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  1. Genetic Make Up
  2. >1-15:Full-Lives. Your clan is made up primarily of genetically pure and untainted humans. Certainly a rare sight in this day and age, you’ll draw more attention than you’d think. A temporary genetic fluke or something more permanent?
  3. >16-50: Part-Lives. The general norm, people die of cancer or other genetic problems fairly young but some make it to old age. Wouldn’t appear too ugly or malformed by today’s standards, but certainly not the cream of the crop physically.
  4. >51-75: Half-Lives. Doomed to short lives, Half-Lives are always in need of breeding stock. Almost half don’t make it past youth, and any that do live absolutely no longer than 40. Riddled with obvious tumours and other disfigurements, they could pass for healthy if they covered up but the coughing is always going to give them away.’
  5. >76-90: Wretched. Riddled with tumours and malformations, these poor sods are kept at an arm's length by everyone else. Ugly and deformed, think Hills have eyes. Very high infant mortality, and fewer still make it to adulthood. Always in need of breeders.
  6. >91-100: Mutants. Those truly warped, or some would say adapted, to the new world. Barely human looking, every mutant group is unique in their phenotype but they all share a uniform resilience to radiation and toxins. Generally feared and hated by less altered stock, the smart know they can be a valuable asset and that their goods are not “tainted” as some would have you believe.
  8. Cultural Meta-Group
  9. >1-30: Tribal. New cultures have sprung up since the apocalypse, some more recognizably linked to the old world than others. Unique expressions of culture and unusual handmade items are the common distinctions for tribals. Usually have an odd accent/manner of speech do to lack of contact. Less “civilized” but often no less savvy to the wasteland than others. Usually looked on with confusion or condescension by groups more tied to the old world.
  10. >31-60: Raiders. An unfortunate truth of the wastes is the prevalence of raider gangs. Savage and violent, they typically take more than they make but there are exceptions. Most don’t settle down in any place for too long, and tend to use up what they have quickly. Many treat the apocalypse as a sort of hedonistic paradise, murdering for fun, using homemade narcotics, and generally raping to their hearts content.
  11. >61-85: Settlers. The only “normal” people left. Generally just trying to make it through their daily lives without too many violent intrusions. Have built the most since the apocalypse, and generally behave the most like people from the old world. Don’t mistake civilization for civility or peacefulness though. Many are just as cold and merciless as raiders, as they have to be to survive these days.
  12. >86-95: Mercs. Professional killers, these men fight and kill for a living. Feared throughout the wastes, despite their relative peacefulness compared to raiders. They kill when they want to, but only if it benefits their agenda. Well trained and heartless, they fly many flags but are united by common ruthlessness and battlefield skill. Religious extremists, political/philosophical idealogues, or just plain killers for hire.
  13. >96-100: Road Warriors. The wasteland is almost uniformly lawless violent place where the powerful prey on the poor and the strong abuse the weak. There are those few tenacious souls who seek to better the world though. Fearless and skilled by necessity, these Road Warriors usually travel the ruined highways alone, dealing with those they see as wrong doers with whatever justice they see fit, but occasionally they form groups. Coalitions of these apocalyptic lawmen are dangerous and untrusted by other groups, if only because they can often lead to quick destruction of the status quo.
  15. Leadership
  16. >1-45: Dictatorship. Whether they go by mayor, king, chief, tyrant, boss or any other blandishment of power, these men are the movers and shakers in the wastes. Strong willed and often ruthless, singular individuals often take charge of small groups, as has been the case in every historical era. They may have a close knit inner circle, but they always rule with absolute power when it comes down to it.
  17. >46-65: Oligarchy. A small sect of the group lords over the rest. Similar to single leadership in their absolute power, but spread over a small group rather than one man. Almost as common.
  18. >66-85: Democracy/Consensus. A relative rarity in the post-apocalypse, the group has decided that no one individual holds all the power, but generally makes decisions based on everyones imput.
  19. >86-100: Anarchy. The group almost never actually makes decisions as a whole, but instead are unified simply by a culture and place of habitation. While they may band together and act as a cohesive unit in times of need, they often don’t last long in the wastes. Either lost to infighting, lack of unified strength, or simply drifted apart for various reasons.
