All These New NPCs Kain't Be Introduced at Once aaaaaaaaaaaa

Apr 22nd, 2013
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  1. [22:09:31] <@Kain> Alright, then
  2. [22:12:21] <@Kain> You split from the group after a series of morally questionable events. The city of Madain Sari opens before you, many of its wonders still left unexplored. The Eidolon Wall looms in the distance, a free market is spread throughout the city proper, and more bars than you can shake a seedy underbelly at. Compared to ten years ago, there is a certain constant here, and that is people.
  3. [22:14:54] <@Kain> You see sweaty, bruised miners, armored Peacekeepers patroling the streets, as well as merchants and citizens wrapped in brightly colored cloth covers to ward off the sun... though at this time of year the temperature is actually rather nice and such garb isn't needed.
  4. [22:15:06] * Amaryllis finds the time to change out of her disguise, disspelling the magical effects as well. Dressing in up in one of her brown robes, marked with runes, she heads off for the pubs. She's been here within the past ten years as the city's grown - the hourglass she carries is proof of that - but never when it was this busy.
  5. [22:16:42] <Amaryllis> The kind of place she's looking for is that where the connected go to when they don't want to be seen out in public, or where one would go for the rumors and dealings hidden by the city's usual state of affairs.
  6. [22:18:32] <@Kain> Then I supposed a Negotiate check is in order.
  7. [22:19:29] <Amaryllis> 2d6+14 no faiths this time :<
  8. [22:19:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, no faiths this time :<: 25 [2d6=5,6]
  9. [22:23:44] <@Kain> It's effortless for you, to put on airs that you belong in such dark holes and not up here, in the bright daylight. You're carefully directed to a waterway on the north side of town, where a set of stairs leading down at the waterside takes you down to an establishment that's partially open-air. The presence of merchants and their stalls are still here, and there is a more common bar near
  10. [22:23:44] <@Kain> the front, but you see a bouncer in the back, guarding access to an area further within. You figure that's where you want to be. And all it takes is a single glance for the muscled hippo to step aside and let you in.
  11. [22:26:42] <@Kain> You find yourself now in a more classy establishment, the floor entirely covered in a rich carpet, the lights dim enough for your eyes to stand out quite nicely, and a sizable crowd of the wealthy, the skilled, and the experienced. A rich tobacco smoke fills the air, giving it a pungent sort of aroma, but not an unpleasant one, and the bar is polished mahogany with several delicious and
  12. [22:26:42] <@Kain> expensive-looking drinks lined up behind a fishman bartender.
  13. [22:27:22] <Amaryllis> As she steps in, Ammy passes her gaze over the patrons here, ascertaining where their interests may lie - checking out what they're wearing, whether they have any distinctive symbols in their attire, if they're carrying anything that suggests particular hobbies.
  14. [22:28:21] <@Kain> There's also a stage near the back, where a young minstrel is singing an old sailor's tune, in turn with playing an instrument not unlike bellows, that plays as he pulls and squeezes. A hand accordion.
  15. [22:28:24] <@Kain> Let's see...
  16. [22:29:04] <Amaryllis> "A highball, please." She says to the bartender as she looks for anyone who seems to have an interest in ancient history - or myth and lore. She'll need to impress those here, and that's where her forte lies.
  17. [22:32:31] <@Kain> You don't see particular symbols, but many of the people here are wearing silver rings studded with amethyst. A particularly strong-jawed man with black hair is sitting at the bar, reading some sort of text. You see mercenaries strewn around, various sorts of hired muscle sitting with their connected clientele. Some are in the back, gambling on roulette tables over glasses of scotch, lovely
  18. [22:32:31] <@Kain> women at their side. Far, far in the back, at one table, a group of ruffians are drinking over what appears to be a recent great success, laughing, and singing along with the minstrel, but they're far away from the action to not disturb the other customers. You see a few groups of otherwise well-dressed people engaged in what look like business transactions, though one of the men is slid a
  19. [22:32:31] <@Kain> photograph of someone.
  20. [22:34:39] <Amaryllis> Can Ammy make out some sort of pattern among those with the amethyst rings?
  21. [22:35:00] <@Kain> They all appear to be well-dressed men and women, rather than mercenaries.
