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  1. [16:52:14] <Bigwood> Alright, so, it's been some time since the duel - Mina's part-dragon too though - and since people who get beat up in fights typically end up unconscious, it probably took her a while to wake up.  And it's not until now that you notice Mimi wasn't just sulking in a corner, but had ACTUALLY left the building.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
  2. [16:52:15] <Ramiel> Alright, so I guess I'm gonna hijack the Minamobile and have her track down Michelle so I can make her apologize for not recognizing her and we can all be friends together.  That's how it works, right?
  3. [16:52:27] <Bigwood> yeah
  4. [16:52:45] <Bigwood> in fact, Mina's wyvern was watching over her this whole time too
  5. [16:52:48] <Ramiel> Friends at magic-axe-point
  6. [16:53:23] <Ramiel> Also my thing at 9 tonight just postponed to tomorrow, so no time limits for me.  Though I doubt it'll matter
  7. [16:53:40] <Ramiel> You say less than an hour, so I'm sure we'll be done in three or so
  8. [16:53:42] <Bigwood> When she wakes up with a "Pwah!" She springs up full force, smiles wide, and jumps on your magic armor-wearing loli-self for a full-on 1,1glomp.  "Wow, that was amazing!  Ok, you can be my big sister now!"
  9. [16:53:47] <Bigwood> UH
  11. [16:53:54] <Bigwood> WHAT TIME
  12. [16:54:19] <Bigwood> oh wait no, someone going missing for part of that one is fine
  13. [16:54:23] <Bigwood> and appropriate
  14. [16:54:26] <Bigwood> and perfect
  15. [16:54:33] <Ramiel> YEAH THAT'S RIGHT.  No specific time yet, I'll make sure I'm home at a certain time
  16. [16:54:56] <Ramiel> . . . to be honest, I still can't remember our starting time.  I just make sure I'm online mid-afternoon for rollcall
  17. [16:54:58] <Ramiel> Five?
  18. [16:55:02] <Bigwood> Hmm, if you can, find out if you'll be gone at 5 though, because if you're late to show I'll come up with a hilarious intro for you
  19. [16:55:23] <Bigwood> but yeah if you vanish midsession it's much less of a big deal than it would normally be, trust me
  20. [16:56:12] <Bigwood> anyway back to thing
  21. [16:56:16] <Bigwood> tl;dr mina is elise now wat do
  22. [16:57:05] <Ramiel> Pat her head approvingly
  23. [16:57:13] <Bigwood> "Au!"
  24. [16:57:20] <Flamy> cute
  25. [16:57:23] <Bigwood> Your bond has deepened!
  26. [16:57:48] <Ramiel> Does she purr?  I can just imagine her purring a bit right now.
  27. [16:57:58] <Bigwood> Yes.
  28. [16:58:01] <Bigwood> Chelsea says yes.
  29. [16:58:06] <Bigwood> ......................................................
  30. [16:58:08] <Bigwood> oh god
  31. [16:58:12] <Bigwood> in fact
  32. [16:58:22] <Bigwood> Chelsea is literally there right now.
  33. [16:58:36] <Raitaki> when will tree stop enticing us with fliers
  34. [16:58:53] <Bigwood> You spent this whole time indoors in Chelsea's chamber, where the aforementioned is just a silent loli robot who sits in a chair staring at things much in the way Nihi does.
  35. [16:59:20] <Bigwood> because it just hit me that the duel took place right outside there, and there's no better place to go for shelter from the cold
  36. [17:01:18] <Ramiel> Ok so, we're gonna be friends now.  Best friends in fact.  BUT MY OTHER BEST FRIEND IS MISSING WE GOTTA GO FIND HER
  37. [17:02:07] <Ramiel> Then we can all be best friends together and go do girly stuff like kill monsters at tea parties and whatnot
  38. [17:02:57] <Bigwood> "Oh, that weirdo?" Mina smiles OH GOD I SERIOUSLY CAN'T SEE HER AS ELISE wITH A MEAN STREAK NOW HELP.  "Okay!  I never lost in a duel before, so I guess I gotta do what you say.  Hop on!"  And then she throws on her armor and jumps on her wyvern, patting a spot near the saddle.
