:02:13] <Eirene> "So, what exactly is it that you knights are protecting? Wendel?"
  114. [18:02:43] <Lyle> "Not just that..."
  115. [18:02:55] <ManaTree> "If only!  We train all our lives to guard the Mana Tree, y'see- the source of all life in the world, that is.  Though, most of us never get to see it up close."
  116. [18:03:44] <Eirene> "Ohhh."
  117. [18:03:47] * Flammie headtilt, suddenly very eager to hear what the knight is saying.
  118. [18:03:57] <Lyle> "Yeah, that's our main duty.  To protect the Tree.  Considering it's the lifesource of the world, we'd gladly give our lives to protect it."
  119. [18:04:01] * Flammie stops eating even
  120. [18:04:15] <Terse> "By the way, sorry for the plain meal, I didn't know what everyone else I just prepared a basic breakfast."
  121. [18:04:34] <Terse> "...Where's it at, anyway?" Terse knows nothing
  122. [18:05:06] <Lyle> "It's fine, it's much better than what I had earlier this morning..."
  123. [18:05:47] <ManaTree> The srs tree-talk gives way to another big, knightly smile.  "Nonsense!  There actually aren't many talented chefs that come this way; I'm pretty surprised to get a taste, myself.  But as for the Tree... it's protected, in a place not many people can get to by normal means.  If it weren't like that it'd constantly be in danger and even all of us wouldn't be able to do our job protecting it."
  124. [18:06:12] <Eirene> "That reminds me!"
  125. [18:06:21] <Lyle> "Yeah.  I myself don't know where it is, since I'm not high up enough."
  126. [18:06:31] <Eirene> "Now that mana is so strong in the world again, I thought maybe I'd go around and meet all the major spirits."
  127. [18:06:37] <Eirene> "Do you know where I could find them?"
  128. [18:06:54] <Lyle> "Well, Wisp is here."
  129. [18:06:56] * Flammie growf, returns to bacon.
  130. [18:07:20] <Terse> "It's almost like a real adventure." Terse crosses his ankle over his knee, before crunching a piece of bacon in his teeth.
  131. [18:07:25] <Lyle> "And Shade is in Mintos...Menos...whatever it's called."
  132. [18:07:35] <Lyle> "And...I don't remember the rest."
  133. [18:07:53] <Eirene> "Well, it's the sort of thing that'd make an awesome ballad, don't you think?"
  134. [18:07:54] * Flammie gives a nod at the mention of Shade.  I remember him!
  135. [18:08:00] <ManaTree> "Hmm... spirits?  Well, Miss, I would've guessed that's the whole reason you came here if not for the song issue.  A lot of people make pilgrimages up here just to pay tribute to Wisp, I guess since they value the light and all."
  136. [18:08:13] <Terse> "You know...I never really thought about it, but I've always wanted to be remembered for something like that."
  137. [18:08:30] <Eirene> "Four adventurers, on a journey to pay homage to the fundamental forces of the world."
  138. [18:08:49] * Lyle would blink. "Who's the fourth?"
  139. [18:09:00] <Briar> "Spirits, aren't they the ones that grant boons on people?"
  140. [18:09:17] <ManaTree> Chomp.  He makes sure to swallow first, of course.  "You'll want to ask... him when you meet.  I'm sure he knows plenty of ballads like that, maybe even wrote a few."
  141. [18:09:22] <Terse> "...Briar is coming along, isn't he?  Come on, he's not bad for a chogrin."
  142. [18:09:48] <Eirene> "Boons?"
  143. [18:09:53] <Lyle> "Huh?  I was counting Briar.  Briar, you, and Eirene..."
  144. [18:10:07] <ManaTree> "Hah.  What a group you've all got."  He tries to hold something else in.
  145. [18:10:22] <Briar> "Chobin, I guess you'll mispronounce it on purpose to my, what was it, oh yeah, chagrin."
  146. [18:10:23] <Terse> "I guess we assumed you'd be guiding us or something.  I mean, we could use a Gemma Knight around..."
  147. [18:10:39] <Terse> "I thought chagrin was what you guys were called?" Blank stare.
  148. [18:10:51] <Lyle> "M-me?"  He'd point at himself, blinking.  "Well, I guess..."
  149. [18:10:56] * Flammie staaare at Terse
  150. [18:11:13] <Eirene> "...In any case!"
  151. [18:11:20] <Eirene> "THESE PANCAKES ARE DELICIOUS."
  152. [18:11:24] * Terse tosses Flammie a sausage, with a flip of his fork.
  153. [18:11:42] * Terse actually blushes a little, "H-hey, I'm glad you like them."
  154. [18:12:03] * Terse ducks his head sheepishly to cover it, taking another bite of pancake
  155. [18:12:04] <ManaTree> Kurt just shoots Lyle a smirk before turning back.  "That's for sure.  I could even send a recommendation for some top-notch chef positions if you're able to keep this up."
  156. [18:12:11] * Flammie catches the sausage from midair.
  157. [18:12:13] <Briar> "Chobin. Cho-Bin. \"
  158. [18:12:21] <Terse> "Chubbin?"
  159. [18:12:43] <ManaTree> "Never would've expected something like this from a traveler.  Guess it's true what they say about the things you learn on the road, huh?"  He dangles a piece of bacon before shrugging and chomping it, finishing the plate off.
  160. [18:12:46] * Briar sighs. "Just call meBriar."
  161. [18:12:55] <Briar> *me Briar
  162. [18:13:23] <Lyle> "Terse, you made the best meat I've had in a while.  They burn everything they make for the Order..."
  163. [18:13:52] <ManaTree> Groan.  "Don't remind me."
  164. [18:14:13] <Terse> "Oh, they probably have to cook more, you just need to watch it and practice enough to get the texture right...and here's a tip I learned, you have to eat at least part of what you cook, to get a feel for how cooking it affects the texture and appearance of the food."
  165. [18:14:25] <Terse> *cook much more than I usually do,
  166. [18:14:58] <Terse> "I still can't get my pancakes round, but honestly I like them a bit thick and irregular."
  167. [18:15:09] * Lyle would nod. "Understood." He seems to be taking this advice seriously, despite the fact that he never cooks.
  168. [18:16:10] * Flammie pushes the platter forward in a surprisingly human gesture before getting on all fours again and stretching her back out, her wings snapping out and stretching as well
  169. [18:17:12] <ManaTree> "Well!  You could say the same about just about anything.  I mean, I have to hit my armor as hard as I can before deciding it's worth wearing on the job.  They make 'em surprisingly fragile these days."
  170. [18:17:49] <Terse> "Heh, you like it too?" Terse smiles at the fluffy dragon.
  171. [18:18:02] <Lyle> "I have to run around in my armor to make sure it doesn't slow me down too much..."
  172. [18:18:26] <Briar> "I have to make sure mine doesn't restrict or pull fur."
  173. [18:18:32] <Eirene> "I've got all the armor I need right here."
  174. [18:18:38] * Eirene points to her hairclips.
  175. [18:18:43] <Eirene> "They're magical! I think."
  176. [18:19:50] <Terse> "I just...had my clothes.  I didn't really have anything when I got f-I mean, when I met Eirene."
  177. [18:19:54] <ManaTree> "Haha!  Well, I'm not one to deny a magician their abilities.  Wisp's magic is known for a lot of stuff like that-- defensive or curative properties and the like."
  178. [18:19:57] * Flammie dopeynod at Terse, then suddenly leaps over the table to bury him in a fluffy...well, it's something like a hug.
  179. [18:20:05] <Terse> "...people really take dice seriously in Willow..."
  180. [18:20:11] <Terse> "GHBLAH!"
  181. [18:20:39] <ManaTree> Even Gemma Knights chuckle; this one kind of does it a lot, as evident by how he can't keep himself contained at the Flammie.  "Now, now, play nice!"
  182. [18:20:43] * Terse goes a-tumbling, "Hey, hey, easy there...easy, good girl.  Boy.  Good fluffy." He reaches up through the cloud of fuzz and pats Flammie's head.
  183. [18:20:47] * Eirene isn't sure whether she should be helping or not. SO SHE JUST SITS THERE.
  184. [18:20:48] * Flammie nuzzles her snout against Terse's cheek in appreciation and grins.
  185. [18:21:10] <Terse> "You're friendly, huh?  We're going to get along fine."
  186. [18:21:51] <Briar> "So what would spirit would be responsible for this?"
  187. [18:21:51] * Flammie rolls off and grins at the rest.  This chef is HER chef now!
  188. [18:22:17] * Lyle starts stacking up the plates to help clean up, then carry them over to the kitchen once they were piled up.
  189. [18:22:49] * Briar whips his whip towards the open window, and pulls a chopping board from the kitchen to him.
  190. [18:22:58] <ManaTree> "Huh?  Y'mean Wisp?  Well, we don't really have any other known spirits here.  Then again, I guess the spirits are technically everywhere."
  191. [18:23:04] * Briar 's whip extends a long distance
  192. [18:23:18] <Briar> ((in the process))
  193. [18:23:45] <Briar> "Huh."
  194. [18:23:59] <Briar> "Nice to know."
  195. [18:24:15] * Terse fixes his hair as nonchalantly as he can, smooths his shirt, and rights his seat, sitting back down with all the dignity of a cat caught rolling on its back and feigning about the same amount of nonchalance.
  196. [18:24:19] * Briar thinks to himself, does that mean they've seen everything?
  197. [18:24:36] <ManaTree> The whip can totally do it, even though the board's really heavy.  Especially for something grabbed by a whip of all things.
  198. [18:24:37] * Briar puts the chopping board on the table.
  199. [18:25:22] * Lyle would set the plates down in the sink, then stare at them for a couple seconds wondering if he should actually wash them or see if he should help take the table in, then deciding to go out and help with the table.
  200. [18:26:10] * Flammie sits behind Terse like a bodyguard.  MY baconbringer.
  201. [18:26:31] <ManaTree> The innkeeper goes ahead and takes care of the dishes, since it's not like there're any other employees.  OR any customers this early.
  202. [18:26:34] * Terse finishes cleaning his plate, and takes all of the remaining ones in, somehow balancing stacks of plates and platters in both hands and between the crooks of his elbows.  He is the Baconbringer.
  203. [18:26:57] * Briar helps with the table
  204. [18:27:49] <ManaTree> Mr. Kurt even does a little work, though mostly to show his appreciation for an actual good meal.  Once everything's nicely put back he waits by the doorway.  "Everyone ready to head out?"
  205. [18:28:07] * Lyle would again help Briar carry the table, setting it back. "Yeah, it looks like it."
  206. [18:29:11] * Flammie grins again at the idea of heading out and stretches out, her wings spread, body low to offer a ride!
  207. [18:29:48] <Terse> "We're going to see Wisp, right?"
  208. [18:29:55] <Terse> "...What's he like?"
  209. [18:29:58] <Terse> "She."
  210. [18:30:00] <Terse> "It."
  211. [18:30:00] <ManaTree> "Well, er... that's not what I mean, it's only a short walk that wa-"  Sighing, he shrugs.  "Alright, being flashy about it probably won't hurt."
  212. [18:30:25] <Terse> Terse is already on Flammie's back.  What man would not ride a dragon wherever they're going?
  213. [18:30:29] <ManaTree> "Wisp... well... it's kind of hard to explain.  Spirits are Spirits, after all."
  214. [18:30:38] * Briar looks at the Flammie... it can fly. No Chobin has ever done that before.
  215. [18:30:52] <Briar> "A first time for everything."
  216. [18:30:54] <ManaTree> Except for the ancient dracochobins, spoken of only in legend.
  217. [18:31:00] <ManaTree> ... Just kidding.
  218. [18:31:03] * Briar leaps onto Flammie's back.
  219. [18:31:51] * Lyle jumps on, getting up the furthest front. He is the one with the Riding skill, after all, so it figures he should be the one...driving? I dunno' the right word for this.
  220. [18:32:38] * Briar stows his hat in his bag. No sense in losing it during flight.
  221. [18:32:44] <ManaTree> Maybe nobody'll ever know.  Still, the older man just waves.  "Why not see if you can get the hang of it, eh?  Go for a few laps up there, he's not in a hurry.  I'll let him know you're coming."
  222. [18:32:44] * Flammie flaps twice, then takes to the sky!  Guide me, Lyle!
  223. [18:33:12] <Flammie> ( )
  224. [18:33:22] <ManaTree> (bisonyes.wav)
  225. [18:34:48] * Lyle would attempt to guide Flammie in a few experimental circles before heading to the GIANT CASTLE in the middle of Wendel. As for how successful he is...
  226. [18:34:50] <Lyle> 2d6+2
  227. [18:34:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, 2d6+2: 9 [2d6=6,1]
  228. [18:35:20] <ManaTree> Well, their communication is a little awkward considering it's the first flight and all, but it's nowhere near crash-into-building-tier.
  229. [18:36:35] <Briar> Flammie Riding
  230. [18:38:30] * Flammie takes a bit to get going, at one point buzzing a market stall whose owner is only just setting up, at another pausing on top of a tall house to get her bearings, the group standing on the roof as she shades her eyes with a claw.
  231. [18:39:20] <ManaTree> In the former case the merchant is even familiar-looking, being chubby and fur-covered as he is.  An audible "Huh." rings out as he looks to the sky, only to shrug and go back to his business.
  232. [18:41:30] <Lyle> "View from up here is pretty good.  That's the inn we were just up...there's the castle...that's Kurt's favorite bar..."  He'd list off landmarks as they go along.  "I guess this is pretty convenient for showing you all the city."
  233. [18:44:44] <Eirene> "Waaaait for meeee!"
  234. [18:44:51] * Eirene flaps to keep up. flapflapflapflapflapflap
  235. [18:45:29] * Lyle would direct Flammie to a rooftop so Eirene could catch up. "Sorry...thought you got on...."
  236. [18:45:55] * Flammie waits on taht rooftop and gets her bearings
  237. [18:46:36] <Eirene> "Nope! But it's okay, I can fly anyway."
  238. [18:46:37] * Terse stretches a hand out to catch Eirene and help her on, "Joining us, then?"
  239. [18:46:45] <Eirene> "Sure!"
  240. [18:46:55] * Eirene plops down behind Terse. Whompf.
  241. [18:46:56] * Flammie snorts dismissively at Eirene.  (Keep up!)
  242. [18:47:43] * Flammie gets her bearings and takes off anew!  It's a bit slow with all these people on, but still exhiliratingly fast, as she aims for the castle.
  243. [18:48:18] * Lyle is totally jealous, but won't admit it. Anyway, he would be about to direct Flammie to the castle, but she went for it on her own, it seems, so he just goes with it."
  244. [18:48:18] <ManaTree> A certain familiar somebody stands in wait at the castle doors, arms crossed.  He only gives a 'hmph' as the beast approaches.
  245. [18:48:25] <Lyle> *-"
  246. [18:49:15] * Terse smiles at Eirene, "So, is it always this amazing to fly?" He's barely holding in his excitement, a wild grin threatening to break free into an undignified whoop
  247. [18:49:54] <Briar> 'Whata rush'
  248. [18:50:09] <ManaTree> "Showoff."
  249. [18:50:34] * Flammie lands, all too soon, at the castle gates, slowly flapping down to the ground.  She tilts her head at the someone, confused.  (Showoff?)
  250. [18:50:56] * Lyle would get off after Flammie lands, dusting himself off before waving to the guard. "Um. Sorry."
  251. [18:51:23] <ManaTree> "Haha!  I'm just kidding, I know how great it feels.  It's sure worth getting a chance to experience, at least.  Everyone ready?"
  252. [18:51:39] <Eirene> "Pretty much, yeah! Except when your wings get tired. It's more fun when someone else is doing the flapping."
  253. [18:51:56] * Terse hops down, and offers Eirene his hand, "Careful, don't slip on all the fluff."
  254. [18:52:16] * Briar slides down the tail.
  255. [18:52:34] * Flammie gives a huffind laugh at Eirene's comment and raises up a little, deliberately dislodging her towards Terse
  256. [18:53:00] <ManaTree> The doors open... surprisingly, the entrance is probably big enough for the Flammie to fit into, but the following corridors not as much.  There are already a few stares coming from inside, but Kurt waves them away.
  257. [18:53:03] * Eirene flops face-first into Terse.
  258. [18:54:05] <Flammie> *huffing
  259. [18:54:40] <Eirene> "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh."
  260. [18:54:40] * Briar puts his hat on and follows Kurt
  261. [18:55:10] * Lyle would watch Eirene and Terse, scratching his cheek lightly. If Eirene's going to knock Terse over, he'd help them up, but otherwise he's going to lead the way. And try not to think about how Terse is stealing his shots at the girl. Oooh boy.
  262. [18:55:20] <ManaTree> He's had enough laughs today, turning the other way and beckoning the others in just with a smile.  "Oh, right, Lyle, you... did tell the others who they'll be meeting, right?"
  263. [18:55:51] * Lyle would blink a few times. "Ah! Right. Um..."
  264. [18:55:52] * Terse catches her, surprised at how light she is as he gently sets her on her feet, "Y-you alright?"
  265. [18:56:01] <Lyle> "That songwriter...well..."
  266. [18:56:15] <ManaTree> "It's not that big of a deal!  The High Priest is always happy to have guests."
  267. [18:56:32] <Lyle> "Y-yeah, he's the High Priest."
  268. [18:57:21] <Briar> "Top of Wendel High Priest?"
  269. [18:57:51] <Lyle> "Hyup."
  270. [18:57:53] <ManaTree> "That's right!  His Holiness has a big collection of songs and poems, and is pretty well-known in the city for writing his own almost every day.  He doesn't really like when people get too stuffy or formal, though."
  271. [18:59:09] <Lyle> "Yeah, uh, one of the other things we him."
