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Oct 23rd, 2018
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  1. Intro
  3. Frank’s back baby. That means that photography is back in the picture too. Feel free to take photos at your convenience for extra PP, but killing zombies with combo weapons is generally faster and more efficient. I will be going some of the PP stickers in this guide, but I won’t get all of them. You have a few instances of free time in Off the Record, so feel free to hunt down the remaining PP stickers if you choose.
  5. Off the Record kind of blind sides you with this, but you’ll need to gather one million dollars by about the 6 hour mark. You’ll have ample opportunities to gather the cash. Just make sure to smash ATM’s, and Slot Machines you come across diligently from the start of the game until you’ve hit that one million mark. I won’t be explicitly telling you about ATM’s and Slot machines after a certain point, so gather from them at your discretion, just make sure you have at least 1 million dollars when case 5-2 Kidnapped rolls around.
  7. You’ll also need to get Zombrex for Frank and a handful of other survivors. Zombrex must be found, obtained from certain survivors or psychopaths, or purchased from pawn shops around Fortune City.
  9. Thankfully, unlike in the original Dead Rising 2, Frank can use Zombrex wherever he is between 7AM and 8AM. There is no need to return to the Safe House, which is a nice little convenience thing.
  11. We’ll pick up the Free Zombrex when it’s convenient. You can purchase Zombrex from the Pawn Shop, but it is very expensive. It starts at 50,000 and goes up by 50,000 for each one you buy. We won’t need any Pawnshop Zombrex, but if you happen to miss one of the free ones, it’s an option, and money should be no object.
  13. Finally, your Survivors AI just appears to be straight up worse than the original Dead Rising 2. It’s still reasonably good, but you will likely need to babysit them more frequently, so keep that in mind moving forward. Of course, Off the Record now has a checkpoint system, so if one of your survivors does die, you can usually just reload a checkpoint and end up fine.
  15. That being said, your reward for an All Survivors playthrough is… nothing. There isn’t an achievement for rescuing all the Survivors in Off the Record, so if one of them dies, or you miss one, don’t sweat it. It’s still worth doing this playthrough to get you very close to the level cap, and situated for other achievements.
  17. This guide will focus on a fresh new game file, rescuing all the survivors, killing all the psychopaths, and completing all the cases including Overtime Mode for the true ending.
  19. I’ll be showing maps with routes through at various points. They will be accompanied by this countdown timer. This is your opportunity to pause the video if you’d like to take a longer look, or use it to follow along during your playthrough. These maps will also be available on
  21. I’ll also be including a real time clock in the corner here and an estimated in game timer. This is just a way for you to keep up with where this fits in the timeline of Off the Record. I have uploaded a full playthrough with these cut out, broken into one hour chunks. If you’re ever struggling with a part in the guide and want to see how I did it, you can use the timer in the corner to go to the corresponding video. For instance if it’s something at 2 hours and 20 minutes, that’s going to be in part 3. The in game timer won’t be 100% accurate, but should give you a general timeline of where all these events occur within Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  24. Game Start
  25. Start the game and watch the cutscenes if you wish. Once you gain control of Frank, you’ll be thrown into a Terror is Reality game.
  27. You can’t lose this so it’s just a matter of killing as many zombies as you can for bonus money. Take out the first few zombies with your fists until the platforms start to rise and you can pick up some real weapons. Then once the platform lowers, the game really starts.
  29. If you want to get a Gold ranking, you’ll need to throw zombies into the grinders. Jump onto the platforms to activate them, and immediately jump off to avoid getting stunned by the flames. Activate 3, but leave the fourth inactive for now. Now use a weapon like the folding chair to knock zombies into the grinders.
  31. Once the arena starts being filled with a lot of zombies, go ahead and activate the last platform and burn them all. Then repeat this process again. If you don’t get a lot of money it’s not a big deal, this isn’t overly valuable, and we have tons of free time to gather more.
  33. Once you’re done, move forward and save at the rest rooms on your left if you wish, before heading right down the hallway.
  35. You’ll get an Off the Record exclusive segment here. Your goal is simply to photograph TK and Brandon’s conversation. Again, this isn’t overly important, so just follow them around as best you can and take their picture whenever the PP stickers show up above their heads. If you’re quick and take good photographs you’ll probably push yourself halfway to level 2, but again, it’s not overly important.
  37. Once the scene is over, you’ll be ambushed by thugs. You should focus on attacking one of them that’s holding a lead pipe to knock him over. Then proceed to bash the rest of their heads in with it. Pick up the second lead pipe if you can.
  39. Once that’s over, the outbreak will start and you’ll have to run to the arena.
  41. Lots of photo ops here. It’s your call whether or not to engage with them, the extra PP can help in this early stage.
  43. Head forward, and you can enter the green room to find a bit of a teaser of what’s to come, otherwise just head out into the Fortune City Arena.
  45. Make sure to smash the ATM’s on your right with the lead pipe before continuing.
  47. Just follow your marker, killing any zombies in your way, and taking photographs as you see fit until you reach the exit.
  49. Now you’ll be in the Safe House. We need to get Frank a Zombrex, but we can do some things on the way first.
  51. You can head left to grab some healing items before heading out and saving on your left if you wish, then head to the vents to exit out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  53. Immediately after exiting, turn around and take a picture of the PP sticker on the Exit sign for up to 1000 PP.
  55. Now just follow the way out to Royal Flush Plaza. Make sure to pick up the Baseball Bat on your right.
  57. Grab the cash and key on your way, we’ll be collecting these as they’re convenient. We’ll be prioritizing the ones that have lots of cash or zombrex.
  59. After exiting, take a picture of the Dark Bean for another PP sticker.
  61. Our target is Roy’s Mart for Zombrex, but instead, head right, and zone into the Americana Casino.
  63. Smash any Slot Machines on your way, and pick up cash on the ground that’s convenient. Our destination right now is Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack.
  65. Head towards the Arena, and then turn around to take a picture of the Americana Casino sign for another PP sticker. Then turn, and take a picture of the American Historium sign for another PP sticker. Now head into Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack, and up the stairs on the right side.
  67. At the top, jump onto the counter, and onto the lights. These are kind of clunky, so make sure to jump earlier than you’d expect as Frank will grab the edges. If you jump too late, you’ll just drop, so jump a bit earlier. Collect the cash on the way. On the third light, turn, and take a picture of the PP sticker on the plane.
  69. Then continue along the lights. Pick up the Security Box key on the 5th light before continuing forward. Grab the cash on the last two lights, and jump onto the alcove ahead of you.
  71. On the left, make sure to get the Sports Fan Facepaint on the box. This is part of an outfit that will give us increased movement speed, bonus gambling ability, and the ability to consume alcohol without fear of getting sick. We’ll unlock these bonuses once we get all 4 pieces and it’s worth wearing for the remainder of the game, even though it looks really, really dumb.
  73. Now collect the cash, and smash the money case for 10,000 dollars. Pick up the battle axe if you need a weapon, and jump down, to head back into Royal Flush Plaza.
  75. Ignore the Zombies for now and follow your waypoint. Stick to your right, as theres an ATM on this side. We’ll be coming across by here frequently, so make sure to smash it every time for 10,000 dollars. Once you’ve done that, enter SportTrance on your right.
  77. On the center rack on the right side grab the Sports Fan Cleats. Then take a picture of the Casino Cup sign above the golfing area for another PP sticker. Now leave Sport Trance.
  79. Continue forward, and enter the Sturdy Package on your right. Head to the checkout, and grab the Security Box key from behind it before exiting.
  81. Outside, take another Photograph of the Flaming Craps sign for another PP sticker. Then turn around and continue towards the waypoint.
  83. When you see the car. Collect any cash around the slot machines, and then take a picture of the Pillar near Roy’s Mart for another PP sticker. Then exit out to Fortune Park.
  85. Head left, and take a picture of the Silver Strip sign for another PP sticker. Now continue up the Silver Strip, hanging on the right side.
  87. Smash the ATM’s you come across here, before entering the Hot Excitorama on your right. Grab the Erotic Magazine from the racks on your left. Then grab the Security Box key from behind the register. Now head into the back room, and grab the Sports Fan Helmet from the rack, and exit Hot Excitorama.
  89. Now cross the street and enter One Little Duck Bingo. Head to the back, and pick up the cash, and the Rescue Magazine before exiting. Try and keep these magazines in your inventory at all times, it will greatly assist in getting to, or very near the level cap in a single playthrough. If you need to ditch one for whatever reason, ditch the Erotic Magazine, since it only applies to Female Survivors. Both of these magazines will respawn, so if you drop one, you can always pick them up from these locations.
  91. Cross back across the street, and take a picture of the Angel Lust sign for another PP sticker.
  93. Now just drop down, and head north towards the Yucatan Casino.
  95. Inside, you’ll get a cutscene, and start the battle with Ted and Snowflake. This will likely take you several attempts to get right, so don’t feel ashamed, it took me more than I care to admit.
  96. Go ahead and pick up the Fire Axe in front of you, and just start laying into Ted. He should go down without much fuss. Make sure not to hit Snowflake here.
  98. Thankfully, you have checkpoints in Off the Record, so if you accidentally damage snowflake, or more than likely, die, you can just restart from here.
  100. Once Ted is down, you’ll want to run forward into the pen and climb up onto the back so Snowflake can’t get you.
  102. At the top, take a picture of the PP sticker near the 3 Tiki Torches. Then drop down to the left side.
  104. Drop your Magazines for now, trading them for the two steaks here.
  106. You’ll want to get Snowflake to chase you here, and avoid her until she runs away. Then once she does, grab a Steak, and throw it between you and her before running a fair distance from her. If you’re lucky, she’ll slow down and go for the steak instead of you, but this isn’t always the case.
  108. Pick up your Magazines once Snowflake has eaten the first two steaks, and then pick up the third steak on the rock and repeat the process. Make sure you have your two magazines since it gives us a massive head start to PP gains.
  110. This fight is buggy, and Snowflake will frequently just not go for steaks you place. Be persistent, thankfully the checkpoint system in Off the Record makes this way more forgiving and less tedious than a failure in Dead Rising 2.
  112. Once you’ve fed Snowflake the 3 steaks you’ll get a cutscene, and Snowflake will join, and you’ll probably level up. Immediately head to your right, and smash the ATM’s for another 10,000 dollars before heading into the Employees only room to find Lenny.
  114. Talk to Lenny, making sure to stick close to him, as he’ll stop if you get too far away. Eventually he’ll eventually lead you across the Yucatan to the restrooms. Press the button to turn on the slot machines, then talk to Lenny to get him to join. Feel free to save here if you wish as well. Now head across the Yucatan casino, collecting cash from the ground, any ATM’s you come across, and from smashing slot machines, until you reach the Pallisades Mall.
  116. Immediately turn around and take a picture of the Yucatan Casino sign for another PP sticker.
  118. Then move forward, and take a picture of the Shanks sign for another PP sticker.
  120. Turn around, and head towards the Venus Touch, Jump onto the Slot Machines on the way to find another Security Box key.
  122. Now head into the grotto. Inside, head right and enter the bar to find another Security Box key, then double back.
  124. Enter Kokonutz Sports Town on your right, and get the Sports Fan outfit from the spinning racks at the back of the store. This is the final piece of the Sports Fan Outfit. You’ll immediately get a speed increase, and you don’t have to worry about consuming too much alcohol from now on. These pieces of clothing will also be available in the locker in the Safe House from now on, so if you ever change out of it, you can change back once you get into the safe house.
  125. Now we need to get Frank some Zombrex, so follow your waypoint south towards the Atlantica Casino. Smash any ATM’s or slot machines you come across at your descretion.
  127. At the entrance to the Atlantica, take a picture of the Uranus Zone poster on your right for another PP sticker, then head inside.