  39. [17:03:31] <Ramiel> Well this is considerably easier than the last one
  40. [17:03:58] <Ramiel> Augh I gotta nick up, having a hard time feeling it otherwise
  41. [17:04:03] * Ramiel is now known as KriBe
  42. [17:04:55] <Bigwood> i might too, but considering what i'm about to be doing i'll hold off F O R  N O W
  43. [17:07:47] <KriBe> "Always wanted to try flying"  Just what this world needs, flying magic armorlolis
  44. [17:08:06] <Bigwood> So you go off to ADVENTURE, presumably.  By which I mean, flying is even scarier than- oh wait you're Nanoha.  Nevermind.  It's just 'sure is flying.'  And as soon as you take off and get some distance from the castle, somebody steps out from the staircase and watches over the side of the building.  You can see him raising something too... shrinking into a dot in the distance... okay, he's gone.
  45. [17:08:09] <Bigwood> That was weird.
  46. [17:09:09] <Bigwood> "Oh, so what's your name anyway?"  Asks the quizzical loli who literally bends backward in her seat to make eye contact.  Upside-down eye contact.  She doesn't need to watch where she's going because she's riding an animal that is watching where it's going.
  47. [17:12:02] <KriBe> "Krisse."  She smirks slightly as she answers.  Short and simple.
  48. [17:13:06] <KriBe> "Any idea where Micky went?  This thing can track 'er I hope?"
  49. [17:13:11] <Bigwood> "Oh, that's it?  Boo~ring!  Why don't you be like... Something Godess Krisse, God-General of the Cosmos?  ... Oh, because you're not a God-General.  Right."  Her twintails sway in the breeze.
  50. [17:13:38] <KriBe> She pats the wyvern's side and thinks.  Hmmmm.  HMMMMMMMM.
  51. [17:13:47] <KriBe> Why don't I have an awesome name like that?
  52. [17:13:49] <Bigwood> "Meh," she shrugs.  "It's easy to see someone around here because they don't blend in with the snow... ooh!  What's that over there!"
  53. [17:13:53] <Bigwood> You never asked!
  54. [17:14:05] <Bigwood> ...
  55. [17:14:19] <Bigwood> oh man can you imagine getting together with nanashi and just coming up with chuunibyou edgy nicknames
  56. [17:14:20] <Bigwood> damn
  57. [17:14:28] <Bigwood> ok this is not the time nor place for that
  58. [17:15:03] <Bigwood> Namely, because yeah, on cue, Mina is pointing to a shivering Michelle angrily marching through the snow on the ground.
  59. [17:15:44] <KriBe> She thinks for a few moments.  "I dunno, never thought about it.  Maybe I should have one like that"
  60. [17:16:39] <KriBe> "Oh, good catch, there we go.  Let's go grab her 'fore she freezes out here"
  61. [17:17:25] <Bigwood> "Okay!"  Mina's critical cut-in appears onscreen, winking.  "Let's have some funsies!"
  62. [17:17:47] <Bigwood> And then the wyvern SWOOPS down and she leaps off, going for a crit...
  63. [17:17:52] <Bigwood> 1,1Hug    .
  64. [17:19:07] <KriBe> GROUP HUG
  65. [17:19:17] <KriBe> TRIANGLE HUG
  66. [17:19:19] <Bigwood> "Glawlahughaghuhwgh WHAT" Michelle shrieks as she's tackled and both of them plow in the snow.  The wyvern lands calmly and quietly nearby.
  67. [17:19:28] <Bigwood> ... And yeah you can get off for a triangle hug
  68. [17:19:41] <Bigwood> I wouldn't recommend jumping because that armor weighs so much it'd probably kill them both, but
  69. [17:22:18] <Bigwood> "O-Oneesa- I mean... oh, it's you."  Mimi grumbles, turning away from her former(?) idol and trying to break free to continue trudging through the snow.  "Let go of me, I'm going home."
  70. [17:22:48] <Giantree> "O-Oneesa- I mean... oh, it's you."  Mimi grumbles, turning away from her former(?) idol and trying to break free to continue trudging through the snow.  "Let go of me, I'm going home."