  22. [22:39:02] <@Kain> The bartender nods and serves you a classic whisky and soda.
  23. [22:39:09] <Amaryllis> Not exactly her target here then. She passes by the black-haired man, hoping to catch enough of a glance at the text to discern what he's reading, as she settles herself down at the bar to wait for her drink order.
  24. [22:39:09] <@Kain> or rather, carbonated water.
  25. [22:40:22] <Amaryllis> "Thank you." Ammy takes the drink and drinks a little.
  26. [22:41:31] <@Kain> The man has a ring on, himself, and the text he's reading seems to be about eidolons in particular. It's a very old looking book, as well, with drawings that match the style of the Eidolon Wall, but you spot some eidolons that just don't exist on the wall but that you have heard of such as Kujata, Siren, Syldra, Terrato, and more. He's reading with interest, but not enough interest to not
  27. [22:41:31] <@Kain> notice you sit by him. "Well, hello there." he says with a smile.
  28. [22:41:34] * Kain is now known as Jasper_Jules
  29. [22:42:11] <@Jasper_Jules> You notice a few people staring at you from across the room, this man was given a bit of a berth by other patrons, now that you think on it.
  30. [22:44:05] <Amaryllis> "Fine evening, is it not?" Ammy takes another slow drink. "You've an interest in the old tales, do you?" She straightens up and gives a calculated dismissive glance in the direction of one of the starers for a moment before returning her attention to the man.
  31. [22:44:27] <@Jasper_Jules> They quickly break their gaze, going back to their own business.
  32. [22:46:24] <@Jasper_Jules> "Why, indeed, I do. I find myself at idle times sculpting these lovely creatures from clay. There's something about these creatures between man and god that just brings one to try to understand the stories that comprise them. Jasper Jules, by the way." He takes a sip of wine from a flute, then offers his hand. "I'd tip my hat, but I don't wear one."
  33. [22:46:50] <@Jasper_Jules> You notice a pair of white gloves on the counter as well, it seems like he normally wears those.
  34. [22:50:39] <Amaryllis> "Here, you can call me Berry." Ammy shakes his hand. "You certainly seem to have quite the tome for the topic. Most recognize only the Eidolons of the Wall."
  35. [22:51:49] <Amaryllis> "Though, of course, even fewer know of those that only exist on the other Wall, all the way across the world." She takes another drink.
  36. [22:52:15] <@Jasper_Jules> He smiles. "I'll let you in on a fair bit of information. The summoners seem to have merely ran out of room on their grand wall. I suppose that's what happens when you construct a finite space to honor an unknown amount of entities..." he closes the book, though, with interest. "Another wall, you say?"
  37. [22:53:51] <Amaryllis> "The choice of stone for their medium was folly to begin with. That is, if the goal was to immortalize their forms. Perhaps it was not. Stories change with man and the ages, and the Summoners knew this as well."
  38. [22:54:40] * Amaryllis stares down into her drink for a moment before looking up and continuing. "Less a wall, perhaps, and more a series of shrines. But their role was the same nonetheless, I believe."
  39. [22:57:47] <@Jasper_Jules> "I see... That does sound quite intriguing..." another sip of wine. "Eidolons are much like clay, are they not? Both molded by creative interpretations..."
  40. [22:58:09] <@Jasper_Jules> "Are you looking for an exchange of information, Ms. Berry?"
  41. [22:58:37] <Amaryllis> "Rarely though do you see clay mold itself."
  42. [23:01:18] <Amaryllis> "I would not refuse one." Ammy smiles as she takes another drink. "But I also wished to establish that I was not one who would be too frightened to speak with someone such as you. Such a shame, is it not? To be left all alone even in cloistered corners such as this."
  43. [23:02:15] <Amaryllis> "Though that in itself is quite a show too." Ammy lifts her glass a bit and swishes the remaining liquid inside.
  44. [23:03:26] <@Jasper_Jules> "Ah." he sighs, with a smile, shrugging. "It happens, in circles like these. But I like to think I'm quite a friendly person. I welcome your company, in fact!"
