DF Game Club: The Last Express (part 4)

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  1. (07:05:51 AM) Fireflower: it has begun
  2. (07:06:45 AM) GameClubFan_361486 [] entered the room.
  3. (07:07:13 AM) herberck [] entered the room.
  4. (07:07:25 AM) Fireflower: maybe not
  5. (07:07:35 AM) herberck: hello did i miss it?
  6. (07:07:46 AM) Cheeseness: No no, we should be about to start
  7. (07:07:53 AM) herberck: awesome
  8. (07:07:57 AM) herberck: which game?
  9. (07:08:00 AM) herberck: last express still?
  10. (07:08:02 AM) Cheeseness: The Last Express, yeah
  11. (07:08:11 AM) Cheeseness: Next week we'll be starting on Loom, and after that, Monkey 2
  12. (07:08:25 AM) herberck: oh lol monkey 2 so difficult
  13. (07:08:27 AM) herberck: im playing that atm
  14. (07:08:40 AM) herberck: what were they thinking when they designed the puzzles OMG
  15. (07:08:44 AM) Fireflower: one of the best adventures ever :)
  16. (07:08:56 AM) herberck: yea but so hard haha
  17. (07:09:01 AM) Fireflower: yeah :)
  18. (07:09:19 AM) herberck: i played MI 3 before that and that was def easier haha
  19. (07:09:58 AM) GameClubFan_361486: MI3 is pretty rad, and I don't even care what Ron thinks about it
  20. (07:10:08 AM) Fireflower: playing it in the wrong order? :)
  21. (07:10:08 AM) GameClubFan_361486: has aged really well also
  22. (07:10:16 AM) herberck: haha yea
  23. (07:10:19 AM) GameClubFan_361486 is now known as Schmuppes
  24. (07:10:28 AM) herberck: i dont even know why it just happened that way
  25. (07:10:48 AM) Syd: Ron liked Monkey Island 3. For some reason, people are convinced that he didn't.
  26. (07:10:56 AM) herberck: Yea he said so in his blog
  27. (07:11:11 AM) herberck: but the first one really sounded like he hated everything after MI 2 haha
  28. (07:11:36 AM) Cheeseness: He's never really said that
  29. (07:11:53 AM) Cheeseness: Just stuff post MI2 didn't go in the direction he had in mind for Monkey Island
  30. (07:12:20 AM) Schmuppinho: I always got the impression that he's all about "I don't consider anything after MI2 to be real Monkey Island, plus I had nothing to do with those games anyway and don't wanna be mixed up with it"
  31. (07:12:41 AM) herberck: yea thats what the blog sounded like a little
  32. (07:12:54 AM) Schmuppinho: also I think he's quite touchy about people who don't know any better thinking that he and Tim created the Monkey series
  33. (07:13:21 AM) Schmuppinho: "Nah, that was just me and me alone"
  34. (07:13:28 AM) Syd: Tim and Dave were writers (and partially responsible for the game being a comedy in the first place) but it was all Ron's creation.
  35. (07:13:36 AM) Schmuppinho: anyways
  36. (07:14:06 AM) herberck: i wonder who was responsible for putting all the items you need on different islands lol
  37. (07:14:07 AM) herberck: i hate that
  38. (07:14:13 AM) Syd: If anyone here hasn't looked at Ron's blog lately, it's definitely worth checking out his latest posts.
  39. (07:14:39 AM) Schmuppinho: link pls?
  40. (07:14:51 AM) Syd:
  41. (07:14:55 AM) Schmuppinho: thank you, sir
  42. (07:15:02 AM) Cheeseness: Siress
  43. (07:15:14 AM) ReverendGumby [] entered the room.
  44. (07:15:23 AM) Schmuppinho: aaaaah
  45. (07:15:30 AM) Syd: I remember from the commentary in the special edition that they spread out all the items on purpose, even had charts set up to ensure that you had to travel all over the place to solve the puzzles.
  46. (07:15:30 AM) ReverendGumby: Howdy y'all!
