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  1. >Diamond tiara waited patiently in class, filled with anticipation for her after school activity.
  2. >There was but a few more minutes until the bell rung.
  3. >She had purposely eaten a large lunch at the end of class, and could feel it still in her stomach.
  4. >Her plan would involve that food, and she hoped much would have not passed through into her bowels before she could execute it.
  5. >The bell rings, and she bolts out the door.
  6. ”Hey DT, I was wondering if-” Silver spoon says, calling to her friend.
  7. “No can do Silver, I need to be somewhere.”
  8. >She had blown off her only friend.
  9. >While it may seem like a heartless thing to do, she wanted some alone time for this.
  10. >Running into the woods, she finds a clearing and puts down her saddlebags.
  11. >Inside is a vial, one she stole from a pharmacy her daddy owned.
  12. >IPECAC Was on the label.
  13. >She had waited a long time for this moment, she could barely contain herself.
  14. >Unscrewing the lid and downing the contents, she waited for it to take effects.
  15. ”Hey! There you are! I saw applebloom carrying scootaloo, she looks sick, do you want to go mess with her?”
  16. >Silver spoon had followed her.
  17. >Diamond tiara panicked, she had just ingested a bottle of something that would make her throw up. Soon.
  18. >Very soon, she could already start to feel it in her stomach, twisting and turning.
  19. >Had Silver Spoon not been here, Diamond would be in the process of pleasuring herself.
  20. >She had found one of her fathers magazines, hidden away under his bed.
  21. >It depicted of mares, slowly massaging their clits.
  22. >Diamond Tiara had tried this, and while it did feel good, it was nothing compared to a mare vomiting.
  23. >She planned to combine the two today, but with silver spoon here, it became impossible.
  24. “Hey… Silver, I’m doing something right now. Why don’t you go mess with them yourself, or something.”
  25. >Silver spoon was shocked, Diamond Tiara had never given up the opportunity to mess with the CMC.
  26. >She was hiding something, and being the impatient little brat that she was, Silver Spoon would not stop until she had her answers.
  27. “You never miss an opportunity to screw with those nobodies, you’re hiding something.”
  28. “Me? Hiding something? As if! How dare you make such an accusation.” Diamond tiara defended.
  29. >She wouldn’t last long, it was hard keeping her composure while speaking.
  30. >Her stomach was in horrible pain, it wanted nothing to do but get rid of its contents.
  31. “Huh! What are you even doing out here? This place is so icky!”
  32. “I told you- I *Gurgle* need to do… Something… A-”
  33. >Diamond lost it.
  34. >A torrent of lunch came up her throat.
  35. >She barely had time to turn away from SS.
  37. >Spraying the vomit all over the the ground, she cannot help but smile in satisfaction.
  38. >Looking at SS, her face changed.
  39. >She had just done something disgusting. She would probably tell everypony about this!
  40. >Silver Spoon, however just watched her friend vomit.
  41. >Looking at the chunks still on her mouth, she watches DT recoil, getting ready for another blow.
  42. >Letting her body go through the motions, she jumps forward and puts her mouth on DT’s just as she hurls.
  43. >She feels the acid launch out of Diamond’s mouth, and enter hers.
  44. >She tastes the bile, it still has that sunflower taste to it her original meal had.
  45. >The torrent forces its way down her throat, and into her stomach.
  46. >Both of their faces are covered in spit, and they break the kiss, a string of saliva hanging between their mouths.
  47. >Both look in each others eyes, and they know, that this is now their personal thing.
  48. >Getting ready for another blow, they lock lips as Diamond’s stomach forces its contents out.
  49. >Silver Spoons stomach, now filled with her friends ipecac tainted acid, hurls as well.
  50. >The streams meet halfway, and their mouth explodes in a fury of acids and food.
  51. >As they do so, Silver Spoon starts massaging DT’s clit, sending a fury of pleasure down her body.
  52. >Breaking the kiss, Silver Spoon spits what is in her mouth at her friend, covering her face.
  53. >Licking up Silver spoon’s mess, she puts her hoof into Silver’s clit.
  54. >Massaging around, Silver shudders, and soon Diamond Tiahra finds her hoof very wet.
  55. >’Did she just pee on me? That’s so gross!’
  56. >Looking at her hoof, she finds it coated in a clear, almost sticky liquid.
  57. >She licks her wet hoof, and hugs her friend.
  58. >They set out to find someplace they can clean themselves outside of town.
  59. >They would do this every so often, each time daring each other to eat more, or hold it in longer.
  60. >They had a new hobby.
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