  45. [23:06:31] <Amaryllis> "And I yours." Ammy sets her glass back down. "Here is a freebie then. I apologize if you've heard this one already. Those we know as Tonberries today are but the remnants of an old Summoner civilization. They met their end the same way as the ones who once lived here - by Garland's hand. But their shrines and relics remain, sequestered away in the depths of Mt. Gulug. Seraphim, Diabolos, Unicorn, and more. They honored the tales
  46. [23:06:31] <Amaryllis> of such creatures and were not merely, as portrayed now, wanton murderers."
  47. [23:07:59] <@Jasper_Jules> He has another sip of wine. "Ah, yes, I see. 'Berry'. Quite clever on your part. But no, this is the first I've heard of this. As far as I've known the ruins of Mt. Gulug belonged to a 'mole people'. But, Tonberries... How interesting."
  48. [23:08:57] <@Jasper_Jules> "Unicorn... I'm told that eidolon was once on Madain Sari's Wall itself, but scrubbed clean, one day. A tragedy to be sure."
  49. [23:09:59] <@Jasper_Jules> "Perhaps enough of its legends simply died, and the summoners could no longer prove its existance."
  50. [23:10:01] <Amaryllis> "Stories are born, and stories fade. Sometimes they merely retreat - the Catoblepas of today are mere shadows or perhaps spawn of the Eidolon of yore - but sometimes they disappear completely."
  51. [23:11:16] <Amaryllis> "I would not mind if the true tale of the Tonberries were more well known." Ammy smiles again as she takes another drink.
  52. [23:11:55] <@Jasper_Jules> He looks curious. "Are you asking me to play a part in being the vessel of that knowledge?"
  53. [23:13:50] <Amaryllis> "They had a darkness to them, to be sure, but to be immortalized as boogeymen is a fate I would not wish upon them. Perhaps one day they shall pass entirely into legend as well, and it would be a shame for them to find root as a one-dimensional horror tale than a more rich and nuanced epic."
  54. [23:14:26] <Amaryllis> "Hm? Am I...? It is not wise to simply -ask- something of a man as yourself without knowing what they are getting into."
  55. [23:14:34] <Amaryllis> *such as
  56. [23:16:27] <@Jasper_Jules> He silently finishes off his flute, listening.
  57. [23:20:33] <Amaryllis> "But I suppose I am no better than those afraid to approach you if I am afraid of this as well. So I suppose I am asking you then." Ammy finishes her drink as well. "This town has changed so much in ten years. The world has. Shame it's so difficult to catch the news all around anymore. It is almost as if one must go out and find for themselves what shall happen next in Gaia's tale instead of hearing it from acquaintances and frien
  58. [23:20:33] <Amaryllis> ds."
  59. [23:23:10] <@Jasper_Jules> "I've heard some moogles are starting a news initiative on that front, actually."
  60. [23:23:56] <@Jasper_Jules> "Moglines, I think they're calling it... The same volunteers pitching in for Mognet at the moment are gathering information from across the world and compiling it into a sort of global newspaper."
  61. [23:24:07] <Amaryllis> "From the remnants of Mognet? Curious."
  62. [23:25:23] <@Jasper_Jules> "If they succeed, it should prove rather useful."
  63. [23:25:41] <@Jasper_Jules> "But I think I'm getting a bit off-topic."
  64. [23:25:51] <Amaryllis> "But with every such large formal news outlet, there are those who would seek to stop particular bits of information from circulating. And it is so much easier to stop a large estabilshed entity."
  65. [23:26:14] <@Jasper_Jules> He nods.
  66. [23:26:30] <@Jasper_Jules> "There are likely much better ways of gathering information."
  67. [23:28:18] <@Jasper_Jules> "In any case, I'll think about your proposal, Ms. Berry, though I must also consider my time... Perhaps we can work out a more formal agreement in the future?"
  68. [23:35:34] * Amaryllis nods as well. "I've heard there are rumblings of revolution in Durandal." She offers up as she slides her empty glass away. "Power will change hands, and with it the way things are done. I am sure however that, with preparation, this should not implicate anyone's business who has a stake there."
  69. [23:35:46] <Amaryllis> "Til next time."
  70. [23:38:43] <@Jasper_Jules> He nods, thinking on that.
  71. [23:38:55] <@Jasper_Jules> "Til next time. Ms. Berry."