  47. (07:15:35 AM) Schmuppinho: the third most recent post explains it
  48. (07:15:37 AM) Fireflower: Howdy!
  49. (07:16:17 AM) Cheeseness: Hey ReverendGumby
  50. (07:16:47 AM) herberck: anybody played the book of unwritten tales?
  51. (07:16:52 AM) ReverendGumby: What did I miss last week? Did someone utter their pardons as they passed in the hallway?
  52. (07:16:52 AM) herberck: i wonder if i should get taht
  53. (07:17:06 AM) herberck: the graphics look really nice but its from germany so its probably not very funny haha
  54. (07:17:42 AM) Syd: I've heard it's still pretty funny, even after going through translation.
  55. (07:17:46 AM) Syd: I haven't played it myself though
  56. (07:18:38 AM) herberck: ah ok i might check it out
  57. (07:18:43 AM) Schmuppes left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  58. (07:19:03 AM) Schmuppes [] entered the room.
  59. (07:19:04 AM) herberck: is the new episode coming out tomorrow?
  60. (07:19:11 AM) ReverendGumby left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  61. (07:19:17 AM) herberck: i think a developer said a new episode would come out this week
  62. (07:19:31 AM) ReverendGumby [] entered the room.
  63. (07:20:24 AM) hng left the room (quit: Quit: Lost terminal).
  64. (07:21:26 AM) Cheeseness: Not really sure what's happening at the moment guys. Our streamer isn't being very communicative at this second.
  65. (07:21:40 AM) ReverendGumby: He's gone rogue! Someone shoot him!
  66. (07:21:43 AM) ReverendGumby: (or her!)
  67. (07:22:43 AM) Syd: At the very least, we've got some cool stuff lined up for the next few weeks, with a likely return of a previous guest as well. :)
  68. (07:22:55 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, I've already told everybody that Ron's coming again :D
  69. (07:23:05 AM) ReverendGumby: I didn't hear that. Awesome!
  70. (07:23:31 AM) Syd: We're also working on some other guests, but Ron is the only one we have confirmed so far.
  71. (07:23:38 AM) Schmuppinho: excellent. for the MI2 sessions?
  72. (07:23:41 AM) Syd: Yep
  73. (07:24:07 AM) herberck: can you get tim schafer and john carmack as well?
  74. (07:25:03 AM) Syd: We have someone else in mind, but I won't name names since I don't want to get people's hopes up over a potential guest that may not be able to come.
  75. (07:25:41 AM) Fireflower: Guybrush Threepwood will be here
  76. (07:26:10 AM) herberck: youre lying
  77. (07:26:15 AM) Fireflower: :)
  78. (07:26:35 AM) Fireflower: yeah, don't think he can make it
  79. (07:26:53 AM) Cheeseness: Dom nearly came to our MI1 sessions, you know
  80. (07:27:19 AM) Fireflower: who's Domm?
  81. (07:27:25 AM) Fireflower: *Dom
  82. (07:27:26 AM) Cheeseness: The voice of Guybrush
  83. (07:27:30 AM) Fireflower: ah
  84. (07:27:32 AM) Syd: Guess it's safe enough to say that we're trying to get Dominic Armato (which would make that joke about Guybrush coming strangely close to the truth) but we aren't sure if he'll make it or not.
  85. (07:28:15 AM) Fireflower: ok, didn't know that. it was a joke from my side
  86. (07:28:21 AM) Cheeseness: ^_^
  87. (07:30:05 AM) Syd: We may do a Skype interview with Dominic if we can get him, but we still aren't sure if he'll be able to make it or not. We may just end up with Ron joining us in the chat.
  88. (07:30:11 AM) salty_horse [] entered the room.
  89. (07:30:25 AM) ReverendGumby: I'm excited about seeing Loom. Never played it.
  90. (07:30:26 AM) Fireflower: Ron is good enough :)
  91. (07:30:31 AM) Syd: Quite
  92. (07:30:55 AM) Fireflower: Loom is a good game if I remember correctly
  93. (07:31:03 AM) Syd: Confession time: Even though I'll be the one streaming Loom, I haven't played it before. I'm going to play through it sometime this week before the stream to familiarize myself with it.