  129. Head left until you find a poster of Roger and Reed, take a photograph of it for another PP sticker.
  131. Continue along the left side until you find the giant Clam near the entrance to the Uranus Zone. Take a picture of it for another PP sticker before heading towards fortune park.
  133. Jump into the fountain by the giant Neptune statue, and grab another security box key. This one is important, it gives us a Zombrex. Then jump out, and turn around and take a picture of Neptune for another PP sticker. Now exit out to Fortune Park.
  135. Immediately head to your left to the Giant Alien head, and take its picture for yet another PP sticker. Then turn around and take a picture of the Fortune City sign near the washroom grotto for yet another PP sticker. Once you’re done, head across the way to Royal Flush Plaza and enter.
  137. Now towards Roy’s Mart. On the way, take a picture for another PP sticker before entering.
  139. You’ll have to fight 3 looters in here. Snowflake should make short work of them if you’re low on weapons. Otherwise just bash them with whatever you have until they go down.
  141. Jump over the counter and talk to Denyce. She’ll join up. Then head into the backroom and grab the Zombrex. Feel free to grab the Orange Juice next to it if you need a heal.
  143. Then take a photograph of the poster above the Zombrex for another PP sticker. If you need a weapon, restock from the looters before heading back out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  145. You should be very close to 7AM here, so once you get a prompt for Zombrex, head to a safe spot and use it. You’ll drop whatever you’re holding, so make sure to pick it up again. Now just take these survivors back to the Safe House. Smash any ATM’s or slot machines you find along the way. You’ll want to have at least 25,000 dollars here, but it shouldn’t be much of an issue.
  147. Once you’re back you’ll get a ton of PP for rescuing these 3 survivors. Go ahead and save if you want, and then head back out to Royal Flush Plaza. Restock on a Baseball bat if you need a weapon, and continue down the hallway. You should find LaShawndra at the Dark Bean. Ignore her for now and head right to find Gordon. Talk to him and he’ll join you. Then go ahead and take him to LaShawndra to reunite them. There’s a PP sticker opportunity here so get ready with your camera. Talk to LaShawndra afterwards and she’ll join up. Now just head back with these two into the safe house. You’ll have a little bit of time to kill before Case 1-1 starts.
  149. Head to the back of the Safe House, and up the stairs. Use the elevator here and exit onto the roof. Now run behind the elevator and grab the zombrex before heading back down. This zombrex isn’t available until after you get the one from Roy’s Mart, so keep that in mind.
  151. Now head into the Security Office to finish Case 1-1, and start Case 1-2, Alive on Location.
  153. Head out towards the Ducts and you’ll get the Maintenance Key from Sullivan.
  155. Then exit through the vents.
  157. Head through this area, you’ll get a call from Stacey about a survivor, then just continue forward, and once you reach the door you’ll get a cutscene
  159. You’ll know have access to combo weapons. First things first, take a picture of the work bench for another PP sticker. Now combine a baseball bat and a box of nails in the Maintenance room to make a Spike Bat. This is going to be one of our go-to weapons from here on out.
  161. Once you’re finished, set your marker to Know When to Fold Em, and exit out to your right, and enter the Americana Casino.
  163. Follow your marker, smashing any slot machines on your way until you find Bill. Give him 20,000 dollars, and he’ll ask for another 5,000. Give it to him, and he’ll join up with you. If you don’t have the cash, smashing the slot machines around should be more than enough. Now it’s recommended to head back to the Royal Flush Plaza with Bill so he doens’t cause you problems. Once you’re back, just head back to the Safe House. You’ll probably get a call about Moe’s Maginations from Stacey here.
  165. Drop off Bill, and immediately leave the Safe House. If you want to recoup some of your expenses, head to the room past the Maintenance Room on your left, grab the flashlight and computer case. This makes a Hacker. The hacker provides extra money from ATM’s, so it can be a reasonable way to get cash for the 1,000,000 we need, but realistically, we won’t need to. Make another Spike Bat. Now set your marker to “Alive on Location”
  167. Head across Royal Flush Plaza. Use the hacker on the ATM’s on the right side for 40,000 dollars instead of 10,000 for smashing them. I find the hacker clunky to use, so I don’t bother with it, instead I just smash everything with Spike Bats. It’s your call, use whatever you prefer from now on.
  169. Make your way to the exit, and zone into Fortune Park.
  171. Now head towards the Fortune City Hotel, but take a quick detour. Run down the stairs and head to Moe’s Maginations. Take a picture of the Sign for another PP sticker. Then talk to the looter to activate the Pawn shops around Fortune City. Just head out of here for now, and back up to the fountain. Take a picture of the sign for another PP sticker before heading towards the Hotel.
  173. Jump onto the concrete block and onto the scaffolding. Here, head to the other side and grab another security box key. Then drop down, and enter the Fortune City Hotel.
  175. You’ll start Case 1-3, In Security. Talk to Rebecca to start her moving, then turn to take a picture of the PP sticker by the Elevator, then turn back around to take a picture of the PP sticker near by the geese behind the front desk.
  177. Now follow Rebecca, and make sure to pick up the Security Box Key on the way, this one is important, as it provides a Zombrex. Don’t miss it.
  179. Head through the South Plaza, and take a picture of the Soldier’s Shield for another PP sticker. Meet back up with Rebecca at the washrooms. Save if you want, otherwise talk to her and follow her towards the Fortune City Arena.
  181. You’ll encounter some looters here, just smash them with a Spike Bat and they should go down fast. You can grab their weapons if you need a restock.
  183. Now, enter the maintenance room on the side, and take a picture of the work bench for another PP sticker.
  185. Then meet back up with Rebecca, and exit into the Fortune City Arena.
  187. Immediately head to your left and climb the speakers to get onto the large display in the center. Slowly proceed up this walkway to find the Terror is Reality Moosehead. Then double back, and drop down. Pick up the Security Box key here, and collect the cash around before meeting up with Rebecca. Use the moose head to clear out the zombies around here. Then examine the door with Rebecca nearby to enter.
  189. Re-enter this room after the cutscene and grab the Security Box key on your left. Now just leave the arena, and head towards your marker for Case 1-4: Alliance.
  191. Turn left and take a picture of the map of Fortune City for another PP sticker. Then head back to the main strip, and take a picture of the Souvenir Kiosk on your left for another PP sticker.
  193. Continue up the strip, and enter Cash Gordon’s Casino on your left.
  195. Take a picture of the Slot Machine display on your left for another PP sticker before exiting.
  197. Now head forward, and enter Juggz Bar and Grill. Head to the bar, and take a picture of the blender for another PP sticker. Then go ahead and mix yourself some mix drinks. Beer Beer and Whiskey Whiskey are the main combo here for Painkillers.
  199. Now exit Juggz, and head into the Paradise Platinum Screens. Take a picture of the Mega Man Display for yet another PP sticker. Now leave, and head back towards Royal Flush Plaza.
  201. Head towards the safe house now. Make sure to smash the slot machines, and ATMs on the left side on the way back. Also feel free to grab a pair of boxing gloves, and a bowie knife on the top of the news stand on the way back if you have the inventory space. Otherwise, just head back through the maintenance room. If you’re short on weapons, make another spike bat before heading into the Safe House.
  203. Once inside, head to the Security Room to complete Case 1-4. Grab some juice if you need a healing item, save if you need to, and then head back out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  205. Restock on a Spike Bat, and a hacker if you want, and then head out towards Fortune Park. Make sure the Smash the ATMs on the way. You’ll get a call from Stacey around here about two men in Shanks in the Pallisades. Exit to Fortune Park, and then head through to the Atlantica Casino.
  207. Inside, head to your right and enter the security room. Take a picture of the PP sticker next to the monitors. Then turn around and grab the cash, and the security box key before leaving.
  209. Now head towards the pallisades following your marker for Welcome to the Family. Make sure to smash ATM’s and Slot machines along the way. Enter the pallisades.
  211. Now just head North towards Shanks, again smashing slot machines and atm’s that you come across. This is the last time I’m going to mention it smashing ATM’s and slots, just continue to do this from now on.
  213. Head into Flexin’ on your left, and take a picture of the poster at the back for another PP sticker before exiting.
  215. Then continue to Beach Body Swim house and enter it. Take a picture of the surf boards behind the register for another PP sticker before exiting and heading north towards Shanks.
  217. Once inside, clear out the Zombies and and alternate talking to Kenneth and Jack and they’ll join you. If you need to heal yourself or Kenneth, use some of the food in here.
  219. Then exit Shanks, and head into the Yucatan Casino on your right.
  221. Just cut through the Yucatan, and towards the exit onto the Silver Strip.
  223. Cut to the right side, and use the maintenance room here for a pair of Knife Gloves if you need a weapon. You can also combine the Battery and Goblin Mask for a Roaring Thunder for a laugh, just use it on a group of Zombies and move on.
  225. Continue down the Silver Strip, head into Royal Flush Plaza.
  227. Now just head to the Safe House. Restocking on Knife Gloves, or a Spike Bat if you need it. Looters have a tendency to show up now and interupt your less competent Survivors, so go ahead and take out any if you see them. Then once you’re back, just zone into the Safe House.
  229. Save if you want, otherwise head back outside. Restock on weapons at the maintenance room if you need to. Otherwise, just cut through Royal Flush Plaza, and head out to Fortune Park. Make sure it’s after 12:00 PM here, maybe even after 1:00PM I had some discrepancies and issues with these next sets of survivors.
  231. From Fortune Park, head left and up the Silver Strip to find Chad fighting zombiesnear the maintenance room. Clear them out, and talk to him to get him to join you. Now, you’ll want to head south, back through Fortune Park, and towards the Arena. You can grab healing items from Juggz and other stores on the way if you need any for you or Chad.
  233. At the Arena you’ll find Doris on the Souvenir Kiosk. Clear the zombies around her, and she’ll jump down to Chad. They’ll have a huge, and it’s another chance for a photo op. Talk to Doris and she’ll join.
  235. You’ll likely get a call around here for Lush-ious Lady. Head north, and enter the Americana Casino on your left. Set your Marker, and follow it to find Kristin in the back of the security room. Talk to her, and she’ll join up with you. She’s drunk, so carry her out and take her out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  237. Now just head back through the Tunnel, and make sure Chad and Doris are with you as you zone into the Safe House.
  239. People Like Us and Survivors
  240. Day 1 - 3 PM.
  241. You’ll likely have a bit of time here until 3PM when the next scoop becomes available.
  243. Make sure to restock on weapons and healing items here as we have a Psychopath Battle coming up. You’ll want spike bats, knife gloves, and some mixed drinks. You can quickly make a Spike Bat, and zone back into the Safe House for another one easily.
  245. Then head right into the Americana Casino to make some mixed drinks. Mix wine and wine for a quicksteps, and beer and beer for Painkillers. You’ll get a call from Stacey about the scoop “People like Us”.
  247. Once you do, and you’re equipped, head out to the Platinum Strip.
  249. Now just follow your marker north, to the Atlantica Casino, where you’ll start a psychopath battle.
  251. Chuck is nearly identical to Leon from Dead Rising 2. The strategy is exactly the same except for the fact that Chuck has firebombs he’ll throw at you from a distance. Just wait for Chuck to charge you, and hop the fence once he gets close. He’ll hopefully get stuck and you can take him out without much issue. Otherwise just repeat getting him to charge you, hopping the fence, and getting a few good whacks in before he runs off.
  253. You shouldn’t have much issue, and the checkpoint here will give you as many retries as you need to be successful.
  255. You’ll likely have a bit of time to kill before the next set of survivors at 4PM. Go ahead and kill some zombies using combo weapons, or take pictures of any PP stickers you may have missed in the platinum strip, fortune city park, or silver strip. You can also run up the Silver Strip to check out the motorcycle trailer, or grab a new pair of knife gloves from the maintenance room.
