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Fudou Myouou DNA Rape

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  1. PAGE 1:
  3. - Doctor
  4. An amazing scientist well versed in the biology of the Puzzle & Dragons world.
  5. While he is a genius, he is also a pervert who gets excited over the idea of Dragon Seed copulation.
  6. It was for that reason that he began studying biology.
  7. The experiments he carries out are often met with disdain from society, especially from women, which only serve to increase the intensity of their perverted elements.
  8. This time, the doctor will be performing an experiment revolving around a drug, with a certain end goal in mind.
  10. PAGE 2:
  12. 1: Sperm Alteration Fluid 01
  13. 2: - Sperm Alteration Fluid 01, also known as SO1
  14. When injected into the testicles of a male lifeform, this drug will render the male's sperm to be unable to fertilize eggs.
  15. Instead, they gain a special attribute where if ejaculated inside of a female's vagina, the sperm will fuse with that female's eggs, or alternatively their intrafollicular atoms.
  16. Furthermore, it has been shown that as a result of the newly fused egg cells, the mother's traits such as scent, metabolism, or thickness of hair, will warp accordingly to the traits of the male who implanted the sperm.
  18. PAGE 3:
  20. - Disgusting Low-Tier Otaku Adventurer
  21. A candidate chosen by the doctor to test the administeration of the drug.
  22. As he hates bathing himself, he has gone for about a month cleaning his body. As a result, his amount of smegma and dead skin are in high content.
  23. Being that he has a horrible body odor, short stature, chubby build, and acne-ridden face, it is clear that his genes are not of a very high calibur.
  24. He is not very intelligent, with no special abilities of note. His DNA is truly a clumped up mass of uselessness.
  25. Despite that, his libido is about twice as large as the average person, leading to him consistently masturbating three times a day up to his current age of thirty.
  26. Furthermore, he is a virgin.
  28. PAGE 4:
  30. 1: This is today's experimentation subject, Acala.
  31. She was quite troublesome to deal with, but we eventually managed to put her under hypnosis.
  32. We will have you mate with her today.
  34. 2: Hahh... Hahh... (The naked body of the legendary Acala...! And she's in a shameless pose too, with her unkept hairy vagina facing right towards me...! My dick feels like it's going to burst, lol)
  35. B-But there's no way I could do that... There's no doubt that she'd kill me right afterwards... Hahh... Hahh...
  37. 3: Goodness... You really are an idiot. I just told you that she's under hypnosis right now. Currently, she is viewing your sperm as an enemy she must take down.
  38. If she avoids getting pregnant, then it's her victory. If she doesn't, then it's yours.
  39. That's the kind of hypnosis she's under. It's quite simple really, you just have to let her win.
  40. She'll then be satisfied and leave peacefully.
  42. PAGE 5:
  44. 1: Huh? Huh? I-I don't quite understand, doctor...
  45. 2: Just shut up and ejaculate into her vagina, that's all you need to do. Don't worry about the details.
  46. 3: A-All right... (So basically, he's saying that I just need to have sex with her...? lol)
  47. 4: ...Why have you been just standing there wasting time talking!?
  48. 5: Eek! I-I'm sory!
  49. 6: I am here right now so that you can release your disgusting semen from your balls into my pussy! If you're able to comprehend that, then hurry up and take your dick!
  50. 7: Y-Yes ma'am! ...Huh?
  51. 8: (He truly is slow on the uptake... With this, I'm sure the drug will be able to produce some interesting results.)
  52. I'll be watching from the monitor outside, I'll leave the rest to you.
  54. PAGE 6:
  56. 1: L-Like this...? Hahh... Hahh...
  57. 2: So you've finally taken it out...! Ugh, what a disgusting phimosis penis!
  58. Hurry up and pull back that horrifying foreskin and fuck my pussy senseless!
  59. 3: Y-Yes ma'am! (A-Amazing! Acala herself is using such vulgar language that she would never normally use and pleading for my dick...! lololol)
  60. 4: Don't just stand there and waste my time!
  61. 5: Eeek!
  63. PAGE 7:
  65. 1: I-I pulled it back!
  66. 2: Ugh, what a horrible stench... The smell of your horrible smegma that you've left fermenting for so long is now stagnating the air. My nose feels like it's about to fall apart! Just how many days have you gone without bathing!
  67. 3: Huh!? H-How many days...? Um, probably about a month by now, maybe...?
  68. 4: You truly are a formidable opponent... But I shall not lose! I will conquer you with my virgin pussy!