  71. [17:22:56] <KriBe> "Now what the heck are ya doing way out here Micks?  You're gonna freeze to death"
  72. [17:24:01] <Giantree> "Am noACHOO" she sneezes loudly.  "Am not!  I'll just keep walking, you two can be best friends instead."
  73. [17:24:09] <Giantree> Mina still doesn't let go btw.
  74. [17:27:29] <KriBe> "Uh-uh, no.  You're my best friend first, I ain't letting you off that easily"  
  75. [17:27:31] <KriBe> "We're going back to the castle, and we're all gonna be best friends together, RIGHT?"
  76. [17:28:44] <Giantree> "How can you be best friends with someone you just met and don't even know anything about?"  Michelle glares.  Mina continues to be more-or-less superglued to her, holding on tighter than should be humanly possible.  "And why go back there anyway?  Weren't you creeped out by that place?"
  77. [17:30:50] <KriBe> "How?  Because I want to be friends with them.  Does anything else really matter?"
  78. [17:31:42] <KriBe> She strokes he lolichin ponderously  "May be right about the castle though, really no reason we gotta go back.  Where you wanna go instead?"
  79. [17:31:49] <Giantree> "Yes.  Like, whether they care to be friends with you.  Or when they'll backstab and kill you.  And stuff like that."
  80. [17:32:33] <Giantree> "My house is um... it isn't that far from here actually.  Probably closer than the castle even.  I just wanted to go report to my dad that I give up all this soldier business, it's really not worth it anymore."
  81. [17:32:42] <Giantree> ...
  82. [17:33:01] <Giantree> When she thinks nobody's looking she tries to sniff Mina's hair too.  But is very subtle about it.
  83. [17:33:51] <KriBe> She ponders Michelle's words for a little while, and
  84. [17:34:12] <KriBe> After mulling them over a few times
  85. [17:34:16] <Giantree> here it comes
  86. [17:34:17] <KriBe>  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  87. [17:35:22] <KriBe> "I just wanna be friends.  That other stuff's too complicated, so don't worry about it"
  88. [17:35:40] <KriBe> "I hope you're not going home to give up on your dreams though"
  89. [17:36:19] <Giantree> "Well... you did kinda spare my life, so I owe you one.  But my dreams are shattered, I gotta turn over a new leaf and get a new dream."
  90. [17:36:51] <Giantree> "... And seeing you dominate my idol into a slave(?) doesn't make me think you're any less of a weirdo."
  91. [17:37:18] <Giantree> Mina smiles.  "Naw!  I'm just paying my dues to the winner!  ... Oh, geez, that kinda is like slavery, isn't it."
  92. [17:37:47] <KriBe> (Note to self:  Don't show Micky the collar I got for Mina)
  93. [17:38:05] <Giantree> (ruff ruff, ruff ruff, i'm a dog)
  94. [17:38:47] <KriBe> (And you said you didn't know anything bout my fetishes)
  95. [17:39:03] <Giantree> "Besides, it's not like I don't actually recognize you!  You're the... uh... one of the brigades... somethingsomething."
  96. [17:39:11] <Giantree> Michelle groans and turns to walk away.
  97. [17:40:05] <KriBe> She grabs Mina in a sidehug "Not slave, we're just good friends now!  Equals!"
  98. [17:40:08] <KriBe> ", , , mostly"
  99. [17:40:22] <Giantree> nice commas
  100. [17:40:27] <KriBe> Nifty
  101. [17:40:50] <Giantree> "Someday I wanna know HOW you did it," Mina's still grinning.  "But for now, who cares!  It's so exciting finding someone stronger than me, I'm shaking!"
  102. [17:40:58] <Giantree> "... Oh, that's because it's cold."
  103. [17:41:25] <Giantree> "Hop on you two, let's go for a ride to the warm place!"  She hefts Micchy with the strength she was gripping her with, and TOSSES her into the wyvern's back.
  104. [17:41:29] <KriBe> "Oh, come on Micky, you're not really gonna walk away, are you?"
  105. [17:41:53] <KriBe> "After all we've" - and here I was about to start the pouting
  106. [17:42:20] <Giantree> Yeah, you get scooped up by the wyvern too.  Fucker's STRONG.