  21. Cultural Quirks (2 Rolls)
  22. >1-10: Death Cult. Unsurprisingly among the blighted folk of the wastes, some have taken to worshipping death, or the idea of a “Good death”. Perhaps it’s a mythical afterlife, a desire to see the world well and truly die, or simply a nihilistic belief that death is an inevitable constant in life, for whatever reason this group worships death itself.
  23. >11-25: Motor Worship. In a world of vast blasted wastes and monstrous hazards, access to vehicles is the dividing line between life and death for most. Some take this a step farther and literally worship their rides as tools of divine salvation. Maybe they revere them like holy animals, wear garb that evokes them, or even take violent offense to those who mistreat them.
  24. >26-30: Assholes. For whatever reason, everyone in the wastes sees your tribe as complete pieces of shit. Maybe they’re blunt as hell and bad mouth everyone else, maybe they have a societal compulsion to cruelty, maybe they just refuse to help anyone without gain. I dunno man, but one of them kicked my dog. I swear.
  25. >31-40: Xenophobic. Distrustful and always wary of outsiders, the group is often seen as cold or distant by others. Trade is hard, and diplomatic interactions are harder. Other cultural strains often run stronger in insular groups though.
  26. >41-50: Not the Lingua Franca. The group doesn’t speak the standard language of the wastes. Maybe they speak a different old world tongue, or maybe a new language that has emerged since the apocalypse. In any case, they have trouble interacting with other groups and require interpreters to treat with them.
  27. >51-70: Distinctive Icon. A motif or symbol runs throughout the groups structures, clothes, and vehicles. Maybe it’s a specific animal or object, or maybe it’s something less specific like bullets or flames.
  28. >71-75: Cannibals. Known for their taste for human flesh. Be it a predatory or simply ritual affair, they are seen as “unclean” by most others.
  29. >76-80: Bloodthirsty. Exceptionally violent and with a taste for gore. These psychos often paint with the blood of their foes and like to maximize the amount of it spraying at any given time. Make use of exceptionally brutal weapons to cause the most carnage.
  30. >81-85: Pyromaniacs. See above, but for fire instead of blood.
  31. >86-95: Old World Blues. A pervasive nostalgia about the old world runs through the group, even if they weren’t alive to see it. They might collect old world artifacts, try to take after what they think are old world values, or have an unrealistic drive to rebuild the old world somehow.
  32. >96-100: Intellectuals. In a world that constantly demands 100% effort just to stay alive, it’s very rare to see a group even partially dedicated to mental pursuits, but here one is. Usually considered too brainy by other groups, these fellows spend their off time reading salvaged books and maybe even doing a little science/inventing/archaeology. Hold themselves to a higher standard of intelligence/knowledge than others.
  34. Distinctive Appearance (2 or 3 Rolls, if you like)
  35. >1-15: Swaddled. Wrapped up in distinctive trappings, these people’s skin is rarely actually seen. Maybe enviroment suits they never take off their bodies, maybe cloth wraps all over themselves to protect from dust and grit like a desert nomad. In any case, they might be seen as exceptionally mysterious due to it.
  36. >15-30: War Paint. When they go to battle, these people paint themselves, and maybe even their rides, in a distinctive style.
  37. >31-35: Body Paint. Same as above, but they never go without their paint jobs.
  38. >36-45: Leathers. Never ride without your distinctive leather jackets and other assorted biker gear. Never.
  39. >46-55: Punks. Purple mohawks, side cuts, hockey pads, and piercings. These are your stereotypical post apocalyptic raiders. Even if they aren’t actually raiders.
  40. >56-60: Uniforms. Standardized appearance across the group and it’s leadership. Makes your group seem more cohesive, but can be hard to maintain.
  41. >61-70: Gas Masks. Never seen without their masks, they might have a single distinctive style or just whatever they find. In either case, it certainly makes for an imposing appearance in most situations. Maybe they only do it for that intimidation factor, maybe it’s because they live in a particularly nasty patch.
