Terry & Melanie

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  2. laid phone on the kitchen counter when he knocked, recognizing the weight distributed behind the thump. the locks were undone and door opened to present the taller male with the benefit of her smile. "hey terry," hoping she didn't sound too breathless or excited.
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  4.       was preparing himself for when she'd open the door for him, his shoulder pressed firmly against the frame of the door with both his arms crossed. "Pizza delivery. Food's arrived." He teased, having the most mischievous grin on his face.
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  6. fingertips ran over the heat of his abdomen, collecting the cotton of his shirt to tug him close. the blonde rising on tiptoe to press lips to his in a brief exchange of greeting, soft and sweet with a tang of strawberry. "oh, did you bring the sausage?" easing back to tug him the rest of the way inside.
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  8.       was pulled in for a sweet kiss. One that, admittedly, Terry was looking forward to feeling. It also made him feel bad about the fact that he literally was just in Dana's house. After the kiss had broke, he allowed melanie to pull him all the way inside. "Oh, but I did." His feet kicked her door to a close. "And I brought the biggest one too."
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  10. delicate brows came together in a light frown to match the considering purse of lips. a look that said she didn't believe him about having a pizza, as his hands were empty, and that she wanted another kiss. "did you? hmm," reaching around to lock the door, it wasn't the best neighborhood.
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  12.       snickered to himself for a long while before leaning in to press his lips against her's once more, this time, opening his mouth slightly, to barely graze the tip of his tongue against her own. Quickly, Terry pulled back into a smile. "I don't know. Wanna find out?" It didn't matter how the neighborhood was. He was pretty sure Melanie Walker could handle a few bad eggs
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  14. A soft sigh was expelled even as his mouth met hers of it's own accord. The brush of tongues made her blush a little out of memory from the last time they were together. "Maybe," swallowing a bit, even as she turned to swipe phone from counter as she led them to the couch in the living room.
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  16. brushed himself off slightly, noticing that there had been some left over dust from his venturing from the rooftop downwards. Wasn't always the cleanest of visits, but hey, Terry tried to keep it together. For the most part. "I wanna take that as a yes. So I will." The male followed her all the way to the living room. "So, movie?"
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  18. Mel didn't mind the dirt from his rooftop exploits, as if it was too bad.. it was just a good excuse to get him undressed faster. The thought of sharing a shower caused a dry sensation in throat. "Of course," a positive answer to both, while passing him the remote. She would take a seat in the couch center, and wait for him to join her. "Do you want me to order?"
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  20. Now Terry did need a shower, but perhaps sharing it wouldn't be on the table unless she asked. That, or if she willingly joined him while taking one, that is. "Cool, I brought a few movies. I'm... not sure how well you do with horror, so here's to hoping." With that, he slid hands into his pocket, fishing out a USB drive, no doubt containing the films. "Sure. Food sounds good right now. I am kind of hungry."
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  22. There was a glimpse of teeth this time as she smiled, gesturing to the entertainment unit for him to do as he wished. "I actually love them," glancing to phone screen to bring up delivery options. "Any requests for food?" she could eat just about anything. The hem of black mini skirt was practically indecent as it rode high upon toned thighs.
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  24. crossed his legs as soon as his rear had touched the comfort of the couch. His hand immediately searched for the remote, upper torso swiveling left and then right a few times over. "Well, even as I was joking about it, I actually do kinda want pizza." Then the glorious remote had made itself present. "There you are you little devil." Immediately, the male swiped it off of the floor. "Unless you want something else, then I'm totally down for whatever."
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  26. A side long glance shifted towards Terry as he settled beside her, looking utterly hopeless as he fished around for the remote. It had been placed on the cushion previously when he hadn't taken it when initially offered, and then fell to the carpet floor with an inaudible thud. "Pizza is good. What do you want on it?" free hand moving to run fingers lightly through dark locks.
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  28. had been mindlessly switching from channel to channel, in the hopes that something good was on. At least, before he'd put on the movies he brought. As expected? Nothing. The sudden fingers upon his hair, earned Melanie a look. Perhaps a little seductive, but not one to completely make her knees weak. At least not yet. "Is it too much to have a blonde girl as toppings?" Snicker. "Or is that for dessert?" Joking aside, he waved a hand around. "As long as there's shrimp, I'm fine."
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  30. It would take a more intense look than the one he was tossing to make her knees weak. He was joking around and flirtatious, but the vibe was a little different than the last time he had been in her apartment. Did Terry think because they had sex before, that they would again? Where had he come from beforehand? Don't think about it Mel. He's here now. "If you're lucky," dropping hand away to placed his odd pizza topping order. She ordered a smaller double pepperoni for herself, some breadsticks, wings and drinks. Melanie knew that Terry had a big appetite, in more ways than one. "What did you want to watch first?"
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  32. That's exactly what he was thinking. And could you really fault a guy like him to have thoughts such as those to invade his mind? Could you really assume that he wouldn't think about her touch again? That is, he should be faulted for doing so after taking a little visit down Dana lane. Because that's where he came from. Literally. Propped a fist against his chin and smiled at her sweetly. "I thought I was always lucky, Mel." The idea of food might have slowly been overwhelming his senses, mostly since his stomach was reacting first. And yes, he did have an appetite. And she could do with that idea what she wanted to. "What's in your wheelhouse? Gorey horror, atmospheric, BOTH?" Eyes beamed brightly, like a kid excited for a new toy.
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  34. Let's hope for the both of them, that Mel didn't discover that he had visited her directly from Dana's. Especially if he had been swapping fluids with her moments before. As much as she loved him, man and bat, she couldn't stand the idea of being a side piece. Not after the positive words he had spoken the last time, and the undeniable heat between them. Nose scrunched at his boast of being always lucky, just as order was submitted. Phone set aside to better enjoy the excitement in his eyes. "You got something that delivers both?"
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  36. Certainly. Because at the moment, Terry would never admit it to himself, but he spoke those words out of the heat of the moment. Maybe, just maybe he didn't mean some of those. And it would hurt both of them if the truth ever came out. Besides, what would possibly ever tip off Melanie to where he was mere moments ago? Perhaps the texts on his cellphone. But of course, that was assuming he would accidentally leave it somewhere. "What? Of course I do. You underestimate me, Melanie." His tongue was stuck out, lips curled into a half smile. "It's called Alien, babe."
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  38. Was it really idle talk in the heat of the moment? Or his true thoughts and feelings when there was nothing around to distract him from saying it? No judgement on his weaknesses or flaws? Just a boy and girl who fit together in more ways than one, to complete a jigsaw puzzle? "I haven't seen that in ages," fingers light on Terry's forearm, needing to touch him in some capacity. Mel had wanted to invite him back over before now, but had also hoped he would have texted first. Blue-gray tank top was complimentary to slender frame, given just the right amount of cleavage without seeming trashy. The straps were thin and gave the illusion of nude shoulders.
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  40. Maybe Terry kept pushing the idea of it away. Maybe in some shape or form, he thought that in doing so, it would ease his mind about everything else.Since the turmoil had been far too difficult for him to mentally think about on a day to day basis. In fact, sometimes, when he's with Dana, he'd think of Melanie. And yes, he's aware of just how much of an asshole it made him look, but really, he was only human. he too could get easily overwhelmed. Even if he is Batman. Eyes focused on the blonde once more, fingers taking her hand, and gently pulling her towards him on the couch. A silent question in asking her to join him. Mostly because he too wanted to hold her. To touch her. Even if it didn't mean sex.
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