Babs Story (PISS)

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  1. >You are babs seed.
  2. >You have been riding the train to ponyville for 3 hours now.
  3. >You really need to pee.
  4. >Why in equestria, would they have a long train ride, offer free drinks, yet NOT have a bathroom onboard, will always elude you.
  5. >Ponyville is in the distance, and you let out a sigh of relief.
  6. >As soon as you got off the train you would look for the station washroom.
  7. >You squirm a little as you try to keep the holds on your bladder.
  8. >The train should arrive within the next few minutes.
  9. >It feels like an eternity.
  10. >You really regret not going before you left.
  11. >You had to pee a little, but you were worried you would miss the train.
  12. >You ended up waiting at the station for the train for half an hour.
  13. >Thinking back on it, you didn’t relieve yourself when you woke up.
  14. >It’s been nearly 12 hours without emptying your bladder.
  15. >The thought does little to comfort your mind, or your full bladder.
  16. >the train slowly stops at the station.
  17. >Immediately you grab your bag, and get off the seat.
  18. >A little too quickly, and you have to remember, your bladder is too full for any sudden movements.
  19. >You make your way off the train, and are greeted by your cousin, and her two friends. The original CMC.
  20. >Applebloom runs up to you, tackling you and pinning you to the ground.
  21. >The fluid inside you sloshes around, and you have to pin your legs together. Lest you urinate on your cousin.
  23. >You think Sweetie belle and Scootaloo may have noticed, but you’re not sure.
  24. >’Oh hey guys? Did you see that I had to cross my legs because I haven’t peed in 12 hours? No? Okay.’
  25. >Nope. No way they can know.
  26. >You came from a rich family in manehatten.
  27. >Your bodily functions were highly private.
  28. >Not even your friends could know.
  29. “Uh Applebloom, could ya get off me? It’s kinda hard to breath.”
  30. >”Oh! Uh, sorry Babs! Its just I haven't seen you in such a long time! Anything I can getcha? I bet your thirst after that long train ride!”
  31. >You wish to tell Aapplebloom that she was absolutely wrong.
  32. >You wished to tell her that you had overindulged yourself in sodas on the ride, and you really needed to pee.
  33. >However, you keep your mouth shut.
  34. >A quick glance reveals the platform devoid of anyplace that you may relieve yourself in.
  35. >Seriously, whoever designed this was a masochist.
  36. >”We got a party set up at Sugarcube corner! Cmon!”
  37. >Sugarcube corner was halfway across town.
  38. >You really didn't feel like walking that far.
  39. >A sharp pain in your extremities reminds you that you have no choice, and the sooner you leave, the sooner you could be empty.
  41. >The walk is uninteresting.
  42. >Well, not as uninteresting as you would like.
  43. >You feel a sharp pain in your nethers.
  44. >You are starting to walk slower than the rest because if it.
  45. >Applebloom is trying to hide her smirk.
  46. >Sweetie belle looks oblivious.
  47. >And Scootaloo’s eyeing your belly.
  48. >Oh crap! Do I have a bulge? Is it really that noticeable?
  49. >As soon a Scootaloo notices you are looking at her, she blushes and looks straight forward.
  50. >You finally see Sugarcube corner. Why are the windows dark?
  51. >It looks like they’re boarded up from the inside.
  52. >Your 3 friends pays this no heed, and you just follow them, hoping for something to be explained soon.
  53. >The light’s aren't on, and you watch your friends disappear into the darkness.
  54. >Somethings amiss, and before you can tell what, the lights flick on.
  56. >OH SHIT!
  57. >You jump into the air, and land on your rump.
  58. >The sudden added pressure causes you to leak a bit.
  59. >Fortunately, the small spurt is soaked up into your coat, save for a small dark spot, everything seems fine on the outside.
  60. >Unfortunately, your bladder has just had a taste a freedom, and it wants more.
  61. >Everything around you becomes a blur, and you barely register the greetings, and hello’s while you desperately try to secure a hold on your sphincter.
  63. >It takes some effort, but you regain control again.
  64. >With the situation lockdown, [?]for now[/?] you look around you.