  94. (07:31:19 AM) Fireflower: haven't played it in 20 years or more probably
  95. (07:31:35 AM) salty_horse left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  96. (07:32:13 AM) Fireflower: think you need a manual for some of the puzzles?
  97. (07:32:23 AM) ReverendGumby: A code wheel?
  98. (07:32:35 AM) Fireflower: yeah, might have been that
  99. (07:33:04 AM) salty-horse left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  100. (07:33:09 AM) Syd: I'll see what I end up needing for it when I play through it this week.
  101. (07:33:09 AM) Fireflower: DRM probably
  102. (07:35:04 AM) Syd: I know I'll be set for Monkey Island 2. I've played through that multiple times.
  103. (07:35:21 AM) Fireflower: cool
  104. (07:36:47 AM) ReverendGumby: My wedding's in a few weeks, so I hope I can make either of those playthrus.
  105. (07:37:25 AM) Syd: I believe settled on playing the special edition set to the original VGA graphics with voice acting for MI2 when I end up streaming it.
  106. (07:38:15 AM) ReverendGumby: Syd, thumbs up.
  107. (07:38:52 AM) Syd: I'd especially want to make sure that I'm playing it with voice acting enabled if we got Dominic
  108. (07:40:26 AM) Syd: I can occasionally swap between old and new graphics if someone wants to see the difference, but I'll probably mostly stick to the original graphics.
  109. (07:42:33 AM) Syd: We have some announcements coming up, so sit tight, everyone.
  110. (07:43:50 AM) ReverendGumby: *edge of couch*
  111. (07:44:26 AM) Fireflower: *biting my nails*
  112. (07:45:27 AM) ReverendGumby: That's bad for you.
  113. (07:45:45 AM) ReverendGumby: But so tasty.
  114. (07:45:50 AM) Fireflower: hehe
  115. (07:46:41 AM) herberck: i wish there was a mode where you have the old school graphics with the new interface
  116. (07:47:17 AM) Syd: That might have been interesting to see. It'd be like a de-make of the verb coin from Curse
  117. (07:48:41 AM) herberck: anybody know what kind of interface broken age  will use?
  118. (07:48:53 AM) herberck: one klick ftw?
  119. (07:49:18 AM) ReverendGumby: No idea.
  120. (07:49:34 AM) Syd: We've only seen bits of it so far. Not sure what the situation is with verbs. Looks like the inventory is on the bottom of the screen.
  121. (07:49:36 AM) ReverendGumby: I'm still watching the 2 Player videos.
  122. (07:50:04 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty guys, it looks like there won't be a stream this week, but we'll still try to spend some time talking about the game
  123. (07:50:34 AM) Syd: Okay, about to stream the announcement
  124. (07:50:36 AM) ReverendGumby: Awwws.
  125. (07:50:58 AM) Cheeseness: It's been a particularly difficult title to stream, and its format wasn't really suited to the way we've been doing things (perhaps we would have been better off streaming highlights and talking about the game as a whole than streaming the whole thing)
  126. (07:51:19 AM) fightclubdoll [] entered the room.
  127. (07:51:30 AM) Cheeseness: Hey fightclubdoll
  128. (07:51:36 AM) herberck: wow that sounded so professional
  129. (07:51:48 AM) fightclubdoll: C'est moi!!!!
  130. (07:51:52 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, if professional means hastily recorded and not scripted, sure
  131. (07:51:54 AM) ReverendGumby: So it is.
  132. (07:52:12 AM) fightclubdoll: =-D
  133. (07:52:23 AM) Syd: So I'll be bumbling my way through Loom for us next week. Should be interesting, as it seems to be one of the lesser-played LucasArts adventures.
  134. (07:52:37 AM) ReverendGumby: Cheeseness: No worries, it was cool to see.
  135. (07:53:07 AM) Cheeseness: So, what're people's impressions of TLE based on what we've seen so far and what anybody may have played in their own time?
