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Purpose and belonging in a jobless world

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  2. It's 2030 - AI is now thriving on the best modern technology to be developed. The community is now advanced enough to operate robots driving our economy. We can build new robots, produce food and shelter basically for free. The future is here!
  3. Yesterday, the 9 billionth human was born. It was a beautiful baby girl and she was named Jessica. Jessica's parents belong to the biggest socio-economic group - jobless, unemployable, in the early XXI often called the USELESS CLASS.
  4. But they are happy. Jessica will grow up to be a happy kid, teenager, and a beautiful lady.
  5. How do you think this can be achieved? What do you think gives this folks purpose and belonging in life?
  6. They do not think about their poor or under-privileged background, they are united to make the best out of life.
  7. They are all engaged in an activity that requires teamwork, this activity is like-wise eco-friendly with low impact on the environment. Above all, it is very affordable. They all call themselves sailors.
  8. Sailing is a pastime for life. When most of us no longer need to go to work every day we have the freedom to explore. We have the freedom to hang out together for months or even years at sea or living on a boat in far away lands. Sailing gives us the absolute sense of freedom; we will get to explore the world together with our homes. Sailing gives us all of that while being a low environmental impact activity, and also gives us the chance to live without structure.
  9. Sailing can provide us with many goals in life with a rising level of difficulty and complexity. Can I learn to sail this boat? Can I cross the lake? Can I win a school competition? Can I beat a record in solo circumnavigation? All these are goals that are achievable when there is passion.
  10. Sailing is not difficult, you don’t need any experience, all it requires is setting definite goals, which indicates you are much more likely to actually end up sailing more and having more fun in the process. The first goal is marking up your calendar and schedule around your sailing. With this, you will be on the water more. What is the type of sailing that you desire? Sailing ranges from sailing with family and friends down to competing and winning a competition.
  11. Sailing is fun; so far you are realistic about your time, resources and talent. It is not advisable to set yourself up for failure, as it won’t work. Don’t aim beyond your capabilities. This happens a lot when you see people losing interest all because their goal is not realistic.
  12. So, if you really have fun being competitive then why not always try to shoot for the next higher step on the ladder.  
  13. And you sail just simply to enjoy or have fun with friends and family, that is fine. It’s definitely what the majority is doing.
  14. Once you have a set goal, and you are really serious about it, then you will definitely get there.
  15. Operating larger crafts requires teamwork and teamwork create friendships. On larger crafts, you can live and travel the world. Visit those exotic places one dreams about. To travel the world, you have to learn how to live without structure. In many ways, it turns out to be a very big experiment in terms of adapting to an unusual environment. But it will present an individual the chance of learning new things, meeting new people, and learning a new culture. If you can manage the experience well it serves as a proper tool which someone carries all through his or her lifetime.
  16. You will visit countries, sail every ocean on the planet, which will be a voyage of self-discovery, a choice of lifestyle with countless rewards which will tighten our bonds as a family.
  17. Travelling the world will come with the opportunity of meeting other cruisers and form long term bonds with them. And it will teach us a critical lesson about self and survival. We will have a much better idea of what it feels like outside of our comfort zone, which will increase our level of maturity and confidence.
  18. Adaptability is all you need, as every country you visit comes with a new environment, which requires you, family and friends, to embrace a new culture, a new language, and a new perception of life. This level of adaptability will be of huge influence on our children right into their adulthood.
  20. In the world of sailors, everyone can live peacefully - the ocean is big enough for everyone. It will be a curious world with people harnessing the power of the sun ( wind being a product of the sun as well ). Our ocean cruising yachts will have satellite Internet and holodecks to stay in touch with friends while visiting different parts of the globe. Speed record will be impressive, lightweight materials will become stronger, and control system will be more refined. Boats will sail at extraordinary speeds with the use of foils and high-efficiency aerodynamic rigs. And it will take just 30 days for a circumnavigation.
  21. Boats will be fast, strong and easy to correct after capsize, the battery will last longer as a result of being able to hold an extended charge. Solar power integrated into the sails and deck, along with a new concept of using a yacht’s motion, will generate energy to keep the batteries charged, which will entirely eliminate the need for fossil fuels.