  257. At 4PM, try and be near the Fortune City Hotel, you’ll get a call from Stacey about 4 turbo nerds in the South Plaza. Once you get the call, head into the Fortune City Hotel.
  259. Set your marker for Brains over brawn, and hoof it to the south side of the south plaza. Enter the Ultimate Playhouse on your left, and talk to the guys in here until they join up with you.This is your first reasonably large set of survivors and the AI is terrible in groups. Just be careful and proceed slowly making sure no one gets left behind. The arena is crawling with Zombies and another survivor is going to become available shortly, so it’s easier and safer to head back up north, and leave the hotel into Fortune Park.
  261. Now just cut across the park, to the Atlantica Casino. Kill time here gathering money, until you get a call from Stacey (5PM). Set your marker for Art Appreciation, and head into the Pallisades.
  263. Head into Trendy Cindy on your right to grab another security box key from behind the register. Then exit, and head north to the far side of the Pallisades. It’s likely you’ll need to kill some looters here, so if you hear the music take them out. Then take the escalator to the second level, and enter Cleroux Collection.
  265. Talk to Randolph and buy his painting for 3000 dollars, and he’ll join up with you. Just leave it there, we don’t need it. Then head back down, and enter the Yucatan Casino with your party of 5.
  267. Simply cut through the Yucatan Casino, and exit out to the Silver Strip once everyone gets to the door.
  269. Now just head south, towards Royal Flush Plaza. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a Clown Car on the way here. If you do, you can jump into it and carry all your survivors to the door. It’s very slightly easier than walking, but it is randomized. Just get back to the Royal Flush Plaza.
  271. Now cut through Royal Flush Plaza and head back to the Safe House with your posse. You’ll probably get a call from Stacey around here (6PM) about two comedians arguing in the Uranus Zone. That’s our next destination, but focus on getting these guys back to the Safe House safely. You’ll probably have to clear out some looters on the way. Do a quick head count before entering.
  273. Drop off your survivors, save if you want, and then head into the Security Room to start the next set of cases.
  275. Brandon
  276. (Day 1 - 6:30pm)
  277. You’ll start Case 2-2: A familiar face here, go ahead and set your marker. This is a psychopath battle so do appropriate restocking on combo weapons and mixed drinks. Spike Bats, and Knife Gloves are our go-to as always. Once you’re good on weapons, head out to Fortune Park.
  279. From Fortune Park, head towards the giant alien face, to enter the Uranus Zone.
  281. Take a left and head to the bar. Use the Blender here to make painkillers using 2 beers or quicksteps using 2 wines. 2 to 3 mixed drinks should be plenty.
  283. When you’re ready, follow your marker to the mens restrooms, where you’ll start the psychopath battle vs. Brandon.
  285. Brandon will jump into stalls and start kicking zombies out at you. You can kill them or ignore them. What you should do, is run parallel to the stalls and watch behind you. He’ll always jump out from behind you to try and take a swipe at you, so when he does, turn around and slug him with your spike bat once or twice.
  287. With the 4 piece sports fan, and an active quick step he’ll never hit you like this. Just take a swing at him, and maybe a follow up. Off the Record seems to reduce the damage on subsequent hits, so follow up swings do consistently less damage. That means over all it’s better to just take a single hit, and then back out for most of the remaining psychopaths.
  289. After the exchange, Brandon will take a counter swing, or run and jump into the stalls again. Just repeat this process and you should come out ahead.
  291. Brandon shouldn’t be very difficult, and you should be able to take him down without much issue following this strategy.
  293. After the fight you can take a picture of Vikki and Brandon if you want. Then turn around, and grab the Money Case near the pile of cash. Smash this for 25,000 dollars. Now head out of the restrooms. Stick to the left side, and enter the bank in the Uranus Zone. It’s time to use our security box keys.
  295. Use the keypad by the vault to get inside. Now just run around in here using whatever keys you have. Make sure to grab all the cash, smash the money case, and get the two zombrex here from the boxes. The other rewards like guns, magazines, and such will respawn, but the cash and zombrex are a one time deal.
  297. At this point I had 878.000 dollars, which is extremely close to the 1 million we need. It should be a minor issue to get the remainder through rescuing survivors and smashing slot machines and atms.
  299. When you’re done, head out, and set your marker for “Two’s Company”. Follow the marker to From Fortune with Love to find Walter and Royce. Talk to both of them, and listen to their bad jokes. Give the trophy to Walter, because otherwise he’ll cry and be a nuisance. Then pay Royce 5 grand to get him to join you as well. It’s easier this way.
  301. Exit out, and head left down the tunnel. Follow this and it will take you to the South Plaza.
  303. You’ll probably get a call from Stacey around this time about a guy in the Pub o Gold at the Silver Strip. That’s our next destination (Day 1 - 8:00PM)
  305. Exit into the South Plaza, and then turn right, and leave the Hotel to get to Fortune Park.
  307. Set your Marker to Once Bitten and head up to the Pub ‘O Gold. Be careful here, you can’t heal whoever has the Comedy Trophy so you’ll need to babysit a bit more. Once you’re inside, head to the back and you’ll find Jared. Talk to him, and give him a Zombrex here. Take his picture when he’s injecting himself for a PP bonus. Then give him a shoulder and make your way back to the Safe House.
  309. Head south and return to Royal Flush Plaza.
  311. Then cut through Royal Flush Plaza, through the tunnel, and eventually back to the vent, zone in and rescue these 3 survivors. Once inside, head to the Security Room to complete the case.
  313. Case 3-2: Sign of Life
  314. Standard stuff here, save if you need to, exit to Royal Flush Plaza. Restock on spike bats if you need to, and then set your Marker to Case 3-2 Sign of Life. This is in the Pallisades.
  316. Go ahead and cut through Royal Flush Plaza, and zone out to Fortune Park.
  318. Then head through Fortune Park to the Atlantica Casino.
  320. Then head up through the Atlantica Casino, and enter the Pallisades.
  322. Now just head straight through the Pallisades, to the door to the underground tunnels. If you need a weapon, you can stop by the maintenance room at the north side of the Pallisades near the entrance to the tunnel for a set of Knife Gloves. Then head down into the Underground.
  324. Follow your marker and you’ll have a short scene where you have the opportunity to take pictures. If you don’t want to, just head forward and you’ll get onto the train.
  326. The mercenaries here are much more deadly than in Dead Rising 2. Take it slow and steady, run them down with knife gloves, and don’t be afraid to run to the back of the train to grab healing items if you need to. Just cut everyone you see down, and get to the door at the end of the train.
  328. (Day 1 - 10pm)
  330. You should get a call from Stacey about a Paramedic on the Silver Strip here. Set your marker for Code Blue. However, there’s a free easy to get Zombrex down here. Head towards the utility vehicle and get inside. Drive this along the train tracks trying your best to avoid zombies, as these have terrible durability.
  332. Make your way to the maintenance tunnel room on the right side. Pick up the zombrex on the way, and then continue driving forward. Jump onto this train car to find another Security Box key, and then jump into a new utility vehicle and continue forward.
  334. You’ll eventually hit a sign that says to Pallisades Mall. Enter the loading dock, get out of your vehicle, and exit up the stairs back to the Pallisades.
  336. Restock on Knife gloves at the maintenance room if you need it, otherwise cross the Pallisades into the Yucatan.
  338. Now just cut through the Yucatan Casino. You can stop and save if you want, or restock on mix Drinks at Baron Von Brathaus. There’s a psychopath battle coming up. Wine and Wine makes a quickstep, and beer and beer makes a painkiller. Quicksteps will be more useful in this fight.
  340. You’ll get a call around here about Cucina Donnaci (Day 1 - 11PM) set your marker to Tastes like Chicken.
  342. Once you get the call, zone from the Yucatan Casino into the Food Court.
  344. Follow your waypoint and you’ll start a psychopath battle.
  346. Chef Antoine is more annoying than threatening. He’ll mostly just zip around and gorge himself. Your goal is just to run him down, smacking him until he counter hits you. Then he’ll run to the next plate of food to recover health. If you burn a quick step, you should be able to minimize the amount of self healing he does, and just be able to wear him down by tanking the counter hits he throws at you.
  348. When he eats you get a chance for a PP bonus photo so go ahead and take it if you want. Otherwise, he’s a pretty easy psychopath, just chase him around the kitchen.
  350. Once you’ve won, find Cinda in the back room. Talk to her, and she won’t join you until you bring Jasper, who’s hanging out on good old Hamburger Fiefdom.
  352. Leave Cucina Donnacci, cross the food court, and jump onto the vending machines and then onto the awning to get up to the roof of Hamburger Fiefdom.
  354. Talk to Jasper, and he’ll join up with you. Then drop off of Hamburger Fiefdom, and cross back to Cucina Donnacci with Jasper. Talk to Cinda, and she’ll join up with you.
  356. Now set your marker to Code Blue.
  358. Leave Cucina Donnacci, and exit the Food Court to the Yucatan Casino.
  360. Just head straight forward on the right side and exit down the stairs to the Silver Strip.
  362. Now follow your waypoint down the silver strip while staying on the left side. Once you pass the ATM’s by the hot excitorama, head left, and enter the double doors to find Sven. Take his picture for a PP bonus and then talk to him. Tim Duggan will die, but Sven will join up with you.
  364. Head south down the Silver Strip to Fortune Park, and Zone into Royal Flush Plaza once you’re survivors are close.
  366. Now it’s just a matter of cutting through Royal Flush Plaza, and returning these 3 survivors to the Safe House. You’ll probably need to kill a few sets of looters on the way there.
  368. Successfully rescuing Sven will yield a Zombrex. Go ahead and save here if you need it, before exiting back out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  370. Survivors - Pallisades and Willa/Terri
  372. Standard procedure here, restock on spike bats, and knife gloves if you need some weapons.
  374. Otherwise, just make your way to the Fortune Park exit, and zone.
  376. Head to the Atlantica Casino, and enter it.
  378. Once you’re inside, make your way to the Pallisades exit. Before you zone, check your watch. You need to wait until 1AM before zoning into the Pallisades. Kill time in the Atlantica looting slot machines, and once it’s 1AM, zone into the Pallisades.
  380. (Day 2 - 1AM)
  382. You need to be fast here. Run forward, and hang on the left side until you come across the giant pink stuffed Elephant. Grab it, and head to Marc who’s hanging over the ledge. This is kind of confusing, but you need to find a prompt on the ground to place the Elephant, you can’t just put it down normally. Once you place it, Marc will land on the Elephant and automatically join. Then run back, and grab the stuffed Bull. Then run to the other side of the Pallisades towards Chocolate Confession. Put the Bull down on the prompt under Earvin and he’ll automatically join as well. Now head south, and return to the Atlantica Casino.
  384. Our goal is the south plaza, so just cut through the Atlantica Casino and exit into Fortune Park.
  386. Then cross the park, and enter the Fortune City Hotel once Marc and Earvin are with you.
  388. Now continue down through to the South Plaza on the right side until you find Willa and Terri.
  390. Clear out the zombies around them, and potentially any looters that followed you. Talk to Willa, and get her to join first. Then go back and talk to Terri so she joins. Now we just need to head back to the Safe House. The easiest way is up through the Hotel to Fortune Park.
  392. Then Fortune Park back into the Royal Flush Plaza.
  394. Finally go through Royal Flush Plaza, into the tunnel and through the vents. You should be intimately familiar with the route at this point. Wait until everyone’s here, and zone into the Safe House.
  396. Save if you need to.
  398. Angel Lust
  399. You’ll likely have some time to kill before the next set of Survivors. It’s about 1-2 in game hours.
  400. Do whatever you see fit in this timeframe. Restock on weapons and healing items, kill zombies with combo weapons for PP, or hunt down some additional PP stickers.