  136. (07:53:20 AM) fightclubdoll:  
  137. (07:53:25 AM) fightclubdoll: =-D  
  138. (07:53:41 AM) Syd: It seems that it might be a bit difficult to tell what you did wrong and what lead to certain failure states in TLE
  139. (07:53:43 AM) Cheeseness: I'm definitely awed by the scope of the game. It must have been an immensely huge undertaking
  140. (07:53:52 AM) ReverendGumby: I'd be reluctant to play it without first studying up on my WWI history
  141. (07:53:53 AM) Syd: It still looks like a well-crafted and very ambitious game though
  142. (07:53:59 AM) herberck left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  143. (07:54:19 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, fightclubdoll, I was wondering how long it'd take you to spot that :D
  144. (07:54:29 AM) fightclubdoll: <3
  145. (07:54:39 AM) Fireflower: I think it looked a bit repetetive, doing the same stuff over and over
  146. (07:55:05 AM) fightclubdoll: I had to pick my jaw back up from the floor and collect my eyeballs from across the room.
  147. fightclubdoll Fireflower
  148. (07:55:25 AM) fightclubdoll: So, I was a little slow to officially respond.
  149. (07:56:22 AM) Cheeseness: Fireflower: Whilst the game's setting doesn't really change, I think maybe our streamer wasn't quite as familiar with the game as we have been for previous titles, and so we spent a bit more time knocking on doors and going in circles than we had for previous titles
  150. (07:56:44 AM) Fireflower: yeah, that could be the case
  151. (07:57:46 AM) Syd: And that's why I always have a guide open when I stream an adventure game, even if I feel confident that I won't need it. Sometimes, a tiny detail of a puzzle escapes my mind, and I'd hate for the stream to slow to a crawl because I'm trying to remember what I was supposed to do
  152. (07:58:03 AM) Cheeseness: I still find the cartoony rotoscoped foreground and raytraced backgrounds to be a little disharmonious, but it grew on me a lot over the past few weeks
  153. (07:58:08 AM) Cheeseness: fightclubdoll: That's understandable then ^_^
  154. (07:58:12 AM) ReverendGumby: I'll echo Syd's sentiments. It's a very impressive game. The fact that the other characters play out their roles in realtime only compounded that feeling.
  155. (07:59:41 AM) Cheeseness: I feel like we only had a small glimpse into the game's intrigue
  156. (08:00:14 AM) Syd: I think it would have been nice if some of the failure states in TLE did more to hint you in on what you did wrong that lead to getting stabbed/arrested/etc (though some of them were pretty clear on what you did wrong), but it still looks like a great game.
  157. (08:00:18 AM) Cheeseness: I imagine that that's intentional - that the game tries to evoke a little panic and make the player feel like they should rush around to hear/see everything
  158. (08:00:36 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, it did seem like not much feedback was given
  159. (08:00:42 AM) Schmuppes left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  160. (08:01:13 AM) GameClubFan_280073 [] entered the room.
  161. (08:01:35 AM) ReverendGumby: I don't know why, but being able to read the passenger roster astounded me.
  162. (08:01:54 AM) Cheeseness: It felt to me a little like cultural stereotypes were being heavily leaned upon, but again, I'm not sure that we really got to see more than a glimpse of the characterisation. Did anybody else find that?
  163. (08:01:58 AM) ReverendGumby: Most games I've seen don't let you dive down to that level of detail.
  164. (08:02:17 AM) Cheeseness: I imagine that detail would be fairly handy in navigating through the game and finding people
  165. (08:02:17 AM) fightclubdoll left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  166. (08:02:50 AM) fightclubdoll [] entered the room.
  167. (08:03:19 AM) Cheeseness: Have you played The Last Express, fightclubdoll?
  168. (08:03:45 AM) ReverendGumby: The stereotypes didn't seem overused to me.
  169. (08:03:56 AM) fightclubdoll: I'm going to have some tea... back in a bit.
  170. (08:04:32 AM) fightclubdoll: ..No I haven't, but I'm very curious to see it now.