  72. [23:40:41] <Amaryllis> What does the reaction of the other patrons seem to be now?
  73. [23:43:43] <@Jasper_Jules> They're mostly ignoring you now, carrying on with their business.
  74. [23:43:58] <@Jasper_Jules> Though you get an occasional interested glance if you pass by.
  75. [23:45:09] * Amaryllis pays for her drink and takes a last look around. She's looking in particular for someone else who seems like they're just passing through town and are a bard/storyteller type. If she can't find such a person, then she leaves, feeling she's gotten the most she can out of there for now.
  76. [23:47:38] <@Jasper_Jules> The minstrel on the stage is now taking a break, having a bit of a drink of water himself. Poor guy looks parched. He's dressed in dark red, with curly brown hair.
  77. [23:50:07] * Amaryllis finds her way over there then, ordering another drink to take over.
  78. [23:50:28] <Amaryllis> She sips at it as she settles down, this time having ordered a dark ale.
  79. [23:51:45] <Amaryllis> "Ten years ago, you would never hear a song such as that in Madain Sari. No travelling minstrels or bards, and no one to hear their voices. What brings you to the city?"
  80. [23:54:47] <@Jasper_Jules> The bard laughs. "What drives anyone to travel the world? Adventure. The thrill of something you've never seen before. Crossing those hills, just to see what lays beyond the fields of blue. And over here? Well... it's changed a lot in the past few years. It started different, but slowly this place is losing itself to the greater culture."
  81. [23:55:54] * Jasper_Jules is now known as Bard
  82. [23:56:14] <@Bard> "That song I was singing? Memories of a better time, really..."
  83. [23:57:44] <Amaryllis> "Losing itself? It is true it is no longer the sole dwelling of the Summoners, nor even their solemn grave. But perhaps it is just living and evolving. Memories, you say?" Ammy starts slowly drinking her ale to allow the guy to respond.
  84. [00:01:36] <@Bard> "I dunno, I feel like... back in the day, traveling meant something. Moving from town to town was an adventure all in itself... and when you arrived in a new locale you were stunned at the differences. Nowadays, travel is so easy that some people can rise in Treno, dine in Conde Petie, and go to sleep among the books of Daguerreo... and it feels like culture may eventually... start to filter
  85. [00:01:36] <@Bard> out. Lindblumites adopting practices from the Cleyrans, Alexandria adopting more modest army uniforms, I feel like we're going to be seeing things like that as time goes on. Sure, the world's evolving... but... it feels like it's going to reach a point of equilibrium eventually. Haven't you ever felt that?"
  86. [00:02:48] <@Bard> "And at that point... what adventures will be left to be had?"
  87. [00:04:39] * Amaryllis nods in understanding. "There is a saying I have often heard among those of our generation. We were born too late and yet too early. Too late for the age of exploration, after airships shrank the world and brought travel to the masses, but too soon for us to experience what adventures, if any, may lie beyond our own world."
  88. [00:05:25] <Amaryllis> "But even so, for now Treno shall have its eternal darkness, Daguerreo remains the world's preeminent library, and the Cleyrans are rebuilding their culture."
  89. [00:06:05] <@Bard> He sighs. "Gotta hope for the best, I suppose. And it's our job, in a way, to bring the culture of other lands to the people."
  90. [00:07:09] <Amaryllis> "It is far too cynical to say the world will soon reach a stasis, even with the stories and songs we bring." Ammy peers up at the stage with an amused look. "Ah, I do not think anything I know and have ready would be fitting for the atmosphere here, unfortunately."
  91. [00:08:00] <@Bard> "You're right... but still. What I wouldn't have given to serve among the navy of Cid the First, that giant of a bygone era of exploration and wonder..."
  92. [00:08:43] <@Bard> "I don't think we've been introduced. You can call me... Jack. A plain enough name, but one that's serviced quite a few adventurers."
  93. [00:09:19] <Amaryllis> "Berry is how I'm known in such places as these." Ammy extends a hand.
  94. [00:12:41] <@Bard> He takes your hand, nodding, with a smile. "The fruit of fragrant and beautiful flowers,... or twisting vines that reach deep into the dark. Hm, a grape? A young juniper, perhaps?" he looks thoughtful.
