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  1. the discord: https://discord.gg/vdeUK2W
  4. 1: Don't discriminate against age, gender, sexuality, or race.
  5. 2: Let the moderators, administrators, and 05 Council handle punishments.
  6. 3: Don't teamkill too much.
  7. 4: Respect the staff.
  8. 5: Nothing racist. Nothing sexist. Try not to be rude in general.
  9. 6: Have fun, and show eachother respect.
  10. 7: Keep any administrative abuse to a low amount. For example, don't forceclass anyone to spectator without their consent, don't lock / destroy all doors, don't blow up / start / stop the nuke via the console, etc.
  11. 8: Albeit we don't play it very much, don't join the server if you cannot play Secure Contain Procect: Secret Laboratory.
  12. 9: Do not use godmode or bypass modes without a good reason for doing so.
  13. 10: Do not delete pinned messages.
  14. 11: Do not needlessly nickname others, or nickname others without permission.
  15. 12: Do not needlessly ping everyone.
  16. 13: Do not spam useless bullshit over the intercom or the microphone.
  17. 14: Despacito and variants are discouraged from use on this server.
  18. 15: Burger King Foot Lettuce.
  19. 16: Follow the names of voice and text channels. e.g: 'orang's positive palace' (be positive) or #snows-private-channel-bc-i-value-my-loneliness  (only I, snowb34r, should talk here)
  20. 17: Please, don't get buddy-buddy with staff JUST BECAUSE they're staff. It annoys people.
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