  171. (08:05:03 AM) Syd: I imagine there's some longplays of TLE on Youtube if you want to look for them
  172. (08:05:22 AM) ReverendGumby: I wonder if there's a speedrun...
  173. (08:05:29 AM) Syd: I bet there is
  174. (08:05:49 AM) Cheeseness: Well, with it having simulated real time, I don't think you could get to the end before it ended
  175. (08:06:03 AM) ReverendGumby: Yeah, I just realized that.
  176. (08:06:14 AM) Cheeseness: That aspect I think is the most audacious part of the game
  177. (08:06:43 AM) ReverendGumby: What other adventure titles play out like that?
  178. (08:06:56 AM) Cheeseness: I have no idea. This is the only one that I know of
  179. (08:07:24 AM) Syd: I imagine that the closest TLE gets to a speed run is from playing beginning to end perfectly without failing once, so you never have to rewind.
  180. (08:08:03 AM) Fireflower: there was an adventure game many years ago where you were on a boat and solved murder puzzles that was in real time
  181. (08:08:14 AM) Fireflower: dont remember the name
  182. (08:09:52 AM) Cheeseness: According to the internets, there have been a few
  183. (08:09:57 AM) Cheeseness: Apparently Gabriel Knight 3 is?
  184. (08:10:08 AM) Fireflower: havent played that
  185. (08:11:11 AM) Syd: I've only played part of the first Gabriel Knight (I need to try finishing that someday)
  186. (08:11:31 AM) Fireflower: they're both good
  187. (08:11:40 AM) Cheeseness: Was the author of the journal much of a character in TLE? I sort of missed what the story was there and what their connection to the player was
  188. (08:13:08 AM) ReverendGumby: Wasn't that one of the two women who were always chatting in the lounge car?
  189. (08:13:19 AM) Cheeseness: I'm uncertain. I had thought it was the person playing chess
  190. (08:13:58 AM) ReverendGumby: You're referring to the journal that appears when you "die"?
  191. (08:14:02 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  192. (08:14:12 AM) Syd: Well, I gotta head out. I'll see you all around. :)
  193. (08:14:29 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming, Syd :)
  194. (08:14:37 AM) ReverendGumby: L8r, Syd
  195. (08:14:41 AM) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  196. (08:15:01 AM) ReverendGumby: So, no streaming announcement?
  197. (08:17:08 AM) Cheeseness: Hmm?
  198. (08:17:49 AM) ReverendGumby: Quoting Syd: "Okay, about to stream the announcement"
  199. (08:17:52 AM) Cheeseness: I tweeted something saying we wouldn't have a stream, and I posted in the forum thread too. Syd streamed my "intro" saying that there wouldn't be a stream
  200. (08:18:00 AM) ReverendGumby: Ah.
  201. (08:18:04 AM) Cheeseness:
  202. (08:18:09 AM) Cheeseness: If you missed it (it wasn't very long)
  203. (08:18:22 AM) ReverendGumby: twitch Flash player fail.
  204. (08:18:26 AM) ReverendGumby left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  205. (08:18:31 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah :/
  206. (08:18:39 AM) ReverendGumby [] entered the room.
  207. (08:19:23 AM) Cheeseness: You've played TLE through, right ReverendGumby?
  208. (08:19:31 AM) ReverendGumby: Not I.
  209. (08:19:42 AM) ReverendGumby: First time I saw it was here.
  210. (08:19:58 AM) Cheeseness: Ah, it was someone else then
  211. (08:20:10 AM) Cheeseness: I was hoping we could get a quick rundown on the rest of the story
  212. (08:20:51 AM) ReverendGumby: Hmm, only $4.99 for iOS
  213. (08:21:05 AM) Cheeseness: That's a re-release from last year
  214. (08:21:12 AM) ReverendGumby: Oh.
  215. (08:21:25 AM) ReverendGumby: Oct 27, indeed.
  216. (08:21:28 AM) Cheeseness: (one of the reasons we had it on the schedule was because it was "current"
  217. (08:23:11 AM) ReverendGumby: Does our hero ever get off the train?