  402. I headed to the Americana Casino, restocked on mixed drinks, and killed some zombies with combo weapons. I also looted the last bit of cash I needed to hit the 1,000,000 dollar mark at this point. You still have a ton of time to gather the cash, so don’t worry about it if you’re lagging behind.
  404. Regardless, kill time until around 4AM at which point, you’ll want to head out to Royal Flush Plaza. After 4AM, go ahead and zone into Fortune Park.
  406. Head left, and up the Silver Strip. Hang on the right side, and continue north until you reach the stage. You can take some pictures of Angel Lust for some bonus PP if you want. Otherwise talk to Jeanna. Take a picture during their big finish for even more PP and they’ll join up with you.
  408. Head back down the Silver Strip with Angel Lust, and re-enter Royal Flush Plaza.
  410. Head through Royal Flush Plaza, until you reach the Safe House. Take out the looters that will inevitably harass you and your new band mates. Drop off your Survivors, you’ll get some cash and a combo card for your trouble. Save if you want.
  412. Zombrex- 2 and Randy
  413. The next events won’t occur until 7AM. This is another roughly 2 in game hours for you to kill.
  415. Restock on weapons like Spike Bats and Knife gloves from Royal Flush Plaza. Then go and get quicksteps and painkillers from the Americana Casino, because there is a psychopath battle at 7AM. Go ahead and kill zombies in the meantime with combo weapons to try and get some PP to push you to another level, just make sure you have a full inventory when 7AM rolls around.
  417. You’ll want to be near the Fortune Park side of Royal Flush Plaza at 7. Use a Zombrex and then once you get the call from Stacey about the wedding, exit out to Fortune Park.
  419. Set your marker to “Here comes the groom” and head left, up the Silver Strip until you reach the Swept Away Chapel, enter, and you’ll start the psychopath battle.
  421. Randy can mess you up, but our strategy hasn’t changed. Hit and run tactics with the Spike Bat or Knife Gloves work best. Wait for him to attack, dodge it, then run in, and take a swing before backing out for another opportunity.
  423. Randy deals a lot of damage, but you have a lot of chances to heal during this fight. If you get hit, and need to heal, just jump over the pews, or run behind the sign to get a second away from him for a second, and that should be enough distance to get the heal off.
  425. Randy will usually taunt after he hits you and this is a prime opportunity to get a free hit on him, or take a picture for a pretty sizable PP bonus. Just be careful, the chainsaw can still hit you while he’s taunting so hit him from the back or side.
  427. If you have 3 mixed drinks you should have more than enough healing to take him down before he takes you down, but there are some healing items at the back of the chapel if you really need them.
  429. Once Randy’s down, go ahead and talk to Danny. Get her to join. You can also grab Randy’s giant pink chainsaw and use it if you’d like to conserve your combo weapons.
  431. It’s just a matter of getting Danni back to the safe house now. Head South down the Silver Strip and zone into Royal Flush Plaza.
  433. Then just cut through it, escorting Danni back to the Safe House. Save here if you want, and head out.
  435. Europa and Mister Masters/
  436. You should get a call once you re-enter Royal Flush Plaza about someone at the Hotel at 8AM. Set your marker to Slave to Fashion. Restock on a Spike Bat if you need to, before heading right, and into the Americana Casino.
  438. Restock on Mixed Drinks if you need to at the bar in the center, then head into the Fortune City Arena.
  440. Inside the Arena, just cut the left path around the giant display, and enter the South Plaza.
  442. Enter the unfinished store directly infront of you. There may be looters here so take them out. Then head to the underwear display and change into your boxers, this is required, so don’t forget this step.
  444. Now continue northeast to the Fortune City Hotel. Turn left, and find Europa on the planter by the elevators.
  446. She’ll tell you to change into your underwear like she is, but you’re already in your underwear, so she’ll join up.
  448. Once she jumps down, talk to her again and you’ll be forced to carry her.
  450. Now head back into the South Plaza, and stand near the service entrance to Uranus Zone. Wait here until you get a call from Stacey for Quarter Circle to Forward. Once you do, set your marker, and zone.
  452. Continue through the tunnel until you reach Uranus Zone. Turn to your right, and avoid zombies while heading to the fireworks display. Put Europa down somewhere safe, and clear out the zombies around the fireworks kiosk. Once you’re done, jump up on the back side, and talk to Eric Masters. He’ll join. Jump down, pick up Europa and head forward into the center of Uranus Zone, and then zone into Fortune Park
  454. Cross Fortune Park, and Zone into Royal Flush Plaza.
  456. Now it’s just a matter of getting these two back to the Safe House. Avoid the looters if possible and zone in.
  458. Once you’re back, head to the restrooms, and use the locker to change back into your glorious sports fan outfit. Then save if you wish, before heading back out.
  460. Optional: Slappy
  462. You’ll likely have some time to kill here. The main case isn’t until 1:00PM, which is probably around 3 hours from now. Another case will become available at 12:00PM, but it isn’t overly time sensitive.
  464. Since we have nothing better to do, we should do it now, but if you want to hold off, feel free, as we will be going back there anyways later. This is a psychopath battle, so go ahead and restock on mixed drinks at the Americana Casino, and combo weapons from Royal Flush Plaza.
  466. Our destination here is the Pallisades. Go ahead and kill some time on the way by killing Zombies with combo weapons as you go through Royal Flush Plaza, Fortune Park, up the Silver Strip, and through the Yucatan Casino.
  467. If you need more mixed drinks, stop by Baron von Brathaus in the Yucatan and use the blender. If you’re low on combo weapons, the maintenance room in the Pallisades has a set of knife gloves for you to make. Just zone into the Pallisades, make a pair, then zone back into the Yucatan and repeat until you have a full inventory.
  469. Be in the Yucatan at 12:00PM, as you’ll get a call from Stacey about Slappy.
  471. Once you do, go ahead and zone into the Pallisades. Climb the escalator directly in front of you. If you need to heal head into Leigh’s Fine Liquor’s and chug some booze. Then approach the mascot to Trigger the psychopath battle.
  473. This hasn’t changed from the original Dead Rising 2 and you can easily lock Slappy into a pattern by utilizing Frank’s jump kick.
  475. The hardest part of this fight is setting up. You’ll want to run at Slappy and nail him with a Jump kick. Once you do, he’ll get knocked over. Hit him once with your weapon of choice, and then back out a safe distance. He’ll get up and start spinning. This is an opportunity to get a photograph for some bonus PP. Once he stops, he’ll be dizzy and stunned. This is your opportunity to nail him with another jump kick to knock him over to repeat the process.
  477. Make absolutely sure to use a jump kick. A basic attack won’t knock him over, and he’ll start rollerblading around like it’s the 90’s again. Save yourself the trouble, and don’t be a dingus like me, just jump kick him after he gets dizzy. You’ll have a way easier fight, and he’ll go down significantly faster.
  479. Regardless of difficulty,you have an unlimited stock of healing items via the booze in Leigh’s Fine Liquors since you can’t get sick while wearing the sports fan outfit. Head in there if you ever need a refresh. Also be sure to do it after the fight if you took damage.
  481. Once he’s dead, you’ll get the Flamethrower combo card, and you can pick up Slappy’s flame thrower if you want.
  483. Right now, you need to hoof it back to the Safe House pretty quickly. The next case starts at 1:00PM. You’ll probably get a call from Stacey on the way back when you’re in Royal Flush Plaza. Just get in the vent, and head into the Security Room, and complete Case 4-1: Boom Town.
  485. 4-2 Run for the Money:
  486. This is one of the harder parts of Off the Record due to the amount of mercenaries with guns you’ll have to take on.
  488. Exit the Safe House, and you’ll get a call from Stacey about all the mercs drilling into the vaults of the Casinos. You’ll also likely get a call about the Venus Touch in the Pallisades, (Day 2: 1:15 PM) ignore it for now. Restock on weapons if you need to, Knife Gloves are preferred, otherwise head right into the Americana Casino.
  490. Immediately head to your left and take out the mercenaries outside the cashier’s office.
  492. Then enter it, and run down the mercenaries inside. Use mixed drinks like quicksteps and painkillers liberally here, we’ll have a chance to restock after every single vault.
  494. Head to the drill at the back and pick up the Sledgehammer. Try and keep this with you as it’s one of the easiest ways to take out the drills.
  496. Next to the drill is also a money case which contains 75,000 dollars. Make sure to pick it up and smash it for the dosh, especially if you haven’t hit the 1 million mark yet.
  498. Head to the next Casino, but on your way out, take a photograph of the PP sticker above the inside Cashier’s Office. At the exit, also make sure to pick up the Security Box key before heading out.
  500. Head to the center of the Americana to restock on mixed drinks if you need to, otherwise head back into Royal Flush Plaza.
  502. Another opportunity to restock on combo weapons in here, otherwise cut through the standard way to Fortune Park, but this time hang a left at Roy’s Mart and enter the Slot Ranch Casino.
  504. It’s pretty much a straight shot from the door to the Cashier. Kill any mercenaries you see in here and heal as necessary. This hallway is pretty dangerous so don’t be afraid to take cover behind the wall, and then sprint at the mercs once they let up shooting. You can restock on some healing items in the break room if you took damage. Then just head to the drill at the back and use the sledgehammer on it until it’s destroyed.
  506. Another vault, another money case to the left of the drill. Smash this one for 60,000 dollars before heading out.
  508. Turn left and follow your marker through to the foodcourt killing any mercenaries in your way. Then just continue forward into the Yucatan Casino.
  510. If you need more mixed drinks, Baron von Brathaus is on your left, otherwise just follow the marker to the cashier’s office. Obviously, take out any resistance in your way.
  512. Use the walls here to avoid bullets and use mix drinks as necessary to clear out the mercs in the Yucatan Casino’s vault.
  514. Pull out your sledgehammer and take out the drill in the back. You can restock on another sledgehammer on the right side of the drill if you want as well.
  516. On your way out, grab the cash and money case on the wall behind the drill. This one’s a whopping 185,000 dollars. That puts a hefty dent in the 1 million needed, make sure to get it.
  518. Next stop is the Atlantica. Head to the washrooms to save, and Baron Von Brathaus for more mixewd drinks if you need to. Then head out the south exit of the Yucatan to the Silver Strip.
  520. This is a straight shot south. The maintenance room on your right has Knife Gloves if you need a weapon. Otherwise head to the van outside the Atlantica Casino, taking out any resistance in your way.
  522. Kill the mercenaries here, and once the area is clear, start smashing the van with your sledgehammer. This will take awhile, but once you’re done, you’ll finish Case 4-2: Run for the Money.
  524. Now go ahead and set your marker to Wilted Flower, and enter the Atlantica Casino.
  526. Now just cut through, and enter the Pallisades.
  528. Head to the very back of the Pallisades. If you didn’t do the fight with Slappy, now is your opportunity to do so. Otherwise, just head to Leigh’s Fine Liquors, and heal yourself if necessary, then grab a drink of your choice. Then go down the escalators, and enter the Venus Touch on your left.
  530. Head to the backroom and find Linette. Talk to her, and give her the booze to get her to join up with you. Carry her and exit the Venus Touch. Then head up the escalators and around the left side until you reach Brand New U. Inside, head to the changing rooms in the back, and use the shortcut to take you to the restrooms in Royal Flush Plaza.
  532. From now on, this is the fastest way to and from Royal Flush and the Pallisades and we will use it every chance we get.
  534. Carry Linette back through Royal Flush Plaza, and drop her off at the Safe House, then go ahead and save.
  536. Killing Time (again) - Janus and Luz
  537. We have, absolutely nothing to do until 7PM. That’s roughly 4 to 5 in game hours. There’s not really anything to do during this timeframe. Just go ahead and slaughter zombies with Combo weapons for PP, or hunt down the remaining PP stickers in Fortune City. You can also just AFK if you want.
