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Jul 19th, 2013
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  1. >you will never slowly become a slutty gator
  2. >he will never introduce you to your two brothers, erect and waiting
  3. >you will never tease anon while they fuck you raw
  5. >your older brother lies on his back and you settle your wide hips atop his as he spears into your drooling sex
  6. >leaning forward you lift up your broad tail as your younger brother slips into your cloaca alongside his sibling behind you
  7. >you groan and gasp as they pound you hard, glaring at anon and licking your lips
  8. >you slowly run your tongue over your teeth, growling hungrily at anon
  10. >you gradually crane your jaw open, inviting him into your ragged maw
  11. >the corners of your lips curl up as he hesitantly lays his cock on your tongue, and you taste a tiny drop of pre
  12. >a particularly hard thrust from your siblings forces your mouth forward and you clamp down on his cock
  13. >your tongue swirls around his member and he cries out in terror and pleasure
  14. >the feel of the blunt sides of your pointy teeth against the base of his erection reminds him of the consequence of attempting to escape
  16. >disappointingly, even your little brother is more than twice his size, but you won't let an eager vic-err... partner... go to waste
  17. >you snap as you choke up on what little he has to offer, each sharp sound drawing a fearful cry from the boy
  18. >you give him a deep chuckle as your snout is repeatedly bumped against his crotch, your siblings' enthusiastic thrusts practically doing all the work for you
  20. >he whimpers and reluctantly places his hands around your snout, his grip uncertain as he's torn between holding you tight to his cock and prying your mouth open
  21. >he's got some balls for a frail human
  22. >you decide to reward his bravery by flicking your tongue across his glans to find his most sensitive spots
  23. >he shudders and cries out, pushing your head towards his groin as a few wet spurts splatter into your mouth
  24. >the taste gets you clenching around your brothers pounding into you, eager to show the little whelp what a real climax looks like
  26. >you make sure he's looking when you roll your eyes at his brief, weak performance, and lock your jaws around the base of his cock
  27. >sultry moans of lust rise from your throat as your clenching finally brings your brothers to a roaring head
  28. >you squirm as their thick gator cum gushes in, quickly filling you up and starting to seep out around their engorged cocks
  29. >anon's cock is still clamped tight between your lips by the time your siblings finish, leaving you oozing as they pull out
  30. >your labored breathing finally slows, and you look slowly upwards, locking eyes with the human trapped by your serrated mouth
  32. And so we come to a crossroads. Does she hold him in place as her brothers pound his ass raw? Perhaps their seed helps him grow a little larger and tougher skinned, adding to the family?
  34. So many things they could do to with a captive audience... But her brothers are notorious for their quick turnarounds. Not to mention their impatience. I'm sure it wouldn't be long before their spit-roasting the poor little human while their sister holds him still.
  36. The only real question is how long she'll have to wait before she has that last thick gator cock to occupy her mouth during 'family get-togethers'.
  38. Perhaps the transformation happens rapidly, the human spurting his last pitiful load as a mammal when the brother's dump nearly a gallon of viscous spunk into his belly from either end. His skin would grow rough, then scaly as his hair fell slowly from all over his body. She'd be able to revel in having her mouth spread wide open around his lengthening and fattening cock until he was larger than the two gators slowly pulling their still-hard cocks from his ass and jaws. As he transformed his mind would grow bolder still, gripping her head as he grunted and began to roughly fuck her mouth, then her throat.
  40. And she'd love every last second of it~
  42. I'm sure it wouldn't take long for him to show her what his new body can do, filling his slutty new sister's belly up with piping hot cum, his brothers' still-fresh seed dripping from the corners of his mouth and ass. She'd spend much longer than she probably should suckling his enormous spent cock before he held her head still and pulled himself out. As he grinned down at the cum-soaked whore, he'd be clapped on the back by one of his brothers giving him a silent 'welcome to the family'
  44. Given his size she'd certainly offer him the prime spot of sleeping buried deep in her cloaca, their heated bed keeping the family warm as they snooze away the cold nights. The other two brothers would grind their cocks against her body on either side as they painted her hide white in their sleep. And she'd be delighted to wake up to three turgid brothers in need of some intense draining instead of only two.
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