  272. [19:00:06] <ManaTree> A small cough.  "If you ask me, he could probably talk any invaders away.  I feel like I have my work cut out for me most of the time.  Anyway..."
  273. [19:01:52] <Eirene> "Uh. Yeah. I'm fine. S-sorry."
  274. [19:01:55] <Eirene> "Wait-"
  275. [19:01:58] <Eirene> "Waitwaitwaitwait."
  276. [19:02:05] <Eirene> "The songwriter is the...."
  277. [19:02:07] <Eirene> "What?"
  278. [19:02:14] <Lyle> "The High Priest."
  279. [19:02:41] <ManaTree> "That's... kind of what everyone says, actually.  He's really a pretty nice guy, though."
  280. [19:02:45] <Eirene> "Huh."
  281. [19:02:59] <Eirene> "Well, I'll have to thank him for taking time to see us..."
  282. [19:03:28] <Terse> "It's alright, really!  I just hope I didn't ruffle your feathers or anything..."
  283. [19:03:48] <Briar> "Wow."
  284. [19:04:14] <ManaTree> Another hearty laugh that can probably even be heard on the other side of the walls, as his fingertips brush the door.  "Don't worry about it!  Most people are afraid to ask for audiences so he gets guests once in a blue moon.  Better somebody to talk to than... nobody.  Who knows, he might even have the song you lost?"
  285. [19:04:21] <Briar> "Leader, writer, poet, and songwriter."
  286. [19:04:29] <Briar> "Amazing."
  287. [19:04:30] <Eirene> "Maaybe."
  288. [19:04:36] <Lyle> "Hyup.  He's not in that position for nothing."
  289. [19:04:58] <ManaTree> "Here they are, Your Holiness."  The door opens and the others are motioned to enter.
  290. [19:05:27] <Terse> "I can't wait to meet this guy."
  291. [19:05:35] * Lyle would walk in...wait, why's he here? Well, he guesses he should accompany the others...
  292. [19:06:58] * Flammie slowly trods in at the back of the group.
  293. [19:07:10] <ManaTree> Sitting on what isn't a fancy throne, but rather, is a pain chair, is a robed mand with flowing blond hair happily scribbling on a scroll.  Noticing the others entering he rolls the scroll up and sets it to the side, bringing notice to the mountain of similar scrolls next to him.  Smile on his almost-too-feminine face, he rests his hands in his lap.  "Oh, good morning!  You must be the travelers?"
  294. [19:07:26] <Terse> "C'mon, Lyle."
  295. [19:07:50] <ManaTree> plain chair
  296. [19:08:48] <Lyle> "Hm?"  He'd walk in, trying to look unassuming.
  297. [19:09:22] <ManaTree> Kurt struggles with deciding whether or not to close the door, but shrugs it off and lets the Flammie's head peek in.
  298. [19:09:23] <Eirene> "Good morning. Um. Am I supposed to kneel?"
  299. [19:09:33] * Eirene tries to, but it's hard with bird legs
  300. [19:10:02] <Briar> "Don't girls curtsey?"
  301. [19:10:07] <ManaTree> "Please don't!  I heard all about your predicament... well, all there has been to hear about it, anyway!"
  302. [19:10:12] <Eirene> "That's even harder."
  303. [19:10:15] <Eirene> :I
  304. [19:10:18] * Briar tips his hat to the priest.
  305. [19:10:36] <Lyle> "Just don't worry about it."  He'd just nod to the man.
  306. [19:10:44] <Eirene> "In any case."
  307. [19:11:12] <ManaTree> He puts some fingers to his mouth, stifling a giggle.  Of course his robes hang off his arm as he does so.  "So, please, tell me.  What of this song you're missing?  Miss..."
  308. 04:12:52 <Eirene>: "Um, what I know is...I had this song. It was a really good song, a bow sort of song as opposed to an arrow sort of song. But one morning, I woke up and it was gone. I don't know what it was, only that it was something, and now I don't have it."
  309. [19:13:26] <DiceMaid-9001> 04:13:00 <Eirene>: "I'm sorry that doesn't make much sense."
  310. [19:13:27] <DiceMaid-9001> 04:13:14 <Eirene>: "Oh! I'm Eirene. That's Lyle and that's Terse and that's Briar."
  311. [19:13:27] <DiceMaid-9001> 04:13:28 <Flammie>: ACTION snort!
  312. [19:13:27] <DiceMaid-9001> 04:13:40 <Lyle>: "That's Flammie."
  313. [19:13:28] <DiceMaid-9001> 04:13:42 <Briar>: "Chobin Briar Longtail sir."
  314. [19:13:28] <DiceMaid-9001> 04:14:34 <Lyle>: ACTION now trying to think what the difference between a bow song and an arrow song is.
  315. [19:15:00] <Giantree> "Well... that's certainly an odd way to put it."  He gives an understanding nod, beginning to search through the pile of scrolls.  "Oh, and... admittedly I'm only allowed to introduce myself as 'High Priest,' security reasons and all that.  It's actually somewhat of a burden on me, but the rule's been in place for a while.  I hope you'll accept my apologies for that."
  316. [19:15:44] <Terse> "Works for us." Terse shrugs noncommittally
  317. [19:15:53] <Eirene> "Mmm."
  318. [19:16:04] * Lyle shrug, kind of knew this.
  319. [19:16:25] <Briar> "I understand keeping names secret."
  320. [19:16:49] <Giantree> "Still, pleased to meet you all.  I'm glad you'd take the time to stop by... in fact, I'd like to sing a few of my own, but that won't get to the point as quickly, I suppose.  Let's see... 'bow songs,' you say.  I have plenty about renowned archers, but then again in those they end up using their arrows.  Hmmm..."
  321. [19:17:08] <Eirene> "No, that's not what I meant by that."
  322. [19:17:29] <Giantree> "... Oh!  Right, forgive me."  Search... search...
  323. [19:17:36] <Eirene> "Um. You know how a bow works, right? And an arrow? With an arrow, you need a bow to do anything. Just throwing an arrow doesn't really work."
  324. [19:17:46] <Eirene> "But with a bow, you have the bow and the arrow in one."
  325. [19:17:55] <Eirene> "So it's a bow song, not an arrow song."
  326. [19:18:49] <Giantree> "I... do believe there's a more appropriate musical term for that, but no matter.  I think I understand what you mean.  Basically, a whole play as opposed to acts piece-by-piece?  Or perhaps, even a prelude..."
  327. [19:19:37] <Terse> "Oh, you mean it provides context for other music rather than needing context itself, or something?"
  328. [19:21:25] <Eirene> "...I guess."
  329. [19:21:28] <Eirene> "Something like that."
  330. [19:21:32] <Giantree> "Even since the first time I heard of the story, I've been mostly curious about the circumstances of 'losing' it.  To hear it being something like that... well, most would dismiss it and say you never had it to begin with, but much like people, I believe even immaterial things can be spirited away.  So, let's see, here..."  The man(?)'s hands clap together lightly.
  331. [19:21:44] <Giantree> "Excuse me, do you have a minute?"
  332. [19:21:50] * Lyle nodding along as he listens.
  333. [19:22:33] <Giantree> <It's been a slow day!  What can I do?>  A voice rings out... and doesn't.  Terse and Briar are subject to a sight of the High Priest talking to a wall.
  334. [19:23:35] * Terse slowly raises an eyebrow
  335. [19:24:31] <Giantree> "An odd situation, this time.  Say, you... haven't stolen any of my songs before, have you, Wisp?"
  336. [19:24:40] * Lyle would elbow Terse. "It's a spirit. Don't worry if you can't see it."
  337. [19:24:48] <Briar> "Huh."
  338. [19:24:54] <Briar> "Now I'm jealous."
  339. [19:24:55] <Terse> "Huh, what's it look like?"
  340. [19:25:13] <Lyle> "A floating light blue flame. With eyes."
  341. [19:25:18] <Giantree> <Like I'd need to!  There's a new one every second, I couldn't even keep track of them all.>  Wisp is... well, yes, that.
  342. [19:25:47] <Eirene> "Um. Hmmm."
  343. [19:25:57] <Eirene> "You're Wisp, then? The major Wisp?"
  344. [19:26:41] <Giantree> <Yep!  That's right!  I haven't seen one of your kind in a long time, that sure is a gift on the eyes.  So what's this, you've got a magical thief on your hands?>
  345. [19:27:21] * Flammie pushes in a bit more and looks around.  (Wisp?  Where?)
  346. [19:28:15] <Eirene> "Something like that. Maybe. I think?" Eirene briefly recounts the tale of the missing song.
  347. [19:28:58] * Briar looks around, thief where. No one is pinning this on me.
  348. [19:29:25] <Terse> "Huh."
  349. [19:29:29] <Giantree> Actually, Flammie can totally see it, being a creature of Mana and all.  Even in its obnoxious cyan text glory.  <Huh!  I see!  That IS pretty bizarre.  Did you ever think to, you know, write this song down?  Teach it to somebody else, maybe?>
  350. [19:29:53] <Eirene> "Why would I do something like that?"
  351. [19:30:22] <Eirene> "I mean, that'd be like giving your house away just because someone asked nicely."
  352. [19:30:56] * Flammie staaares at the floaty cyan thing.
  353. [19:31:38] <Giantree> "Well!  If anybody wants to sing one of my original pieces, they're always free to spread them around.  It's a songwriter's joy for their songs to be sung by others, wouldn't you think?"
  354. [19:34:28] <Terse> "Sirens don't share their music?  That's a shame, you have a beautiful voice...I'd love to hear you sing sometime."
  355. [19:34:50] * Terse inwardly congratulates himself for actually saying something to her for once instead of being a derp and stuttering.
  356. [19:35:06] <Giantree> "Oh, and... my apologies, Wisp is... a bit of an eccentric one.  It only reveals itself to people with certain.. properties, I should say."
  357. [19:36:07] <Lyle> "Don't all the spirits do that?"
  358. [19:36:27] <Eirene> "Well, sure, we sing, but giving away a song is something else entirely."
  359. [19:36:29] <Giantree> <Well, not all the spirits feel bad about it!>
  360. [19:36:38] * Flammie nudges Lyle's shoulder, then headshakes.  (Not all of 'em!)
  361. [19:36:59] <Lyle> "Okay..."
  362. [19:37:33] <Giantree> "If I do say so myself, not writing it down may have been the beginning of the issue... but, I also know just what it means to write a memorable song that has meaning to you, and something like that doesn't just leave all of a sudden.  This might even be a grave issue."
  363. [19:38:10] * Briar shrugs. "Guess I don't have that property."
  364. [19:38:42] <Lyle> "All the minor ones seem to do that...Hm..."
  365. [19:38:51] <Giantree> The floating flame nudges closer.  <Well, the world's changing, that's for sure.  Once Mana came back to the world a while ago a lot of things showed up without warning or went missing.  How far do you plan to go to find it, girlie?>
  366. [19:39:35] * Flammie harumph and holds Briar up in shovelhands, pointing him to where Wisp is.  (There!)
  367. [19:40:21] <Eirene> "Um, well, it's imporant to me, and I'd really like to find it, and, well."
  368. [19:40:46] * Lyle think...
  369. [19:40:53] <Lyle> "I'll help you find it."
  370. [19:41:41] <Eirene> "Oh?"
  371. [19:41:45] * Eirene turns to face Lyle.
  372. [19:41:46] * Briar looks at the location. "No, I still can't see Wisp. Kinda annoying."
  373. [19:41:48] * Lyle trying not to turn red. "If it was that important to you, I can't let someone get away with taking it away from you."
  374. [19:42:02] <Eirene> "Th-thank you!"
  375. [19:42:07] <Giantree> "Haha~  You've got even Kurt's apprentice willing to help?  That's certainly something."  Almost instinctively he picks up a scroll and starts writing in it.  "I was actually requested to permit him a... rather lengthy vacation.  And lo and behold, this song business probably is as serious as it sounded."
  376. [19:42:30] <Terse> "Hey, I already said I'd help...and I'm not quitting now.  You've got me 'till the end." Terse gives a thumbs-up to Eirene.
  377. [19:43:10] * Lyle now fails at not making his face turn red. "Y-you're welcome." He scratches his cheek, head nervously turning to the side.
  378. [19:43:30] <Giantree> <Well, that's some real group spirit!  I don't think I'm doing enough here to where it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to ask my buddies for help.  Think you'd be all for a trip together, girlie?>
  379. [19:43:43] <Eirene> "Sure!"
  380. [19:43:55] <Eirene> "That was one of the other things I'd been planning on doing, anyway."
  381. [19:44:44] * Terse tries not to get jealous of Eirene being grateful to Lyle, fighting it down by crossing his arms after the thumbs-up and peering intently at where the High Priest was talking.
  382. [19:44:44] * Flammie almost shakes Briar, but decides against it and puts him down, staring at the whole conversation going down.
  383. [19:44:48] <Briar> "Sounds like a interesting trip. Count me in."
  384. [19:45:48] <Giantree> <Really?  Oh, must be a coincidence!  I sure didn't read your mind to learn that or anything.  Not at all.>
  385. [19:47:02] <Eirene> "..."
  386. [19:47:08] <Eirene> "Oh, okay."
  387. [19:47:23] * Flammie lets out a silent laugh.
  388. [19:47:36] <Lyle> "Um..."
  389. [19:47:38] <Giantree> "... Actually, I think he's serious."  Scribble scribble.  "... Right?"
  390. [19:48:07] <Eirene> "Ummmm."
  391. [19:48:13] <Eirene> "Moving on, what would you recommend we do first?"
  392. [19:48:13] <Lyle> "Do you think we should ask the other spirits about your song?  Since you were planning on seeing them anyway..."
  393. [19:48:17] <Giantree> <Who knows~?  Either way, seeing the world seems nice.  You can inspire yourself okay, right?>  The only-slightly invisible blue flame floats over to the group.
  394. [19:48:57] <Eirene> "Well, when you put it like that~"
  395. [19:50:23] <Giantree> "Please don't worry about it, having silence isn't so bad.  I could probably write a ballad about this group, too," the smiling bishounen says to the spirit before turning to the group.  "So, I'd like to formally tell you that Holy City Wendel backs your quest.  After all, the world is at peace, it might even make for some entertaining tales."
  396. [19:50:38] <Briar> "I wonder if I could see Shade or Dryad or something if I can't see Wisp."
  397. [19:52:30] <Briar> "Ah, yeah. Not many stories with Chobin as a main character outside of the Chobin villages."
  398. [19:52:43] <Eirene> "Hmm, I wonder which of us is the main character..."
  399. [19:52:57] <Lyle> "Main character?  Does that really matter...?"
  400. [19:53:02] <Briar> "There can be more then one in a book I think."
  401. [19:53:14] <Lyle> "We're all the main character of our own story, aren't we?  I think..."
  402. [19:53:36] * Briar shrugs
  403. [19:53:40] * Flammie grins a knowing grin and turns around, slowly starting to walk out.
  404. [19:53:43] <Giantree> <Well, if you ask me, I'M probably the main character!  Hee hee!>
  405. [19:54:21] <Giantree> <... Enough of that, though.  You seem to have some aptitude for Mana, I'll just take a nap in your spirits or some fancy abstract stuff like that.  I'll get up when it's time for the important parts~>
  406. [19:54:36] * Lyle blinks. "Okay..."
  407. [19:54:41] <Eirene> "Uh."
  408. [19:54:45] <Eirene> "Okay."
  409. [19:55:04] <Terse> "Main characters are usually knights or bards or something, so it's not me."
  410. [19:55:08] <Giantree> "Well, thank you very much for telling me about this.  And..."  The Priest leans over for a whisper.  "... And thanks for taking Wisp off my hands too.  It wakes me up while I'm trying to sleep sometimes!"
  411. [19:55:56] <Terse> "Really, this is a good idea, we'd be traveling all over anyway, and this way we'll go all over the map.  We'll find a clue somewhere, I bet."
  412. [19:56:24] * Lyle would sweatdrop if this was an anime, but instead just scratches his cheek. "Hope he didn't hear that..."
  413. [19:57:01] <Giantree> A girlish giggle from the kingly man.  "Oh, he did!  But I'm certain he's used to it.  Now, how to begin this ballad..."  He mulls over the scroll in his lap, bringing a pen to it slowly.
  414. [19:57:54] <Giantree> Now the open door is held even more open by the Gemma Knight, who tries not to do more than cough lightly.
  415. [19:58:24] <Eirene> "Oh right."
  416. [19:58:29] <Eirene> "Thank you for your help."
  417. [19:58:36] * Flammie trots out and takes loading position.
  418. [19:59:05] * Eirene flaps after Flammie. Hopefully Wendel would be okay without Wisp for a while.
  419. [19:59:49] <Giantree> Though he waits for everybody to say their goodbyes and exits, the large man's hand makes sure to close the door.  "Well, that was pretty eventful, you all.  And he was write, I asked for Lyle to have the next few months or so off.  You can take care of him for me, yeah?"
  420. [20:00:18] <Lyle> "I guess I'm okay with a surprise vacation..."
  421. [20:01:10] <Briar> "It is going to be odd knowing that something I can never see can be staring over my shoulder at any moment."
  422. [20:01:37] <Eirene> "I'll tell you when he shows up."
  423. [20:01:42] <Terse> "...I hope he doesn't do that."
  424. [20:01:55] <Eirene> "And, uh, I guess this isn't much of a vacation, but I'm glad to have you along anyway."
  425. [20:02:05] <Terse> "I don't think I can cook with someone watching over my shoulder like that."
  426. [20:02:24] <Lyle> "Although, next time Kurt, could you let me know ahead of time?" :/
  427. [20:02:28] <Giantree> "Well, from my experiences, you just have to train yourself, seeing them isn't THAT hard if you set your mind to it.  Wisp can be a bit pesky, but it has spirit... er, pardon the pun."
