The Slut Games

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  1. Concept: Latex bitch suit Hoshi being dipped into a gold statue and frozen in that form and placed on top of a giant trophy for winning the "Slut Games."
  3. "Ladies, gentlemen, and all those in between or not on the spectrum - I'm looking at you, Glorbgon of the 8th dimension! - I'd wish to welcome you all to the ending ceremony for the 'Slut Games'!"
  5. Roaring applause echoed across the Cosmos Stadium (which is the exhibition stadium used for large sporting events, concerts, city meetings, and even a shelter should the need demand it,) the temporary home of the Slut Games; a range of sensual contests and attractions various races of various occupations and lifestyles partook in.
  7. To understand the ending ceremony, however, one must first understand what the Slut Games are.
  9. The Slut Games is a contest of perversion and depravity held once every two years within the City. The first Slut Games was done back during the cities foundation era as a means to boost general morale during a time of great discord and uncertainty after the Great War, and as a means to increase the population rate within the city itself to establish the first generation of citizens within the City. Surprisingly the plan had worked more than expected - times of great unease became a week of joy, celebration, and massive orgies, and while the plan was to never incorporate another 'Slut Game' into the city and keep the perversion at more acceptable rates, the City inadvertently created a new core in its foundation; Absolute depravity. Demand for more games was heard loud and clear, and the choice to become 'prude' again was no longer an option. Laws establishing sexual acts and natures became as common and (sometimes) as lax as standard laws. Of course, there were still obvious requirements such as not disturbing property owners, interrupting businesses, and causing general chaos while railing your partner(s). To counteract any serious crime such as rape, abuse, and other chaotic or harming sexual actions became strictly enforced and severely punishable by law.
  11. Once the Slut Games were decided to be continued every three years to allow a grace period for new parents that wish to return, the city found itself booming economically, its citizens' happiness reaching an all-time high, and new technologies being demonstrated, built, and showcased them off. It became a staple within the city itself and a piece of history that kept it from crumbling down since the beginning.
  13. With the history of the Slut Games established, there came the mechanics and actual events of it.
  15. The first stage to the Slut Games consisted of basic preliminary games that threw random participants into random games to compete against one another until only three participants remained in that one section. How they achieved this goal was up to them so long as no one was seriously hurt, used unauthorized magic that would be considered game breaking (i.e. reality bending, time manipulation, or other rule altering abilities,) or general cheating. The random games for each of these events usually resulted in games of skill, luck, strength, or speed. Often the first stage was unofficially called the 'Gambit's Round' given that any games could give the contests an unfair advantage or disadvantage based on their race or personal skills and abilities.
  17. The second stage consisted of the three participants that were left from the first stage of their respective games taken to a grand obstacle course alongside four other groups and making it a total of fifteen individuals together. In this scenario, the goal was to make it to the other end of the obstacle the fastest with your team. The catch to this, however, was that the obstacle course was packed full of traps, lewd puzzles, and general perverted objects to slow down, to limit, or outright fuck the contests into submission. Once the first team made it to the end of the obstacle, all other participants that failed to catch up where promptly captured, contained, fucked by the staff, and left in the 'loser hall' where they could be used by any onlooker while the games went on (and yes, there were TVs installed into the fucking stations to let the people fucking the losers see the rest of the game unfold.)
  19. The third and final stage was put front and center of the stadium - the three remaining contests were then finally put into one, final challenge. To keep this completely fair and to not allow only the strongest, skilled, or magically inclined person to steamroll through everything without issue, inhibitors were applied to each and every contestant that leveled them out to equal values. No magical boosts, no superhuman strength, and certainly no unfair advantages. No, the last stage was a stage of pure skill and depravity for the Slut Games, and what better challenge to give the most perverted of individuals than to give them a challenge so monumental even a sex fiend would find impossible?
  21. In the center of the grand stage were three incredibly massive cocks that stood high into the air. Each cock was identical in shape and design, consisting of a rainbow pattern with the tip being violet and everything below following the rainbow pattern till the base of the shaft was a maroon red. Besides its thick shaft, veins that bulged out in various directions, and slight musk that wafted through the air, the most dangerous aspect of these cocks were the fact that they were designed after Rainbow giants - their four foot cocks due to them being the third largest documented giant in history and infamously known to have a low breeding rate due to the male's lack of ability to cum easily. Even with other rainbow giant partners, it was a known challenge to cum. It has been written down that even with magical lust enhancers and the most slutty individuals across all the kingdoms, it has taken hours to even days before they came.