  539. What you should do is take the shortcut to the Pallisades. Then make knife gloves in the maintenance room and kill zombies here for 150PP a kill, unless you’re somehow level 30, and have the combo card for 300PP a kill. Once they break, zone into the Yucatan Casino, and then back into the Pallisades. Make another pair and repeat this process.
  541. Around 6:30 PM, you want to head to the south end of the Pallisades on the second level. Enter High Noon Shooting Range and grab a gun from the racks. Any one should be fine, but I grabbed a handgun and shotgun to be safe. You can use these fairly liberally as you make your way back across the Pallisades to the Yucatan Casino. Just make sure you have some ammo left, otherwise we won’t be able to rescue Janus.
  543. At 7:00PM you’ll get a call from Stacey about a golfer in SportsTrance in the Royal Flush Plaza. Set your marker to it, but we need a quick stop along the way. Once the calls done, zone from the Yucatan Casino, into the Food Court.
  545. Head across the food court until you find the kiosk with the giant globe that says “Food Court”. Climb up here, and talk to Janus who won’t join unless you have a gun. You should have one, so he should join without issue.
  547. Now just continue through Slot Ranch Casino and follow your marker until you reach Royal Flush Plaza. If you find a queen here it may or may not be helpful depending on how things go. Pick one if it’s convenient.
  549. Inside Royal Flush Plaza, follow your marker to SportsTrance on ground level. You’ll find Luz being swarmed by zombies. Use the queen if you have one, or clear them out the old fashioned way. Once they’re gone, talk to Luz and she’ll join up with you. Now just take Janus and Luz back to the Safe House.
  551. You’ll be rewarded with some petty cash here for your efforts, but the ride isn’t over yet. Save if you want, and head back out. Restock if you need weapons.
  553. Head to the Pallisades now by heading through the shortcut in the Royal Flush Plaza restrooms. You should get a call from Stacey here (Day 2 - 8:00PM) about a woman in the underground. Set your marker to Wax on Wax off.
  555. In the Pallisades jump down and enter the Underground access just like you did for the case with TK on the train. Grab a set of Knife Gloves from the maintenance room nearby if you need them.
  557. Follow this path until you reach the loading bay. Kill the mercenaries here using Knife Gloves. Once they’re clear, talk to Tomomi and she’ll join up with you. Now it’s a simple task of escorting her back up to the Pallisades, then around to the Brand New U shortcut, then from the restrooms to the Safe House.
  558. Save if you want.
  560. Killing More Time and Carl Schliff
  561. It’s probably around 8:30 at this point, and the next scoop isn’t until 11:00PM, and it’s a psychopath battle.
  563. Do whatever you see fit during this time, but killing Zombies with combo weapons is likely the most efficient use of your time. You can go ahead and stop by the second floor of the Pallisades and head to Stan’s Large Print Books and Magazines to grab the Psychos book here. There’s a few psychopaths coming up and the bonus PP is worth getting.
  565. Around 10:30PM you should head into the Americana Casino for a restock of quicksteps and painkillers if you need to, and then wait out the time until 11:00PM when Stacey will call about a postal cart. Once she does, Set your marker to Mail Order Zombrex and zone back into Royal Flush Plaza.
  567. Do a quick restock on a Spike Bat or Knife Gloves at the maintenance room if you need to. When you’re ready, examine the Postal Cart.
  569. You’ll start a battle with Carl the Postal Postman.
  571. Carl isn’t overly difficult, like most of the psychopaths in Dead Rising 2. Our strategy is the same, run him down and smack him once, before backing out and waiting for another chance. You can use the news stand in the center as a buffer to heal.
  573. Quicksteps are favored here as Carl will run around throwing bombs at you. With a quickstep active, and the speed boost from the Sports Fan Outfit you should be able to close the distance, and run him down while avoiding the explosions.
  575. You can use the shops around, and the news stand to avoid his shotgun blasts. Once he reloads, you can resume your chase.
  577. It shouldn’t be a difficult fight. Just abuse Quicksteps and you should come out ahead.
  579. Once he’s dead you have to kill time until 12:00AM. Do whatever you want, but be close to the Americana Casino to get a call from Stacey about meeting up with Rebecca at Benny Jack’s BBQ Shack. Once you do, zone in, and follow your marker to Case 5-1: The Source on the upper level.
  581. You’ll finish the case and you’ll get a bomb dropped on you that Rebecca is kidnapped and you need one million dollars before 7PM. That only leaves you with 19 hours to gather the cash you need. Of course, you probably already have the money so don’t worry too much about it, but if you don’t, go ahead and start pilfering the slot machines. Of course, we have things to do now.
  583. Royal Flush Snipers
  584. Restock on Quicksteps and Painkillers at the Shots and Awe in the Americana, and then head outside to Fortune Park. You’ll encounter a cutscene with the snipers. These can be one of the more difficult parts, but it shouldn’t be too hard and you can take your time doing it.
  586. This part can be buggy. You should head up on your left and get ontop of the movie theater to take on Deetz first. Of course, he just may not spawn. If he doesn’t, just head to Big Earl first, he’s the most difficult one anyways. Getting onto the platform is a bit of a pain, but climb up there and start fighting him. Earl seems to do the most damage of all the snipers.
  588. They have a very predictable pattern. If you’re far away, they’ll try and shoot you. If you’re close they’ll pull out a machete and attempt to swing at you, and then run away again. Just follow them, taking a hit where you can. Once you clear them out, eat the food around the surrounding area to heal up before moving to the next sniper.
  590. Head across Fortune Park past the Royal Flush Plaza entrance up the silver strip. Take a left into the alcove with the Maintenance Room and go up the ladder to face off against Johnny.
  592. This is exactly the same as against Big Earl, but Johnny should go down a little bit easier. Run him down, grab the booze on the air conditioners before heading back down.
  594. Cross the strip and towards the maintenance room on the other side. Enter the tunnel you found Sven, and head to the back to go up another ladder to get to the roof of the Atlantica Casino. You’ll fight Derrick up here. Strategy is the same, run him down with Knife Gloves or a Spike Bat. Once he’s dead head back down. You can restock on health via the snacks at the machines on the way back to the Silver Strip if you need to.
  596. Now you can head back to Deetz if he glitched out and didn’t spawn in your game. Just head past the Paradise Platinum Screens. Enter Juggz if you need some more mixed drinks, then exit and climb the ladder to fight him.
  598. Deetz is the same. Run him down with knife gloves and use healing items as necessary. Once he’s down, Fortune Park is free from the tyranny of the Snipers. Eat Deetz’ happy meal, and then head back down to Fortune Park.
  600. Gathering Gambling Magazines and the Big Poker Game
  601. Now it’s likely after 1AM at this point, which means the high rollers have spawned for their Poker game in the Atlantica Casino. We want to hedge our bets so it’s time to gather the 3 Gambling Magazines.
  603. Head south and enter the Americana Casino. Head to Benny Jack’s BBQ shack and on the second level, pick up the first gambling magazine near the lights you can jump across.
  604. Now just make your way back to Royal Flush Plaza. Then just cut straight through to the Pallisades shortcut in the restrooms.
  606. Exit Brand New U and jump over the railing. Head to the center grotto and climb the stairs to the waterslide. On one of the tables is the second gambling magazine. You can throw away the Pyscho’s book for now if you need the inventory space.
  608. Once you’ve got it, head south to the Atlantica Casino.
  610. The final magazine is in the Uranus Zone vaults. Cut through the Atlantica and exit into the Uranus Zone. We should’ve already unlocked the box its contained in so just head back there now. We have picked up a few extra keys, so go ahead and plunder the lock boxes since we’re here anyways, and grab the cash from the floor and money case. Make sure to grab the 3rd Gambling Magazine, before you head back to the Atlantica Casino.
  612. Off the Record’s checkpoint system makes this a lot easier than standard Dead Rising 2. Go ahead and enter the Poker Room. I got a call from Stacey here about the scoop Barn Burner (3AM)
  614. I’m terrible at poker, but with the sports fan outfit, and 3 gambling magazines this went fairly fast. You’ll get better cards, and have a much better chance of success. Go ahead and gamble smart, or just constantly go all in. If you do the all in strategy, if you ever lose your cash, just reload your checkpoint and try again. This took me a handful of attempts, and about 10 real time minutes to complete.
  616. For winning the poker game, you’ll get a cool million dollars, which is a free way to pay Rebecca’s ransom.
  618. Once you’re finished, you can throw the gambling magazines away if you want, but you could also hang onto them as there’s another poker game coming up shortly. You should probably hang onto the harder to get ones, and ditch the one from Benny Jacks if you need the space.
  620. You’ll get a call from Stacey around this time depending on how long the poker game took for WWJWD. Ignore it for now. Take your survivors north, and leave the Atlantica into the Pallisades. You’ll also probably get a call from Stacey after leaving the Atlantica about a mermaid. (4AM) again, ignore this for now.
  622. Take the high rollers to the second level and use the shortcut in Brand New U to head back to Royal Flush Plaza. Then just hoof it back to the safe house. Once you’re inside, feel free to save.
  624. Barn Burner, Seymour and the Mermaid
  625. We’re a bit late to getting to these, but there should be plenty of time. We’re going to prioritize the ones that came first, so set your marker to Barn Burner.
  627. Head to your right, and enter the Americana Casino. Feel free to make a stop at the bar for more mixed drinks, otherwise just head straight through to the Fortune City Arena.
  629. You’ll probably get a call from Stacey here about a guy in Chris’ fine foods. (4AM) We’ll be heading up there shortly so don’t worry too much about it. Just follow your marker to the back of the Fortune City Arena, around where you started the game.
  631. You need a food item for that last call, so you can grab a Snack from the vending machines on the way to Barn burner.
  633. Past the green rooms you’ll see a fire. Kill the zombies around and pick up the Fire Extinguisher. Use it to douse the flames, and then enter to find Elrod and Trixie-Lynn. Talk to them and get them to join. You have plenty of time here, so go ahead and take Elrod and Trixie-Lynn back to the Safe House by doubling back through the Arena. You can take them through to the south plaza for the next Psychopath battle but that’s your call. It’s easier and safer to take them back through the Arena, through the Americana Casino, and then back to the Safe house in Royal Flush Plaza.
  635. Once you’re finished, go ahead and save, then head back out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  637. Set your marker for WWJWD? and then head through Royal Flush Plaza to Fortune Park. You’ll probably get a call from Stacey here about a guy looting ATM’s (6AM). Ignore it for now, and cut across the park, stopping by Juggz if you need some healing items and then enter the Fortune City Hotel. Just head south through the doors into the South Plaza and you’ll trigger the battle with Seymour.
  639. Seymour is pretty easy. Same strategy as always, just run him down with Knife Gloves. A hit or two, followed by backing out should lead to an easy victory. He has a gun, but you’ll likely be in his face so often that he wont use it much.
  641. There are plenty of pillars to run and hide behind if you ever need to heal, as well as the scaffolding and statue if you need some distance.
  643. Realistically, you should just be able to trade blows with him and be able to easily take him out. Just hide behind a pillar and burn a painkiller or quick step if you really need to and that should be more than enough.
  645. After the fight, you can grab Seymour’s six shooter off the Saw. It’s a decent gun. Then head to the maintenance room nearby to find Ray. Talk to him and he’ll join up with you.
  647. Now it’s time to head to the Atlantica Casino. Exit the Fortune City Hotel, and run north through Fortune Park and enter the Atlantica. If you need food, take a pitstop by Juggz, or the Platinum Strip Screens for a food item. You need it coming up.
  649. Head north staying by the right side. You’ll find Tammy sitting on the giant clam display. Talk to her and get her to join you. Then pick her up, and take them both north into the Pallisades mall.
