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  1. I want to leave a legacy
  2. Of who gave his life and had the honor of a soldier
  3. History of conquest and sweaty work
  4. And if i was to be just one more, I would satisfy
  5. staying silent
  7. I'm tired brother
  8. My condition will not let me be another in a
  9. million
  10. In this position i need to have an attitude, I know
  11. So I write rap as who writes a law
  13. And this law has a name
  14. And says if I do not act like a man, I do not deserve
  15. die like a man
  16. How many are going hungry or for randomly
  17. And I notice that the brightness in the eye is no longer the same
  19. Dissatisfaction, massacre, confusion, fear
  20. Row, heatstroke, vaccine, complete with finger
  21. In the trigger, I'ma thrill to the plot
  22. I came to be legend and legend always part earlier
  24. I am the street because I live that by heart
  25. I do not pretend to be considerate street
  26. My mind's focused bum
  27. One day I wanted to make money, now I want to dominate the
  28. world
  30. Ending these fake rap
  31. For when I leave(die), the streets dress in mourning
  32. Aware that every heroic end is sad
  33. It's more than level up, it is to show that we
  34. exist
  36. Unfortunately, or remains
  37. my heroes died, with me it will not be as
  38. different
  39. What comforts me in the game
  40. is to know that my death will not be as large as
  41. my life
  43. Focus on mission,
  44. I do not mean size, i mean dimension
  45. Getting the attention
  46. Length of each track, dedication
  47. Several will be playing of be from rap
  48. While we are the rap in action
  50. For the most part and his voice
  51. We dont need the radio, the radio is that needs
  52. we
  53. No tormentor will steal my role
  54. I Dont want to be a star, the sky is plent of those
  56. I see many get confused in the way
  57. they will thrill and be deceived by the bling bling's
  58. No, I know I dont live like that
  59. I see myself in my brother and know that they also
  60. see theirselves in me
  61. Jao, I ve got prepared and came
  62. sane, convicction that i was right, partner
  63. I ignored the fake after all if they did not exist, for what was meant the true ?
  64. Brazilian option for lack of need
  65. Swallow the shit without quality
  66. And who values ??the quality has to remain united
  67. Because when they make bad rap, our space is
  68. guaranteed
  70. Sad to say this but
  71. Its needed to have people in the top for those who are in the bottom want to
  72. rise as well
  73. Clear objective is what there is!
  74. And its just up to you to choose where you want to be(top or bottom)
  76. I decided that from that day on
  77. I said he would support no matter how 'heavy'
  78. would be the situation
  79. And when I die I want everyone to know that I ...
  80. died with the pen in my hand
  82. (2)
  83. I will not delete my history like many did
  84. I will not be given up as many of them have
  85. It's not about being convinced
  86. Is because that if it werent that way, i would prefer
  87. not even have been born
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