  42. >71-75: Jewellry. Somehow the group has gotten a hold of a sizeable amount of bling. Maybe it’s hand-made from scrap, or maybe it’s actual treasures from the old world. The group takes great pride in it.
  43. >76-85:Unique body mod. Come in many forms, from filed teeth to a specific kind of tattoo to ritual branding.
  44. >86-90: Body of Knowledge. The group preserves information on the bodies of it’s members. Technical diagrams scarified onto their chests, covered in tattooed text, etc.
  45. >90-100: Spikey. Their armor and cars are covered in a profusion of spines, blades, and other sharp nastiness. Does it serve a technical purpose or is it just to look badass? Only they know.
  47. Unique/Exclusive Resource
  48. >1-20: Guzzolene. Black gold. Everyone needs it, and it isn’t too rare to come by but not too many have the means to refine it. This group does, and it can be extremely lucrative.
  49. >20-50: Scrap. Everyone wants it, everyone needs it, most people have it. This group has a specific type, or an extreme profusion of it, and they use it to barter for whatever else they need.
  50. >51-60: Guns and/or Ammo. People like to murder each other. They need the tools do it with, and this group has it. Either made at home, in a post apocalyptic factory, or found in a old world cache.
  51. >61-75: Power.Not the metaphorical kind, the actual electric kind. Most people want it, but not everyone has it. Most of it gets made with gasoline generators but some have wind and even solar farms in working order.
  52. >76-85: Water. The wet stuff. The real lifeblood of the wastes. In short supply, so those that control it are invariably very well off.
  53. >85-95: Breeders. It’s a grim truth. Humanity is sick, and very few are truly healthy. Those that can insure a stable next generation wield an immense amount of power. Be it men whose seed is exceptionally potent or women whose wombs are perfectly fertile. Depending on how they leverage it, either could become a commodity or royalty.
  54. >96-100: Green. The rarest thing in the wastes. Clean soil that grows green plants. Some go their whole lives without seeing it, some unlucky few think it’s a myth. Those that have it keep it close to their chest, even if it’s just a single potful of black earth.
  56. Equipment Quality
  57. >1-40: Ramshackle. Armor is cobbled together, guns are hand tooled, and houses/clothes are generally not in the best state. Pretty standard for most people, unfortunately.
  58. >41-65: Well-crafted. Just because it was made in the post apocalypse, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Well made armor, guns are machined with actual technique and thought, and houses/clothes are a little more respectably made.
  59. >65-80: Old World. Armor is either as good as or from old world police stockpiles, guns are actually pre-apocalypse quality, and they live in pre-war/quality buildings. Clothes are still pretty shabby and hand made though by our standards, but very good by post apocalyptic ones.
  60. >80-90: Well-Kept. Armor is high quality and made after the apocalypse, guns are well kept and cleaned from the old world, and homes are actually decent to live in. Clothes are actually usually old world articles or made with old world machines.
  61. >90-100: Military Grade. Exactly what you think. Military stockpiles of armor, guns, and gear. Usually live in military bunkers or other fortified locations.
  63. Motor-Pool General Make Up
  64. >1-15: Bikes. The groups rides are almost entirely bikes. Anything from choppers, to dirt bikes, or even nitro-boosted sportbikes.
  65. >16-40: Custom. Either customized to unrecognizable extents or built from the ground up, these cars and trucks don’t fit into any pre-war category. Generally prone to mechanical problems and ramshackle stylings, but common and easily repaired.
  66. >41-70: Classics. Muscle Cars, roadsters, and trucks. The standard rides for most in the wasteland. Tough, reliable, and intimidating.
  67. >70-80: Fast. Sports cars, interceptors, maybe even a handful of race/supercars. Extremely fast, stylish, and fragile. Drink fuel like no one's business and will need a skilled mechanic to maintain, but the speed is generally worth it.
  68. >80-90:Armored. Old world military or post apocalyptic designs. Incredibly tough, dependable, and powerful. Not the absolute fastest, but if you need to be secure getting somewhere? There are non-better.
  69. >90-100: Mega-vehicle. Is it a train/boat on wheels? An enormous mining dumptruck? Three tractor trailers welded together? Whatever it is, it’s all your group needs. A vehicle that’s easily the size of an entire fleet of smaller cars. Flagship vehicles are rolled into this, and roll again on this table for what the handful of other vehicles are that the group has are.