  651. Inside, just head up the escalator on your right and enter Chris’ fine foods. Find Richard in the back who’s begging for snacks. Put down Tammy and give Richard whatever food item you have. He won’t accept mix drinks so make sure you have something before coming here.
  653. It was 7AM when I got to Richard, which means another Zombrex for Frank. Go ahead and use it now.
  655. After Richard eats, he’ll join up with you. Now pick up Tammy again, and escort everyone back to the Brand New U to take the shortcut back to Royal Flush Plaza. Now just take everyone back to the Safe House and zone in once everyone’s there. You’ll get some cash for your troubles but you should be well past the million mark at this point. You’ll also get another Zombrex, which will replace the one you just used so that’s nice.
  657. Go ahead and save before heading back out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  659. Woodrow and Tape it or Die! Crew
  660. Now it’s time to save the Woodrow who’s looting ATM’s on the Silver Strip. The Tape it or Die! Crew are also available and we’ll need to pick up some stuff along the way.
  662. Restock on combo weapons at the maintenance room if you need to, otherwise, just continue through Royal Flush Plaza and zone into Fortune Park.
  664. Head left and up the Silver Strip on the right side until you reach the Shamrock Casino. Enter to find Woodrow at the back. Talk to him and he’ll request you escort him around to the ATM’s on the Silver Strip. Just stick close to him, and follow him around, clearing out zombies that get in your way with combo weapons. Queens are really helpful here so if you find one go ahead and use it. Woodrow has some bad AI and won’t start looting the machines until there are no zombies around in most cases which makes this pretty annoying.
  666. Try not to hit him too much since it’s really easy with the zombies around. The last machine is in the Platinum Strip Screens movie theatre. Once that’s done, Woodrow will join up. Since we’re close, just run back to Royal Flush Plaza and drop off Woodrow at the Safe House. Grab another Spike Bat. You’ll probably get a call from Stacey about the strip poker game (9AM) around this time. Ignore it for now. You’ll get a bit of cash for your trouble for rescuing Woodrow. Save if you want, and then head back out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  668. Now it’s time for the Tape it or Die! Crew. We need to get a stack of plates, and a cement saw for one of their wacky inventions so unfortunately we can’t just jump through the shortcut to the Pallisades this time.
  670. Go ahead and run through Royal Flush Plaza and zone into Fortune Park.
  672. Now head north towards the Yucatan, and cruise through the Silver Strip until you reach Lauii Wauii on the right side. Grab a stack of plates from the tables immediately on your right and then jump down and grab a cement saw near the maintenance room.
  674. Don’t drop the cement saw, since you can’t pocket it, and head into the Yucatan Casino. Head up the escalator, and turn to your right to get into the Pallisades.
  676. Off the Record has some signage of the Tape it or Die! Crew, so follow the signs into Kokonutz Sports Town. Use the Door at the back to enter their hideout.
  678. Bring the Cement Saw and Plates to Wallace in the back and he’ll give you a plate launcher in return. Go ahead and talk with the rest of the crew if you want, but we’re done here for now. We can’t rescue them until later on. Once you’ve got the plate launcher, head back up to the Pallisades.
  680. You’ll likely have a bunch of time to kill here, and the best thing to do is strip poker. Use the plate launcher until you’re out of ammo for the lulz, and then head up to the Grotto in the center of the Pallisades for the gambling magazine for time efficiency.
  682. You’ll need to give Jared a Zombrex at 11AM, so make sure you’re in the vacinity of the Safe House in this time. Just kill zombies in Royal Flush Plaza until you get the call from Stacey at 11AM. Then just zone in, give Jared the Zombrex, wait a second so it registers you actually did it, since Off the Record is pretty buggy, and then leave.
  684. Now you should do preparations for strip poker since we have some time to kill. Go ahead and grab the second gambling magazine from the second floor of Benny Jacks, then head back to the Royal Flush Plaza. Use the shortcut to get to the Pallisades, and then grab the third gambling magazine from the table near the waterslide in the grotto.
  686. Once you’re done, head into the Yucatan and kill zombies until it’s 12PM, you’ll get a call from Stacey about a hot cop in the Hot Excitorama. Once you do, zone out into the Silver Strip.
  688. Head south on the left side until you reach Hot Excitorama. Talk to Deidre multiple times until she joins. She strikes a pose every time you talk to her so have your camera ready for some big boy PP gains. Once she joins, you can give her a massager for some HILARIOUS DIALOGUE, and she won’t let you give her another weapon.
  690. If you don’t have it, make sure to grab the Erotic Magazine here. You’ll get bonus PP for rescuing Deidre, but we will also need it shortly, so make sure you have it. You should still have it from the start of the game, but if not, pick it up.
  692. Now just exit Hot Excitorama, and head south with Deidre to zone into Royal Flush Plaza. Then go ahead and enter the Safe House. You’ll get some cash from her for your trouble.
  694. Now we finally have a hot minute to do Strip Poker. Save, set your marker to Ante-Up, and head to the back room of the Safe House.
  696. This is technically optional, but you need it for Jack’s Protoman helmet. You’ll need to win a ton of hands to come out ahead here. Your best option is if you ever lose the cash, just restart since having a cash advantage lets you bully your opponents and pick up the blinds to gradually wear them down.
  698. This is simply a poker grind, and you’re probably better at poker than I am. You have unlimited retries here, so just restart from checkpoint if you ever fail.
  700. This part took me over and hour worth of attempts and I hated every second of it. If you get a person totally stripped, you can go ahead and leave, and rezone to save your progress. Then once you restart your checkpoint, you won’t have to take them down again.
  702. It’s definitely a bit long winded, and it took me about 15 minutes of real time to beat everyone.
  704. Once you’ve cleared them all, you’ll automatically be wearing the Protoman helmet. Take some pictures for a memento of your victory if you want, otherwise leave this god forsaken room.
  706. Head back to the locker in the restroom and put the sports fan helmet back on for the sick move speed bonuses, and then save your game.
  709. One hit Wonder
  710. You have nothing to do until 3PM. It was 2:52 when I finished Poker and left to Royal Flush Plaza. Go ahead and ditch the 3 gambling magazines now, you won’t be needing them anymore. Restock on Combo weapons, and grab a queen if you can find one, it’ll be helpful.
  712. At 3PM you’ll get 2 calls from Stacey. One about Richard harassing girls, and one about the stage in the Slot Ranch Casino.
  714. Head back into the Safe House, and talk to Richard. Give him the Erotic Magazine, and you’ll prevent him from perving and grossing out a bunch of your female survivors to the point where they’ll leave. He’ll give you a hundred dollars. Make sure to stick around until you see Mutiny Averted. Then head out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  715. We need some things before we head to One Hit Wonder, but go ahead and set your marker. This is a Psychopath battle, but you don’t need to actually fight.
  717. Restock on Combo weapons, and look for a queen as you head to the Restrooms. Take the shortcut to the Pallisades, and pick up the Psycho’s magazine from Stans Large Print Books and Magazines, before heading back to Brand New U and taking the shortcut back to Royal Flush Plaza.
  719. Head through Royal Flush Plaza towards Slot Ranch Casino, and pick up a Tuxedo from the Modern Business man. Also grab the vodka from the racks at the back of the store. Don’t head into Slot Ranch Casino though, exit out to Fortune Park.
  721. Make a B-line for Hot Excitorama and pick up a replacement Erotic Magazine since we will be rescuing more female survivors shortly. If you see a queen, grab it here. Then go ahead and cross the strip into the Slot Ranch Casino. Hang a right and go to the bar for a drink for Bibi just to save yourself some time. Then follow your marker to the stage.
  723. Talk to Bibi, and since you’re wearing a tux, she’ll ask for a drink. Give it to her, then head to the back of the stage, and grab fireworks. Gather a crowd of zombies by using the fireworks and once it’s big enough talk to Bibi.
  725. You’ll have to use the panel and then you’ll engage in a short rhythm game.
  727. Once it’s over, jump down and throw a queen to save Bibi. Then talk to her and she’ll join up. Otherwise you’ll have to be careful about clearing the crowd of zombies around her with combo weapons or special moves.
  729. Once everyone’s with you, grab Cameron and give him a shoulder, then get the heck out of the slot ranch casino and exit to Royal Flush Plaza.
  731. Make your way through Royal Flush Plaza back to the Safe House. Your posse will probably get stuck on looters so babysit them a bit to make sure they all get back safely.
  733. Once you’re back Bibi will give you 100 dollars. Then head to the restrooms, and put your Sports Fan Outfit back on to get the bonuses, and save your game.
  735. Charlies Angels and the Twins
  736. You have some time to kill here until 6PM. There is another psychopath battle coming up so make sure to restock on Combo weapons in Royal Flush Plaza, and Painkillers and Quicksteps at the Americana Casino while you wait.
  738. Stick by the Restrooms in the Royal Flush Plaza and you’ll get a call from Stacey about 3 women in the grotto in the pallisades. Use the shortcut, jump over the railing, and head up the stairs.
  740. Talk to Cora, who will join after you give her 10,000 dollars. Then jump down, and head back up to the second level, and run to the Brand New U shortcut. Then just take these 3 beauties back to the Safe House.
  742. This is your last chance to restock on some combo weapons. Head back to the restrooms in Royal Flush Plaza, and use the Washroom shortcut to get back to the Pallisades. Also make sure you’re wearing the full Sports Fan Outfit so you don’t have to make an on the fly detour to Kokonutz sports town to get the clothes back.
  744. Head straight through the Pallisades and into the Yucatan Casino. You’ll probably get a call about a Tall Clown here, but ignore it for now. You can make a quick detour to Baron von Brathaus to mix some drinks if you need to, but otherwise, just follow your marker straight to the Shoal Nightclub.
  746. You’ll lose one million dollars here. I’m honestly surprised it’s not just all your money.
  748. Of course, you’ll also start the twins psychopath battle here.
  750. You realistically have two options, in how to tackle this. Focus one, or just hit whichever twin comes your way. The fight ends after beating one twin, so it makes sense to focus one down, however you may get more opportunities to hit one twin over the other.
  752. That being said, don’t you dare hit my best-girl Amber, so take out your pent up aggression on her sister Crystal.
  754. The twins are fast, but you can still run them down with the Sports Fan Outfit and an active Quickstep.
  756. You’ll have several photo-ops here which yield large PP bonuses but it’s usually not worth the effort to try and get them as you’ll be doubled teamed by the twins. In the bad way, not the good way.
  758. There is an absolutely massive amount of booze in Shoal, so healing should be a non-issue here. With the sports fan outfit you can’t get sick, so you’re free to use as much as you need to if you ever run out of Quicksteps and painkillers.
  760. Otherwise it’s standard faire. Pick a sister, and chase her around with a bat. Take a hit or two, and then run away to avoid the counter, before resuming the chase. If you need to heal let the sisters run away and then just hide behind a wall. Then once you’re ready go back on the hunt.
  762. One of the more difficult fights, but that’s really only judging things on a bellcurve.
  764. Once you’re done, guzzle some booze if you need health, then make sure to take a Vodka for the road. Exit Shoal into the Yucatan Casino. Head left, and exit into the Pallisades. Grab a set of Knife Gloves from the maintenance room if you want, otherwise head up to Brand New U and take the shortcut back to Royal Flush Plaza and save your game.
  766. Evan and TK
  767. You should set your marker to Snow Job now, which is another Psychopath battle. Go ahead and restock on Knife Gloves and Spike Bats at the maintenance room by the Safe House. Otherwise head to the Americana Casino.