  95. [00:13:12] <@Bard> "There are mysteries in a name, especially here."
  96. [00:14:50] <Amaryllis> "None of those, actually. I suppose it shall yet remain a mystery for now." Ammy smiles as well with a shrug. "But that hardly matters." She leans in a little. "Have you ever thought to explore a different type of adventure? The natural world has its labyrinths, but there are those to be found in civilization as well."
  97. [00:15:20] <Amaryllis> "Simply of a different nature. If you are here, after all...well, suffice to say it would take an adventure to bring any normal person to such a place."
  98. [00:16:43] <@Bard> "Certainly, though it feels like I've hit a dead end."
  99. [00:18:50] <Amaryllis> "Hm, could it be, perhaps, there are limits to traveling alone on such journeys then? With the help of others, there are few places one cannot go." Ammy takes another drink of ale to allow Jack to think on that.
  100. [00:21:45] <@Bard> "Even the classic story of the minotaur had the hero aided with a ball of yarn. There aren't very many interesting tales that star a single hero. Not even Cid I was alone."
  101. [00:23:06] <Amaryllis> "Exactly. Sometimes all you need is a little boost." Ammy looks back up at the stage thoughtfully. "In fact, I do think I have changed my mind. Excuse me just a moment." She smiles and starts stepping onto the stage.
  102. [00:23:56] <@Bard> He makes some room for you.
  103. [00:24:24] <Amaryllis> (I don't think I have the creative capacity at the moment to actually -write- this out, especially with it being a song, so can we abstract out a performance? :P)
  104. [00:24:50] <@Bard> Sure thing.
  105. [00:26:27] * Amaryllis takes a last swig of ale, and then clears her throat as she twirls in place, her lantern appearing in her hand as she does. A moment later and it's wreathed in darkness, as if it were a black inked image brought to life. A golden light still glows from within.
  106. [00:27:10] <@Bard> You get a bit of an audience going, watching.
  107. [00:28:57] * Amaryllis begins singing of nature's majesty, the verses slow and quiet at first, but building to a rumbling crescendo as she continues. She sings of great forests bursting to life in the Seaways Canyons, of great jungles rising around the mines of Durandal. The song has the theme of great changes coming to the world and the wonders and excitement they'll bring to explorers all over the world.
  108. [00:29:44] <Amaryllis> All the while she twirls about on stage, using her lantern as her main prop and ensuring it is clearly visible to all.
  109. [00:30:45] <@Bard> You're met with confusion to begin with, but you manage a well enough performance that few seem to really care.
  110. [00:30:59] <@Bard> Jack, however, is somewhat impressed.
  111. [00:31:13] <Amaryllis> When she is done, she curtsies on stage and stands there a moment longer to assess the crowd's reaction, wearing the kind of smile that says she knows something hidden she's not letting on. (CAN I ROLL PERFORM JUST BECAUSE?)
  112. [00:32:02] <@Bard> Go for it
  113. [00:32:03] <@Bard> :D
  114. [00:32:08] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 :>
  115. [00:32:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, :>: 23 [2d6=6,5]
  116. [00:32:20] <@Bard> In fact, you impress the whole room.
  117. [00:32:28] <@Bard> Jasper even gives you a standing ovation.
  118. [00:32:47] <@Bard> Jack is a bit awestruck.
  119. [00:32:49] <@Bard> "Be you a muse?"
  120. [00:33:39] * Amaryllis bows toward him before taking her seat with a grin. She's a bit out of breath from the louder singing toward the end and quickly gulps down some water. "Nay, but with luck the world may think me one."
  121. [00:33:47] <Amaryllis> *toward Jasper
  122. [00:35:08] <@Bard> Jack: "In that case, good luck... and if there is any adventure you wish to show me, I'd gladly be part of it."
  123. [00:35:55] <Amaryllis> "Even if I have impressed them, I am sure my verses must have caused much confusion. But come tomorrow, or the day after, a few days at the very most," Ammy says as she lifts her flagon of ale, "each word of mouth may well be worth a coin of gold to these people." She takes a long drink to let her enigmatic words sink in. She's banking on no one having come by so soon to deliver the odd news of Durandal yet, and it seems to have w
  124. [00:35:55] <Amaryllis> orked.