  107. [17:43:15] <Giantree> And then it lifts off, flying west while Micchy grumbles.  It isn't long before you indeed come across a long road, and a gate... wait, that road's INSIDE the gate.
  108. [17:43:56] <Giantree> It's just one big entrance.  It goes on for what seems like miles, until it finally leads to a mansion almost bigger than any castle.  "Yeah, that's it," Michelle sighs.
  109. [17:44:08] <KriBe> This is fancy
  110. [17:45:17] <Giantree> "That's what they all say, but it's just home sweet home to me."  A sigh.  "Whatever, land us, I'm going in."
  111. [17:45:34] <Giantree> If you figured out what's going to happen, points to you
  112. [17:45:38] <Giantree> If you haven't, GET VERY SCARED
  113. [17:45:47] <KriBe> "I-I hope you're not too angry Micky."  I'm shaking already
  114. [17:45:54] <Giantree> put on a blanket
  115. [17:46:27] <Giantree> "Angry?  No.  Just apathetic.  Completely apathetic about everything."  She flicks her hair back and- wait, she's never done that before.
  116. [17:47:12] <Giantree> Without another word she BURSTS in the front door and standing in front of her is an elderly man with graying hair brandishing what looks to be a throwing knife.  As soon as he opens his eyes, he puts it away.
  117. [17:47:37] <Giantree> "Lady Michelle!"  The old man gasps.  "What brings you back home so soon?"
  118. [17:48:03] <Giantree> "Don't wanna talk about it, Jeanfred," she replies.  "Daddy in his study?"
  119. [17:48:34] <Giantree> With a gulp, the man nods, and she hangs her cape up on a... coatrack.  I think that's how it works.  And yeah, she always had a cape, why do you ask?
  120. [17:48:44] <Giantree> Actually I think it was like more of a... capelet.  Mantle maybe?
  121. [17:49:37] <KriBe> Krisse looks around the area in wonderment  "Wait, this fancy place is YOURS?  Neato!"
  122. [17:51:33] <Giantree> "Well, yeah.  Not that big a deal, really.  And besides, if I went around telling people I was a high noble they'd treat me differently.  All I wanted was to be accomplished on the battlefield, but... well, that doesn't matter now.  I'm gonna get changed.  Jeanfred, show 'em where to go."  And she walks off.
  123. [17:52:02] <Giantree> "Certainly, Milady," the old gentleman bows.  "I believe I understand to which she refers. Please, ladies, this way."
  124. [17:54:33] <KriBe> Well, nothing to do but follow along, leading my new p- friend
  125. [17:55:13] <Giantree> He begins walking at a slow, butlerly pace, leading you to a side room.  "I say, I hadn't expected you to arrive so soon.  And brought by the Lady herself, no less!  You should consider yourselves honored."
  126. [17:56:16] <Giantree> You're led inside the room, where he holds the door, and as soon as you're inside, he closes it.  "Please, do get changed.  The sooner you begin work, the more pleased the Master and the young Lady will be."  Inside the room are a whole batch of... 1,1maid outfits.
  127. [17:57:24] <KriBe> ?
  128. [17:57:38] <Giantree> that's mina's reaction too
  129. [17:57:48] <KriBe> "Well these are . . . odd uniforms.  Some kind of personal guard?"
  130. [17:58:17] <Giantree> "Ooh, these are cute!"  Mina responds second, starry-eyed.  "Wow, and frilly too!"
  131. [17:58:35] <Giantree> Without a second thought she sheds her armor and gets to dressing.  Headdress and everything.
  132. [17:58:41] <KriBe> Lewd
  133. [17:59:07] <KriBe> "Don't look very combat-effective though.  No protection at all, tsk tsk"
  134. [17:59:51] <Giantree> "It comes with all the protection we need, right here!"  Already finished, Mina notices a broom leaning against a wall and spins it around like a spear master.
  135. [18:00:06] <KriBe> "Even if they're magic-inbued, I'd much rather trust my armor"
  136. [18:01:09] <Giantree> "Ahem," comes a cough from the other side.  "We'll take good care to keep your armor secured, there's no need to worry.  Why, what a joy it is to have multi-talented employees!"  You can almost head him crying.