  428. [20:02:34] <Terse> "Pffft, it's better than being in Willo-oh, you were talking to the knight.  Right." Terse coughs into his fist.
  429. [20:03:00] * Flammie waits for someone to say where they're going before starting to the sky!
  430. [20:03:09] <Giantree> A hearty laugh.  "Oh, come on!  You've needed a break after all the hard work you've been doing; you should EXPECT something like this by now!"
  431. [20:03:26] <Briar> "Ooh. Then I'll work at that. ...Note to self: Train self to see all spirits."
  432. [20:03:49] <Lyle> "I...see.  Uh.  Anyway...Flammie, do you know where any spirits are?"  He figured that if Flammie was linked to mana, it'd know about the spirits.  Maybe.
  433. [20:04:01] <Eirene> "Didn't someone say one was in..."
  434. [20:04:05] <Eirene> "Whatdoyoucall it."
  435. [20:04:07] <Eirene> "Mentos."
  436. [20:04:07] * Flammie :D
  437. [20:04:20] * Flammie takes to the air.  (Spirits, ho~)  And she's off!
  438. [20:04:22] <Eirene> (we're going to mentos to get my shadow spirit)
  439. [20:04:29] <Giantree> (asshole)
  440. [20:04:38] <Lyle> "Menos.  Mintos.  The name apparently fluctuates depending on the era."
  441. [20:04:50] <Briar> "Shade. Now that is a spirit I'd like to see."
  442. [20:05:39] <Giantree> About to give a warning, Kurt only shakes his head as the beast takes to the skies.  And he gives a wave, accompanied perhaps by a few nearby guards.  It isn't long before he's ant-sized.
  443. [20:07:40] <Terse> "Let's go to Mentos and meet the forces of darkness."
  444. [20:25:53] <Giantree> The skies present themselves gloriously before the majestic beast and its riders!  It's much prettier up as high as they're going now than it was the trip around town.  Menos seems to be to the northwest, but a shortcut to the southeast MAY just be possible.  Afterall, the world's roundness is no secret!
  445. [20:26:12] <Eirene> (the world is round?)
  446. [20:26:59] <Lyle> (I thought it was donut shaped.)
  447. [20:27:15] <Giantree> (It's both!  ... But you can totally fly to one side of the world map and end up in the other.)
  448. [20:27:31] <Lyle> (That's donut shaped :P)
  449. [20:28:10] <Giantree> (TRUE.)
  450. [20:29:11] <Eirene> (man I don't even know how it works)
  451. [20:29:13] <Eirene> (anyway)
  452. [20:29:35] <Eirene> "Anyone know the way?"
  453. [20:30:05] <Giantree> What do our fliers do?  Sensing the spirit... Wisp could help out, Lore (Mana) checks if anyone wants to easymode it!
  454. [20:30:30] <Lyle> 2d6+2
  455. [20:30:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, 2d6+2: 8 [2d6=1,5]
  456. [20:30:54] <Eirene> 2d6+4
  457. [20:30:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, 2d6+4: 7 [2d6=1,2]
  458. [20:30:58] <Eirene> :c
  459. [20:31:53] <Giantree> It may possibly be in a direction!
  460. [20:32:39] * Briar is too busy holding on to flammie and his hat to worry about directions.
  461. [20:33:12] <Giantree> ... Just kidding, it's actually not TOO difficult to ascertain the vague direction of it.  Though, actually looking downward to find a city will have to be done separately.
  462. [20:33:20] * Eirene points to the southeast. Let's go that way!
  463. [20:33:28] <Briar> 1d20+3 Athletics to hold on to both :p
  464. [20:33:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Athletics to hold on to both :p: 15 [1d20=12]
  465. [20:33:34] <Briar> 2d6+3
  466. [20:33:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, 2d6+3: 9 [2d6=5,1]
  467. [20:33:42] <Lyle> 2d6+2 riding~
  468. [20:33:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, riding~: 11 [2d6=4,5]
  469. [20:34:11] <Flammie> 2d6+3 awareness to find my way
  470. [20:34:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, awareness to find my way: 7 [2d6=3,1]
  471. [20:34:15] <Flammie> welp
  472. [20:34:36] * Lyle directs Flammie over to where Eirene is pointing. Or at least tries, although that probably wasn't all that difficult of a check.
  473. [20:36:18] * Flammie onward and downward!
  474. [20:36:20] <Giantree> It wasn't!  After all, it takes EFFORT to actually get THAT lost.  But, on the way there, they seem to not be alone in the skies.
  475. [20:36:46] <Lyle> (FUCK NOT THE DROP BEARS)
  476. [20:37:10] <Giantree> Something flaps its wings a good distance ahead- and fortunately, drop bears don't have wings, nor can their arms fly.  They drop from CEILINGS, not sky!
  477. [20:37:46] * Terse knows this is a profoundly good thing
  478. [20:38:08] <Terse> "Hey, it possible to catch a cloud?"
  479. [20:38:12] <Terse> "What do they feel like?"
  480. [20:38:27] <Eirene> "You know what Flammie feels like?"
  481. [20:38:33] <Eirene> "Basically that except colder and wetter."
  482. [20:38:57] * Flammie slows down and circles around this flapping thing.  What's this, now?
  483. [20:39:00] <Giantree> Whatever's ahead seems to be flying in large circles... until it turns its attention and comes a little closer.
  484. [20:39:53] * Lyle is looking intently at whatever this thing is. "Eirene, that's not a drop bear, is it?"
  485. [20:40:59] <Giantree> Leeeeeeet's have awarenesses if anybody wants to take a good look.  This is high-speed manabeast flight, and it seems to be keeping up well.
  486. [20:41:13] <Eirene> 2d6+4 IS IT DROP BEARS
  487. [20:41:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, IS IT DROP BEARS: 10 [2d6=4,2]
  488. [20:41:35] <Lyle> 2d6+2
  489. [20:41:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, 2d6+2: 5 [2d6=2,1]
  490. [20:42:15] <Giantree> IT'S NOT DROP BEARS
  491. [20:42:26] <Eirene> "Definitely not a drop bear."
  492. [20:42:30] <Eirene> "So don't worry!"
  493. [20:42:33] <Lyle> "Oh, good."
  494. [20:42:40] <Giantree> But what's on the back of it MIGHT just drop.  Or jump, even, considering it's a small-sized humanoid.  The flying thing itself?  Some kind of strange beast.  One with wings, anyway.
  495. [20:42:42] <Giantree> And scales.
  496. [20:42:58] <Flammie> 2d6+3 awareness!
  497. [20:42:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, awareness!: 11 [2d6=6,2]
  498. [20:43:03] <Eirene> "It's a thing riding another thing."
  499. [20:43:15] <Giantree> And it's not a Flammie either, the Flammie itself notices.
  500. [20:43:35] <Flammie> 2d6+3 Lore: Monsters!
  501. [20:43:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, Lore: Monsters!: 13 [2d6=6,4]
  502. [20:43:39] <Giantree> But whatever it is, the 'person' in its back points ahead toward the Flammie with a... weapon?
  503. [20:44:14] <Giantree> It's a drake, though one of the more common types.  Not to say drakes are common at all.  The person could be a human, though they're wearing a heavy cloak.
  504. [20:44:32] * Flammie innocently flies closer, then notices the weapon.  She rises up quickly, but is it quickly enough?
  505. [20:46:53] <Lyle> 2d6+4 Athletics to react, I guess? :3
  506. [20:46:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, Athletics to react, I guess? :3: 10 [2d6=2,4]
  507. [20:47:29] <Giantree> It is!  But that doesn't stop the drake and its rider from opening fire... or, at least, getting ready to.
  508. [20:47:35] <Giantree> (NEW DEXES?)
  509. [20:47:39] <Briar> 2d6+6 Awareness
  510. [20:47:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Awareness: 11 [2d6=2,3]
  511. [20:47:48] <Briar> (dex 13)
  512. [20:48:03] <Giantree> It's actually a knife the person is wielding.  And the drake is a blackish color.
  513. [20:48:04] <Lyle> Dex 12, still
  514. [20:48:07] <Eirene> (dex 9)
  515. [20:48:52] * Giantree changes topic to 'Briar > Lyle > Drake = Rider > Terse(?) > Eirene > Flammie | GET HIGH TENSION WIRE PLAYING'
  516. [20:49:31] <Briar> "Can anyone tight rope walk?"
  517. [20:49:44] <Briar> "Eh, I'll just take his weapon."
  518. [20:49:54] <Briar> 2d6+6 Steal the weapon
  519. [20:49:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Steal the weapon: 11 [2d6=4,1]
  520. [20:50:19] <Briar> ((does it beat the better of dex or str))
  521. [20:50:32] <Giantree> (OH right, it's not versus eva, is it?)
  522. [20:50:40] <Briar> ((and if it has too good a grip on his weapon, I'll take something else.))
  523. [20:50:44] <Briar> ((correct))
  524. [20:50:45] <Giantree> (Then it just falls short, yes.)
  525. [20:51:10] <Briar> "Gah, stronger then he looks."
  526. [20:51:34] * Briar says briar as thw whip fails to get a grip on the knife.
  527. [20:52:28] <Giantree> "...!"  The person drakeriding gets defensive!  But they just pulled into short range to attack; whoever it is, they point their weapon in a different direction, as if to command the creature to pull away.  Of course, there's still time FOR Lyle to get a hit in.
  528. [20:53:25] <Terse> 2d6+1
  529. [20:53:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, 2d6+1: 8 [2d6=1,6]
  530. [20:54:08] * Lyle draws his blade and strikes in one fluid motion, aiming for the drake.
  531. [20:55:08] <Lyle> 2d6+6 Acc; 18 dmg in addition to roll
  532. [20:55:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, Acc: 12 [2d6=1,5]; dmg in addition to roll: 18 []
  533. [20:56:10] <Giantree> The drake has trouble evading; the sword clipping a wing!
  534. [20:56:38] <Lyle> (Woo 24 damage.)
  535. [20:57:20] <Giantree> (AND SINCE LEVELUPS NOW it's Terse's go... unless +1 was an attack, but that doesn't seem right.)
  536. [20:57:44] <Terse> (That was Awareness)
  537. [20:57:44] <Terse> (super late awareness)
  538. [20:57:45] <Terse> ( :( )
  539. [20:57:45] * Giantree changes topic to 'Briar = Terse > Lyle > Drake = Rider > Eirene > Flammie | GET HIGH TENSION WIRE PLAYING'
  540. [20:57:55] <Giantree> Then Terse is aware that they're fighting!
  541. [20:58:00] <Giantree> Fighting against someone with a weapon!
  542. [20:58:02] <Giantree> On a dragon!
  543. [20:59:21] * Terse leans dangerously low over Flammie's side, actually seeming as if he's about to slip off as he aims a slash for...does the drake have reins?  If not, at its neck.  Weird, he seems to make that butterfly knife appear from thin air and it was clearly still folded-up when he started to slash, but the blade is certainly there when it hits!
  544. [20:59:49] <Giantree> It DOES, in fact, have reins, but carefully-protected ones by an armed rider.
  545. [21:00:01] <Terse> 2d6+4
  546. [21:00:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, 2d6+4: 6 [2d6=1,1]
  547. [21:00:07] <Eirene> (womp womp)
  548. [21:00:19] <Terse> (wait, sneak attack!)
  549. [21:00:21] <Giantree> (reaction image.jpg)
  550. [21:00:37] <Terse> 2d6+4
  551. [21:00:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, 2d6+4: 15 [2d6=5,6]
  552. [21:00:46] <Terse> (BETTER)
  553. [21:00:47] <Lyle> (fffffff)
  554. [21:01:05] <Giantree> (MUCH better!  Now if only it was reach~)
  555. [21:01:26] <Terse> 11 + 13 x 3 = 50 damage
  556. [21:01:51] <Eirene> (you've got a rank 3 weapon?)
  557. [21:01:56] <Terse> (Sneak Attack)
  558. [21:01:56] <Giantree> (Nah, sneak attack does that)
  559. [21:02:04] <Eirene> (oh herp)
  560. [21:02:16] <Giantree> The drake reels in pain, as it starts breathing in deeply for some reason even while flying.
  561. [21:02:18] <Terse> (Concealed weapons deal another damage step and can be rerolled on a miss on your first turn only)
  562. [21:02:52] <Giantree> The rider, on the other hand, brandishes their knife!  They strike back at the attacker who tries to remove their reins, though it was narrowly avoided.  JUST narrowly.
  563. [21:03:23] <Giantree> 2d6+6 @ Terseling
  564. [21:03:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, @ Terseling: 12 [2d6=5,1]
  565. [21:05:46] <Giantree> (If that hits, only 12 damage, even before ARM.)
  566. [21:05:52] <Giantree> (and poison)
  567. [21:06:07] * Terse gasps as the strike slices through his shirt and into his shoulder, clutching it one-handed as blood wells up.
  568. [21:06:20] <Terse> (4 ARM, so 8 damage)
  569. [21:06:36] <Eirene> (he gets to make a resist roll against the poison right)
  571. [21:06:41] <Giantree> (~)
  572. [21:06:52] <Terse> (IT'S LIKE 10% TOTAL PER TURN I'M DYING SQUIRTLE)
  573. [21:06:55] <Eirene> (I got this, bitches)
  574. [21:07:00] <Giantree> (Well, that's USUALLY when it's a spell, I actually checked and there's no rules for that in the base pdf)
  575. [21:07:13] <Giantree> (at least, none that I found, so I'd guess that the resisting is the same as the evading)
  576. [21:07:24] <Terse> (Don't all negative status effects only last 4 rounds?)
  577. [21:07:29] <Giantree> (yeah)
  578. [21:07:30] <Terse> (Except when noted otherwise?)
  579. [21:07:39] <Eirene> (also statustouch only works on a critical hit)
  580. [21:07:39] <Terse> (Is poison a status effect?)
  581. [21:07:46] <Terse> (What Eirene said)
  582. [21:07:53] <Giantree> (It is- oh boy)
  583. [21:08:04] <Giantree> (Well then!  Despite how snowflake these things are, go ahead and resist it)
  584. [21:08:10] <Lyle> (Squirtle?)
  585. [21:08:18] <Terse> (Whoo!)
  586. [21:08:25] <Terse> (I'M DYING SQUIRTLE, Lyle)
  587. [21:08:40] <Giantree> (still a SPR rating roll, though)
  588. [21:08:44] <Briar> (THIS is why I wanted to go to market)
  589. [21:08:51] <Terse> (ok)
  590. [21:09:08] <Terse> 2d6+3
  591. [21:09:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, 2d6+3: 11 [2d6=3,5]
  592. [21:09:13] <Terse> (11 do it?)
  593. [21:09:25] <Giantree> (just barely nope.jpg)
  594. [21:09:45] <Eirene> (can you last for four rounds with poison)
  595. [21:09:55] <Eirene> (or do you want me to healbitch you)
  596. [21:10:21] <Flammie> (Use your bow, Eirene.  I've got this)
  597. [21:10:22] <Giantree> The rider starts to pull away to a sliiiightly further distance following the attack, but it can't get incredibly far.
  598. [21:10:22] <Terse> (Uh, does that 10% round up or down?  If down, I take 3 damage a turn)
  599. [21:10:26] <Eirene> (awesome)
  600. [21:10:30] <Giantree> (yeah, down)
  601. [21:10:45] <Terse> (I'll be good, Flammie or someone can handle it and it's not a huge problem this turn)
  602. [21:11:00] * Eirene begins singing as the wind whips up, going from calm to turbulent in a few seconds!
  603. [21:11:00] <Terse> (If Eirene wants to do it out of concern, though, who are we to say no?)
  604. [21:11:04] <Eirene> Wind elemental field!
  605. [21:11:16] <Terse> (Also I'm pretty sure it's 10% of max health, right?)
  606. [21:11:27] <Giantree> (Yep!)
  607. [21:11:28] <Terse> (Do I take poison damage this turn?)
  608. [21:11:53] <Giantree> (I THINK it's your turns, not entire rounds)
  609. [21:11:56] <Giantree> (might be wrong though)
  610. [21:12:52] <Flammie> (yes, put up turbulent winds when you're on a flying beast.  Totally smart)
  611. [21:13:02] <Giantree> (^)
  612. [21:13:38] <Briar> ((give a tailwind))
  613. [21:13:40] <Flammie> (tree, what sort of checks am I about to have to make?)
  614. [21:13:57] <Terse_> (You're a creature of pure magic who breaks several laws of physics to fly)
  615. [21:13:58] <Giantree> (Oh, you can actually pull closer as an instant action if you want to)
  616. [21:14:10] <Terse_> (I'm pretty sure wind doesn't bother you that much)
  617. [21:14:19] <Giantree> (Basically, maneuvering in the air between short, medium, and long range is something you as the, uh, air vehicle can do at the beginning of your turn, so just declare that)
  618. [21:14:35] <Flammie> (I was more talking about working my way through the wind wall)
  619. [21:14:44] <Eirene> (it's not a wind wall)
  620. [21:14:44] <Giantree> (And since Lyle's the one with riding he can make a riding check on HIS turns if he wants to pull closer/further on them t- ... oh)
  621. [21:14:48] <Giantree> (Yeah, it's not a wall)
  622. [21:14:52] <Eirene> (it just changes the field element to wind)
  623. [21:14:53] <Giantree> (It's just a field of +wind damage)
  624. [21:15:01] <Flammie> (O.)
  625. [21:15:09] <Giantree> So, Flammie!
  626. [21:15:43] * Flammie pulls in closer with the man with the knife, her wings practically brushing the drake's.  She begins charging a spell, an interesting feeling from up close, almost as though her whole body were thrumming with mana.