  125. [00:36:15] <Amaryllis> *word out of my mouth
  126. [00:37:55] <@Bard> Indeed it doesn't seem to be so.
  127. [00:40:52] * Amaryllis reaches into her bag and pulls out a few small blank notecards, about the size of business cards, and she begins drawing on them in a black ink. "There are many secrets of this world that are open to storytellers like you and me. It is our nature to seek them out, after all. And with exchanging those secrets, the stories not told in newspapers, the rumors others would rather remain hidden, you gain ever more access to other
  128. [00:41:16] <Amaryllis> "It is much like how one's experiences traveling the world once allowed more perilous and exciting travels, is it not?"
  129. [00:43:35] <@Bard> Jack nods, as he reaches for one of the cards, curious.
  130. [00:45:27] <Amaryllis> They are each marked with a stylized drawing of a lantern. Ammy quickly reaches for the one Jack is inching toward and taps a finger on it. Her eyes glow, and as they do, a similar glow begins to emnate from the center of the lantern on the card. With this effect, it rather resembles the lantern imagery in Valerian's scrapbook. She slides it over closer to him.
  131. [00:45:45] <Amaryllis> "May your way forward in this world of secrets be illuminated by a Golden Lantern."
  132. [00:47:46] <@Bard> Jack takes the card, looking at it. "A Golden Lantern... I see, then." he nods, and pockets the card.
  133. [00:50:03] <Amaryllis> "The world is changing, Jack. The new and unknown are coming to it, and you may yet find the classical days of adventure and exploration you seek. But I hope you do not give up what skills you have in -this- kind of adventure to do so." Ammy grins, standing up. "We shall meet again someday. It is not always easy to keep in touch with others who make traveling their life, but keep that card as a bookmark when you don't need it. Who
  134. [00:50:03] <Amaryllis> knows? Something may happen."
  135. [00:53:57] <@Bard> Jack is silent a moment, looking at the card, and he nods once more. "I have something to look forward to, then. Farewell, Berry."
  136. [00:56:36] <Amaryllis> "One last thing." Ammy stoops down and leans in. "It may overlap with my tale a bit too much, but if you need a little cachet to your word and find yourself in another gathering spot tonight, I hear there is a giant tree bearing enormous fruit in Lesetira now, sprouted near the wind shrine."
  137. [00:57:13] <Amaryllis> And with that, Ammy straightens up and leaves the establishment, with a parting smile and nod to Jasper as she goes.
  138. [00:57:29] <@Bard> He nods at you as you go to leave...
  139. [00:57:34] <@Bard> But we're not quite done just yet.
  140. [00:59:02] <@Bard> As you leave the bar, you notice a few of the merchants have packed up shop. Roll an Awareness as you go back up to Madain Sari proper.
  141. [00:59:10] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  142. [00:59:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 10 [2d6=1,6]
  143. [01:01:07] <@Bard> You notice a few armored individuals hanging around that seem to be watching you. As you reach the streets, you find quite a few of them closing in on you. They bear no uniform, but there's only one group like this in Madain Sari that openly walks the streets in daylight. The Peacekeepers. The official unofficial law enforcement of the city.
  144. [01:02:52] <Amaryllis> Oh dear. Ammy quickens her pace a bit, not enough to be out of the ordinary, more like someone impatient to get home after a night out. She adjusts her path to make it easier to keep a eye on them all as she goes.
  145. [01:03:09] <@Bard> They're actively moving in on you, actually.
  146. [01:03:29] <@Bard> One of them calls out. "Miss? Excuse me, miss? Halt!"
  147. [01:04:50] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath and then turns. It probably isn't a good idea to run, and Ammy's too slow to outpace anyone reasonably athletic. "Can I help you, officer?"
  148. [01:07:12] <@Bard> The woman skips forward to catch up to you, a bird of some rather colorful plumage and heavy armor. She approaches, pulling out some sort of emblem that resembles a shield. "Excuse me, ma'am. Peacekeepers. We need to bring you in for questioning. Your description matches a serial killer spotted in the area. Please remain calm and come with us."