  69. 5: R-Really? A-Are you sure I can do this? lol
  70. 6: Just hurry up!
  72. PAGE 8:
  74. 1: Hahh... Hahh...
  75. 2: ...Why are you not putting it in...!
  76. 3: Hahh... I don't know how...!
  77. 4: Goodness, just how pathetic can you be! Very well, I shall lower my waist for you! You just make sure your penis stays erect!
  79. PAGE 9:
  81. 1: Nfuh...! There, how's that! Can you feel how wet it's become?
  82. 2: Yes, it's amazing, Acala-chan...! lol It feels so good that I can't comprehend it! Uhyahhh! lololol
  83. 3: Urgh...! The pussy juice I've let out from pleasure is mixing with the disgusting fluids dripping from your smegma... (Urgh... What a horrible stench... If I keep rubbing against it at this rate, my pussy will smell just as horrible as that smegma...) Kuh... I'm putting it in!
  84. 4: Buhyau lol E-Eeek! lololol
  86. PAGE 10:
  88. 1: Higu! <3
  90. PAGE 11:
  92. 1: Uwah! Ah! Ah!! It feels so good! It feels so good! The insides of your pussy are coiling around my dick... It's going to squeeze everything out...! lol
  93. 2: How pathetic of you...! I can see your weakness showing! Why don't you just let out that worthless good-for-nothing DNA endowed sperm into my pussy alreaday! Just know that your feeble sperm has no possible chance of impregnating my eggs...!
  94. 3: Ah! Ah! Acala-chan! I-I'm going to start moving!
  95. 4: Wha-!? Wait-!
  97. PAGE 12:
  99. 1: Oh! Oh!? Oh!! Oh!!!?
  101. PAGE 13:
  103. 1: Higi!
  105. PAGE 14:
  107. 1: Ah! <3
  108. 2: Auu! Ehi! <3
  109. 3: Ahhhh! It feels so good, Acala-chann! lololol I'm going to cum! I'm going to cummm!
  110. 4: Ohhh! <3
  112. PAGE 15:
  114. 1: Ukufuh <3 Very well, come at me with all you have! It would be unfortunate to allow you to spread that worthless sperm of yours on any other human being! <3 I will take in every ounce of it you have left!
  115. 2: Ah! Ah! AH! I'm cumming! Acala-chan, I'm cumming!!
  117. PAGE 16:
  119. 1: Ahh! I-I'm cumming! Acala-chan is squeezing out my virgin sperm of thirty years!! lololol
  120. 2: Guhi! <3 I shall not let even a drop go past me! My precious... My prescious eggs... will never lose to your disgusting otaku DNA endowed sperm!
  122. PAGE 17:
  124. 1: Urgh! Hahh... Hahh...
  125. 2: Ahh...  Hahh... Hahh... You've let it all out...it appears... (W-What is this... I can tell that...I didn't get pregnant...instinctively... Hahh... Hahh... But... I feel like something greater than that just happened to me... but it strangely feels good...)
  127. PAGE 18:
  129. 1: (However, as long as I have not been impregnated, this is my victory!)
  130. 2: Urgh... Acala-chan...
  131. 3: Fuh, what is it? Are you frustrated from losing?
  133. PAGE 19:
  135. 1: Puchi!?
  137. PAGE 20:
  139. 1: W-Wait! <3 No...! Eek! Stop! <3
  141. PAGE 21:
  143. 1: I-I'm going to cum! <3 <3 I'm cumminggg! <3 <3
  145. PAGE 22:
  147. PAGE 23:
  149. 1: Fu... Fu... Ahyu...
  150. 2: Hahh... I dijnt gech pregunt... It ish my vichury...
  152. PAGE 24:
  154. 1: Ejaculating once would have been enough, but he ejaculated even a second time... I was right in choosing him as the test subject.
  155. I suppose it would be safe to assume that both the eggs in Acala's womb and her intrafollicual atoms are now wrapped around in his disgusting otaku DNA. Furthermore, it's possible that with that second ejaculation, the disgusting otaku DNA has become the more dominant side. Acala's beautiful and high-class eggs have now just been ruined by that disgusting otaku sperm... How wonderful!
  156. I look forward to what side effects Acala herself will exhibit due to her follicual fusion!
  157. Will her genetical hair grow thicker? Will her gentials change to a different color? Or perhaps maybe her dispositions and body functions will change as well! I will continue to observe her changes in secret. Now, let's move onto the next female to copulate with our disgusting otaku friend!
  158. 2: End
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