  65. >Apple Bloom’s friend… Pinko, no… Ponka… Pinkie! Yes! Pinkie Pie has set up a party for you.
  66. >It’s actually pretty small, for a pinkie party that is.
  67. >There’s a few fillies and colts from Apple Bloom's class, and a few ponies who look rather annoyed that pinkie just turned out the lights.
  68. >Other than that though, the place seems pretty empty.
  69. >You see your friends call you over to their table.
  70. >You’ll take them up on the offer, but right now you need to attend to your bodies needs.
  71. >You see Pinkie cleaning the counter, and you trot up to her.
  72. “Hey’a Pinkie, do ya kno-
  74. >You barely make out the slew of words that comes out of her mouth, and you just stare in silence as you wait for her to finish.
  75. >”-AND THATS HOW I SAVED NIGHTMARE NIGHT! So, how was your day?”
  76. >Not wanting to waste this opportunity, you ask the question.
  77. “Pinkie, I really need to use the bathroom, would you mind telling me where it is?
  78. >”Sorry, no can do! Spike helped me babysit the foals last night, and apparently, somepony forgot to tell him you don’t flush the diapers!”
  79. >”The toilet is outta commission! Shame though, I really need to pee…” Pinkie punctuates her sentence by bouncing on her crossed hind hooves.
  80. >The words make you feel numb.
  81. >’No toilet? But I can’t… Wait… The foals! Thats it!’
  82. >’If I sneak upstairs, maybe I can use one of their diapers, and put it on one of their foals!’
  83. >You think about this for a second before you realize what a horrible idea that is.
  84. >’Putting a wet diaper on a foal?! That sick! Shame on you babs, there’s always another way.’
  85. >You’ll need to think about this later, right now you need to get to your friends.
  86. >You take a seat at the table, Your friends look at you, smirking.
  87. >”What did you need to go see pinkie for, Babs?”
  88. ”I umm… Just wanted ta congratulate her on an great party!”
  89. >”Heheh, yeah, you know WE setup the party, right?
  90. “Right! Uhh, thanks!”
  92. >Before they can pressure you into talking some more, pinkie comes around with a tray balanced on her head.
  93. >”Hey girls! 4 shakes, Just as you ordered!”
  94. >Your friends dig into their shakes. You however are reluctant to start, knowing it would only add to the fluid inside.
  95. >Applebloom notices, however, and with a smirk on her face, she says to you;
  96. >”Cmon babs. Arn’t you thirsty? Or can ya not drink anything?”
  97. >’Crap! Does she know? If I drink this, there’s nothing she can say… But then i’ll need to pee more…’
  98. >You do a pressure check.
  99. >Your bladder is certainly full, and its starting to hurt. But you seem to be on top of the situation.
  100. >The manehatten part of your psyche starts to influence your thought.
  101. >’Hell, I could probably go another hour or two without peeing!’
  102. “Not at all Applebloom! I’m rather quite thirst!”
  103. >You grab the drink and down it, Immediately regretting it.
  104. >Your eyes close and you grab your forehead as you feel the effects of the frigid liquid.
  105. >Sweetie belle seems to do the same.
  106. >“Ugg… Brainfreeze. Shouldn't have done that.”
  107. >”The trick is to drink it so fast it doesn't touch your mouth” Scootaloo remarks.
  108. >Pinkie replaces your drinks before you notice.
  109. >”Alright, I bet I can drink more than all of you!”
  110. >Scootaloo grabs her drink and starts chugging it.
  112. >You barely have time to think about it as you start doing the same.
  113. >Sweetie belle gets about halfway before she puts the glass down.
  114. >Apple Bloom gets a little further than sweetie belle.
  115. >That just leaves you and scootaloo.
  116. >You make eye contact, and you struggle to finish the drink.
  117. >You both finish at the same time.
  118. >Pinkie comes around, asking if you would like some more.
  119. >You and scootaloo decline, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are just laying down, panting.
  120. >”Put this on mah sisters tab, Pinkie.”
