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Application For Tutoring

TheRealSSJMEW Dec 14th, 2014 231 Never
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  1. Pokemon Showdown Nick: TheRealSSJMEW
  3. Time Zone:Pacific Standard Time
  5. Tier(s): CAP, Anything Goes, Doubles
  7. Regular Online Hours (in EST): 6:00 pm -> 10:pm
  9. References: I have no references
  11. "Write-Up for why you should be a Tutor."
  12.         Well I feel that i should be a tutor because ever since i was five I've been playing Pokemon, i'm 14. Then a couple of years back, I started getting into competitive playing and I've been a pretty good player. What I'm trying to say is that I feel as if I should pass some of my skills on to fellow Pokemon players so they can teach others. So if you do accept me I would be glad to be on here everyday, I mean i have nothing else to do.
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