  627. [21:16:16] <Giantree> The drake can't pull away as quickly as it wants.  Briar/Terse!
  628. [21:16:25] * Briar tries for the second time to remove the dagger from the rider. He whips his whip out and stretches it far. If this doesn't work, screw stealing it. I'll just knock the guy out.
  629. [21:16:39] <Briar> [2d6+6] Get the poison dagger away from the man
  630. [21:16:45] <Briar> 2d6+6
  631. [21:16:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, 2d6+6: 10 [2d6=3,1]
  632. [21:16:46] <Giantree> (... that's cute)
  633. [21:17:22] <Giantree> Considering the Gambler with Stacked Deck isn't even IN this group, that's slightly worse than last time!  He(?) knows to guard the dagger closely now.
  634. [21:17:35] <Briar> ((rating. not score)
  635. [21:17:44] <Briar> ((apparently according to raw))
  636. [21:18:14] <Giantree> (Oh!  ... Really?)
  637. [21:18:25] <Giantree> (That seems kinda excessive, lemme see this real quick)
  638. [21:18:36] <Briar> ((maybe it is not intended for weapons))
  639. [21:18:41] <Briar> ((maybe just for other stuff))
  640. [21:19:38] <Eirene> (what are we talking about)
  641. [21:19:48] <Briar> ((Stealing.))
  642. [21:19:49] <Giantree> (disarming)
  643. [21:19:51] <Eirene> ((oh))
  644. [21:19:57] <Giantree> (Or... OH, wait)
  645. [21:20:14] <Giantree> (I got it now, I thought you were just disarming, not ALSO using steal; that's fine then)
  646. [21:20:15] <Briar> ((I guess I'll steal something from the rider I guess. Antidote or whatever it may have on him))
  647. [21:20:26] <Giantree> The whip doesn't grab the dagger he(?)'s holding, not at all.
  648. [21:20:43] <Giantree> ... Yet it DOES manage to grab an identical-looking one elsewhere on his(?) person, though slightly more blunt.
  649. [21:20:45] <Giantree> "...!"
  650. [21:21:02] <Briar> "Oh, nice."
  651. [21:21:26] <Briar> "I'll think I'll keep this, thank you very much."
  652. [21:21:50] <Eirene> (I could technically dual-wield that dagger and my bow :B)
  653. [21:22:04] <Terse> "Damn son of a bitch..." Terse grips his wound, blood spitting between his fingers, an uglier color from the knife mixing with the bright red staining his sleeve, "Don't you know I'm not just...some kid anymore?  I've never lost a knife fight or failed to master a single trick!  I'm Terse!" He JUMPS, springing off Flammie, and onto the Drake's head, the balisong whipping from his...
  654. [21:22:05] <Terse> ...sleeve and into a graceful, showy spin that sends the handles whipping around past his hand as he drops to a knee, the point stabbing downward into its skull before he kicks off into an acrobatic backflip, landing back on Flammie.
  655. [21:22:19] <Terse> 2d6+4
  656. [21:22:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=5,2]
  657. [21:23:00] <Giantree> IT HITS
  658. [21:23:28] <Giantree> 2d6+4 okay, TURNS OUT STEALING IS OPPOSED
  659. [21:23:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, okay, TURNS OUT STEALING IS OPPOSED: 9 [2d6=4,1]
  660. [21:23:36] <Giantree> It's okay because Briar totally beats that shit.
  661. [21:24:39] <Lyle> (Pssst how much damage does Terse do with his batshit insane manuever?)
  662. [21:24:53] <Terse> 7 + 26 = 33
  663. [21:24:57] <Giantree> (^, I'm urged to even grant bonuses for it being awesome)
  664. [21:25:04] <Flammie> (do it)
  665. [21:25:06] <Giantree> (... but that's bias)
  666. [21:25:24] <Giantree> (Okay!  Totally does +3, because that makes an even number and I like that.)
  667. [21:25:26] <Flammie> (Encouraging the players to make the game more entertaining for you is never wrong)
  668. [21:25:36] <Giantree> (this is a good point)
  669. [21:25:45] <Lyle> (^)
  670. [21:26:01] <Giantree> The drake screams in pain, as the rider tries desperately to quell it.  Lyle?
  671. [21:26:31] <Flammie> (3 pops up over Terse's head)
  672. [21:29:27] <Lyle> (Oh, sorry, spacing out)
  673. [21:29:54] <Giantree> (I know the feel bro; it's okay, there's drama happening elsewhere and it's hilarious)
  674. [21:31:05] <Lyle> (Quick question, do I have to make a Riding check to make Flammie move for something during this fight, or since I made a successful check earlier can I just do that without worrying?)
  675. [21:31:31] <Giantree> (Yeah, you don't HAVE to make one unless you're intentionally moving closer/further)
  676. [21:32:05] <Lyle> (Well, lemme' know if I have to make a check for this manuever I'm about to do :3)
  677. [21:32:53] <Giantree> (Will do~  It's really just mechanical, so it shouldn't matter)
  678. [21:33:05] <Terse> (Flammie is sentient and can presumably direct herself too)
  679. [21:33:32] <Flammie> (You get to move me with a ride check, I get to move me with my turn)
  680. [21:33:53] <Giantree> (Pretty much it's only if they pull away and you want to move closer, or... vice versa for whatever reason)
  681. [21:36:15] * Lyle would guide Flammie diagonally front and down from the drake, then tell Flammie to get behind it, jump off before Flammie moves to the back, jumping towards the Drake, draw his blade and strike right at its underbelly, then land on Flammie, whose moved back by now and clean his blade and sheathe it, facing away from the Drake while doing so like some kind of badass walking away
  682. [21:36:15] * Lyle from an explosion. Then he'd have Flammie move back where they were. So basically, for this manuever Flammie would only be moving for the sake of RULE OF COOL and in actual mechanics wouldn't be moving at all. I guess.
  683. [21:36:59] <Giantree> (You sure as fuck don't need to roll ride for that, no... rolling attack could be nice though!)
  684. [21:37:28] <Lyle> 2d6+6 to hit; 18 dmg in addition to roll
  685. [21:37:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, to hit: 16 [2d6=6,4]; dmg in addition to roll: 18 []
  686. [21:37:40] <Lyle> (...I'm like 100% sure that hit :3)
  687. [21:37:47] <Lyle> (So that's 28 damage.)
  688. [21:38:28] <Giantree> (Oh, it's more than that, that was damn cool)
  689. [21:39:36] <Giantree> Much more boringly than the attack on it, the drake pulls back.  Even though the attack was described in a way similar to a 14-year-old fanfiction writer would probably do it halfway through, it was still pretty cool-looking to portray, and the creature begins leaking blood accordingly.  Also accordingly, the glowing speeds up as it opens its breath, finishing its spell!
  690. [21:39:58] <Giantree> 2d6+16 damage to everybody
  691. [21:39:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, damage to everybody: 22 [2d6=3,3]
  692. [21:40:13] <Giantree> Æther Breath!
  693. [21:40:20] <Flammie> ohfuk
  694. [21:40:22] <Flammie> ( )
  695. [21:40:27] <Lyle> (ffffffffffffuuuuuuuu)
  696. [21:40:49] <Briar> "ARGH" (MARM, right?)
  697. [21:40:54] <Giantree> ... But as it happens, the Flammie they all ride on feels the æther seeping in.
  698. [21:40:55] <Lyle> (Well, wait, that's not even half of my HP)
  699. [21:40:56] <Giantree> (yep, M.ARM)
  700. [21:41:08] <Flammie> (I what)
  701. [21:42:15] * Lyle attempts to shield with his arms, but it still hurts like a bitch. 22-6 M.ARM = 16 damage, 56-16 = 40 HP left. :3
  702. [21:43:06] <Briar> (42-16=26)
  703. [21:43:29] <Giantree> (Alright, I got everyone, thanks)
  704. [21:43:31] <Flammie> (34-14=20)
  705. [21:43:37] * Briar now watches the drake for any signs of charging up another attack like that
  706. [21:44:08] <Giantree> It doesn't.  In fact, it flaps its wings and puts ALL ITS EFFORT into flying away, taking them to a long instead of medium distance away in the air.
  707. [21:44:41] <Giantree> The rider whips out a crossbow, and tries to aim but fumbles a bit on the distance.
  708. [21:44:49] <Giantree> 2d6+1 they see Lyle first
  709. [21:44:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, they see Lyle first: 9 [2d6=5,3]
  710. [21:45:07] <Lyle> (12 Eva :3)
  711. [21:45:08] <Giantree> (GOOD THING FOR THAT LONG-RANGE PENALTY)
  712. [21:45:21] <Giantree> Eirene!
  713. [21:45:56] * Lyle draws-slashes sword to cut that damn arrow in half, then resheathes.
  714. [21:46:42] <Giantree> Bolt.  Crossbows shooting arrows?  That's just siiiiiiilly.
  715. [21:47:11] <Lyle> (woops.  NOt used enough to Crossbows being ACTUALLY USED.)
  716. [21:47:17] <Briar> "Am I going to have to take that toy away from you as well?"
  717. [21:47:27] <Giantree> "..."
  718. [21:47:27] * Lyle chops the bolt in half. Fuck bolts, no bolts are going to hit him unless they're the lightning sort.
  719. [21:48:00] * Terse grunts, but somehow the drake's attack didn't seem to phase him as much as before.  He even stands up on Flammie, and points his knife menacingly at the black rider, "We're not done, you and I." His eyes not particularly narrowed, but still flat, his voice calm and deadly
  720. [21:48:19] * Briar rubs his burnt skin. "Gah, that stung."
  721. [21:49:58] * Eirene tucks in her claws and pursues, shifting as far as she can before drawing back her harpbow and releasing, an energy-shaped arrow blast leaping from the string with a roaring sound as the wind seems to swirl around it. As it draws nearer and nearer to the rider, the roar grows louder and louder, until there is an impact like the sound of thunder, and then nothing.
  722. [21:50:06] <Eirene> 2d6+5 pew pew
  723. [21:50:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, pew pew: 10 [2d6=4,1]
  724. [21:50:26] <Giantree> (feelsbadman.jpg)
  725. [21:51:12] <Briar> ((wind zone. Bonus damage))
  726. [21:51:20] <Eirene> (but not bonus accuracy)
  727. [21:51:22] <Giantree> An impact like thunder far off in the sky; the bolt soars between the two of them, though dangerously close.
  728. [21:51:25] <Eirene> (I think it misses)
  729. [21:51:25] <Giantree> (^, unfortunately)
  730. [21:51:29] <Lyle> (I dare Flammie to show that Drake how to REALLY Aether Breath)
  731. [21:52:07] <Giantree> (That too!  It's only INTx2, making it kinda bad compared to other area things, but it's still nice to be able TO multiattack this early I guess)
  732. [21:52:11] <Flammie> that HURT!  Flammie decides to stay at range rather than pursue it, unless prompted otherwise, letting a warm, glowing dust fall over Terse to heal him and starting to charge anew.
  733. [21:52:16] <Giantree> (... also it only works if you type Æ)
  734. [21:52:32] <Flammie> 2d6+10 healing
  735. [21:52:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, healing: 21 [2d6=6,5]
  736. [21:52:33] <Briar> "Me without a bow...darn."
  737. [21:53:03] <Giantree> D'awww.  The Flammie remains at a far distance, as does the enemy, meaning close-range attacks would amount to skydiving.
  738. [21:53:13] * Lyle is totally cool with this... "Sometimes it's better to wait..."
  739. [21:53:31] <Giantree> Briar/Terse!  If you want to hold your turns that's fine.
  740. [21:53:42] * Briar holds his turn
  741. [21:54:23] <Terse> "Thanks, Flammie." It's hard to stay tough, and he gives it a pat.
  742. [21:55:42] <Giantree> (If Lyle wants to pick out something to do during WORDS that'd be chill too)
  743. [21:55:59] <Lyle> (Hmmmm.)
  744. [21:56:43] <Terse> "We're not done, I just told him that.  No matter where, my knife will find him!" The balisong seems to ring in his hands, as he spins the blade end over end over blade over handle, the rhythm building up, the whirring almost musical in and of itself as it spins and pinwheels.  Just looking at it seems to make you want to reach for a weapon, stirs excitement, makes an onlooker want to fight.
  745. [21:57:25] <Terse> The words themselves explode like a thundercrack!
  746. [21:57:31] <Terse> 20 damage to the rider
  747. [21:58:24] <Eirene> (oh right, I forgot to add my weapon of choice damage)
  748. [21:58:26] <Eirene> (oh well :3c)
  749. [21:58:31] <Giantree> The rider revels in pain, but doesn't make any noise for some reason.  All the sound they make is breathing.
  750. [21:58:58] * Lyle pulls out a candy and gives it to Flammie. "Gotta' stay strong." 20 HP heal :3
  751. [21:59:08] <Giantree> (oh god my heart)
  752. [21:59:16] * Flammie grins back and eats the candy happily.  Let's fight together!
  753. [21:59:42] <Flammie> (34/34 again)
  754. [21:59:44] <Giantree> The drake pulls slightly closer and starts glowing again, taking in YET ANOTHER deep breath.
  755. [22:00:12] <Giantree> As for the rider, at a medium distance he(?) loads the crossbow and fires it at the same target as last time, this time WITHOUT a penalty.
  756. [22:00:18] <Giantree> 2d6+5 sup lyle
  757. [22:00:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, sup lyle: 9 [2d6=3,1]
  758. [22:00:25] <Briar> "Attack it together. If you can."
  759. [22:00:27] <Giantree> ... And does JUST AS POORLY.
  760. [22:00:27] * Lyle CHOPS THAT BOLT TOO.
  761. [22:01:50] <Giantree> If Briar can do shit at a medium range (which is totally doable) turn now is doable, OTHERWISE Eirene's.  Holding until Flammietime is cool too!
  762. [22:02:12] <Briar> ((can I attack or just steal?))
  763. [22:02:47] <Giantree> (You're using reach, right?  I THINK you can attack at medium)
  764. [22:03:11] <Giantree> (Oh, it doesn't even say they do in the pdf, weird)
  765. [22:03:22] <Giantree> (... What the hell, you can attack anyway if you want)
  766. [22:03:23] <Briar> ((yeah it is just critical reach))
  767. [22:04:34] * Briar whip back and then forward rapidly extending it in a straight line at the beast.
  768. [22:04:48] <Briar> 2d6+5 Whip at the beast
  769. [22:04:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Whip at the beast: 13 [2d6=4,4]
  770. [22:04:58] <Giantree> Hits!
  771. [22:05:04] <Briar> ((22 damage))
  772. [22:05:38] <Eirene> (yeah, reach are things like spears)
  773. [22:05:44] <Eirene> (medium range are things like bows)
  774. [22:05:56] <Eirene> (I had to take a feat to be able to use my weapon as a ranged :c)
  775. [22:06:08] <Giantree> (Well, I'll rule it as part of special property for now, since it IS pulling gradually closer)
  776. [22:06:44] <Eirene> (works for me)
  777. [22:06:47] <Giantree> (So situational, but most of the time yeah no)
  778. [22:07:06] <Giantree> And... Eirene, then Flammie!  Any order's fine because it's not like the enemies are going herpaderp.
  779. [22:07:39] <Briar> ((so it has short*1.5 range :p))
  780. [22:07:50] <Giantree> (JYEP)
  781. [22:08:08] <Eirene> 2d6+5 pew pew :c
  782. [22:08:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, pew pew :c: 13 [2d6=6,2]
  783. [22:08:14] <Giantree> PEW PEW.
  784. [22:08:34] <Eirene> (8+18)*2
  785. [22:08:45] <Eirene> 52 damage
  786. [22:08:59] <Giantree> (Whoadamn, at whom?)
  787. [22:09:32] <Lyle> (Wait, what.  roll damage is multiplied too?)
  788. [22:09:43] <Eirene> (yes)
  789. [22:09:49] <Eirene> (t straight up makes me do 200% damage)
  790. [22:09:52] <Eirene> at the rider
  791. [22:09:57] <Terse> (Who are you dealing it to?)
  792. [22:10:04] <Terse> (whoops wasn't scrolled down, hurr)
  793. [22:10:05] <Eirene> at the rider
  794. [22:10:18] <Giantree> The rider takes a HEAVY blow, and half-falls off the mount, but barely clings on.
  795. [22:10:19] <Lyle> (Oh, I see.  Okay)
  796. [22:10:39] * Flammie suddenly pushes forward, coming up alongside the braking drake.  She turns her head and glares at the drake as it inhales, and the sheer 'NO' of her glance coalesces into twin beams of mana, scorching its face.  (I don't like you!  Go away!)
  797. [22:10:42] <Terse> (Wait, what's multiplying roll damage?)
  798. [22:10:50] <Terse> (Did you get a crit?)
  799. [22:10:55] <Giantree> (Wind damage, her weapon has windstrike)
  800. [22:11:00] <Terse> (ohhh)
  801. [22:11:04] <Flammie> 2d6+48 laser eyes!
  802. [22:11:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, laser eyes!: 54 [2d6=1,5]
  803. [22:11:29] <Flammie> that much damage to the beast
  804. [22:11:49] <Eirene> fuck yes eyelasers
  805. [22:12:01] <Giantree> The drake tries its hardest to give an "I don't like you either!"  No noise besides a loud screech comes out, though, and it has trouble keeping its balance in the air.  Both of them still hang on though!
  806. [22:12:17] <Giantree> They're getting low!  Back to Brierse!
  807. [22:13:07] <Briar> 2d6+5 Whip Rider
  808. [22:13:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Whip Rider: 13 [2d6=5,3]
  809. [22:13:22] <Briar> ((30 damage))
  810. [22:13:51] <Giantree> WHIP'D.