  23. And the three last contestants had to do it within two hours with no magical enhancers and just their skills alone.
  25. Granted they were all given tools to use (lube, lust enhancing body oil, a vibrator, etc) and the cocks used for this were replicas with only the mocked ability to be resilient to cumming. However, all of this was still a very difficult undertaking and has been foretold to be the hardest final challenge out of the entire Slut Games since its first games.
  27. for the final three contenders?
  29. Hoshi Bii'Yuvon, Ako Bii'Yuvon, and Bashinupu Muldeytorax'Rikmah.
  31. The three Tiny Terrors had racked up quite the popularity given their various blunders as a team during the second stage with quite the amount of bickering, lack of teamwork, and everyone going in opposite directions without communication when it came to the maze portion of it (Ako went straight for the traps, Hoshi tried to do her best, and Bashinupu went opposite of wherever Hoshi went.) This lead to quite the sight of the three of them racking up the most perverted views and traps. Yet somehow through some divine intervention, Hoshi was able to hit the buzzer mere seconds before another, much more choreographed group could.
  33. With the final three making their way up the stage and left to the devices of trying to make the rainbow cock's cum, the three of the small whores went at it, doing various techniques and physical abilities to make the large cocks cum. Surprisingly only Bashinupu and Ako went for the vibrators (granted Ako used the vibrator on herself as she rubbed against the cock,) while Hoshi focused purely on the body oil and her own abilities to make the cock cum. Each and every one of them pleasured those fake cocks with their hearts and souls, and while unable to use their magic they did the next best thing and used their bodies like good little dragon sluts.
  35. It was after an hour and forty-five minutes that someone managed to make a cock cum..and five minutes later, another cock went off.
  37. The winner of the slut games...
  39. Bashinupu Muldeytorax'Rikmah.
  41. Second place was Hoshi who made her cock cum as well but was unfortunately not fast enough. Despite her inability to win, she did her best to prove to herself and everyone else at that stadium she had what it took to do it. Ako, however, was the only one to not finish hers off by the time the buzzer went off due to the fact that Hoshi had already gotten second, and that she was already too busy impale on it, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her tongue hanging out whorishly.
  43. While Bashinupu began to rub in her superiority to Hoshi (as she usually did) and the announcer came down to make the winner fully clear and begin the award ceremony, a large dwarf the size of a regular sized man came scrambling out beneath the platforms that held the fake cocks. At the top of his lungs he screamed out to the announcer and pointed a finger at Bashinupu;
  47. A loud gasp echoed throughout the crowd which was soon followed up by lots of talks, yelling, and already accusations being thrown about. Lifting up their right hand, the dwarf slammed it down into the ground, kicking up lots of debris and smoke - a feat of surprising strength given the stadium was reinforced for minor dragons. As the dust settled and the cameras of the stadium zoomed in on the hole next to the cocks, it was revealed that the regulators that pumped out the cum were tampered with - the cock that Bashinupu used was rigged to go off exactly at one hour and forty-five minutes. To make matters even worse, the cock that Hoshi had pleasured was rigged to never even go off, to begin with - yet through sheer power and skill, she'd managed to bypass the security handicapping her. Even more gasps and enraged slurs were thrown upon the discovery, and before Bashinupu could scramble out of this situation the dwarf from before gripped her by her hands and began raised her high into the air. Security was soon inbound with more restraint devices, but before they could reach the cheating whore the dwarf holding her hurled his free hand onto her rear, creating a slight shockwave of pure power that echoed across the entire stadium. As she cried out in surprise another slap was followed soon after, and then another one after that until it fell into a pure rhythm of harsh spankings.
  49. As security finally arrived they slammed Bashinupu into a latex containment unit that swiftly sealed her up in an airtight latex seal that perfectly wrapped around her features like she was dipped directly into latex. With her struggling left and right uselessly, the team and the dwarf walked off stage and towards another portion of the stadium to set up the ultimate humiliation center for her. The crowd cheered and roared at this justice taking place, and under the realization that Hoshi had done the impossible - she not only won officially, but she'd also just broken the record for making an artificial rainbow giant cum even with the odds stacked against her.
  51. With a large smile and the right winner picked, the announcer ran over to Hoshi and gripped her hand, dragging it high into the air. With a loud, energetic tone he spoke into his mic and gave credits to the right person;
  55. An ear-splitting cheer erupted once more from the crowd, the Tiny Terror that defied against all odds was no doubt to be remembered as one of the great 'Sluts.' She couldn't wait to talk to Luke, maybe even show him some of the techniques she used!-
  59. ...Wait what.
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