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  1. Saw you're running Jund after I did most of this. I urge you to consider Vial Smasher + Sidar Kondo. Vial Smasher makes your spells put pressure on life totals and will attract early removal - you want this, since she isn't essential and some of your creatures later in the game are hot targets. Exhausting removal early is essential. Sidar's wording is cheeky and my favorite - he doesn't just give your little dudes evasion, he gives EVERYONE'S little dudes evasion. He's pretty good at his job. I would say consider this combination first, then Saskia, then Thantis. I know you want to make Thantis work, but trust me. I've been there. Opponents will try as hard as they can to make combats as kind and easy as they can so long as the word "must attack" is on the field. The best option to accelerate games and burn the whole table down is to attack things that others cannot negotiate or politic into the least terrible situation.
  2. Vial Smasher/Sidar are perfect for this. Also consider Saskia, as she can help you put that little extra pressure on life totals.
  3. At the end of the day, I advocate this combination because you cannot afford to miss out on White - too many cards make this deck bonkers once you gain access to white.
  4. Also, general note: I found this deck works best when there are enough low cost threats in there to allow you to play out 2-3 scary things a turn - this is essential to not be totally removed from the game by the control player. Once you hit 4-5 enchantments (again, very easy with the right deckbuilding philosophy), it becomes VERY hard to choose targets for removal. Through in a Sterling Grove or Privileged Position, and you're looking at something diabolical (again, please add white)
  6. Critique/Cuts:
  7. Blood Reckoning, Marchesa's Decree - Not enough of a deterrent, life is nothing compared to mana. Marchesa's is still decent to think about though, as introducing monarch is worth so much more than just pinging someone for attacking you.
  8. ->Ghostly Prison, Norn's Annex
  9. Burning Earth - Decent but underwhelming WITH AN EXCEPTION more about that later (jk rereading I never returned to this. long story short the card is a little high for CMC while offering an only passive effect that seldom does a measurable amount of damage even over the long run. Next time you play a game, note how many non-basics are tapped by each opponent, then see if they could have gone without tapping those lands. Leaving the choice to your opponents will always make the worst case possible happen, and the worst case here is you spent 4 mana on a "tax" effect, MAYBE)
  10. The Hondens are slow and awkward, but if you enjoy them keep them. Just too high CMC and too long a wait for too little a benefit
  11. Good tech with Koskun Falls, love that card. Heavily underplayed, just be careful about needing to have dudes.
  12. Mudslide is both spicy and not spicy. REALLY NEAT for locking down, but is that what you are going for? Most folks will just not untap, especially if you're just forcing combats.
  13. Sandwurm Convergence is good, although a tad overcosted. I'd say leave it in, but just understand it's gonna probably get hit with removal ASAP, and then you're just looking at 1-2 5/5 wurms for 8 mana.
  14. Spellshock I have always found to be underwhelming, it only stops storm players and we don't have many of those.
  15. Sulfuric Vortex is also underwhelming - 2 damage a turn with no real other difference (opponents' lifegain is actually not as bad as you think for us) makes it a poor use of a slot.
  16. I love your artifacts section, top to bottom. Good selection all around, although I have some comments I'll bring up in the additions part of this.
  17. Lands could use some work, but what else is new. Harder to have consistent landbases without significant investment.
  18. Burning Tree Shaman has historically been meh, that being said he stayed in my list a LONG time before I decided to cut him. He has corner cases that are just too strong to ignore.
  19. Dread is overcosted and a creature. Please reconsider it, even if you're staying in Jund.
  20. Kaervek is overcosted for what he does, but like the Shaman has good corner cases.
  21. kederekt Parasite, frankly, is trash. I will provide no reasoning for this statement as there are too many things to say.
  22. Manglehorn is good removal, but if you're looking for tapdown I'd take Blind Obedience, Thalia 2.0, hell I'd take Root Maze over him. Artifact tappage is just too narrow, and in our meta it's barely relevant.
  23. Mogis is hard to justify and perfect at the same time.
  24. Whiptongue Hydra is jank, but I understand if you have budgetary constraints.
  25. Aaaaaand it's a Primal Surge deck, good man! Only one issue - if you Primal Surge, there's so few ways to win. You don't run fetches to immediately proc it, nor any real sac outlets. You have no way to profit off of it going off at all, in fact. Just a comment about the nature of primal surge.
  27. Additions / Modifications:
  28. RAMP:
  29. Please shove a Blighted Woodland in here, even with a lowered curve this deck needs all the ramp it can get.
  30. For the love of God PLEASE PUT IN KARAMETRA IF YOU ADD WHITE. Especially with your partner commanders, this means once you drop her you can often ramp immediately without creatures in hand.
  31. Consider Oracle of Mul Daya (ouch budget) and Courser of Kruphix. Drawing Lands hurts in this sort of deck, you have to keep that ball rolling when you're playing predatory hate like this.
  32. Zendikar Resurgent is gas, gas, gas. It may not look it on the tin, but this thing is "answer me or it's gonna start getting hairy". Again, if you go partners it turns your command zone into hand refills while ramping you considerably.
  35. Misc.
  36. R E L I Q U A R Y  T O W E R. Thank me later.
  37. Lightmine Field is one of the most effective pillowfort cards. Only tall things can get through it, and honestly that's already a problem with any of the Propaganda effects in the deck. Consider Mystifying Maze/Maze of Ith, btw.
  38. Last Laugh is easily the best card in the deck, and one of your more consistent finishers. I suggest you run a couple ways to skirt its effect (as well as other pain effects), such as Personal Sanctuary and Tamanoa. Tamanoa especially makes the deck hum.
  39. The Seal of X series are very good in this deck - Seal of Cleansing, Seal of Doom, Seal of Primordium are all good options to keep triggering enchantress effects while remaining as recurrable permanents that have low costs
  40. Wound Reflection is dynamite and combos with Havoc Festival
  41. Endless Whispers keeps creatures flowing, makes for some mayhem
  42. Burning Sands is NUTS, even if you keep a number of creatures it will hurt others more
  43. There was a new enchantress recently, can't remember the name. You should pick one up
  44. N E C R O P O T E N C E
  47. If you add white, you get the following:
  48. -Aura of Silence
  49. -Aura Shards
  50. -Darksteel Mutation (please add it's brother Song of the Dryads at least, to help deal with your "weak to Tall creatures" problem as well as permanents you're struggling to remove)
  51. -Greater Auramancy
  52. -Karmic Justice / Martyr's Bond
  53. -Sphere of Safety
  54. -Academy Rector (rip budget, but basically conditionless tutoring of an enchantment to the field is pretty bonkers)
  55. -Gisela, Blade of Goldnight (turns off any enchantments that are pinging you for 1, and makes them HURT on your opponents)
  56. -Qasali Pridemage
  57. -SUN MOTHERFUCKING TITAN (BACKBREAKING as you bring your average cmc down)
  58. -Consider Righteous Aura for your own big pings, or again to combat the go-tall strat
  59. -Mesa Enchantress
  60. All of this speaks for itself in a little way, not to mention a lot of cards I've dotted throughout this.
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