  811. [22:13:54] <Briar> ((also, I messed up on previous damage which should have also been 30))
  812. [22:14:41] <Terse> "I told you we aren't done." Terse's movements seem to almost blur as he's suddenly crouching in front of the rider's face, his sleeve...and empty hand...flicking out toward his neck.  The knife is nowhere to be seen because it's already stabbed up under his chin.
  813. [22:14:49] <Terse> (too much bold)
  814. [22:14:57] <Terse> 2d6+7
  815. [22:14:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, 2d6+7: 14 [2d6=2,5]
  816. [22:15:03] <Eirene> (terse: the brave and the bold)
  817. [22:15:16] <Giantree> (Aw shit, that on the rider?)
  818. [22:15:28] <Terse> (Remember, guys, you all have +2 ACC!)
  819. [22:15:29] <Terse> (ALL OF YOU)
  820. [22:15:37] <Terse> (Yes)
  821. [22:15:38] <Lyle> (:3)
  822. [22:15:41] <Lyle> (I remembered.)
  823. [22:15:47] <Giantree> (... WELL THEN.)
  824. [22:15:59] <Terse> 7+26= 33
  825. [22:16:38] <Giantree> The rider's eyes are barely visible under the hood as the knife strikes, revealing blank gray eyes and an expression of shock.  The shock dies down... literally, as the robed figure falls backwards and off the beast, into the unknown of the deep sky.
  826. [22:17:41] <Giantree> ... The drake pauses for a second to ascertain the situation before going completely batshit berserk.
  827. [22:17:56] <Lyle> (Well shit.)
  828. [22:18:22] <Giantree> Lyle still has a chance to act against the red-eyed black dragon, but it's defintely glowing again.  Like to move in closer?
  829. [22:19:31] * Terse leaps nimbly into the air, landing deftly behind Eirene again, "Sorry, I had some business to take care of.  Didn't mean to make you worry or anything." He shrugs off his wound as if it isn't even a big deal.
  830. [22:19:45] * Terse is actually in quite a lot of pain, but HE'LL BE DAMNED IF SHE SEES IT.
  831. [22:19:49] <Lyle> (Isn't Eirene still off of Flammie?)
  832. [22:20:47] <Giantree> (Fluff gonna fluff)
  833. [22:20:52] <Terse> (Well, he lands where he was before, which was behind her...or in front of her, I think it was actually in front, and talks to her while being as cool as he can be with a poisoned knife wound in his shoulder)
  834. [22:21:39] <Eirene> yeah, eirene is flying on her own
  835. [22:21:54] <Giantree> (Clearly he grabs her and uses her as a mount.)
  836. [22:22:02] <Lyle> (Anyway.  Doesn't magic still hit at long range?)
  837. [22:22:03] <Eirene> (>str 1)
  838. [22:22:07] <Giantree> (Magic does, yes)
  839. [22:22:13] <Eirene> not unless it specifically says so
  840. [22:22:16] <Eirene> medium is fine
  841. [22:22:18] <Giantree> (Really?)
  842. [22:22:22] <Giantree> (Oh, derp from me then)
  843. [22:22:25] <Giantree> (NOTED)
  844. [22:22:29] <Eirene> there are high level spells that speficially say 'this spell can be cast at a long range'
  845. [22:22:32] <Eirene> like flare and nuke
  846. [22:22:47] <Lyle> (Because I was totally just going to spend my turn to get Flammie to move out of the way.)
  847. [22:22:52] <Terse> (Magic can hit Medium range normally)
  848. [22:23:03] <Briar> ((like limit breaks))
  849. [22:23:13] <Giantree> (WELL, they're medium right now)
  850. [22:23:27] <Lyle> (I need to do a ride check for this, right?)
  851. [22:23:36] <Giantree> (Yeah, DC... probably not high, I'll call it 10)
  852. [22:23:45] <Terse> (some can hit Long, because nuke wouldn't have the same effect if you couldn't snipe with, I mean, if it was in close and it seemingly has this huge radius)
  853. [22:23:52] <Terse> (It'd be like that one spell in Exalted)
  854. [22:23:57] <Lyle> 2d6+3 Outta' the way
  855. [22:23:57] <Terse> (Orb of Annihilation or whatever)
  856. [22:23:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, Outta' the way: 13 [2d6=6,4]
  857. [22:24:04] <Lyle> (Allll right.)
  858. [22:24:10] <Giantree> (Yeah, you're way outta there)
  859. [22:24:20] <Terse> (Where you basically have to cast it and turn and run screaming because the range is less than its total AoE...which expands every round)
  860. [22:24:34] <Giantree> Æther Breath!  ... The sky lights up!
  861. [22:24:47] * Lyle steeers Flammie out of range, getting out of the way of that damn attack.
  862. [22:25:36] <Giantree> Of course, it doesn't hit anything.  Doesn't stop the drake from trying desperately to pursue, though it does a somewhat mediocre job.  Underneath the flying beast, it seems that there's a patch of land past the ocean now.  Just a LITTLE further to town.
  863. [22:26:29] <Eirene> (Actually, I'm within a medium range because I've been pusuing)
  864. [22:26:39] <Lyle> "I'm not going to let my friends get hurt, if I can help it."
  865. [22:26:44] <Terse> (Eirene, noooo!)
  866. [22:26:51] <Giantree> (... Oh, right, well, it WAS aiming specifically for them)
  867. [22:26:52] <Terse> "Neither am I.  It's time to be serious)
  868. [22:27:03] <Giantree> 1d2 fudge?
  869. [22:27:05] <Eirene> (okay then :3c)
  870. [22:27:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, fudge?: 1 [1d2=1]
  871. [22:27:10] <Giantree> (Yep, aiming for them)
  872. [22:27:43] <Giantree> 2d6+16 ... just kidding I'm not actually that nice
  873. [22:27:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, ... just kidding I'm not actually that nice: 19 [2d6=1,2]
  874. [22:28:05] <Breezy> loser
  875. [22:28:21] <Giantree> So the lightning mildly clips a wing.  NOT threatening so, since at least it wasn't wind!
  876. [22:28:37] <Eirene> (3 hp o boy)
  877. [22:28:48] <Giantree> However, after the accidental hit it pursues straight for the Flammie and ignores the Siren, anyway.
  878. [22:29:35] * Giantree changes topic to 'Briar = Terse > Lyle > ANGRY Drake > Eirene > Flammie'
  879. [22:29:49] <Giantree> (There we go, Flamrene?)
  880. [22:30:22] <Eirene> 2d6+5 pew pew?
  881. [22:30:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, pew pew?: 12 [2d6=6,1]
  882. [22:30:35] <Eirene> fiddy damage
  883. [22:30:47] <Terse> (Holy shit elemental fields are sweet)
  884. [22:30:57] <Lyle> (Fuck yeah they are.)
  885. [22:31:07] <Giantree> (Yeah, seriously)
  886. [22:31:12] * Flammie turns as she sees the drake charging at her.  At first it looks like she's charging at it full-on, but a sharp turn gets her underneath Eirene, offering a lift as the arrow hits home.
  887. [22:31:32] * Eirene flops on Flammie.
  888. [22:31:49] <Terse> (Eirene is just Madokaing the shit out of this thing)
  889. [22:32:00] <Terse> (Er, Nanohaing)
  890. [22:32:10] <Terse> (Madokaing might be more appropriate though because bow)
  891. [22:32:16] <Briar> (er.. nidokin)
  892. [22:32:24] * Flammie turns from there and starts down to the city below.
  893. [22:32:25] <Lyle> (Madokaing would be UNLIMITED ARROW WORKS)
  894. [22:32:43] <Giantree> (So trying to escape even though it's still pursuing?)
  895. [22:32:51] <Terse> (I can get him)
  896. [22:33:12] <Giantree> (Talk to your manamonster~)
  897. [22:33:18] <Lyle> (I could too...fffff Terse wanna' do a team attack?)
  898. [22:33:35] <Terse> (How do we do that again?  I was gonna Demi him)
  899. [22:33:37] <Giantree> (It's wounded-looking and on its last legs.. wings, pretty much)
  900. [22:33:55] <Terse> (Fuck it LET'S BRO ATTACK)
  901. [22:34:04] <Lyle> (FUCK YEAH BRO)
  902. [22:34:15] <Terse> "Lyle, let's do this.  On the count of three."
  903. [22:34:17] <Lyle> "I'll get the top, you get the bottom."
  904. [22:34:34] <Terse> "Got it.  Flammie, catch us both.  We're going to kiss the sky."
  905. [22:34:35] <Briar> "I'll help"
  906. [22:34:59] <Lyle> (Oh god triple teamwork attack?)
  907. [22:35:02] * Terse whips his weapon into a reverse grip, crouching and preparing to spring, "One..."
  908. [22:35:05] <Lyle> (That would be awesome)
  909. [22:35:09] <Terse> (CAN WE DO IT?)
  910. [22:35:09] <Giantree> (You can do it, go for it)
  911. [22:35:18] <Terse> "Briar, take the head."
  912. [22:35:25] <Terse> (HOW TEAMWORK ATTACKS WORK AGAIN?)
  913. [22:35:34] * Lyle gets his hand on his sheathed sword, then gets ready to jump. "Two..."
  914. [22:35:37] <Briar> ((atleast two must hit))
  915. [22:35:44] <Briar> ((half all damage))
  916. [22:35:54] <Giantree> (There's supposed to be an accuracy/damage penalty, but... just roll your attacks and I'll give you the benefits of it without that.)
  917. [22:35:58] <Lyle> (-2 Acc, at least two of them must hit, all damage is halved from the three, but.)
  918. [22:35:59] <Giantree> (Because this is too awesome)
  919. [22:36:04] <Briar> ((+2 EVA))
  920. [22:36:35] <Lyle> (Terse has his +2 Acc thing going, dun' he?  So it wouldn't matter anyway)
  921. [22:36:51] <Terse> (Yes)
  922. [22:37:00] * Briar starts spinning his whip rapidly and goes for the head turning into a spinning barrel roll aimed for the head.
  923. [22:37:01] <Giantree> (Oh, yeah, it wouldn't!  Go for broke then, guys)
  924. [22:37:07] <Terse> (Briar, you gotta say three)
  925. [22:37:08] <Terse> (Do it)
  926. [22:37:11] <Briar> "Three"
  927. [22:37:21] * Briar jumps and starts spinning
  928. [22:37:36] <Briar> [2d6+5+2]
  929. [22:37:38] <Briar> 2d6+5+2
  930. [22:37:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, 2d6+5+2: 13 [2d6=4,2]
  931. [22:37:53] * Terse jumps in the same instant as the other two, flipping into a sort of sideways somersault, the wind whipping his hair wildly as his knife carves a bloody furrow through the drake's chest.
  932. [22:38:01] <Giantree> There's one!
  933. [22:38:05] <Terse> 2d6+5+2
  934. [22:38:06] * Lyle jumps, right above it, then draws his sword into a strike, going straight for the thing's back
  935. [22:38:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, 2d6+5+2: 13 [2d6=2,4]
  936. [22:38:09] <Giantree> Two!
  937. [22:38:18] <Lyle> 2d6+6+2
  938. [22:38:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, 2d6+6+2: 15 [2d6=3,4]
  939. [22:38:23] <Giantree> BOOM.
  940. [22:38:34] <Giantree> (Screw halving, how much is that from everybody?)
  941. [22:38:38] <Lyle> (Mine would be 18+7, so 25.)
  942. [22:38:50] <Terse> 6+26=32
  943. [22:38:55] <Briar> ((28+25+32))
  944. [22:39:13] * Lyle then lands on Flammie, back facing the drake, as he cleans his blade and sheathes it right as the thing ASPLODE INTO GUTS
  945. [22:39:24] <Giantree> Each of the attacks digs into the raging monster, causing it to freeze in place in midair.
  946. [22:39:50] * Terse falls through the air, clothes whipping and billowing behind him, a wide smile on his face, trusting his friends to scoop him up before he becomes an ex-tavernworker-shaped-mess
  947. [22:39:56] <Terse> on the ground fall below
  948. [22:40:05] <Giantree> BOOM.  There IS a bloody gush on its back, and on its chest.  And its head only lets out a loud screech as the thing actually DOES start bursting to explosions, spiraling straight downward.
  949. [22:40:26] <Eirene> "...We'd probably better make sure it doesn't hit anything."
  950. [22:40:48] * Briar gets ready to land on Flammie, but if she misses him, he gets ready to try and whip onto something to save himself.
  951. [22:40:50] <Giantree> ... For the record, falling from this height would be more likely to cause him to become a totally unrecognizable mess splattered randomly throughout a few dozen feet of ground.
  952. [22:41:20] <Terse> Hopefully this won't become an experiment in that sort of physics.
  953. [22:41:22] * Lyle jumps up to catch Terse. "Flammie, get me and Terse! We'll probably go over ther" He'd point in a direction, and now INSERT DIVE FOR MY BRO here!
  954. [22:41:27] * Flammie dips back as the scene freezes, her wings snapping open as she hovers beneath the drake, ready to catch the three no matter where they come!
  955. [22:41:32] <Lyle> *THERE
  956. [22:42:40] * Eirene hands on tightly oh wait she can fly
  957. [22:42:45] <Giantree> Hopefully catching the drake won't happen, since it spirals straight downward INTO a castle that seems a little out-of-place... JUST a little.  And without too lengthy of a pause, the sound of it crashing INTO the building rings out.
  958. [22:43:10] * Terse rolls across Flammie's wing, arms tucked beneath him to absorb the impact, and lands back in his seat, knife vanished up his sleeve.
  959. [22:43:46] <Giantree> It slams straight into the tower, which Flammie would recognize as where Shade was.  Was, but isn't anymore.
  960. [22:43:47] <Eirene> "....Oh dear."
  961. [22:43:59] * Briar lands square in the middle of her back, his light weight not causing much problems.
  962. [22:44:10] <Terse> "...I hope it was abandoned."
  963. [22:44:13] * Lyle would land right at the head, like he's been sitting at.
  964. [22:44:35] <Briar> "Likewise. I wonder if shade lived there."
  965. [22:44:58] * Flammie circles slowly downwards, following the drake, white fur standing out against the sky.
  966. [22:44:59] <Lyle> "So this is Menos.  Mintos.  Mentos.  Whatever."
  967. [22:45:30] <Eirene> "Mentos."
  968. [22:46:41] <Lyle> "Maybe we should ask a local..."  Now that they weren't in combat, he'd notice how beat up Eirene was.  "Eirene, uh, you're looking a bit beat up..."  He'd rummage through his stuff and take otu a Candy, tossing it to her.  "Take this."
  969. [22:46:46] <Giantree> While the rider fell somewhere totally elsewhere, the drake's lifeless body sits at the floor on the top of a fancy-looking tower.  And strangely enough, it didn't EXPLODE INTO BONES like it should, instead leaving a neat corpse totally free for the taking.  If anybody's into wyvern claws or that kind of thing.
  970. [22:47:18] * Flammie lands atop the corpse.  Hrmf.  Jerk.
  971. [22:47:20] <Eirene> "No, it's all right~ I'll just patch myself up later."
  972. [22:47:35] <Lyle> "'re sure you'll be okay..."
  973. [22:47:40] * Eirene lands next to the corpse and looks around. Aaaanyone home?
  974. [22:48:05] <Giantree> For some reason there's a bathroom in the room of the tower, a little obnoxiously so.  The room itself looks freshly-abandoned.
  975. [22:48:10] * Lyle gets off, looking at the corpse. "Huh, those Claws look valuable..."
  976. [22:48:38] * Lyle pulls out his sword and uses it to cut the claws off the thing.
  977. [22:48:40] * Briar experimentally puts a foot on the tail of the drake to see if there is a pulse.
  978. [22:48:49] <Briar> "So do the teeth."
  979. [22:48:53] <Eirene> "You think?"
  980. [22:48:57] * Eirene wrinkles her nose.
  981. [22:49:13] <Lyle> "I guess if we're going to kill it, we might as well make use of the remains.  That way it's not wasted..."
  982. [22:49:30] <Giantree> There isn't.  The last attacks took everything out of it, instantly and fairly painlessly for it.
  983. [22:50:21] * Lyle acquired Wyvern Claws?
  984. [22:50:37] * Briar acquired Wyvern Teeth.
  985. [22:50:39] * Eirene hums a little healing tune to herself while she explores.
  986. [22:50:59] * Briar feels oddly refreshed by that tune
  987. [22:51:05] <Giantree> Wyvern Claws and Teeth ACQUIRED.
  988. [22:51:22] <Lyle> (I guess Briar gets the teef? :3)
  989. [22:51:49] <Giantree> Also, it seems like there's a spare knife in a pouch attached to its reins, considering it falls straight out.  Unfortunately it's not poison-coated like the one it was wielding.
  990. [22:52:09] <Briar> ((like the one I am now wielding))
  991. [22:52:21] <Giantree> (Right.)
  992. [22:53:37] <Briar> "Hmm, I wonder if you can make capes and armor out of drake hide."
  993. [22:53:45] * Lyle thinks....
  994. [22:53:57] <Eirene> "Hellooo?"
  995. [22:54:00] <Lyle> "I've some skill with Tailoring, so I could see about a cape..."
  996. [22:54:00] <Eirene> "Anyone hooome?"
  997. [22:54:12] <Naida> "Imagine my surprise when I went to go investigate a noise in the tower, only to find a group of people cutting up a wyvern."
  998. [22:54:21] <Lucia> Eirene can hear soft footsteps coming from down the corridor.
  999. [22:54:39] <Eirene> "Eeeeeeeeeeek!"
  1000. [22:54:51] * Eirene brandishes her bow and does a terrible job of looking intimidating.
  1001. [22:55:17] <Lucia> Tap. Tap. An intimidating figure draws near, hard to see clearly in the darkness.
