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  1. Term Definitions:
  2. * Client = the recipient of the funds, the person taking out the loan.
  3. * I, Myself, or Me = the sender of the funds. The person that supplies the money and issues the loan.
  4. * MC-Market =, the website that the loan was originally discussed.
  5. * Payback Date = the deadline in which the funds must be returned to me.
  6. -
  7. By accepting and/or using the funds:
  8. * You agree to send me $66 by 9/23/19 via Paypal Friends & Family. You also agree that, if you do not pay me back by the deadline, you have 5 additional days to pay me back with an additional fee of $3 per day, though a chargeback will likely be opened before then.
  9. * You agree with the Payback Date, amount of funds owed, and rate of interest of the loan. If you do not agree with those terms, then simply refund the payment and contact me immediately. You have one hour, starting when you acknowledge the payment, to send it back if you do not agree to the terms. After that, you will need to pay the cancelation fee.
  10. * You have expressed consent from the owner of the MC-Market and Paypal account, or you are the owner of the MC-Market and Paypal account.
  11. * You are able to cancel the loan within the first 2 days with a cancelation fee of $5. There are no full refunds. If the payback date is within 2 days of the loan, then you cannot cancel your loan.
  12. * You agree to never chargeback on any payments you have sent me.
  13. * You agree that if you fail to pay the loan, the money will be taken back via a Paypal dispute and a scam report will be opened on MC-Market.
  14. * You agree that the terms of service can be altered at any time, but will stay the same once you have made the deal.
  15. * I will check in with the client regularly to make sure they make their payment on-time. If the client does not respond or blocks communication, a chargeback will be issued early.
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