  769. Restock on mixed drinks here, before heading out to the Platinum Strip from the Americana Casino.
  771. Turn right, and head towards the Clown Car with near the motorcycle to trigger another Psychopath battle.
  773. This is a two phase fight. Start off by handling it in the same way we’ve done every other psychopath. Just chase Evan down, and take swings at his stilts with knife gloves or spike bats. Then avoid his counter-stomps. He’ll shoot snowballs up into the air, which create ice pads where they land. Try to avoid fighting him on the ice pads as you’ll slip and slide around. Otherwise, just another easy psychopath.
  775. At about 30% he’ll lose the stilts and start running around like Sonic the Hedgehog, Strategy hasn’t changed here. You can tank most of his attacks since they deal pathetic damage. If he grabs you just mash the stick and punt him off, and then take a couple of swings at him. He’ll usually taunt after a successful attack and that’s an opportunity for free damage.
  777. Just keep swinging and he’ll go down. Nothing much to say here otherwise.
  779. Once he’s dead, jump on the motorcycle and set your marker to Case 6-1 and drive to the Fortune City Hotel. Go ahead and stop at juggz if you need some more healing items.
  781. Inside, hang a right to head to the elevators. Kill all the mercenaries here and then use the button to call the elevator. Kill the last mercenary inside, and then head to the rooftop.
  783. You’ll start a battle with a helicopter. It’s not overly difficult. You need to avoid it until you can run and press the green button on the crane. Then it’ll yank the helicopter down and you can actually damage it.
  785. You need to throw stuff at the blades to damage it. There’s plenty of things around, like spotlights, and fences to use here. Try and stockpile about 3 spot lights so you can quickly whip a bunch of them to maximize your efficiency here. After a brief moment, the crane goes back up and you need to wait for the green button again.
  787. Just run around on the far side of the helipad and avoid the bullets while collecting stuff to throw. Then once the buttons green, press it, and chuck whatever you’ve got at the Helicopter again. Feel free to use the dodge roll to avoid the Helicopter when it seems at you.
  789. It’s just a matter of repeating this process until the fights over. It’s not super difficult, or complicated, just get er done. Shouldn’t be too much trouble.
  791. Afterwards, you’ll be transported back to the Safe House. You’ll get your million dollars back as a nice little bonus. If it’s after 9PM, Head into the Cafeteria to find Sven. If you still have the Vodka from Shoal, give it to him, otherwise break the box next to him for another attempt at one. Once you give him a Whiskey or Vodka he’ll give you another Zombrex. If you don’t have one, just grab one from the Americana Casino and head back to the Safe House.
  793. Otherwise, Exit out to Royal Flush Plaza.
  795. Reed and Roger
  796. Again, you likely have about 2 to 3 hours to kill here.
  798. This is more free time. You will want to restock on mixed drinks like Quicksteps and Painkillers at the Americana Casino. Then you should restock on weapons like Spike Bats and Knife Gloves in the Royal Flush Plaza.
  800. Once you’re done that, simply kill time, probably by killing Zombies until you’re close to 12AM. Then do another quick restock on weapons and healing items. I got a call from Stacey in Royal Flush Plaza. Once you do, set your marker for Worlds Most Dangerous Trick.
  802. If you’re in Royal Flush Plaza, take the restroom shortcut to the Pallisades. Then headed south to the Atlantica Casino. Follow your Marker to the magic stage and you’ll start the fight with Roger and Reed.
  804. Your focus should definitely be on Reed. Roger will probably run off. Reed is extremely simple and our strategy is perfect here. Take a swing with knife gloves then immediately back out to avoid his counter attack. Then just head back in, and take another swing before backing out.
  806. Roger will likely leave you alone for the most part here. If he does harass you, just play slightly more carefully, until he inevitably runs away like Naruto.
  808. Once Reed is down, you can go ahead and run to the bar behind you to get some free heals before hunting down Roger.
  810. You’ll basically have to chase Roger around the slot machines for awhile taking pot shots at him when you can. Then it’s the same thing. Once he stops, lay the smack down on him until he runs off again, then repeat the process. If your health glitches out here like mine did don’t worry, just heal yourself and you should be fine. Stupid buggy game.
  812. Once you’ve dispatched the Sigfried and Roy stand ins, go ahead and take a memoto picture for some PP. Also grab Reeds rocket launcher since why not. Then exit the Atlantica and use the Rocket Launcher in Fortune Park until you get a call from Stacey about a girl on a roof at the Fortune City Hotel, (1AM) SHES GOT A GUN!
  814. Once you get the call, zone into the Fortune City Hotel. Then take the elevators up to the roof and talk to Lillian.
  816. Now head back down the elevator. Exit the Hotel to Fortune Park, and then head up the Silver Strip to enter the Slot Ranch Casino. Then just head right, and through to the Food Court.
  818. Stick to the right side and enter Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant to find Camille in the kitchen area. Talk to her, and she’ll join up with you.
  820. Now it’s just a matter of doubling back to the Fortune City Hotel Roof. Head back down to Slot Ranch Casino, and exit onto the Silver Strip. Then go ahead and head south back to the Fortune City Hotel. Zone in, and use the elevator to get back to the roof with Camille.
  822. Lillian and Camille will be reunited, so go ahead and take a picture for some bonus PP. Now, it’s just a matter of getting everyone back safe and sound. You’ll likely get a call about Luz wanting something from you. We can do it on the way. (2AM)
  824. Head back down the elevator, exit to Fortune Park and cross it to re-enter Royal Flush Plaza.
  826. Head back to the Safe House but stop by SporTrance. Head inside, kill any looters in here, and go to the second level. Grab a golf club from the racks, before heading back down. Now exit SporTrance and take your survivors back to the Safe House.
  828. Inside, head into the Cafeteria and give Luz the Golf Club to fulfill her request: Bent Wood. You’ll get a bit of cash for your trouble.
  830. Now go ahead and save.
  832. Ester and Final Time Killing
  833. There’s not a ton to do right now so just go ahead and restock on combo weapons and mixed drinks if you need to. Then go ahead and cross Royal Flush Plaza and kill time in Fortune Park until 3AM. You’ll get a call from Stacey about an old woman.
  835. Zone back into Royal Flush Plaza, and head up the stairs on your left to turn left to enter Children’s Castle. Talk to Ester until she joins up with you after a lengthy conversation. Go ahead and carry her back to the Safe House.
  837. Now, we don’t have much significant to do until 7AM when we need to use a Zombrex, which is trivial, and the second to last set of survivors at 8AM.
  839. You’ll want to use this time to try and gain a level or two by smashing zombies with Combo Weapons or getting the remaining PP stickers in Fortune City if you care about those. This is roughly 5 hours in game time, so you have a lot of time to kill.
  841. First things first though, go ahead and use the Royal Flush Plaza Shortcut to get to the Pallisades. Now head across the top level until you reach the Cleroux Collection. In here, grab a Peace Art, we’ll need it at around 4:30AM.
  843. Make sure you keep this in your inventory, otherwise you’ll just need to do another trip later.
  845. Head back to Royal Flush Plaza, or use the maintenance room in the Pallisades to restock on Knife Gloves and use them until they break, then re-zone and repeat this process. Once you get a call from Stacey about Europa, head back to the Safe House. (4:30AM)
  847. Give her the Peace Art to fulfill her request. Go ahead and save since you’re here, then return to the Pallisades, and resume your killing spree.
  849. Head back to the Pallisades via the shortcut. Kill zombies and continually restock on combo weapons until 7AM, at which point you should use a Zombrex.
  851. Now continue to kill time in the Pallisades until it’s close to 8AM. At this time, you’ll want to zone into the Yucatan Casino. If you see a queen here, you should try and pick it up. Also make sure to be stocked up on mixed drinks, especially quicksteps now at Baron Von Brathaus.
  853. At 8AM, you’ll get a call from Stacey about the Tape it Or Die! Crew. Head back into the Pallisades, and head to Kokonutz Sports Town.
  855. Clear the zombies around the group, preferably with a Queen if you have one. Otherwise just be careful. Once it’s clear, talk to them and they’ll join up. Now just hoof it up the escalator, and head to the Brand New U. Take the shortcut, and return the crew to the Safe House.
  857. Go ahead and save here. You’ve rescued the last female survivor, you can discard the Erotic Magazine now to gain another inventory slot. You won’t get any more value out of it.
  859. Now, you should spend this remaining time restocking on items. You’ll want to be in Fortune Park, ready to head to the top of the Royal Flush Plaza where you fought the Sniper Johnny at 9AM. Go ahead and make your preparations, and head there to complete Case 7-1: Help Arrives.
  861. Boykin and Last Survivors
  862. You’ll immediately start Case 7-2 and need to rescue Rebecca.
  864. The more annoying Gas Zombies are now here. You can safely avoid them just by hoofin’ it, but they can swarm you easily. Just take a swing with a Spike Bat, or the strong attack of the knife gloves should be enough to clear a way.
  866. Follow your waypoint, taking a stop at the maintenance room on your left if you need a set of knife gloves. Otherwise, just follow your waypoint until you reach the Yucatan, than hang a right and pass through the now broken gate to the tunnel.
  868. Now just follow your waypoint and pass the boxes to start the battle with Sergeant Boykin.
  870. The strategy remains the same. You’ll have to be more aggressive with your dodging since Boykin will spray bullets at you frequently so you’ll want to move in a serpentine fashion.
  872. Quick steps are your friend here. Pop one early when you take damage and then you should be able to easily avoid the gunshots and his counter attacks. If you get hit by a counter you’ll be locked into a grab. And take a lot of damage, so be prepared to run away to heal afterwards.
  874. There’s ample cover, so jump behind a pillar or use the container or hum-vee to make some space and get a chance to heal.
  876. Otherwise it’s the same as every other psychopath, just hit and run, wearing them down through attrition.
  878. Once you’ve beat him, you’ll start Case 7-3: Lean on me. Go ahead and pick up Rebecca, and head out the way you came in to the Silver Strip.
  880. Once you’re outside you’ll find Sergeant Woo and Private Kuss. Talk to Sgt Woo and eventually they’ll both join up with you.
  882. It’s your call which way to go here. I prefer to zone into the Yucatan, and head into the Pallisades and up and around to Brand New U to use the shortcut as it feels like there’s less of the gas zombies on the way. Your other option is just to cut down the Silver Strip and zone into Royal Flush Plaza and go that way. It’s probably pretty similar in terms of time, so do whatever you prefer. Just zone into the Safe House with your posse, and make sure they’re close enough to zone.
  884. Once you zone in you’ll get a bunch of cutscenes and you’ll immediately start an event to gather items to secure the Safe house.
  886. This part is a lot more unforgiving in Off the Record, and it is possible for your survivors to die in here. If you’re fast and help clear zombies around you can get through without losing one, or two, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter since there’s no achievement for it. If one dies and you want a perfect game, simply retry.
  888. Just follow the markers and grab the 3 items you need. Kirby by the spool of wire was usually the one who died for me the most while testing this, so you probably want to clear out the zombies near him. Otherwise just try and do this as fast as possible.
  890. Once you’ve gathered the items, hack the panel to close the gate. Just mash X as fast as you can and it will shut eventually, which leads into the next scene.
  892. The Only Lead
  893. Once you regain control of Frank, go ahead and complete TK needs Zombrex. You should have plenty of Zombrex at this point for Frank and TK. If you don’t you can swing by a pawn shop and buy one for 50,000 dollars. Once you’ve given TK the Zombrex, you’ll be locked into Overtime Mode, so if for whatever reason you want a different ending, don’t give TK the Zombrex.
  895. Case 8-2 is simple enough. If you need healing items or combo weapons be sure to restock. Otherwise, just go ahead and take the shortcut to the Pallisades. Follow your marker, and head to the underground. Again you can stop by the maintenance room for a pair of knife gloves if you need it.