  137. [18:01:37] <Giantree> I want to do the TO BE CONTINUED now but there's a tidbit i just can't go without
  138. [18:02:11] <KriBe> . . . Do friends usually make their friends work as employees?  I dunno, never had friends before, this may be normal!
  139. [18:02:20] <Raitaki> kribe re-classed to maid general and mina re-classed to wyvern maid
  140. [18:02:32] <Giantree> 1,1I actually am handing out free reclasses to maid, yeah
  141. [18:02:40] <Raitaki> hand in your applications for maid skills now
  142. [18:02:57] <Giantree> 1,1Gained concealed/staff weapon prof!
  143. [18:03:37] <Raitaki> eta until this finishes turning into an everyone has staves campaign?
  144. [18:03:48] <Giantree> probably 10 minutes at most
  145. [18:03:54] <Raitaki> rip
  146. [18:04:13] <KriBe> Everyone has Warp Staves!  Movement no longer means anything!
  147. [18:05:49] <Giantree> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaOH GOD I JUST REALIZED YOU SHOULD'VE GOTTEN ONE OF THOSE FROM LEBLANC
  148. [18:05:52] * Giantree FLIPS A TABLE
  149. [18:07:07] <KriBe> "Oh fine fine"  She starts stripping herself  "Really though, uniforms for house guests?  These rich folks sure are different."
  150. [18:07:13] <Giantree> ... Okay, so either way, possibly with some sort of struggle involved - like a blackscreened scene with Mina deciding she wants to take the armor off herself and going full brutal strip mode - you finally emerge from the room.  Walking through the hallway is Michelle- aw damn
  151. [18:07:18] <Giantree> ok that's better for you though
  152. [18:07:20] <Giantree> healthier
  153. [18:07:36] <Giantree> you now have 0 rapes to tally on the 'how many times have i been raped' checklist
  154. [18:07:37] <KriBe> Mina can help, sure~
  155. [18:07:38] <Giantree> instead of 1
  156. [18:07:41] <Giantree> ...
  157. [18:07:41] <Giantree> 0.5
  158. [18:07:43] <Giantree> 0.5 rapes then
  159. [18:07:45] <KriBe> .25 rapes
  160. [18:07:52] <Giantree> but no
  161. [18:08:02] <KriBe> "You have to like, change into a dragon outfit when you meet the king Mina?"
  162. [18:08:22] <KriBe> I don't get these noblefolks
  163. [18:09:00] <Giantree> "Naw, I just ride my own li'l dragon.  But this looks fun!"
  164. [18:09:26] <Giantree> Walking through the hallway is Michelle in the most princess-looking dress you've ever seen, hair styled with rose-shaped hairclips in it, and she smells SMOTHERED in perfume.  And makeup, which you've never seen on her before because she's always wanted that 'grizzled young soldier' look or something.
  165. [18:09:57] <Giantree> "Pff- What ARE you two wearing?"  She bursts out in giggles.
  166. [18:10:51] <Giantree> "Jeanfred, did you not get the memo?  These are supposed to be-" She pauses.  "... Hmm.... It looks like we DO need the help, though..."
  167. [18:11:01] <KriBe> "Your house guest uniforms?  And sheesh, what circus got to you?"
  168. [18:11:11] <Giantree> "Never you mind, I didn't say anything!  I'm off to meet daddy, have fun you two~"
  169. [18:11:29] <Giantree> Mina just stands in the hall with a blank expression as Michelle walks off.
  170. [18:11:34] <Giantree> After a moment, she speaks.
  171. [18:11:39] <Giantree> "I don't get it."
  172. [18:11:42] <Giantree> TO
  173. [18:11:43] <Giantree> BE
  174. [18:11:45] <Giantree> CONTINUED?
  175. [18:12:10] <KriBe> ???
  176. [18:12:41] <KriBe> That better be to be continued, I swear if the show gets cancelled on a cliffhanger like THAT
  177. [18:12:47] <Giantree> ??? IS RIGHT
  178. [18:12:53] <KriBe> I will personally fly to Japan and slap some sense into the producers
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