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  1. (Acting like the listener just walked in)
  2. Oh. Welcome home master. I wasn't expecting you home so soon. I forgot to clean up. (Kinda eagerly) you'll be wanting to punish me now? My big ass is always ready for you to spank it.
  4. (Small pause and sound surprised) you dont want to spank my ass. You want to punish... my testicles?
  6. But my milf balls are so sensitive and fragile. Wouldn't you rather abuse my fat ass? It jiggles and bounces when you hit it? Maybe I should twerk a little for you?
  8. You still want to hurt my testicles? If it's what you want then I will.
  10. (Gasp a little like listener is holding your balls) you have both of my balls in your hand right now. I've never had my balls busted too hard. Please don't hurt them too hard. My poor old balls are weak and fragile.
  12. (Groan in pain) ohhhhh. Your grip is so strong. You're squeezing my testicles so hard. It feels like they could (pained groan) they could pop. You wouldn't castrate your milf right?
  14. (Groan for a little in pain as your balls are squeezed. Then pant when they are let go) thank you for letting go. My weak testicles couldn't take much more.
  16. Y-youre not done? You want to kick my balls? But master I dont think they can take... if it's what you want.
  18. (Movement sounds) there. Im standing with my legs spread. My testicles are fully exposed and at your mercy. My milf balls are so sore already from your squeezing. They hurt so bad already.
  20. (Slap your hands together to make it sound like a kick. Then a big pained sound) my... my balls. They hurt so bad. Fuck, I can feel the pain in my stomach. (Groan in pain) my testicles. You kicked my testicles so hard. (Pant) I think they are both there. They are so sore and swollen. P-please spare my testicles. They cannot take much more punishment.
  22. Move my hands? You're going to step on my testicles? They are so weak and sore! Master please spare me! My milf balls are on the edge of popping. I wont have any balls!
  24. (Pained groans a bit more high pitched now) you're stepping on them. You have both of them under your foot! Please stop! I want to keep my testicles. Dont castrate me! Please dont castrate your chubby milf! Master dont castrate your chubby milf.
  26. (Pained groan then pant as listener steps off) oh. Oh thank you master. Thank you for letting your milf keep her testicles. I just... I just need some ice
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