  22. While racing, smaller drones will be launched to project aerial images about a 1-mile perimeter of the boat’s position, which will make reading of the wind easier.
  23. Wind speed and direction will be displayed by Lidar readouts ahead of a boat. Lidar makes use of the tiny laser beams to measure the flow of dust particles in the air. As a boat sails through the waves, small-scale instruments at the top of the mast will account for the movement of the mast, and sensors on the luff of the sail will record apparent wind speed and signify how sails should be trimmed according to wind shear, in real time and in the next few boat lengths.
  24. Here’s one we can all forget about: Protest hearings will be a thing of the past. And from each yacht involved in a dispute, images from small cameras with position data will be fed into a computer. The resulting calculations will determine who wins the protest. This will eliminate a lot of tension usually found in the protest room, eradicate the cost and the need for international judges on-site, and keep sailors from pushing the rules.
  25. Rigs will support single sail plans with wing structures. Masts will bend concertedly with wind strength, and at all times, the boat will sail at peak efficiency. Helmsmen will constantly be tested on their performance versus a computer’s predicted numbers. This technology is right in use today, of course, but the ability to monitor a sailor’s vital signs and fatigue will be the difference. When a helmsman starts to drift off-course, the instrument package will set off an alarm, or speak to the skipper through a small in-ear device. While self-driving cars will become commonplace on land, sailors like to steer, so rules will be in place to rule out self-steering boats while racing (autopilots for short handed sailing excluded, of course). Also, there will be no Seasickness. For several days, one small pill will work with no side effects. Lighter, more-breathable foul-weather gear will keep you drier and warmer, and their fabrics will detect dehydration, which will alert us when it becomes detrimental to performance.  If we fall into the water, A personal beacon will keep track of our exact location. Today, an EPIRB is used to send a location ­signal, but the new version will be a small, wearable and waterproof strip customized for each sailor.
  26. Telephone service will be cheaper, which is credited to laser-satellite technology that works anywhere in the world. It will be small and light. And if there is a health issue offshore, the health information of the sailor will be relayed back to a small wearable device. And on the chest of each piece of clothing, there will be an integrated screen.
  27. The precise sail, hull and keel shapes for a given weather condition will be designed using computational fluid dynamics. To maximize performance, an expandable membrane on the exterior of the hull or skin will change shape. Anti-fouling agents will remove all organic growth, and the film will be environmentally clean. Sustainability will become a usual feature of every sailing regatta. Other sports will be inspired by the environmental success in the sport of sailing, and they will be encouraged to follow suit.
  28. Social media will be of assistance for owners in the aspect of recruiting crew for racing. Skill level, physical size, capability and even compatibility will be part of the equation. Naval architects and engineers will introduce ever-faster designs with the aid of  IBM’s powerful computer, Watson. We will learn that early naval architects (who had no computer backing) were well ahead of their time with their creations. I think we will be going back to older designs to know what might offer something new. Take a moment to think about this, what if the likes of Herreshoff, Clinton Crane or Olin Stephens made use of supercomputers during their era.
  29. There will be a return to amateur sailing. Television broadcasts will entirely go off the picture in favor of online delivery. All teams will have the capacity to showcase its own boat on the preferred social platform of the day. Technology will make decision-making easier, and the intuitive skills of a sailor will fade. To hold on to the human factor in the sport, some sailing events will prevent any outside or technological assistance. And one of the first major sailing events to give special importance to a sailor’s skill over computing power will be the America’s Cup. Our boats won't be sailed with any tool at all. The event will become attention-grabbing that millions of viewers (on personal mobile devices) will watch with great interest.
  30. Apart from the fun that can be enjoyed in sailing, games, and competitions. A wide variety of marine foods are there to be explored. We have the opportunity to go on fishing expeditions. Just imagine the array of sea animals that we can eat while we live on water. It just enormous and fascinating.  
  31. Is this our future? Is this our dream? Everything starts with an idea. Virtual reality will inspire people to believe their dreams can definitely come true; it will make them dreamers. Internet, technology and old school sailing schools will help put in practice. Whereby, you get to sail or paddle your canoe right from the couch where you sit in your room. Ahoy!
  32. Isn’t that amazing!
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