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Pirates IRC FEB'19 Changelog

mruno Mar 1st, 2019 (edited) 38 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC - http://tiny.cc/PiratesIRC
  2. Feb 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Added # of cannons to !P Ship HP,INFO,STATUS
  6. Ship speed now be affected by HP. For every -10 HP, the ship moves 1 knot slower
  7. When the Captain repairs the ship with !P Captain Repair, amount to repair is now dependent on how damaged the ship is
  8. Ship hp shown in !P Ship Status and !P Ship Info and !P Ship Health and !P Ship HP
  9. Added ship hp regeneration which is currently 1hp/minute - ONLY when docked at a port
  10. Add ship health/hitpoints (hp). When hp is below 51%, ship is 'broke' and cannot sail from a port
  11. Added ship speeds to live map (when sailing)
  12. When a pirate ship succeeds in raiding a port, the port's size will decrease by a factor of 2
  13. When a pirate ship fails to raid a port, the port's size will decrease by a factor of 1
  14. When a faction takes over a port, the port's size will increase by a factor of 1 or 2
  15. A number of ports will increase/decrease in size when a new day starts.
  16. Ports sizes are no longer randomized at time of raids and are shown on the live map. port sizes are: 1-3 = small/town, 4-6 = medium/city, 7-10 = large/stronghold
  17. Added an event where player have a chance to steal an item from one another. Can be triggered randomly, or while digging, fishing, diving
  18. Additional events/consequences when lockpicking a chest of a pirate who is awake
  19. Added shortcut for robbing own ship's captains: !P Rob capn or !P Rob captain
  20. Added shortcut for robbing other ship captains: !P Rob capn <ship> or !P Rob captain <ship>
  21. Added 'Undisclosed' as a gender option in the store and when pirates enlist
  22. Added message when a pirate parts or quits from the channel they still be onboard for 5mins (dedicated channels only, like #pirates)
  24. Fixes:
  25. Ability to charver,rob,duel,troll pirates who fell overboard
  26. Receive a blank nickname when purchasing a new nickname
  27. Corrected ship speed when sailing
  28. Quest messages will no longer be public if game is in a shared channel OR player has nohighlight enabled in options
  29. Sabotaging other ships not working in some instances
  30. Multiple lottery tickets task
  31. Number of pirates needed to raid a port inconsistencies
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