  218. (08:23:44 AM) ReverendGumby: Does he start on the train? I joined mid-play.
  219. (08:23:57 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, the game starts when he hops onboard
  220. (08:24:03 AM) Cheeseness: (unless I missed something)
  221. (08:24:48 AM) ReverendGumby: If I wasn't hooked on this Terraria thing, I'd probably give it a spin.
  222. (08:26:52 AM) Fireflower: hooked on a feeling
  223. (08:27:09 AM) ReverendGumby: hooked on mining
  224. (08:27:51 AM) Fireflower: :)
  225. (08:28:01 AM) ReverendGumby: Anyone know where I could pick up Machinarium? That one looked neat.
  226. (08:28:25 AM) Cheeseness: ReverendGumby: From the Amanita site?
  227. (08:28:53 AM) Cheeseness: According to the internets, the climax of the game involves the player being held at gunpoint and being forced to open the firebird/egg
  228. (08:30:01 AM) ReverendGumby: You'd never get me to stick my finger in that thing.
  229. (08:30:10 AM) Cheeseness: Rather than handing it over to Kronos, Cath blows the whistle (which was the second item that was in the egg's case, and was also missing), which brings the bird to life and it attacks Kronos and Tahina
  230. (08:30:26 AM) Cheeseness: (which apparently reveals how Tyler died)
  231. (08:30:58 AM) Fireflower: i'm with you on that one ReverendGumby :)
  232. (08:31:16 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, it did seem like an awfully silly thing to do >_<
  233. (08:31:53 AM) ReverendGumby: afk
  234. (08:32:12 AM) Cheeseness: Apparently there
  235. (08:32:18 AM) Cheeseness: 's been talk of a TLE movie
  236. (08:32:56 AM) Cheeseness: Jordan Mechner also made the Prince of Persia films (for anybody who didn't know), so if a TLE movie was made, he'd probably be involved with that as well
  237. (08:36:07 AM) Fireflower: been talk recently of a movie?
  238. (08:40:52 AM) Cheeseness: In 2011 apparently
  239. (08:41:12 AM) Cheeseness: So far as film production timeframes go, I guess that's recent
  240. (08:42:01 AM) Fireflower: yeah
  241. (08:43:38 AM) Cheeseness: Paul Verhoeven would potentially be directing it
  242. (08:44:07 AM) Cheeseness: (RoboCop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Starship Troopers, Hollowman)
  243. (08:45:56 AM) Fireflower: not all bad movies :)
  244. (08:49:40 AM) fightclubdoll left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  245. (08:49:59 AM) ReverendGumby left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  246. (08:50:29 AM) Cheeseness: Most of his titles seem to have some level of acclaim/fan base
  247. (08:51:16 AM) Fireflower: yeah
  248. (08:52:00 AM) Fireflower: I liked the first 2 robocops and starship troopers. basic instict is also good
  249. (08:54:16 AM) Cheeseness: I enjoyed Total Recall
  250. (08:54:46 AM) Fireflower: yeah, it's ok
  251. (08:55:44 AM) Fireflower: but starship troopers is much better :)
  252. (08:55:52 AM) Cheeseness: I didn't really like it ^_^
  253. (08:55:59 AM) Fireflower: ok :)
  254. (08:58:39 AM) Cheeseness: In some respects I'm almost glad that we didn't finish TLE. It's given me some more encouragement to play through myself :D
  255. (08:58:47 AM) Fireflower: :)
  256. (09:02:04 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty, well unless anybody's got anything else they want to add about The Last Express, we should probably call this done and I'll get a chat log up. Apologies again to everybody about the hiccoughs we've had whilst working through this game.
  257. (09:02:10 AM) Cheeseness: Next week we'll be playing Loom
  258. (09:03:38 AM) Fireflower: Looking forward to that
  259. (09:03:44 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, it should be good :)
  260. (09:03:51 AM) Fireflower: yeah :)
  261. (09:04:00 AM) Cheeseness: Not sure whether we'll have a special guest or not, but fingers crossed
  262. (09:04:08 AM) Fireflower: hope we will
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