Question about Tier 2/3 Backlinks

Sep 4th, 2020
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  1. Question about Tier 2/3 Backlinks
  2. So, given that my site already has Tier 1 links (a mention of my website from another website's page), how would I go about building Tier 2 and 3 links?
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  14. If I were using GSA SER, would I be blasting links to the url of the page that gave me the Tier 1 link? Or would I be blasting links to my actual site?
  15. Tier 2 means links to the page that links to your website. Tier 3 means links built to the tier 2 pages. But one tier 1 link is not enough.. build more quality ones to rank..
  16. You need to blast links to the url of the page that gave Tier 1 link.
  17. Tier 1 links obviously
  18. Money site < Tier 1 < Tier 2 < Tier 3
  19. ?
  21. dont blast shitty links to tier 1. tier 1 should be just like your money site. if you are going to blast any backlinks, it should be to your tier 2 or tier 3. and that even comes with some suggestions
  22. money site
  23. tier 1
  24. url shortners (tier 2)
  25. use gsa article and wiki (tier 3
  26. use gsa comment blast and forum posts (tier 4
  27. ?
  29. Point those links to tier 2 or tier 3 sites. Don't blast it on Tier 1,point only relevant links to tier 1.
  30. This plot displays the image below.
  32. Crawler Traps: Causes, Solutions &#038; Prevention &#8211; A Developer&#8217;s Deep Dive
  34. This plot shows Googlebot requests per day. It is similar to the Crawl Stats feature in the old Search Console. This report was what prompted us to dig deeper into the logs.
  36. After you have the Googlebot requests in a Pandas data frame, it is fairly easy to pinpoint the problem.
  38. Here is how we can filter to one of the days with the crawl spike, and break down by page type by file extension.
  40. Long Redirect Chains & Loops
  42. A simple way to waste crawler budget is to have really long redirect chains, or even loops. They generally happen because of coding errors.
  44. Let’s code one example redirect chain that results in a loop in order to understand them better.
  46. This is what happens when you open the first URL in Chrome.
  48. Crawler Traps: Causes, Solutions &#038; Prevention &#8211; A Developer&#8217;s Deep Dive
  50. You can also see the chain in the web app log
  52. Crawler Traps: Causes, Solutions &#038; Prevention &#8211; A Developer&#8217;s Deep Dive
  54. When you ask developers to implement rewrite rules to:
  56. Change from http to https.
  57. Lower case mixed case URLs.
  58. Make URLs search engine friendly.
  59. Etc.
  60. They cascade every rule so that each one requires a separate redirect instead of a single one from source to destination.
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