My first gang bang

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  1. Ok, so I know what your thinking based on the title. "Jaiden, you've been in a gang bang! that's crazy! what was that like?!" And then you probably noticed the rest of the thumbnail and probably said something like "Wait, why were you in a raisins uniform?"
  2. ...Well, it's a bit of a long story. I won't say I was super proud of it at the time, but looking back it was kinda neat.
  4. Waaay back when I was 6 or 7 or so, I was really looking forward to getting the gameboy advanced SP. The ads were everywhere, just blam, nintendo on the bus, blam, nintendo on a plane, blam, nintendo on a billboard. I didn't really notice at first, but then one of my freinds showed me what it was like to play one and I was like 'oh my god. I've got to have this thing'.
  6. I tried asking my parents a bunch but all they gave me was the 'maybe if you're very good' line. I would've gone with it if it wasn't already February. Christmas was over, and my birthday was months away, so waiting for this thing wasn't really something I wanted to do. I tried saving up my allowance for a bit, but I was pretty impulsive back then, so that never really lasted too long.
  8. Friggin candy, if it wasn't so delicious I'd... ughh!
  9. Nah, it's still too good.
  11. Actually, it's kind of a good thing that I did go out and spend my money on candy, though, because on the way back I saw an ad for a place called 'raisins'. I don't really remember how the ad went exactly, but I think it was something like 'looking for young girls with flat chests that need money!'
  12. Young girl
  13. needs money
  14. Flat chest- well, I had some bones and stuff, but I thought I could hide it
  16. God, I was so naive back then... just, so, so innocent.
  18. So, I busted the door down, said I was working there and they gave me the job on the spot!
  19. No, not really. I walked in, mentioned my name to a secretary, with a line up of 5 or 7 other girls and started nervously kicking my feet while I waited. It's weird because now, I'd be freaking out waiting for a job interview, but back then I was just sorta bored. I mean, the other kids were a little weird, but we didn't really talk before they called us in.
  20. I think the biggest conversation I heard was 'so, your going here too?' 'yeah' 'cool.'
  21. such poetry.
  23. Looking back, I'm kinda surprised at how easy the interview was. At the time, I really didn't know what to expect, but even now I wouldn't have expected what it was. All they were looking for was for me to calculate a few tips, remember a few orders, and pose for a few photos.
  24. No, not those kind of photos!
  25. ...but I'm kinda surprised it wasn't.
  26. No, it was just me standing in front of a wall or something. For some reason I thought that there had to be more to it, so I thought that if I moved while they were taking the pic I'd break the photo or something, but that wasn't really how it worked. A few pics later and they said that I was hired.
  27. "Cool... Wait, what?"
  28. I was expecting a phone call in a few days, or a letter of acceptance or something, but no they just gave me the job on the spot. At the time they'd said that it was because of my awesome math skills, but really I think it was just that they were hiring whoever came in first.
  29. Not that my math skills are anything to make fun of, of course.
  31. They said to come in tomorrow at 8 am, and I'd start my training. Ok, cool. They handed me my first uniform and there was like a small moment of silence for it. Just this impressed whoosh came over the room as I got it, like it was my destiny or something instead of just some crappy first job at a bar.I don't know, I geuss I was just excited or something, but I like to think that there was like a chorus of angels and a little light beam and I took it like a greatsword.
  33. As soon as I left the room, my face broke out in this crazy grin, and I started sprinting home laughing. I don't know what the other girls were thinking at the time, but I know I made a huge scene of the waiting room. I don't think I was flipping chairs or anything, but I know I looked crazy.
  35. I got home, checked the uniform to make sure it was clean, and went to sleep. What I didn't realize, besides what the uniform was designed for, was just how small it'd be on me. Like that thing was diggining into all the wrong places. I checked myself in the mirror and had to do a double take I looked so weird.
  36. "Ok" I thought to myself "I'll just wear sweat pants and a shirt on over it and ask if I could have a size or two bigger. After all, this is clearly waay too small on me, right?" Wrong.
  37. When I got there, I noticed that all the other girls were dressed exactly the same way as I was under my clothes, and I felt too stupid to ask for another size up. It was probably for the best though, I would've just looked stupid too, probably.
  38. Congrats, I avoided looking stupid working at... raisins. Phweet.
  39. ugh.
  41. So, I threw off my clothes and went to the back for my training. I don't mean to brag, but I was actually really good at it. Odd fit, I know, socially awkward dealing with people all day. At the time though, it was actually great. Like I felt like I was the confident one in the room. I didn't know why, but there were a bunch of people that were there that were way more uncomfortable than me, and that really made me feel better. Mostly what'd happen is a customer would come in, glance at my chest and then start blushing, I'd think 'ohh, he's shy' and I'd feel so much better about talking to him. It was actually pretty fun.
