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Dynmap Tekkit 2.1.1 Block Id problems?

ChrysWhyte Apr 29th, 2012 207 Never
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  1. bc-autoWorkbench: 169               fine
  2. bc-drill: 171                       mining pipe, probably fine
  3. bc-filler: 155                      fine
  4. bc-miningWell: 174                  fine
  5. ic2-blockDynamiteRemote: 238        no such block id, no idea what this should be (Dynamite-o-mote is not a placeble block, did it use to be?'
  6. netherores-NetherOreBlock: 135      fine
  7. ic2-blockPowerConverter: 123        fine
  8. railcraft-detectorBlock: 211        fine
  9. railcraft-utilityBlock: 213         no such block id, guessing it used to be a shared blockid for cartdispensers/loaders/unloaders/etc, they have seperate ones now in the 7200+ range I can get them for you if you know which items they all are, but won't this need a new name if they're not in one itemid? (Not sure)
  10. railcraft-railAdvBlock: 209         no such block id
  11. railcraft-elevatorBlock: 210        fine
  12. railcraft-structureBlock: 212       no such block id, concrete block(7285)/posts(7275:x(metal)/7276(stone)/7293(wood) etc? multiple ids now
  13. forestry-mill: 206                  no such block id, Forester, Rainmaker, Treetap? Now at 255 255:1 255:2
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