  1002. [22:55:37] * Flammie cranes her neck at the scream, then peeks out the door at the sound of the tapping.
  1003. [22:55:38] * Lyle would suddenly turn around and RUN OVER at the sound of Eirene shrieking, looking to see what it is and protect the girl and all that other macho stuff.
  1004. [22:55:58] <Giantree> Notably, even with a hole in the roof, it actually IS a fairly dark room, as though it were intentionally designed that way.
  1005. [22:56:15] * Briar just speaks out loud. "Hey, it and its rider attacked us, the least we can do is reap the spoils of defeating it."
  1006. [22:56:24] <Terse> "Eirene?!" Terse does precisely what Lyle does
  1007. [22:56:34] <Breezy> Breezy wanders out of the assigned room and down towards the loud noises. The little sprite looks kind of sleepy with long, currently messy hair. Needs to windbrush the bedhead away. "Uhnnnnn, hi. Who are you?"
  1008. [22:56:44] <Terse> And runs over to Eirene, a swift click the only sign that his knife is suddenly in his hand.
  1009. [22:56:52] <Eirene> "Um."
  1010. [22:57:00] <Eirene> "We sort of killed a dragon and it landed on your house."
  1011. [22:57:05] <Eirene> "Sorry about that."
  1012. [22:57:13] <Briar> "Flammie, you're alright?"
  1013. [22:57:19] <Terse> "I didn't know anyone lived here, and was kill it or get eaten by it."
  1014. [22:57:39] * Lyle came in with his hand ready to draw his blade, but relaxes upon seeing the sprite. "Sorry for the intrusion."
  1015. [22:57:45] <Lucia> "It's no trouble," the figure becomes clearer: A pale, blonde woman in dark baroque attire. She hold sin one hand a glass of red wine...or at least you think it's red wine.
  1016. [22:58:05] <Celeste> "What's a dragon? Are they mean?"
  1017. [22:58:15] <Eirene> "That."
  1018. [22:58:16] * Eirene points.
  1019. [22:58:22] <Lucia> "What brings a pretty lady like you," Lucia draws close to Eriene, "to my estate?"
  1020. [22:58:25] <Briar> "Eirene, I probably should have done the scouting."
  1021. [22:58:29] * Flammie nods to Briar, then grins at the sight of Lucia.
  1022. [22:58:32] <Briar> "Sorry for that."
  1023. [22:58:33] <Lucia> "And dragons? They are miserable piles of meanness."
  1024. [22:58:46] <Terse> "Isn't it a little early to be drinking?"
  1025. [22:58:49] * Flammie suddenly is leaping down the hall in a pounce!
  1026. [22:58:54] <Terse> Shick, knife vanishes.
  1027. [22:58:57] <Breezy> "Oh. I don't think I like dragons, then." Breezy nods decisively.
  1028. [22:59:24] <Giantree> Flammie can easily burst open the door and head outside down the spiraling walkway leading down the tower.
  1029. [22:59:35] * Briar checks the dagger he acquired before wrapping it in a makeshift sheathe and putting it on his belt.
  1030. [22:59:53] <Flammie> (thought I had.  Did that not go through?)
  1031. [23:00:00] <Flammie> (Been having some trouble with that, actualy)
  1032. [23:00:15] <Giantree> (No, no, I'm just saying there's no obstruction to doing so)
  1033. [23:00:53] * Flammie galumph, galumph, leaps at the vampire and hugging while on her back.
  1034. [23:01:03] <Eirene> "...Oh."
  1035. [23:01:09] <Eirene> "I think Flammie might know you?
  1036. [23:01:10] <Terse> Terse is giving Lucia a very flat, steely, stare.  It's also a bit early to be propositioning Eirene, too.
  1037. [23:01:20] <Breezy> "Are these your friends, Nighty?" Breezy wanders over to stand by Naida.
  1038. [23:01:25] <Briar> "Flammie knows you? I guess that is why she brought us here."
  1039. [23:01:27] * Lyle also giving Lucia a flat stare. Not MORE competition.
  1040. [23:01:30] <Lucia> "Early? Not quite."
  1041. [23:01:48] * Lyle was okay with Terse, because Terse is awesome, but this woman...seems suspicious.
  1042. [23:01:49] <Briar> "That, and shade."
  1043. [23:01:55] <Naida> "Not mine, although I suppose technically the fuzzball is an aquaintance."
  1044. [23:02:04] * Eirene belatedly realizes Lucia was totally hitting on her. "Uh. Hi. I'm Eirene, that's Terse, Lyle, and Briar, and we were looking for Shade."
  1045. [23:02:05] <Lucia> "What brings the lot of you here? Are you here to make a...bargain, perhaps?" She continues to eye Eirene curiously, even though adressing the group.
  1046. [23:02:14] <Eirene> "Or we were flying to Mentos to look for Shade."
  1047. [23:02:23] <Eirene> "But then we got attacked and had to defend ourselves."
  1048. [23:02:29] <Lucia> "Shade, hm? You and many people these days. What is your business with it?"
  1049. [23:02:30] * Terse is okay with Lyle, because Lyle's a bro and his friend, but this woman...something about her sets his teeth on edge.
  1050. [23:02:34] <Naida> "Shade you say? Why did you want to meet shade?"
  1051. [23:02:35] <Eirene> "And those three hit the dragon so hard it exploded."
  1052. [23:02:35] <Briar> "Not much for bargins, too easy to get the wrong end of them."
  1053. [23:02:45] <Eirene> "And then after it exploded, it fell down here."
  1054. [23:02:50] <Eirene> "And that's about all of the story."
  1055. [23:02:59] <Terse> "It was already wounded, it's not such a big deal that it exploded."
  1056. [23:03:22] <Naida> "If it exploded like you say, why is there a corpse?"
  1057. [23:03:37] * Lucia drops her wine glass as she's hugged by the Flammie. It's a bit disconcerting...Hopefully the spilled blood/wine doesn't get on flammie's coat.
  1058. [23:03:45] <Terse> "Well, explosions don't just...make things into nothing."
  1059. [23:03:55] <Terse> "All that stuff has to go somewhere."
  1060. [23:04:13] * Lyle would scratch his cheek in embarrassment at the mention of how he managed to help make it ASPLODE. "It really just bled so much it looked like an explosion..."
  1061. [23:04:14] <Naida> "Usually in an explosion, that place is everywhere."
  1062. [23:04:17] * Flammie is grinning her usual dopey grin up at her.  (Hi!)
  1063. [23:04:23] <Eirene> "...Anyway."
  1064. [23:04:39] <Eirene> "Wisp told me it might be a good idea to ask the other spirits if they'd seen my song."
  1065. [23:04:43] <Breezy> "Hi Flammy. Hi other people. I'm Breezy~!" The sprite's hands are covered with a tiny bit of wind, quickly brushing away the bedhead. Now the long, silver hair is nice and neat! Doesn't do much for the rags, though.
  1066. [23:05:02] <Terse> "Well, it went everywhere, and then down."
  1067. [23:05:26] <Terse> "It was in a few chunks before, I think.  I didn't get a clear look."
  1068. [23:05:34] * Briar looks around for sprits, knowing he probably won't see one, but trying to focus non of the less.
  1069. [23:05:37] <Naida> "Anyway, I'm sure when the 'mistress' is done with the pillow, she'll wish to discuss with you your debt. You picked a poor location for your midair battle."
  1070. [23:05:49] <Briar> 2d6+6 Looks for spirits.
  1071. [23:05:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Looks for spirits.: 13 [2d6=4,3]
  1072. [23:05:59] <Terse> "What debt?" :|
  1073. [23:06:15] <Eirene> "That's a good question."
  1074. [23:06:21] * Flammie looks over at Naida and makes a sound that could be a laugh, then puts down Lucy.
  1075. [23:06:37] <Terse> "My friends and lady friend were defending ourselves.  And Flammie."
  1076. [23:06:44] <Naida> "You practically destroyed the tower, you think you're going to walk away without consequence?"
  1077. [23:07:01] <Terse> Terse taps his chin, "Really, since Flammie seems to be your friend, you should thank us for defending it.  Him.  Her."
  1078. [23:07:04] <Terse> *friend too,
  1079. [23:07:10] <Terse> "...Yes?"
  1080. [23:07:10] <Lucia> "Debt? Oh no. You take me for a heartless woman!"
  1081. [23:07:20] <Briar> "Too bad Eirene can't do that fancy healing singing on the wall."
  1082. [23:07:22] <Naida> "I personally don't mind, but the lady has plans to suck you dry I'm sure."
  1083. [23:07:36] <Eirene> "Well."
  1084. [23:07:37] <Eirene> "Actually."
  1085. [23:07:42] <Eirene> "Ahem."
  1086. [23:07:44] <Briar> "What..really?"
  1087. [23:07:46] <Eirene> "Please stand back."
  1088. [23:07:46] * Flammie slowly sits up and walks back, nodding between the two groups.  Both get the distinct feeling they've just been introduced to each other formally.
  1089. [23:07:47] <Terse> "I don't have enough money to be worth it."
  1090. [23:07:48] <Giantree> The room is devoid of spirits... at least, at first glance it seems to be.
  1091. [23:07:48] <Lucia> "I'm sure I can overlook it for the sake of the beautiful here," Lucia attempts to ake Eriene's feathery hand and kiss it like some kind of Frenchwoman.
  1092. [23:07:51] * Naida eyes Lucia skeptically
  1093. [23:08:03] <Eirene> (eirene has normal people hands :B)
  1094. [23:08:04] * Terse bumps into Lucia's hand.  'Accidentally.'
  1095. [23:08:13] <Lucia> (Oh, okay.)
  1096. [23:08:31] <Terse> "Oops.  Sorry, miss.  Bit off balance." He puts a hand on his bloody shoulder, as if to blame it.
  1097. [23:08:41] <Eirene> "Are you okay, Terse? D:"
  1098. [23:08:44] <Breezy> "Hey Miss Lucy, do you want to marry this lady?" The question is asked like a curious child.
  1099. [23:08:46] * Eirene fusses over him.
  1100. [23:09:01] <Eirene> "I'm sorry you got hurt and it was my fault I'm sorry ;_;"
  1101. [23:09:06] * Lyle staaaare.
  1102. [23:09:25] <Terse> "I'm fine, jussst a bit lightheade-." He trails off, shaking his head, and leans against the wall, "No, no, wasn't your fault.  I'm just happy I could keep all of you safe.  Especially you."
  1103. [23:09:26] * Lucia shoots Terse a glare sharply, before going on, "Anyway...Shade. I believe I can take you to him. I'm sure he'll enjoy the guests, as he's grown a bit bored."
  1104. [23:09:55] * Lucia turns to Breezy with a smirk, "Mariage? Don't be preposturous. Lovely as she is, I don't do that sort of commitment."
  1105. [23:10:02] <Eirene> "Well, just let me see if I can patch up the wall~"
  1106. [23:10:06] * Eirene begins singing.
  1107. [23:10:09] <Giantree> Ceiling.
  1108. [23:10:16] <Eirene> Ceiling.
  1109. [23:10:20] <Giantree> ... Well, it's both.  Slowly, pieces start to converge...
  1110. [23:10:29] <Breezy> "What does preppy... prapo... p-prettyposterous mean, Miss Lucy?"
  1111. [23:10:45] <Lucia> "Silly," she says with a sigh.
  1112. [23:10:48] <Lyle> "That sounds mind if we clean up the mess we made a bit first?  We wanted to make use of that thing's corpse..."
  1113. [23:11:05] * Briar sees the two sprites. Wow, I am not alone in a sea of giants anymore.
  1114. [23:11:18] <Lucia> "By all means, please. In fact, I've maids who can help if you wish."
  1115. [23:11:45] * Terse meets Lucia's gaze evenly.  Only the tiniest hint of vindictive triumph in his eyes.
  1116. [23:11:49] <Terse> Just the littlest bit.
  1117. [23:11:53] <Terse> Teensy-weensy gloating
  1118. [23:12:18] * Eirene sets a hand on the stable wall to brace herself as she keeps singing at the goddamned hole in the wall.
  1119. [23:12:27] <Breezy> "Thanks, Miss Lucy~! Oh oh! I can clean up too, I'll punch everything back into place!" So excited.
  1120. [23:12:44] <Briar> "I don't think punching works that way.
  1121. [23:12:50] * Lucia tries to wrap her arms around Eirene, "If need to keep your balance, allow me, dear."
  1122. [23:13:01] <Briar> "Whipping maybe, punching, not so much."
  1123. [23:13:20] * Terse stumbles and bumps against Lucia again, slipping, "Agh!"
  1124. [23:13:34] <Terse> "Ow, damn, there must have been something on that knife, my vision keeps clouding."
  1125. [23:13:40] <Giantree> After a good wait, the ceiling finishes moving itself back into place, hardly noticeable that there was a crash there at all.  A couple pieces may be oddly-positioned but not enough to really be easy to tell without looking VERY closely.
  1126. [23:13:46] <Eirene> "Augh!"
  1127. [23:13:55] * Lucia tries to shove Terse away this time.
  1128. [23:14:02] * Eirene wingflails as Lucia grabs onto her
  1129. [23:14:04] * Terse rubs his shoulder again, "Sorry, miss, I can't believe how clumsy I am." Countershove!
  1130. [23:14:18] <Lyle> "If they wish to help, then I wouldn't mind."  He'd grab Terse by the shoulder.  "C'mon Terse, I need your help with this." And then he'd drag Terse off so that he'd quit this passive aggressive shit.
  1131. [23:14:21] <Terse> and somehow Eirene ends up being grabbed by both at once
  1132. [23:14:40] <Breezy> "Um, are you guys fighting?"
  1133. [23:14:44] <Terse> "Hey, Lyle, we should help Eirene move these blocks."
  1134. [23:15:26] * Lyle would stop for a second, as if considering this. "All right. Excuse us while we assist Eirene with this. I'd appreciate it."
  1135. [23:15:45] * Lucia lets go, nodding, "Fair enough."
  1136. [23:15:55] * Terse nods, "Sorry, ma'am, we just need you to step back, I'm gonna try something.  It's not something I've done before, so..."
  1137. [23:16:17] * Briar rolls his eyes.
  1138. [23:16:22] <Lucia> She then proceeds to use her magical bell to call the maids to assist with the cleanup..and to gather whatever they could for the castle's treasury.
  1139. [23:16:37] * Terse takes a deep breath, and tries to focus on what he did during the fight, the resonance of steel as it moves, and hums softly as he kneels down, tapping his knife against blocks, tip-tap, tip-tap...
  1140. [23:16:49] * Lucia assists in this herself to keep it subtle.
  1141. [23:16:50] <Naida> Naida leans in close to Lucia and whispers, "You're going to have the rude one in debt forever aren't you?"
  1142. [23:17:03] <Breezy> Breezy leans in to listen, too!
  1143. [23:17:10] <Terse> Slowly, the blocks start to squirm and wriggle, stretching like caterpillars and inching or scooting their way towards the wall.
  1144. [23:17:35] * Lyle satisfied that there the squabbling would momentarily cease, would go over to the drake to get WYVERN TAIL and WYVERN HEARTSTRING and WYVERN HIDE, since he doesn't want those maids taking everything. Although he appreciates the help.
  1145. [23:18:00] <Terse> "There's a vibration to everything." He mumbles, nodding as he gets it, lifting his knife like a conductor's baton and pointing, guiding the blocks to climb the wall with their suddenly malleable bellies and squirm their way back into place.
  1146. [23:18:07] * Briar plucks out the Wyrven Eyes.
  1147. [23:18:12] <Eirene> "Oh, you can hear it, too?"
  1148. [23:18:16] * Eirene peers at Terse..
  1149. [23:19:10] <Giantree> It's fortunate, at least, because the maids have yet to even show!  At least, that seems to be the case thus far.
  1150. [23:19:19] <Terse> "...Well.  It's embarassing to say."
  1151. [23:19:50] <Giantree> The eyes may not be too terribly useful, but it sure isn't going to defend itself from them being plucked out!  It just looks kind of gross to do.
  1152. [23:19:53] * Lucia is still 'helping' cleanup...and secretly pocketing as much of the hide, scale, and bone as she can.
  1153. [23:20:18] <Terse> "I was watching how you did all of that, and it sort of...made sense, suddenly, that I could be the hero of a song if I really wanted to, and that this wasn't just some lark and I'd go back to working in a tavern afterwards, and nothing would change."
  1154. [23:20:19] <Naida> "Breezy, go help clean up the dragon. I'm sure even a corpse is better training than air."
  1155. [23:20:23] <Briar> 2d6+6 Awareness
  1156. [23:20:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Awareness: 12 [2d6=5,1]
  1157. [23:20:38] <Terse> "So during that was like the world sort of tuned itself."
  1158. [23:21:14] <Eirene> "That's incredible. O:"
  1159. [23:21:25] <Terse> "Well,  I owe it to you." He smiles warmly, picking up a stubby, struggling block and shoving it into the wall himself.
  1160. [23:21:42] <Terse> "Oh, Eirene, before I forget...she's right.  You really are lovely."
  1161. [23:21:47] * Eirene goes a little red.
  1162. [23:21:50] <Eirene> "I-I..."
  1163. [23:22:10] <Giantree> WHAM.
  1164. [23:22:11] <Terse> "Would you like to have dinner sometime?  Just the two of us?"
  1165. [23:22:17] <Giantree> "Oof!"
  1166. [23:22:33] * Naida wonders what that noise was
  1167. [23:22:49] <Briar> "What was that?"
  1168. [23:22:51] <Giantree> AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME a bright orange-haired, bright red-eyed somebody smashes through the door, wielding a broom in front of her face.
  1169. [23:23:00] <Giantree> "Madam, a-are you alright?  Are these burglars?"