  897. Once you’re in the underground just follow your marker. Once the loading bay opens to the tunnel, turn right and follow the large flock of zombies. Avoid or kill any mercenaries in your way. Once you reach the door, jump into the barricaded area, take out the mercenaries, and use the keypad to proceed.
  899. Now you’ll need to climb up the machinery to reach the top. Kill the mercenaries in here with knife gloves. Then go ahead and eat the happy meal on the table before proceeding forward to your marker. Use the keypad through the tunnel to unlock the door.
  901. Kill Mark and Pearce here with Knife Gloves. Just run them down, they’re barely stronger than standard mercenaries. You’ll finish case 8-2 and start case 8-3, which just requires you to get back to the Safe House. Use the elevator. You’ll wind up in the Pallisades. You can either exit out to the Silver Strip and run through to Royal Flush Plaza, or you can use the shortcut at Brand New U on the second level of the Pallisades, it’s your call. Once you get back to the Safe House, you’ll get some grand expository reveals, and you’ll start THE FACTS
  903. The Facts
  904. This is the final part of the main game. Your immediate goal is to get situated for the hardest part of the game.
  906. Restock on Knife Gloves if you need them. They are high priority to have a couple pairs as you can one shot mercs most of the time with them. You can also head to the Americana Casino for some extra healing items if you need them. Otherwise head through Royal Flush Plaza, which is now swarming with Mercenaries and enter Fortune Park.
  908. You’ll have to take out Harvesters here. There all over the place, so start by hanging a right to head down the Platinum Strip.
  910. You’ll find the first Harvester here, and it’s guarded by mercs. Take them out. Try and avoid the Blast Frequency shots because it will always cause Frank to stop and puke which is mostly just annoying. Run down the mercs, and then smash the harvester. Continue down the Platinum Strip.
  912. If you want you can stop in the Movie Theater on your right for some healing items before head down. The second Harvester is next to the Diner on your left.
  914. Kill the Mercs here, prioritizing the one carrying the Blast Frequency Gun. Then finish off the rest before smashing the Harvester.
  916. Continue South towards the Arena. Stick to the left side to find another Harvester and more mercs. Standard procedure. Take them out, then smash the Harvester.
  918. That was all of them on the Platinum Strip. Now head back north, using the planters in the center to avoid Zombies. You can take a pit stop at Juggz here to make some more mixed drinks like Painkillers if you can spare the Inventory space. Mix Whiskey Whiskey or Beer Beer, since Whiskey Beer makes a randomizer.
  920. Otherwise, head back up to Fortune Park, and stick to the right side. In front of the Fortune City Hotel is another Harvester and set of Mercenaries. Take them out, and then smash the Harvester.
  922. Continue North killing any mercs in your way. The next Harvester is in between the Uranus Zone entrance and the Atlantica Casino entrance. Take out the mercenaries, prioritizing the one with the BFG, and then smash the Harvester.
  924. Now turn left at the Atlantica. Continue forward, the next Harvester is directly in front of the “Silver Strip” sign. Take out the mercs here, and then smash the Harvester.
  925. Now continue North, up the Silver Strip.
  927. The next Harvester is right in the middle of the Silver Strip in between the Chapel and the Peepshow, right next to the fireworks Kiosk. Standard stuff here, take out the mercs, and then smash the harvester.
  929. Continue North towards the Yucatan, you can stop by the maintenance room on your left for another set of Knife Gloves if you need them. Otherwise turn right once you reach the Yucatan, to head back towards the gate where you found Sgt Woo and Private Kuss. Destroy the last Harvester here, and you’ll automatically be teleported back to the Uranus Zone entrance.
  931. Head inside.
  933. This area is now largely barricaded with containers. Just follow your waypoint to the right and you’ll enter the boss arena.
  935. I really, really wish I was joking here but you fight Stacey on a giant robot and it’s beyond dumb, even by modern Dead Rising standards.
  937. This is a 3-phase fight.
  939. In the first phase you want to run towards the center of the area, and bait the robot into smashing one of its arms down. Then run directly away from it, wait for the smash to go off, and then go back in to start smashing the armor off the robots claws. This is a fairly long process but should be fairly painless. Just keep repeating baiting, backing out, and attacking, and eventually you’ll wear down the first healthbar.
  941. The second phase is harder and longer as it won’t always smash the claws down for easy access. It will also throw boxes at you now, which are deceptively difficult to dodge, but will provide you you with some 2x4’s if you’re desperate for a weapon. It will also occasionally fire missiles at you, which are borderline impossible to dodge, but don’t deal very much damage.
  943. Instead of smashing, the robot will mostly do a couple of swipes at you with both claws. Just back out if this happens to try again.
  945. The attack you’re looking for in phase two is when it does 3 smashes in a row with both claws working it’s way into the center of the arena. Once this attack is over, run in, and attack the claws. Now just continue to repeat this process.
  947. If you need some breathing room, healing items, or weapons, you can head into the container behind you. There’s some orange juice, a sledgehammer, and some other goodies in here. It’s also a good way to avoid the missiles or a crate.
  949. Just work down it’s health bar, and you’ll eventually start phase 3.
  951. The cutscene will show the arms getting blown off and revealing some machinery under the crates. Obviously this is your hint.
  953. Climb the arms, and jump onto the machinery and use the button prompt. You’ll fire a bunch of missiles at Stacey. Go ahead and jump down, and wait for her to fall. Then climb onto the robots head, take a picture of Stacey if you want, and then use the button prompt to… sigh, engage in a QTE.
  955. You’ll have to do this with the box on the other side as well. It takes a minimum of three successful QTE’s on Stacey to take her down. Unfortunately the boxes have a recharge timer, so you’ll need to go wait in the container until they come back online.
  957. Repeat the process again until you take her down. What a great final boss fight… or is it?
  959. Overtime Mode
  960. Since we gave TK Zombrex it’s time for OVERTIME BABY. If you’re really slow here, you’ll need to give Frank another Zombrex at 7AM, but it shouldn’t be an issue, you should have 2 spare Zombrex if you’ve been following the guide, and at least one if you missed Sven’s second freebie.
  962. This is identical to the original Dead Rising 2, except a handful of the items are swapped around, so it’s no big deal. It’s basically just a victory lap around Fortune City.
  964. Exit the Safe House, restock on a Spike Bat if you need one,and then turn right out of Royal Flush Plaza to reach the Americana Casino.
  966. In the Americana hug the wall on your right and enter the Employees only room. Head to the second room in the back and grab the Compromising Photo from the desk on your left. Now exit. TK will call you and you can listen to the dialogue if you want, otherwise you can just ignore it and continue collecting the items.
  968. Now exit the room, head to your right. You can restock on healing items if you need to at the bar here, otherwise, just continue south towards the Fortune City Arena.
  970. Just cut through the Arena, sticking to the left side to be able to exit to the South Plaza.
  972. Cut through the unfinished clothing store directly in front of you, and when you exit the area, turn left and enter the door into the service tunnels.
  974. Follow your marker down the stairs and into the loading bay. Then exit and head left to the back of the train. Climb onto it, and head to the front to find the Zombrex Stash. Pick it up, then head back and jump off the train.
  976. Just head straight ahead through this tunnel and stick to the right side. Once you find a ramp up head there. Drink the beers if you need a heal, and head up the ladder into the Uranus Zone.
  978. You’ll be cordoned off from the phenotrans containers, so just head to your left and enter the service door. Follow this tunnel to exit into the South Plaza again.
  980. Cut through the South Plaza, and exit the Hotel to get back into Fortune Park.
  982. Now head straight through and zone into the Atlantica Casino. Continue hanging the right wall, and turn right at the giant clam to enter the Uranus Zone.
  984. Turn left, and enter the first aid station. Then enter the room on your right to find the sutures on the counter on the right. Now go ahead and double back into the Atlantica Casino.
  986. Head right in the Atlantica, and ignore everything, just go ahead and zone into the Pallisades.
  988. Take the right escalator to the second level and continue down this path. Enter Kokonutz Sports Town and grab the Men’s Silk Thong from the ground immediately to your right. If you need to heal, stop at Leigh’s Fine Liquors, before jumping down and exiting into the Yucatan Casino.
  990. There’s no items here, so just go ahead and head left, down the escalator, and exit onto the Silver Strip.
  992. Continue south along the strip until you reach the Pub o Gold Casino on your left, it’s just after the stage. Enter the bar, and grab the expensive Champagne from the back. Heal if you need to with booze here, and then leave the pub o gold, before crossing the street and zoning into Slot Ranch Casino.
  994. Follow your marker to the Gauze in the Cashier’s office on the opposite side of the Slot Ranch Casino. Enter, and turn left into the office to pick up the Gauze. Then exit, and head through the Casino to zone into Royal Flush Plaza.
  996. Stop by Roy’s Mart on your right and enter the back room where you found the Zombrex, grab the painkillers from the shelf. We’ve got everything we need, so it’s just a matter of heading to the Fortune City Arena now.
  998. Cut through Royal Flush Plaza, and enter the Americana Casino. It’s not necessary, but you can mix a Painkiller and Quickstep at the bar here for a slight advantage, but not nearly as much as in Dead Rising 2, so just go ahead and cut through the Americana towards the Arena. You can take a final save at the restrooms on the way if you want. Otherwise, just head into the Fortune City Arena.
  1000. Continue forward, and then head right up the stairs. Burn a quick step and a painkiller here if you have them, and then zone into the door.
  1002. You’ll be stripped of all your items, and be forced to do rerun of the first Terror is Reality minigame, except this time you can actually lose.
  1004. Run around grabbing the items around here. Franks special moves like the Knee Drop are extremely valuable here, so go ahead and look them up in the menu if you’re not familiar with how to do them.
  1006. You’ll need to take out the first few zombies here, before the platform falls and you’ll start the main body of the minigame. You’ll want to run around here gathering the weapons and healing items before activating 3 of the grinders. Then you should wait for the main stage of the arena to get killed with zombies before activating the final grinder and causing the arena to be swathed in flames clearing it out.
  1008. Then just repeat this process again once the grinders turn green. Activate 3, wait for the area to be filled with Zombies, and then jump on the fourth grinder to kill most of the zombies.
  1010. I’m pretty sure this event is just timed, so you can avoid combat as necessary here. Try and avoid taking damage, the healing items you gather will be useful in the TK fight. You will get a full HP restore after this event is over, so don’t worry about healing if you feel like it’s winding down.
  1012. Now you’ll have to face off against TK. This is exactly like Dead Rising 2 except you have to heal Rebecca instead of raising up Katie and Stacey.
  1014. Take a couple of swings at TK until he runs away. Then climb the scaffolding on your left to pick up a lead pipe and a light. These two weapons should be sufficient for taking out TK. Grab any healing items you see as well. You can smash the boxes, and they usually contain some if you need them.
  1016. You do need to heal Rebecca once TK runs off, so heal her for a little bit by mashing the button, and then stop as TK attempts to blindside you.
  1018. You can just trade blows with him if you have a lot of healing items from the minigame. Smack him around until he runs off, use a healing item, and then heal Rebecca for a little bit before stopping to getting eyes on where TK is coming from.
  1020. He’ll usually try and charge you. Try and dodge it with a roll, or just by dekeing him out on foot. If you get grabbed you’ll have to engage in a short quick time event sequence, so complete it to break him off.
  1022. Just keep beating him with your pipe until he cowardly runs off, then heal Rebecca. You can get a feel for how long you have until TK comes charging at you. Just stop, dodge TK, and resume the onslaught. TK should go down without much issue.
  1024. Congratulations you rescued all the Survivors, and you reward is…. Nothing.
  1026. In all seriousness, this is a good way to get yourself very near to the level cap, with a good chunk of change in the bank to tackle the more involved achievements in Dead Rising: Off the Record, it just feels a bit like Capcom Vancouver did us dirty with no Savior achievement.
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