Video content startup VideoElephant secures $1 Million in se

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  1. A second round of investment in video content startup VideoElephant
  2. will fast-track company personnel expansion and growth in the
  3. US
  5. VideoElephant, a startup which aggregates and sells online video
  6. content for websites, has secured a further $1 Million in its
  7. latest round of funding. In December 2012 the online content
  8. marketplace received an investment of the same sum from venture
  9. capital fund ACT Venture Capital and Enterprise Ireland. This
  10. latest round of investment includes a new stakeholder, the AIB seed
  11. capital fund DBIC (Dublin Business Innovation Centre).
  14. Founded in 2011, VideoElephant sources, aggregates and sells video
  15. content to web publishers who are looking to generate advertising
  16. revenue from online content. Recently marketing research firm
  17. Demand Metric
  18. reported
  19. that four in five marketers have found success in video content
  20. marketing, but
  21. “resources and the ability to produce quality content continue to
  22. get in the way of good work”.
  23. VideoElephant solves this problem
  24. by collating premium content from multiple producers, genres and
  25. categories into a single, easily accessible digital
  26. marketplace.
  27. The company also partners with ad networks and tech companies to
  28. offer publishers the complete solution: the video, the technology
  29. and the monetization under both license fee and revenue share
  30. models.
  33. VideoElephant launched its
  34. website
  35. in 2013 with a content library of videos from blue chip providers
  36. including: AFP, National Geographic, ABC, VideoJug and Press
  37. Association. A year on the company has added, amongst others, ITN,
  38. Maker Studios and Newsy. It now stocks well over 100,000 short-form
  39. videos and 15,000 hours of long-form content, across 15 genres from
  40. news and sport to travel and cooking.  With a further 300
  41. pieces of fresh content added to the site daily, the company is
  42. fast becoming the go-to video content solution for online
  43. business.
  46. According to
  47. Stephen O’Shaughnessy, Founder and CEO of VideoElephant,
  48. “Our
  49. recent content and adtech partnerships wins, coupled with this
  50. latest round of investment supports our development in Dublin, and
  51. expansion into New York and Los Angeles, centres for innovation in
  52. our industry. Establishing our presence there will generate new
  53. content partnerships and extend our capability to provide
  54. end-to-end content solutions.”
  58. O’Shaughnessy is currently in the U.S in preparation for the
  59. VideoElephant’s new office on the West Coast, while his business
  60. development team have been making the most of new business
  61. opportunities in Tel Aviv, London and New York.
  64. Head of Business Development,
  65. Brian Cullinane,
  66. is currently attending ad:tech conferences in the U.S citing
  67. that
  68. “These events allow us to tap into the fast dynamic ecosystem of
  69. advertising and content marketing. Establishing VideoElephant
  70. abroad, especially in the United States, allows us to connect with
  71. existing and new partners on both the demand and supply side of
  72. video content.”
  76. ______________________________________________________________________________
  79. VideoElephant is an online marketplace which provides long and
  80. short form video content to web publishers, ad networks and
  81. platforms. Since 2011, VideoElephant has expanded its content
  82. partnerships to provide over 100,000 videos across 15 categories.
  83. For more information please contact or visit
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