  42. Well, the floors were kinda sticky. And the Ac was pretty high. And occasionally a customer would touch my butt.
  43. Mostly pretty fun. I thought it was fun back then, but now I'd probably scream.
  45. Anyway, it was near the end of my shift, I'd made more than enough for the gameboy, and I was dealing with the last batch of customers. That part was kinda weird. They asked if I wanted to sit with them and eat. I actually love hot wings so, I was all over that, but in hindsight I probably shouldn't. They were all talking about things they wanted to 'do to us' and I had no idea what any of it meant. like
  46. "Hey Jaiden, wanna join the boys for a three way?"
  47. "Um.... heh... no I'm good for roads."
  48. and they'd just burst out laughing.
  49. After a while it started to bug me. I was tired, and annoyed and it was all kinds of late, so I started just going along with it.
  51. It wasn't really late, I was only there for 2 hours and the place closed at 7 to make sure the girls got in bed before they're moms asked about it, but it felt late.
  53. So between mouthfuls of wings, one of them asked;
  54. "Hey Jaiden, have you ever given anyone a blowjob before?"
  55. And I just went;
  56. "Oh, yeah, all the time. I'm just the queen of blowjobs. Could give you all blowjobs if I wanted."
  57. They. Were. Shocked.
  59. Of course I'd never given a blowjob, I didn't even know what that was, I just wanted to look like I knew what I was doing at that momment. But I think because of the outfits, or the alcohol or something like that, they all just took me on my word. they were all... "blown away".
  60. I think I was on a roll at that point so I grabbed one of their beers and took a long drink from it. That was super dumb on so many levels. First, I was 7 so it tasted awful. Second, no employee is allowed to drink on site, so I was just risking my job just to look like tough girl jaiden for a bit. And third, it hit me WAY harder than I thought it would. Mid sentence I was just. Gone.
  61. "See? I know my fay ahound a bowjib."
  63. The group just sorta nodded in wonder. A lot of what happens next is pretty hazy for a bit though. I think I remember one of them mentioning triple my wages, or something like that for an hour in his car. I remembered thinking to myself 'why would i need that' but also nodding at the same time. I think there was an argument or something, and then someone put a hand on my shoulder and led me outside.
  64. The hot air was super not helpful for sobering me up, so it took a while before I realized we were outside to begin with. I didn't really get it all the way until I felt the grass on my knees. That was also when I noticed that I was on my knees.
  66. So, you can probably see where this was going.
  68. Three pairs of pants hit the floor, and that was the first time I'd ever seen a dick before. I know there are a lot of stories of girls biting the first time they see one or something, or knowing what to do when they see one, but I had no idea. I just sat there, frozen, staring at each of them, still pretty drunk. One of them asked if I was going to blow them or not. I had no idea what to do, so I just stuck my tongue out and
  69. Phhhbbbt.
  70. ...
  71. Phhbbbbbtttt.
  72. ...
  73. "uh, done?"
  74. They really tried to be patient with me, teaching me what to do, where to put my tongue, that sort of thing, but I never got the hang of it. The beer probably didn't help. Eventually the one in front just told me to keep sucking and rocking my head back and forth, get on all fours, and no matter what don't bite down.
  75. Oh, sure, pfft. I could do that. Wait, where did my shorts go?
  78. I think that was the worst pain I'd ever felt up to that point in that area. I've fallen down many times and none of them have ever stung as badly as when they started to put it in. I didn't even really know what was going on. What I can safely say for sure is that I didn't bite down. No matter how painful it got, I just kept sucking and rocking.
  79. What I didn't realize at the time, aside from there being 2 more, was that the one behind me had actually put it in my ass at the time. No wonder it hurt so bad! I thought sex was going to hurt forever because I lost my anal virginity before my hymen!
  81. So, this is where the actual 'gang bang' happens. The guy on my right slid down like some sort of snake underneath me.
  82. "Hey"
  83. "H-hey?"
  84. "So, this part might hurt a bit. but just wait a little and it'll feel better, ok?"
  85. "Wha-"
  86. And that's when he tore right through my hymen. That actually hurt less compared to my ass. The fourth guy guided my hand to his dick and started rubbing it back and forth, but at first whenever he'd stop I'd stop. It took a few times for me to geuss that what he wanted was for me to keep doing it without him.
  87. Around this point, I was starting to feel into the whole thing. Like it was starting to feel good, but that might have just been the beer or something. I started feeling like warm around my crotch. First thought:
  88. "Oh, god, I need to pee."
  89. But it actually wasn't that, I was actually about to cum. They started to getting a little faster and rougher and I felt myself getting closer until eventually, I started to shake like crazy.
  90. They came all over me, and it was like a spell was broken with them. They all kind of ran away after that like they were afraid or something, which I geuss makes sense, it was technically rape or something. It's actually too bad, I kinda wanted to try that again.
  92. So, after all that, I went home, bought a game boy the next day, and never really went back to raisins. At the time I just didn't need money again, but as I got older my tits started growing in. So, yeah, kicked out from puberty onward. I've never done anything like that either.
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