  1170. [23:23:11] <Breezy> "Okay, Nighty!" Since Lyle's over there by the trade, the tiny sprite walks up to him and tries to tug on his shirt, "Hi, Mister. I'm Breezy, what's your name?"
  1171. [23:23:39] <Lucia> "No, no, not at all. They simply...wandered in here at the wrong time."
  1172. [23:23:52] <Lucia> "And we have a bit of cleanup to do."
  1173. [23:24:31] <Lyle> "I'm Lyle, nice to meet you Breezy."  Satisfied that he'd taken enough materials, he'd shove them in his bag.  
  1174. [23:25:03] <Giantree> Suspiciously, the maid eyes all of the newcomers before turning back to her Mistress with a nod.  "Understood!  I'll make sure to get it all our of your sight, Madam!"
  1175. [23:25:06] <Breezy> "Isn't that the dragon's stuff, Mister Lylie?"
  1176. [23:25:11] <Giantree> -r +t
  1177. [23:25:21] <Breezy> -ie +y
  1178. [23:25:30] <Lyle> "It's dead.  I think it'd rather have its stuff used for some new purpose than left to rot."
  1179. [23:25:42] * Briar is like-wise satisfied. He purposely ignores the bones, too ligh...wait.
  1180. [23:26:06] <Breezy> "Were you friends with the dragon?"
  1181. [23:26:08] * Briar takes some long thin bone, to make into picks.
  1182. [23:26:13] <Lucia> "Also, see to it that our guests are treated properly. They're here to visit the Shade."
  1183. [23:26:18] <Briar> "It tried hurting flammie."
  1184. [23:26:36] <Briar> ""
  1185. [23:26:45] <Breezy> "But what if they were just boxing each other?"
  1186. [23:27:21] <Giantree> The air distorts.  Close to a wall, therefore not in the immediate area, an eye pops out from a purplish mist.  <...?>
  1187. [23:27:35] <Briar> ((do I see it))
  1188. [23:28:00] <Eirene> "Oh!"
  1189. [23:28:22] * Briar looks where Eirene is looking.
  1190. [23:29:05] * Lyle , satisfied with his phat lewts, goes over to Eirene and Terse...
  1191. [23:29:07] <Giantree> (No, actually it's blatantly trying to hide)
  1192. [23:29:08] <Terse> "What the hell is that?" FLICK, knife in hand!
  1193. [23:29:13] <Eirene> (oh)
  1194. [23:29:19] <Eirene> 2d6+4 awareness :B
  1195. [23:29:20] <Giantree> (Eirene can, I mean)
  1196. [23:29:20] <Terse> (oh)
  1197. [23:29:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Eirene, awareness :B: 9 [2d6=1,4]
  1198. [23:29:25] <Giantree> (... nevermind)
  1199. [23:29:30] * Eirene doesn't see shit
  1200. [23:29:34] <Giantree> (Just a vague hint of something possibly being around!)
  1201. [23:29:36] <Terse> 2d6+1 Awareness
  1202. [23:29:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Terse, Awareness: 11 [2d6=4,6]
  1203. [23:29:49] * Terse doesn't see anything either
  1204. [23:29:49] <Giantree> (... Now Terse can freak out.  Big evil eye in the wall.)
  1205. [23:29:52] <Lyle> 2d6+2 Awareness
  1206. [23:29:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, Awareness: 8 [2d6=2,4]
  1207. [23:29:54] <Briar> 2d6+6
  1208. [23:29:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, 2d6+6: 11 [2d6=2,3]
  1209. [23:30:04] * Lyle doesn't notice it...
  1210. [23:30:07] <Giantree> (Briar can hear it, it sounds like whispering, but not see it)
  1211. [23:30:13] <Giantree> <...>
  1212. [23:30:21] <Lucia> "And I'm..." She ceases her introduction once everyone starts looking away.
  1213. [23:30:26] <Briar> "Huh, who is whispering?"
  1214. [23:31:01] * Briar moves towards the sound blindly.
  1215. [23:31:11] <Briar> ((so to speak))
  1216. [23:31:23] <Terse> "What is that!?" Flick, knife in hand.
  1217. [23:31:52] <Giantree> Briar notices the tickle of... something.  The others can see the wing brushing against the Chobin's fur as it appears in the middle of the room, flying in place.
  1218. [23:32:00] <Giantree> <... Called?>
  1219. [23:32:02] <Eirene> "Oh. Hi there. :D"
  1220. [23:32:03] <Lyle> "Hey Eirene, I got you...uh, a heart and a wing, if you want them.  It's a bit icky, but I figure you might be able to make a bow or...something?" Lyle would hand over the stuff that Eirene wanted, since she's not lewting it herself...
  1221. [23:32:05] * Eirene waves.
  1222. [23:32:06] <Naida> "What's the problem," Naida says to terse, "scared of a whisper?"
  1223. [23:32:14] <Eirene> "Oh, thanks."
  1224. [23:32:18] <Giantree> It stares straight into the Siren's face.
  1225. [23:32:21] * Eirene takes them absently.
  1226. [23:32:23] <Terse> "There's a huge eye in the wall, get down before it grabs you or something!"
  1227. [23:32:23] * Eirene stares back.
  1228. [23:32:25] <Briar> "Huh, something is brushing against me and I can't see it. ..Shade"
  1229. [23:32:27] <Eirene> o____o
  1230. [23:32:42] <Giantree> "Um... sorry to interrupt, Madam, but I'm finished!"  All the non-salvageable parts of the dragon are totally gone already.
  1231. [23:32:48] <Giantree> -o-
  1232. [23:32:52] <Briar> "I mean, I couldn't see Wisp, I can't see this. So it must be another Spirit."
  1233. [23:33:14] * Lyle blinks, notices Eirene staring, looks to where she's staring, nearly JUMPS. "Are you S-shade?"
  1234. [23:33:35] <Breezy> Breezy stands pretty close to Naida again, "I got bored, Nighty. That dragon doesn't even wanna do anything, since it's dead."
  1235. [23:33:35] <Terse> "...So this is Shade, then?" The knife snaps shut, and back up his sleeve.  How Terse will look cool when he's not using a novelty butterfly knife he won in a rigged game of cards and using an actual dagger is a mystery.
  1236. [23:33:43] <Giantree> <... Simple.>
  1237. [23:34:00] * Lyle thinks for a minute, then, "Hey, Wisp, could you come out?"
  1238. [23:34:02] <Terse> "Hello there.  Never talked to a spirit before."
  1239. [23:34:06] <Briar> "Are you calling me simple?"
  1240. [23:34:15] <Naida> Naida's ears perk up at the mention of Wisp
  1241. [23:34:47] <Lucia> "Indeed, this is he."
  1242. [23:34:59] <Giantree> A big, cyan yawn rings out as the blue flame shows up next to the black wingmonster.  <Yes, yes, what is it?  I never got a chance to nap back in Wendel, you know, inspiration this, write-me-a-song that, being a muse is REALLY annoying.  Can't I just ask for a few hours of- oh, hello there.>
  1243. [23:35:16] <Giantree> <Am... not...>
  1244. [23:35:48] <Lyle> "I'm having trouble hearing him, so I figured you'd be better at listening to him than I would."
  1245. [23:35:51] <Breezy> "Look Nighty! He has a twin, too!"
  1246. [23:35:51] <Terse> " wrote all those songs?  That's unfair, you should have charged for them."
  1247. [23:35:53] <Briar> "Ah, a guy of few words. I like it."
  1248. [23:36:05] <Eirene> "In any case."
  1249. [23:36:08] <Naida> "AH! I have a sincere reason to thank you folk, you've saved me a trip."
  1250. [23:36:09] <Giantree> <... Understandable...>
  1251. [23:36:09] <Eirene> "We came to ask you a favor."
  1252. [23:36:14] <Terse> "Say, lady...whatever your name is...are these two kids yours?"
  1253. [23:36:28] <Eirene> "One of my most important songs has been stolen from me."
  1254. [23:36:29] * Terse jerks his chin towards the sprites.
  1255. [23:36:29] <Lucia> "No, they came here seeking the Shade, much you like you all."
  1256. [23:36:32] <Eirene> "Do you know anything about it?"
  1257. [23:36:42] <Giantree> <Well, not ALL of them!  But more than I would've wanted to, that's for sure.  Then again, my whole duty as a spirit is to inspire, and that kind of thing.>
  1258. [23:36:46] <Breezy> "Yep! We're her guests! I don't know what a shade is, though."
  1259. [23:36:52] <Giantree> <Song...?  Mu... sic...>
  1260. [23:37:02] * Eirene briefly recounts the tale once again.
  1261. [23:37:21] <Lyle> "Wisp, don't go on a tangent, now."
  1262. [23:37:27] <Terse> "So, does the High Priest steal the credit for them?" :|
  1263. [23:37:47] <Briar> "From what I heard, Wisp shares them freely."
  1264. [23:37:54] <Giantree> Shade listens in silence, before flapping its wings and staring, presumable understandingly.  <... Understand.  Music... others...>
  1265. [23:38:15] <Eirene> "Hm?"
  1266. [23:38:23] * Eirene leans forward, face nearly in eyeball.
  1267. [23:38:43] <Giantree> <That's about right; I just help out, a little.  He really knows his stuff, but he can be preeeeetty needy.  But... oh, right, we haven't really spoken in a long time, eh, Shade?  Does 'others' mean what I think it means?>
  1268. [23:38:55] <Giantree> The eyeball rolls around.  <... Correct...>
  1269. [23:39:43] <Naida> "Wisp, spirit of light. I have need of your power."
  1270. [23:40:12] <Giantree> The blue flame turns around.  <Oh ho, who might you be, now?  ... Well, I like the look in your eyes already.>
  1271. [23:40:49] <Naida> "I seek the power of the great spirits to aid me in my task."
  1272. [23:41:03] * Lyle muses to himself. "Wisp talks a lot, and Shade barely talks at all...I didn't think they'd be THAT obviously opposites..."
  1273. [23:42:02] <Eirene> "Maybe Shade's just shy. :3"
  1274. [23:42:11] <Giantree> <Oh, sure!  That's not a big deal, I'm not one of those 'I help those who help themselves' types or anything.  Can't be two places at once, though.  ... Oh, right, might be worth mentioning, I think Shade's trying to say... oh, my first guess'd be that Undine would be the first one to look for, harps and all.>
  1275. [23:42:18] <Giantree> <...>
  1276. [23:42:31] <Briar> "I think he is efficient."
  1277. [23:42:51] <Lucia> "If you need help seeking this song," Lucia offers, "I can be of service, for the right price."
  1278. [23:42:57] <Briar> "Getting the message across in as few words as possible."
  1279. [23:43:00] <Giantree> <So, what's your task, huh?  Better not be destroying the world.>
  1280. [23:43:08] <Lucia> "I've been meaning to get out of here for a little trip, regardless."
  1281. [23:43:10] <Giantree> <I'm not very good at destroying worlds.>
  1282. [23:43:17] <Breezy> Breezy's rather suddenly by Lucia, "Hey Miss Lucy, are we your kids?"
  1283. [23:43:21] <Lyle> "Hm.  If he's shy, that'd explain staying in this big castle, so he can shut himself in..."
  1284. [23:43:54] <Giantree> <Only... somewhat...>
  1285. [23:44:04] <Naida> "Thank you so much, and I can't tell you how nice it is to have a translator for him." Naida says, a little exasperated, "My task...I can't really say, but it's dearly important to me..."
  1286. [23:44:37] <Terse> "...What do you mean, service?  Price too, I can't afford to hire someone who lives in a castle."
  1287. [23:44:55] <Giantree> <Really?  Why's that?  I mean, when people say it's a secret they usually want to destroy the world, and I'm not gonna just up and help you do that.  What's the matter, too many people around?>
  1288. [23:45:18] <Lucia> "For a girl as lovely, I'm sure we can arrange something reasonable. It doesn't have to be coin, either, in which you pay me," she grins playfully.
  1289. [23:45:42] <Naida> "Yes, I'd rather not spread my intentions around carelessly."
  1290. [23:45:58] <Terse> "...I don't follow."
  1291. [23:46:03] * Lyle hears what Lucia said, STIFFENS UP.
  1292. [23:46:17] <Eirene> "Okay, Undine. Undiiine."
  1293. [23:46:30] <Lyle> "I think Eirene is too tired to make such a decision right now and needs a rest before she can accept such an offer, right, Eirene?"
  1294. [23:46:51] <Lucia> "Please, stay the night, then. We can accomodate all of you."
  1295. [23:47:11] <Briar> "Pay? I've been helping her for no pay. The occassional windfalls is enough for me at the moment."
  1296. [23:47:11] <Giantree> <Well, then!>  Wisp approaches Naida and begins to blend into the background.  <I'll just take a rest, and decide whether it's worth it or not.  Call me out sometime when you're alone and I'll hear it, 'kay?  A nap'd be nice about now anyway.>
  1297. [23:47:16] <Terse> "I'm pretty sure we don't make deals without knowing the full price, it's just bad business to run a tab for someone who you don't know."
  1298. [23:47:22] <Lucia> "And where are my manners?" Lucia taps her head disappointedly, "I'm Lucia Violet Hortense Monotana Aramecci IV."
  1299. [23:47:28] <Eirene> "Right, um."
  1300. [23:47:29] <Terse> "Terse.  No last name."
  1301. [23:47:30] <Giantree> Shade brushes Eirene's wings with its own wings.  <Undine... West...>
  1302. [23:47:31] <Eirene> "Right."
  1303. [23:47:34] <Lucia> "But you can call me Lucy."
  1304. [23:47:46] * Terse puts a hand to his waist, and makes the absolute most flowery bow possible.
  1305. [23:47:48] <Eirene> "Thank you, Shade. :3"
  1306. [23:47:51] <Lyle> "Lyle Firienne.  A Squire of the Gemma Order."
  1307. [23:47:51] <Briar> "Briar, Briar Longtail."
  1308. [23:48:03] <Giantree> <South... West.  Water...>
  1309. [23:48:18] <Breezy> "And I'm Breezy~!"
  1310. [23:48:28] * Lyle would give a bow as well, although it wouldn't be flowery.
  1311. [23:48:38] * Naida turns her attention back to the group just in time to catch Shade's directions
  1312. [23:48:51] <Giantree> "Ah-"  Corona finishes ALL the disposal work and reaches out to say something, but returns to sweeping.  Being maid is suffering.
  1313. [23:48:53] * Terse is possibly sincere, or possibly making fun of her old-world manners.
  1314. [23:49:02] <Terse> It's hard to tell.
  1315. [23:49:27] <Briar> "Breezy? There are some herbs for that. Just kidding though. Nice to meet you."
  1316. [23:49:43] * Lyle would notice Corona, would be about to ask her if she wanted to introduce herself or something...but then she ran off.
  1317. [23:49:58] <Giantree> More like just slinked away to a corner.
  1318. [23:50:09] <Giantree> ;_
  1319. [23:50:12] <Naida> (then fell over)
  1320. [23:50:19] <Giantree> (... Correct.)
  1321. [23:50:21] <Giantree> Then fell voer.
  1322. [23:50:24] <Giantree> Over.
  1323. [23:50:28] * Lyle would then just tap Corona on the shoul-
  1324. [23:50:38] * Lyle oh god she fainted oh god is she dead
  1325. [23:50:43] <Giantree> Fell over AT the tap on the shoulder.
  1326. [23:50:55] <Breezy> "You're hairy, Mister Riary. I think if I punched just right, I could knock it all off!" The squeaky little voice neither sounds nor seems to be TRYING to sound intimidating.
  1327. [23:51:00] <Giantree> "Aaaah!  I'm so sorry, I was bothering you, I didn't mean to annoy the guests, ohpleaseMistresshavemercyonmysoul"
  1328. [23:51:23] <Briar> "No no. I like my fur where it is. I need it to keep warm."
  1329. [23:51:30] * Lyle would blink. "It seemed like you wanted to say something, I just wanted to know what you were going to say."
  1330. [23:51:57] <Briar> "You humans and sprites would probably be happier in fur."
  1331. [23:52:11] <Breezy> "But Miss Lucy has blankets! Lotsa blankets! I've never even seen so many blankets before, how could you be cold?"
  1332. [23:52:30] <Giantree> "O... Oh!  Well, I'm Corona Escamille, the head maid, but... everybody's so lively, so I decided to just do my work instead.  I'm sorry I was annoying in doing ir, Sir Lyle!"
  1333. [23:53:50] <Lyle> "The head maid?  Then I apologize for the mess we made, I hope it didn't give you too much trouble.  Anyway..." He'd yawn. "I'm tired, so I'll be off.  Nice meeting you."  He'd walk over back to the rest of the he could be shown his room.  Or something.
  1334. [23:53:51] <Briar> "I live in a tree."
  1335. [23:54:17] <Briar> "I just need the fur. I'd look stupid without it."
  1336. [23:54:25] <Giantree> "Um, actually... should I show everybody to their rooms, Madam?"  What a coincidence.  "We have plenty spares..."
  1337. [23:54:36] <Breezy> "I didn't used to live anywhere, but now I live in Miss Lucy's house!"
  1338. [23:54:44] * Briar is ready to shoot a deathglare at anyone who says he looks stupid with fur.
  1339. [23:55:17] <Terse> "Hey, I think the fur suits you nicely."
  1340. [23:55:27] <Briar> "Thanks."
  1341. [23:55:38] <Terse> "No sweat, Briar.  Just calling it how I see it."
  1342. [23:55:49] <Briar> "Appreciate it."
  1343. [23:56:13] <Lyle> "I can't imagine a Chobin without fur, and honestly I'd rather not.  It suits you rather well."
  1344. [23:56:18] <Terse> "Sorry, miss maid.  I'm afraid I had something to do with the mess too."
