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  1. Good afternoon
  3. Recently I made a request to the Prime Ministers office  asking for information on which bloggers his office communcated with
  7. The request was denied because it would take to much time to collate the information. The reasons they gave was because his office was also the office of John Key the member of parliament and John Key leader of the national party (both of which are not subject to the OIA) it would take to much time to find out which correspondence related to which of the three roles his office currently runs.
  9. I find this answer in satisfactory the office of the prime minsiter should have good record keeping in place so that information that is subject to the OIA is kept separate so that the public is able to ask for it when an OIA request is made.
  11. Also I am not asking for the content of the correspondence at this stage only the names and dates of the correspondence a simple sort by name and sort by date on most email programmes should easily find the bloggers that that prime minister was referring to when he said his office commuincats with lots of bloggers.  
  13. Are you able to look at my complaint?
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