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Haunting Hour 14 and (Part of) 15

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Dec 25th, 2016
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  1. Chapter 14
  3. As I was watching the episode, I noticed that the glow of the television was even brighter than before. I noticed that my eyes were starting to hurt again and decided to pause the episode and look at something else in the room. I slowly shuffled over to the window and reluctantly opened the blinds. As I stared outside, I noticed that the sky was dark blue on one side while the sky on the other side was orange.
  5. "Woah! It's dark out already? How is that even possible?" I said out loud. At that moment, I wondered if Erika and Hunter had come home. However, when I tried to make my way to the door, I stopped dead in my tracks and went back to the daybed. A few moments later, I suddenly froze in place as I heard three heavy knocks that were at least a few seconds apart. My heart was beating quickly and my eyes darted around the room. They sounded like they were coming from across the hall but I didn't bother to look and see which room they were coming from. A few seconds later, something slammed against the door to my room and I screamed at the top of my lungs. I then cowered behind the queen sized bed and softly whimpered. Sweat was pouring down my forehead and my head was throbbing profusely.
  7. It took me at least a few good minutes before I started to calm down and I slowly crawled back to the daybed. I gradually climbed back up and layed down on the bed. "That's it!" I thought, "From now on, I'm not getting up for anything and I'm certainly not pausing this damn episode any more!" Soon after, I picked up the remote and hit play.
  9. The episode now focused on a shot of a wide rectangular building with a blue green square towards the front left side of it. The square and the rest of the building were marked with what looked like glitchy text and cars were parked all around the building. There were quite a few people walking around and the sound of cars passing by could be heard coming from the left speaker of the television. A few moments later, the episode cut to the inside of the building where Kristy and her mother were casually browsing.
  11. The walls and floors were covered in white marble and the store had various bed displays scattered about. While the two were browsing, something had caught Kristy's eye. Lined up against a mirror covered wall was a slightly narrow, rectangular bed whose frame looked as though it was made of grey, steel pipes. Fluffy purple blankets enveloped the bed and white drawers could be seen sticking out from the sides.
  13. Kristy stared at the bed for a few moments. She then yawned and slowly walked over to it. As she did so, her breathing became slower and eyes started to become heavy. When she got to the bed, she climbed in and quickly drifted off to sleep. A little while later, Kristy woke up and gasped when she noticed that the store was completely dark and deserted. "Mom? Mom!" Kristy cried out. She gradually sat up and lifted the blankets off of her. She rolled out of the bed and cautiously tiptoed all over the place, as she couldn't see the floor she was traversing.
  15. A few moments later, a lightbulb went off in Kristy's head and she immediately rummaged through her pockets. Eventually, Kristy had managed to find her phone and didn't hesitate to pull it out. She then turned it on and opened the flashlight app. As soon as it finished opening, Kristy wasted no time and slid the switch up, which in turn, brightened the area around the beam of light the phone was emitting. Kristy then began to walk faster and as soon as she stepped onto the tiled flooring, her footsteps echoed throughout the store. "Well, if there's nobody here," Kristy thought, "I might as well find a way out and call my mom."
  17. Kristy aimlessly wandered around the store, wondering where the exit was. As she was doing so, her body gradually tensed up and she began to walk slower to reduce the amount of noise her shoes created when they made contact with the floor. A few minutes later, a message popped up on Kristy's phone saying that the battery was at zero percent and began to shut itself down. "Oh come on!" Kristy growled, "How can the battery die when it's at eighty percent?!" She then sighed and forcefully shoved the phone into her pocket.
  19. Kristy continued to aimlessly roam around the store, becoming more frustrated and exhausted in the process. Kristy stopped dead in her tracks though when she felt something vibrating in her pocket. "What?" Kristy exclaimed. She immediately dipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out her phone. The phone was only held for a few seconds before she screamed at the top of her lungs and sent it flying out of her hand. Based on how she sprinted around while cradling her hand with the other hand, the phone battery had gotten so hot that it felt like she was holding a pan that just came out of the oven with her bare hand and needed to cool it down.
  21. When Kristy got at least a few feet away, the episode showed a close up of her phone lying on the ground. A couple of seconds later, a creature with lighting bolts for arms and a cyan glow around it floated out of the phone to the top of the screen rather quickly. The episode then cut to Kristy at a water fountain who put her hand in front of the stream of water. She sighed and took her other hand off of the button. Kristy panted for at least a few moments before slowly moving away from the water fountain.
  23. All of a sudden, she heard a booming crash coming from the other end of the store. She screamed and sprinted all the way to the front of the store. Just as she was inches away from the exit, the camera focused on Kristy's face as she stopped dead in her tracks and screamed at the top of her lungs.
  25. Chapter 15
  27. A few seconds later, Kristy quickly sat up in the bed and let out a brief scream. Everyone in the vicinity turned their heads towards Kristy and stared directly at her. Just then, a lady in wearing a cyan polo shirt and slacks came rushing to Kristy's side.
  29. "Anata wa daijōbudesuka?" the woman asked frantically.
  31. "Huh?" Kristy said as she tilted herhead slightly.
  33. "Anata wa daijōbudesuka?" the woman repeated in a louder tone of voice.
  35. "What are you saying?" Kristy asked.
  37. "Anata...wa...daijō...budesuka?" the woman said, moving closer to Kristy's face.
  39. "Ma'am! I can't understand you!" Kristy yelled in a shaky voice. The woman then proceeded to wrap her arms around Kristy and gradually squeezed her tighter and tighter. She sat there frozen, barely able to do anything but shake and pant heavily. Her eyes darted from side to side and sweat began to pour down her face.
  41. "Get off of me! Mom!" Kristy hollered, trying to break free of the woman's tight grasp.
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