  121. >”Sure thing! Just let her know she has to pay by Friday… Or she’ll break her pinkie promise…”
  122. >You have no idea what a pinkie promise is, all you know is that deep down you want to avoid breaking one as much as possible.
  123. >A feeling down south reminds you of your full bladder, and you realize what you just did.
  124. >’…BUCK.’
  125. >’Okay, it’s not too late, it’s in my stomach right now, if I can find a bathroom before it passes through, I should be fine.’
  126. “Hey, Applebloom, ya think we could head back to your house?”
  127. >”Sure Babs, I know a shortcut!
  128. “Cool, lets go.”
  129. >You and the rest of the CMC exit the confectionery, only this time, you feel an added weight on your stomach. And soon, your bladder.
  131. >You walk with your friends, slower than before.
  132. >Applebloom leads you to a path through the market.
  133. >You hesitate at the thought of so many ponies here, but you really want to get to applebloom’s house.
  134. >She’s the sister of the element of honesty. She wouldn't lie to you, right?
  135. >No, applebloom is your friend, she saved you from that carriage ride.
  136. >Regardless, you're too far from anyplace else to relieve yourself in.
  137. >The walk through the markets takes a while, and you often have to weave yourself through lines to stay in line of sight of applebloom.
  138. >A sharp spasm rockets throughout your body, and you stop dead in your place and cross your hooves.
  139. >You close your eyes as a small dribble of urine seeps out.
  140. >Another spasm and the slight dribble increases.
  141. >You have no idea how many ponies are looking, one is too many.
  142. >Why did it have to be here? Why couldn’t it be somewhere else?
  143. >You pin your front hooves on your crotch, and with a hayculean effort, manage to stop the flow.
  144. >You know that feeling when you get a really bad headache, and you can feel your pulse through your skull? Yeah It’s like that, only with your bladder.
  145. >You open your eyes, you see a few ponies looking at you.
  146. >A sharp blush covers your face, and you race out of there.
  147. >You finally exit the market, and are surprised to see your three friends waiting for you.
  148. >”Hey babs, we missed you…”
  149. “Uhh, sorry, I got lost…”
  150. “I’m Fine… I just… I [i]really[/i] need to pee.”
  152. >”Hmm, well c’mon, it’s not very far from here.”
  153. >you see them on the dirt path, and you try to keep up.
  154. >You finally see the barn, and you could not be happier.
  155. >Applebloom turns to you, opening her mouth to say something.
  156. >It can wait.
  157. >You race into the house, up the stairs and…
  158. >The door is locked.
  159. >The door to the bathroom is locked.
  160. >You put your weight to it, but the door doesn't budge.
  161. >A spasm ricochets through your body as a result, and you finally break total containment.
  162. >Your bladder has decided it has had enough, and your body agrees with it.
  163. >You put your hoof to your stomach. It’s empty.
  164. >Your bladder is now completely full. It has stopped stretching, and is now slowly dribbling.
  165. >It’s impossible to stop the flow now, only slow it down.
  166. >Everything in your body screams for release, and you start to consider it.
  167. >If it wasn’t for the fact that you were inside a house right now, you would relieve yourself.
  168. >The door opens downstairs, and you slowly make your way down.
  169. >the CMC are in the lobby.
  170. “Why’s the bathroom door locked?
  171. >”There was an earthquake and the toilet broke. I tried to tell you, but you ran inside before I had a chance.”
  172. >”We set up an outhouse behind the barn, let’s go.”
  173. >You have no choice, and you slowly follow them outside.
  174. >Your body is beyond help. You are slowly dripping from your nether.
  175. You get halfway before another spasm knocks forces you to stop.
  176. >Your heart rate elevates, and your entire back region hurts from the strain.
  177. >More urine come out, each one stinging as your sphincter weakens.
  178. >This is the finally straw, your body is on strike.
  179. >Your start to relieve yourself, a small puddle forming underneath you.
  180. >You have your eyes shut, and tears are forming as you slowly try in vain to stop yourself.
  181. >You look up, and see applebloom and her friends standing in front of you.
  182. >Theres no hiding now, they have just seen you leak.