  1345. [23:57:00] <Giantree> "It's no sweat!  I enjoy my work."  Lowering her broom, the maid gives a formal bow.  And at the same time, notices that it's actually fairly late already.
  1346. [23:57:15] <Giantree> "Um, the rooms are this way, if you'd all like..."
  1347. [23:58:36] <Briar> "Sure, sure."
  1348. [23:59:58] <Breezy> "But I already know where my room is, Rony... I think I do. Do I? I think so." Maybe.
  1349. [00:00:08] <Briar> "Of course, I wouldn't mind a tour."
  1350. [00:00:08] <Giantree> The red-eyed maid walks cheerfully down the hall, showing off all the unused rooms in the gigantic castle.  There's probably a chunk of day ahead of them, but who cares?
  1351. [00:02:33] <Briar> "Just the general tour. You don't need to show off every room. Just the important ones."
  1352. [00:03:18] <Giantree> "Well, in that case, this is the game room, where..."
  1353. [00:03:25] <Giantree> CURTAINS
  1354. [00:03:44] <Terse> "Say, Lady Aramecci." Terse actually pronounces it right, looking at Lucia, "What's this about services and a price?  I'm sorry, but small-town boys like me don't know a thing about nefarious debutantes and any of this unspoken stuff."
  1355. [00:05:21] <Breezy> "Miss Lucy asked me to punch stuff to pay her. Can you punch stuff, Mister?"
  1356. [00:05:24] <Lucia> "See," Lucia explains, "I...acquire items of value for people and in return am given coin, blood, or sometimes other things. It's quite a nice system."
  1357. [00:05:33] * Lucia just casually mentions blood in there.
  1358. [00:06:47] * Briar looks at Lucia.
  1359. [00:06:52] <Terse> "...What was the second-to-last one?"
  1360. [00:07:04] <Briar> "I likewise am in a similar occupation, minus the blood."
  1361. [00:07:09] <Lyle> "...blood?"
  1362. [00:07:20] <Terse> "I should hope." muttered
  1363. [00:07:29] <Terse> The idea of Briar being bloodthirsty is kinda scary
  1364. [00:08:05] <Briar> "Unless it is blood with a monetary value."
  1365. [00:09:02] <Lucia> "Blood, and...blood can indeed have monetary value. Show I show you my exchange rates?"
  1366. [00:09:04] * Lyle would remain quiet for a bit...then...scratching his cheek, he'd address Lucia, "Pardon if this sounds rude, but are you human, madame?"
  1367. [00:09:44] <Lucia> Lucia just chuckles, shaking her head, "No, no, I left that miserable pile of secrets long ago."
  1368. [00:09:52] <Lucia> "I am now....something more."
  1369. [00:11:18] <Briar> "Later."
  1370. [00:11:22] <Lyle> "I...see.  And I'm guessing your current...state requires blood, yes?"
  1371. [00:11:40] <Lucia> "You catch on quickly. ANd it's not just me."
  1372. [00:11:58] <Terse> "...I've heard of those things before.  You feed on people."
  1373. [00:12:07] <Lucia> "My operations allow an alternative to those of us who wish to be more than mindless predators."
  1374. [00:12:16] <Terse> Terse's arms cross over his chest, which conveniently leaves a hand near his sleeve.
  1375. [00:12:29] <Lyle> "Not just you...?  Would that mean it includes your maids, perchance?"
  1376. [00:12:37] <Terse> "Well, I suppose you can't be blamed for wanting to survive."
  1377. [00:12:43] <Breezy> "Where do you get blood, Miss Lucy? I thought it was in people."
  1378. [00:12:45] <Lucia> "My maids and others."
  1379. [00:13:01] <Terse> "She gets it out of people."
  1380. [00:13:05] <Lucia> "It is in people, but there are means of extraction, magical and otherwise."
  1381. [00:13:21] <Lyle> "
  1382. [00:13:24] <Lyle> (damn enter)
  1383. [00:14:12] <Breezy> "But people need blood, too, don't they?"
  1384. [00:14:20] <Lyle> "I'm guessing the flavors of blood are as varied as wine, correct?  So you'd prefer certain targets to others."  He was thinking of how she was so interested in Eirene...
  1385. [00:15:00] * Naida goes off to continue her walk that was interrupted earlier
  1386. [00:15:10] * Terse picks up on that too, his expression going from relaxed but wary to utterly tense, and as pointed as his knife, staring at the vampire, "So that's why you were looking at her like that."
  1387. [00:16:22] <Lucia> "Yes, indeed," she shakes her head, "but that's not why I'm interested in her. I simply find the young lady charming is all."
  1388. [00:16:48] * Lyle would keep the same hardened expression. It wasn't hard to tell that he didn't believe her.
  1389. [00:17:10] <Breezy> "Miss Lucy just likes girls, like Miss Rody and Miss Rony!"
  1390. [00:17:22] <Breezy> "And all the maids, too!"
  1391. [00:17:36] <Lyle> "I guess I'll leave it at that, pardon my intrusion on such a sensitive topic."
  1392. [00:18:13] <Lucia> "It's no matter."
  1393. [00:19:10] <Terse> "She is charming, yes.  I think it's fair to say she's off-limits.  You can't have her blood."
  1394. [00:19:29] <Breezy> "But you didn't answer me, Miss Lucy! Are me and Nighty your kids?"
  1395. [00:19:32] <Lyle> "Or any other part of her, for that matter."
  1396. [00:19:48] <Terse> "Absolutely." Terse nods, "Or any other part of her."
  1397. [00:20:24] <Lucia> "Oh really? Are you her keeper?"
  1398. [00:20:46] <Lucia> Lucia says with a mischeivous grin, "She's an adult woman. She can make her own decisions, yes?"
  1399. [00:20:56] * Lucia looks to Breezy, "No, you're not."
  1400. [00:20:58] <Terse> "She can.  Her own decisions, uninfluenced."
  1401. [00:21:21] <Breezy> "But we live with you, Miss Lucy! And you're bigger than us."
  1402. [00:21:31] <Lyle> "However, we'll be keeping an eye out.  Right?"
  1403. [00:21:36] <Lucia> "I'm hardly an ideal parent."
  1404. [00:21:44] <Terse> "However...I don't think she's a part of the world you walk in, and she has a kind heart.  I said I'd help her find her song and guard her on the way, so in a sense I guess we're her keepers."
  1405. [00:22:11] <Breezy> "B-but... Miss Lucy..." Breezy looks up with teary eyes ;_;
  1406. [00:22:16] <Terse> "This would be a cursed world if people didn't guard their friends, or those they care about."
  1407. [00:22:35] <Lucia> "Really? Well, don't cage the poor bird if she wishes to fly freely, otherwise you're doing her a disservice, no?"
  1408. [00:22:45] <Terse> "If she makes a decision on her own will, we can't gainsay it, obviously."
  1409. [00:22:55] * Lyle would nod in agreement. "But we'll make sure she's not coerced."
  1410. [00:23:03] * Briar listens to the exchange with entertainment.
  1411. [00:23:08] <Terse> "But I won't pretend to trust you, miss grabby."
  1412. [00:23:11] <Lucia> "Coerced? Of course not, what do you take me for?"
  1413. [00:23:27] <Terse> (I love all of you people :V )
  1414. [00:23:44] <Giantree> (^)
  1415. [00:23:48] <Lyle> (^)
  1416. [00:25:09] <Breezy> The sad red eyes just keep staring right at Lucia.
  1417. [00:25:38] <Lucia> "Fine," she looks back to Breezy, "you can be my kids...for now."
  1418. [00:25:55] <Lyle> "I apologize for being blunt with you madame, but if we feel we can trust you we'll back off.  Until then..."
  1419. [00:26:03] <Terse> "You're a wonderful maternal figure, Lady Aramecci."
  1420. [00:26:50] <Breezy> "Hurray! Miss Lucy's the best~!" Breezy hugs Lucia at somewhere around knee level, probably.
  1421. [00:27:21] <Lucia> "Fair enough," Lucia locks eyes with Terse, almost predatorially as she pats Breezy on the head.
  1422. [00:28:29] * Terse smiles peacefully at her, but his grey eyes are hard, "I'll concur with Lyle.  Besides, it's rude to grab a woman you don't know."
  1423. [00:28:41] <Breezy> Breezy smiles (dumbly) at Terse, "I'll punch stuff for you if you like, Miss Lucy~" Super excited little sprite.
  1424. [00:28:52] <Lucia> "She looked like she needed help balancing. That's all."
  1425. [00:29:03] <Lyle> "If you say so."
  1426. [00:29:05] <Terse> "I'm sure I simply misinterpreted the situation, then."
  1427. [00:29:18] <Lyle> "I'll apologize later if you prove me wrong about you."
  1428. [00:29:30] <Terse> "Please forgive my clumsiness, with the adrenaline from earlier, I was feeling a bit wobbly myself."
  1429. [00:29:52] <Terse> Eyes still locked.  You could light a match on this tension!
  1430. [00:30:02] * Lyle also staredown.
  1431. [00:30:26] <Lucia> "Of course. Please, help yourselves to my hospitality. My staff will do their best to meet your needs."
  1432. [00:30:41] * Lucia continues to stare right back, snaguine eyes locked on the two.
  1433. [00:31:15] <Lyle> (Goddamn the entire castle is going to explode from this tension.)
  1434. [00:31:59] <Terse> "Your generosity does you much credit, milady.  Do you mind if I use your kitchen during our stay?"
  1435. [00:32:09] <Terse> Still staring, somehow more steely than ever.
  1436. [00:32:27] <Lucia> "By all means, though do be careful. Our chef is rather...jumpy."
  1437. [00:32:28] <Terse> This is a battle of stares.
  1438. [00:33:00] <Breezy> "Jumpy? I can jump lots, too! Want me to jump, Miss Lucy?"
  1439. [00:33:01] <Terse> "Oh, fear not, I'm something of a cook myself.  I'll try not to accidentally spill any blood, and bring any more chaos to your lovely castle."
  1440. [00:33:45] <Lyle> "Madame, do you have a workshop I could use?  While I have tools for making things on my own, I'd prefer to have a designated space to work on my tailoring."
  1441. [00:34:29] <Lucia> "Of course. My lazy seamstress is never really -in- there, so help yourself."
  1442. [00:34:57] <Lucia> "Do let me know if you need any...potions or things of the sort. I've a lab in my chambers," little do they know its also where she extracts blood.
  1443. [00:35:14] <Briar> "Hmm,Lyle, can I join you I want to do some crafting of my own."
  1444. [00:35:37] <Lyle> "My thanks, I appreciate it.  I look forward to staying here in your care."
  1445. [00:35:49] <Terse> "Ah, how charming, I had no idea you were a scholar."
  1446. [00:38:30] <Lyle> "I'd love to see what you research here, madame."
  1447. [00:39:31] <Lucia> "Perhaps you will sometime."
  1448. [00:40:37] <Lyle> (It's funny because Lyle meant it unironically but in this context it's not going to be taken that way.)
  1449. [00:41:08] <Terse> "I wouldn't mind taking a glance myself.  It's a bit like brewing a good beer, after all."
  1450. [00:43:55] <Lucia> "Perhaps I should invite you to see sometime, but...not right now. It's quite a mess, you see."
  1451. [00:44:31] <Breezy> "I'll help you clean it if you want!"
  1452. [00:44:52] <Terse> "I'm sure.  We did burst in unannounced, after all."
  1453. [00:45:22] <Lyle> "Our condolences for that, if we had known we'd end up here we would've warned you ahead of time."
  1454. [00:45:43] <Lucia> "That won't be necessary," Lucia sighs, "Anyway, I believe your accomodations should be ready and I've longed missed my evening meal."
  1455. [00:45:58] <Lucia> "Enjoy yourselves, and good night."
  1456. [00:46:08] <Lyle> "Good night, madame."
  1457. [00:46:09] <Lucia> The vampires begins to walk back down the hall.
  1458. [00:46:43] <Breezy> "Good night, Miss Lucy, I love you~"
  1459. [00:46:45] <Terse> "Goodnight, Lady Aramecci."
  1460. [00:46:56] <Briar> "Night."
  1461. [00:47:06] <Terse> "That's good, little friend, it's always polite to give your mother a hug before bed though, right?"
  1462. [00:47:38] <Breezy> "B-but I forgot! Miss Lucy come back!"
  1463. [00:47:49] <Terse> "Go get her!"
  1464. [00:47:51] <Terse> "Hurry!"
  1465. [00:48:00] <Lucia> "Mm?" Lucia turns, curious.
  1466. [00:48:14] <Lyle> "This is your chance!"
  1467. [00:48:25] <Breezy> Breezy runs up really fast on tiny legs and hugs Lucia!
  1468. [00:49:22] * Terse turns away, hiding his grin, "Lyle, I think I'm becoming a bad person.  Anyway, we should get rooms on either side of Eirene's, to keep...her...out.  I'm gonna ask Flammie if she can watch, too."
  1469. [00:50:02] <Briar> "I'll take the room accross from her then."
  1470. [00:50:24] * Lucia blushes a bit at the hug, seeming rather shocked, "Ehm, er..."
  1471. [00:50:25] <Lyle> "Sounds like a good idea.  I've got a drum that calls Flammie, so I can go get her if you want."
  1472. [00:51:14] <Terse> "You should."
  1473. [00:51:44] <Breezy> "Thanks for taking care of us, Miss Lucy!"
  1474. [00:51:56] <Lucia> "It is but my pleasure."
  1475. [00:52:09] <Lyle> "Give me a little bit, I want us to get settled in a bit first."
  1476. [00:52:37] <Lyle> "Oh, and I'm glad you're cooking, I'm worried that woman might try to put something in our food."
  1477. [00:53:16] <Terse> "I'm not sure that's her style.  We might be wrong about's entirely possible we're being overprotective.  Speaking of which."
  1478. [00:53:31] <Breezy> "Sorry I stopped you from going to bed. Good night!" Breezy returns to the group of weirdos who busted in earlier.
  1479. [00:53:34] <Terse> "...You like her too, don't you?" His tone is a bit wistful, he's probably NOT talking about Lucia
  1480. [00:53:44] <Terse> As adorable as Lucia/Lyle would be.
  1481. [00:54:58] <Lyle> "..."  He'd scratch his cheek a bit, his nervous tic showing up again.  "Yes."
  1482. [00:56:06] <Terse> "Yeah, I guess I knew about it.  She's something special."
  1483. [00:57:02] * Briar "...shes cute. I can admit that."
  1484. [00:57:11] <Lyle> "Definitely, not the kind you meet more than once in your life."
  1485. [00:57:39] <Breezy> "Whatcha talkin' about?"
  1486. [00:58:42] <Terse> "Hey, Briar.  Take the kid and go see...I dunno, what the kitchens are like.  Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but this is kind of a private conversation."
  1487. [00:58:48] <Terse> Terse hadn't even noticed the shorties.
  1488. [00:59:11] <Briar> "Come on kid, show me the kitchen."
  1489. [00:59:18] * Lyle would look at Breezy, contemplating an answer, before saying something. "We both want to punch the same thing, but this isn't something you only really get one shot at." He was trying to put it in terms the kid would understand.
  1490. [00:59:31] * Briar urges Breezy away from them, using his whip as a leash if needed.
  1491. [01:00:04] <Terse> "Nice."
  1492. [01:00:07] <Breezy> "Hey! You can't take me, I'm Miss Lucy's kid!" Breezy glares at Briar, but answers Lyle, "Then you gotta punch fast and be the first one!"
  1493. [01:00:41] <Terse> "Not that simple."
  1494. [01:00:51] <Lyle> "Definitely not."
  1495. [01:01:06] <Briar> "They want to be alone. Grown up stuff. Might as well leave them to their conversation."
  1496. [01:01:20] <Breezy> "You don't have time to think about it! You have to just use that little voice in your head that says do it fast, instinks or something."
  1497. [01:01:38] <Terse> "Lyle, I don't think there's a woman like her in a thousand years, but...I don't think it would make her happy if we had a duel over her or something."
  1498. [01:02:05] <Lyle> "Agreed."
  1499. [01:02:05] <Terse> "Competing is fine, but...let's remember that we're friends, alright?" He sticks out his hand.
  1500. [01:02:25] * Lyle would stick out his hand and shake Terse's.
  1501. [01:02:46] <Breezy> "Good sportsmanship! I know that's a rule of boxing, someone told me that." Breezy nods approvingly while being slowly dragged off by Briar.
  1502. [01:03:08] <Lyle> "That it is..."
  1503. [01:05:07] * Terse shakes firmly, "See you in the morning, then.  Oh, and if you want any pointers, go ahead and ask me, I'm not usually as tonguetied as I've been with her."
  1504. [01:05:49] * Lyle shakes just as firmly. He's not being outfirmed. "Thanks, I appreciate it. I'd do the same for you, but I'm not as experienced."
  1505. [01:08:08] <Terse> "That's alright.  It's not as big a deal as people say it is.  Nobody starts out that way, and really, girls don't expect you to get everything right either, in my experience."
  1506. [01:08:25] <Breezy> "Where are we going, Riary?"
  1507. [01:08:45] <Lyle> "That's good to hear...I was a bit nervous about that.  Anyway, see you tomorrow."
  1508. [01:11:12] <Briar> "Kitchen."
  1509. [01:12:00] <Breezy> "Why?"
  1510. [01:15:07] <Briar> "They said so."
  1511. [01:15:10] <Terse> "See you tomorrow.  Get plenty of rest."
  1512. [01:15:12] <Breezy> "Maybe I'll look at the kitchen later. Bye bye." And then Breezy makes a break for it, fleeing to one of the bedrooms at random. Was it the right one, just some empty room, or somebody else's? Who knows.
  1513. [01:15:57] * Briar takes the room accross from erinie.
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