Miles & Gwen

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  1. ¢нυвву вυηηү01/01/2019
  2. New Year. It was the New Year. Huh, 2019. Well, at least it was going to be in a few minutes. Normally, Miles would be with his family at this time, no doubt watching over time square, but it seemed both his parents were working. As important as the holiday was, their services were needed. Which meant Spider-Man's service was just as required. He found himself perched on top of a building, watching over the New York ball drop for the New Year. With a single soda in hand, he sat down cross-legged, intently waiting until it was time for him to celebrate.
  3. stαr01/01/2019
  4. NYC was a sea of twinkling lights and revelry, as nearly every soul came together in some manner to usher in the new year. Gwen felt a bit envious of the scenes playing out on the other side of the window, as friends or family collected together to count down the minutes until midnight. She could only hope that by this time next year, she would be back in her own universe. Or did she really want that? After the partial kiss with Miles, they had been interrupted by a car chase and a city bus with failed brakes. So who knew where they stood now? Neither of them having texted the other, and seemingly webbing in different zones. But on the fragile cusp before the world reset in a matter of speaking, the spiderlings would come together on the ledge of a building. A poorly wrapped parcel wiggled at the male, as her own legs were left to dangle over the edge. "I meant to give this to you before."
  5. ¢нυвву вυηηү01/01/2019
  6. would be lying to himself if he said that he hadn't been thinking about it. Thinking about that one moment where their lips almost touched. Where the two of them almost made a contact that would surely make his heart race faster than a Ferrari on steroids. Fingers worked to crack the can of soda open, allowing the quick fizz to escape from the container. Just as he was about to make the first sip, Gwen arrived, holding out a small parcel to him. "What's-- I--" Miles had a gift for her, sure, but for the moment, it wasn't on his person. In fact, he left it with Ganke after a little accident in the Grocery Store. Long Story. For another time. The male looked down, a quiet attempt to hide his blush. "Thanks." Bashfully, he turned to scratch the back of his neck away from her view. "You shouldn't have. Really." And that was the honest truth. He didn't expect to get anything from anyone, and most certainly he wasn't expecting anything from her. If anything, that near-kiss would have sufficed. For now, he set aside the gift, choosing to open it at a later date. Now, he wanted to appreciate her presence. "Want to sit with me? New Year's about to hit."
  7. stαr01/01/2019
  8. As usual, Gwen was in full secret identity mode. If she was going to be wallcrawling or webbing in a universe not her own, it just made sense to keep her face hidden. And honestly? It was the only thing that was hers. She needed the suit, and responsibility that came with it. A sense of purpose and the hope that she could be of use. As the gift was set aside and unopened, there was a lurch in chest. It had taken a lot of effort to scrounge together the cash to get Miles something, money that could have been put forth towards a meal. Gaze redirected to the crowd gathered in the square, and the pang of loneliness seemed stronger than ever. "I am sitting, and you're here already.. so.. I guess I want to," a teasing quality to her voice, as palms settled on the brick to either side of her thighs for purchase.
  9. ¢нυвву вυηηү01/01/2019
  10. No, miles understood that. He too kept his face hidden from the world. At least, when he had the rest of his costume on. The boy wasn't about to run around with the black and red outfit if his face was flashed around town. That would have breached his identity in zero seconds flat. For now though, it was just them. The two of them. At least, to Miles's knowledge. For as far as that went. "Oh." He whispered. He wasn't expecting that sudden tease from her. She always did like to tease him, but then again, so did half the people he met. "That's... not what I meant... I mean-- Never mind. Soda?" He only had one, so the one that had been opened was offered. She could have it if she wanted to. The crowds gathering below them slowly began to grow restless, most of them cheering and screaming about it being 2019. The box she gave him was settled on his lap, legs crossed. "Looks like people are ready for the ball drop..." His hand was extended to her, offering it for her to hold.
  11. stαr01/01/2019
  12. Movement to the left of her, would draw attention from the crowd to look at the can of soda offered between them. "No, I'm good," which for the moment, was true enough. Prior to heading over to this side of town, she had swung by the mansion for a quick bite. Day 48, and no one was the wiser that Gwen was actually homeless. It was a situation that she was striving to resolve, without having to leave the area for a different city. At least occasionally seeing Miles was better than no Miles. Head tilted as the hand was offered next between them, and it took a long, awkward minute before gloved hand slipped into his. And perhaps another few moments, before delicate fingers interlaced for a more intimate feel. Gaze shifting to the large, bright ball that was the sole focus of the crowd. "Any new year resolutions?" her voice was doing a funny, soft thing which might be due to the hand holding and the heat of a blush on cheeks.
  13. ¢нυвву вυηηү01/01/2019
  14. retracted the soda offered once it was denied. Miles simply pulled it back, and allowed the tip of it to touch his lips, while his eyes were now --once again-- focused upon her face, even if it was masked. Sometimes, Miles would like to think he could see her face even with her mask on. Sometimes he'd like to think he could see her smile. But then again, Miles always thought a lot of things about her. Good things. Granted, he still has no clue that she's actually homeless. however, even while the soda was rejected, his hand was not, feeling her fingers interlace with his, the male returned the gesture with a light squeeze of his hand. He too was growing a blush, and should consider himself lucky that he wore a mask. "Well, this time I'll work twice as hard." And that was probably his first resolution. "Treat my friends better. Make sure I do what I want to do. Stop drinking soda--" He trailed off, losing track of all the resolutions he had told himself he'd do. "What about you?"
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