  183. >”Hah! I knew it! You’re going to pee yourself!” Scootaloo mocks
  185. “Wha- No!”
  186. >“Bab’s is going to pee herself! Babs Is going to pee herself!” Scootaloo starts singing while jumping around you.
  187. >Soon sweetie belle joins in.
  188. >You look up to applebloom, In desperation you mutter
  189. “Please don’t”
  190. >Applebloom doesn't say anything, she just slowly walks away backwards, leaving you with Sweetie belle and Scootaloo.
  191. >”After this, we’re going to call you Babs Peed!”
  192. >”Babs Peed! Babs Peed! Babs Peed! Babs Peed! Babs Peed!”
  193. >You finally snap, and your embarrassment collapses into itself and you feel a fire ignite in your belly.
  194. >You go for sweetie belle first, tackling her, before turning around and releasing the holds on your body.
  195. >Instantly a torrent of piss erupts from your body, and you can't help but feel euphoric.
  196. >The urine splashes over her face, and starts to soak up into her fur.
  197. >You hear her desperately try to inhale, and you make sure to get some in her mouth.
  198. >”Ack! Sptt ahh!”
  199. >You feel no remorse as you continue to do something you had postponed for 13 hours.
  200. >You see Scootaloo standing in front of you, her body frozen in horror.
  201. >Feeling sweetie belle has had enough, and that Scootaloo shouldn't be left out of the fun, you smile at her and say:
  202. “Your next.”
  203. >”Ahhh!”
  204. >Scootaloo screams and tries to back away, however like a hungry wolf, you pounce on her.
  205. >You turn your pussy towards her face, and start to force all liquid inside you out.
  206. >Scootaloo doesn't make the same mistake as sweetie, she keeps her mouth and eyes closed.
  207. >You take a glance at sweetie, she is lying against the side of the barn, trying to rub her eyes.
  208. >You turn to scootaloo and Say
  209. “Who’s embarrassed now, crybabies?
  211. >The liquid splashes all over her face, and starts to get into her ears and nose.
  212. >With her nose now blocked, she is forced to open her mouth, and breathe.
  213. >You smile at the pegasus, now completely drenched.
  214. >The stream finally starts to slow, and as you finish up, you turn your head and see applebloom.
  215. >She is just standing there. Watching you douse her friends.
  216. >You feel guilty, and you get off of scootaloo.
  217. >Its too late though, and the stream has been reduced to a small trickle.
  218. >Your bladder still hurts though, no doubt tired from holding that much for that long.
  219. >Apple Bloom walks up to you, and asks “Why did you spare me?”
  220. >You want to run, hide, crawl up and die. Any of those things.
  221. “…”
  222. >Applebloom just smirks, and looks off to your side.
  223. >You turn just in time to see scootaloo jump on top of you.
  224. “Huh?” Is all you mutter out before Scoot starts pissing on you.
  225. >It actually feels pretty good.
  226. >You embrace the warm fluid surrounding you, and you open your mouth expectantly.
  227. >Scootaloo smiles, and directs her flow towards your face.
  228. >It tastes salty, and you start to swallow the flow.
  229. >You open your eyes, and you see applebloom and sweetie belle approaching.
  230. >Both turn their backs to you, and you see a yellow liquid pour from their sweet pussy.
  231. >Your entire body is wet with piss. The relief of pissing, and the feeling of 3 mares pissing on top of you makes you feel ecstatic.
  232. >Their stream slows, and you get up, completely drenched.
  233. >”We’ve been waiting for you to spring a leak! I've been holding all day!” Scootaloo announces.
  234. >”It took you forever!” Sweetie adds.
  235. “How? You it didn't even show on your faces!”
  236. >”We’ve been doing this for a while now, the first time is always the hardest.”
  237. “You mean you knew about this from the start? That I there was no bathroom on the train, or that I hadn't gone since last night?
  238. >”You didn't go last night?” Scootaloo asked.
  239. >”NEW RECORD!”
  240. >Applebloom just chuckles and starts to speak.
  241. >”Babs, If you're up for another go, I know where applejack keeps the cider…”
  242. >You lick your piss coated lips in anticipation.
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