  71. Special Vehicle Shit (Roll twice)
  72. >1-10: Shiny and Chrome. The group takes exceptional care to polish their vehicles to a brilliant chrome shine. Blind your foes with your swag and the shiny paint seemingly correlates with higher skill among drivers. Choose to re-roll this or Black on Black if you get both.
  73. >11-20: Lances. Grenades on sticks. A shockingly effective weapon, and you can mount them conveniently on a lot of different parts of a vehicle without messing with it too much.
  74. >21-35: Turbo-Charged. Engines are supercharged and often fitted with nitrous. The group's cars will be capable of incredible bursts of speed, at the cost of some special maintenance and materials.
  75. >36-45: Spikey. Cars are covered in spikes. Pretty simple really. Good for keeping people off your hood and exploding ordnance before it hits the main body of the car. Actual functional version of the same thing in the appearance section.
  76. >46-50: Tesla coils. The cars have fucking tesla coils mounted on them. They can shock enemies that get to close, channel lightning into batteries from desert storms, and just look badass as fuck.
  77. >51-60: De-Construction Equipment. Cars are mounted with buzzsaws, mini-excavators, and plows for wrecking enemy vehicles.
  78. >61-65: Sound Systems. Quality stereo equipment is in terribly short supply, mainly because of groups like this that fill their cars to the brim with it to blast tunes while driving. Which almost inevitably gets them tracked down and blown up. Still, they do sound fucking kickass.
  79. >66-70: Big guns. Heavy machine guns, flamethrowers, maybe even an autocannon. The group can pack some serious heat in a vehicular combat situation.
  80. >71-75: Polecats. Just watch Fury Road already, I don’t even know how to describe this.
  81. >75-85: Harpoons/Grapplers. The ability to keep your vehicular prey where you can kill it is an important ability, and what’s more is that if you’re actually faster you can then drag the slower vehicle behind you.
  82. >86-90: Extra Armor: Extra armor bolted onto the vehicles. No matter the type, they gain extra protection with minimal speed penalties.
  83. >91-100: Black on Black. Your come in any colour so long as it’s black. Stealthier at night, and more intimidating during the day. The black paint also seemingly correlates with higher skill among drivers. Re Choose to re-roll this or Shiny and Chrome if you get both.
  85. Flagship Vehicle
  86. >1-10: Chopper. Not the motorcycle kind, the group actually has a helicopter. Is it a jury rigged cargo vehicle? A long attack helicopter? A small squad of one man gyrocopters? It’s certainly a powerful addition to any group, even if it is a serious gas guzzler and requires special care.
  87. >11-20: Destruction Vehicle. A huge construction vehicle re-outfitted for combat. Maybe a huge excavator, an armoured bulldozer, or a mini-Bagger 288.
  88. >21-50: War Rig. Huge, heavily armoured, able to carry a ton of cargo, and manned/gunned like a fortress. War Rigs command the roads, and anyone who’s anyone has one. Generally made of a truck or two stapled together, but other bodies are possible. A combine for example.
  89. >51-70: Concert on Wheels. Like a drummer boy but way more awesome. Maybe it’s a squad of taiko drummers, a lone shredder on a flamethrower guitar, or an entire outfit of post-apocalyptic metalheads. Whatever it is, you’ll certainly not be going anywhere unnoticed, and it’s a very good way to get someone excited for killing.
  90. >71-90: Legendary Car. It’s not a giant warmachine, or even all that impressive compared to some other things, but it’s the perfect blend of fast, tough, and reliable. This car is everything anyone could ever want and it’s certainly made a name for itself. When a group rolls up with this thing, people know who they are. Takes the form of whatever your generic type of vehicle is.
  91. >91-100: A Fucking Tank. Slow, complicated, and chugs fuel faster than anything else you can imagine. It even has a limited ammo supply for its main gun. But it’s functionally indestructible, can wipe out any other vehicle with a single shot, and if someone sees one of these coming you can bet their fucking ass they’re going to run.
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