  149. [01:08:41] <Amaryllis> "A killer? I am a mere bard on her way home from the bars. I bring stories where I go, not death." Ammy wears a puzzled expression.
  150. [01:08:54] <@Bard> You notice she has a rather large amount of cohorts to simply 'bring you in for questioning', like she's expecting a fight, here.
  151. [01:09:22] <@Bard> Officer: "Then you shouldn't mind answering a few questions for us."
  152. [01:10:40] <Amaryllis> "Certainly, but I do not quite see the need to be 'brought in'. I am here am I not? And you say I...match a description?"
  153. [01:12:41] <@Bard> Officer: "For your safety, and the safety of others, we require to ask you a few questions... and also bring you in for witness identification. This shouldn't take too much time if you're innocent. But yes, all details will be given at our headquarters."
  154. [01:13:49] <@Bard> Officer: "If you are with companions, we will deliver a message on your request."
  155. [01:16:18] * Amaryllis looks around at the number of officers present. She could probably scare them enough with shadeblade, but that doesn't really help her case here.
  156. [01:16:49] <@Bard> Along with the officer addressing you, there are seven others.
  157. [01:16:59] <@Bard> Considering all you've been through, you -could- probably take them, but...
  158. [01:17:42] <Amaryllis> "Surely I am not the only woman around who could match such a description." Ammy says, frowning. "If I may ask, who was killed? I do indeed have companions in town, and I would be worried for their safety..."
  159. [01:18:58] <@Bard> The officer gestures for you to come along as she talks.
  160. [01:19:47] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath and follows along, watching all of them carefully and keeping her hands away from her pockets.
  161. [01:20:07] <@Bard> She begins walking. "There was more than one victim, all merchants on the east side of town with connections to a wealthy client from Durandal."
  162. [01:20:30] * Bard is now known as Officer_Pea
  163. [01:21:16] <@Officer_Pea> "A qu by the name of Quosis Quar."
  164. [01:22:04] * Amaryllis breathes out a small sigh of relief. "So not travelers then?"
  165. [01:24:52] <@Officer_Pea> "Travelers? No.." she looks at your reaction, curiously.
  166. [01:26:00] <Amaryllis> "As I said, I have companions in town, but we split up earlier today. One of them can be quite forgetful and gets herself into trouble often..."
  167. [01:27:26] <Amaryllis> "For many years I never let her out of my sight. Now, I am kicking the habit. She deserves her own time, but..." Ammy shrugs. "you understand how such a long-lived habit can make one worry."
  168. [01:27:40] <@Officer_Pea> "I shouldn't really be telling this to you, but... Each victim was murdered with a single stroke of a knife. Given the green hair, and the yellow eyes seen, witnesses have referred to her as the 'Tonberry'. Your clothes match the description as well... So apologies, but this is necessary at the moment."
  169. [01:30:46] <Amaryllis> "Aren't Tonberries a good deal shorter than I?" Ammy puts on a puzzled expression.
  170. [01:31:36] <@Officer_Pea> "You'd think so, but the description was that of a human.
  171. [01:33:17] <Amaryllis> "So a copycat? And how long has this been going on?"
  172. [01:35:45] <@Officer_Pea> "The murders have happened over the past day. We've fingered a few different people who match the right description, but you're so far the first who's hit all the marks." she says, walking along. People in the streets are avoiding the large group of officers along with the unusual suspect they're bringing in this time.
  173. [01:36:21] <@Officer_Pea> "Always green hair, yellow eyes, brown robes... and a glowing lantern. A young human woman..."
  174. [01:36:58] <@Officer_Pea> "So you understand why the Peacekeepers are concerned."
  175. [01:38:39] <Amaryllis> "Green hair and yellow eyes...are they really so rare? And one would think a murderer would spend their time in hiding, not hitting the bars and making their mark on the city." Ammy thinks a moment. "Jasper Jules himself would know my face now, from the performance I gave."
  176. [01:40:08] <@Officer_Pea> The peacekeeper officer blanches, but remains resolute. "Even Mr. Jules knows we can't make exceptions for serial murderers. I don't doubt you're connected with him, but it would be better to leave his name out of this."
  177. [01:42:01] <Amaryllis> "Oh, I never meant to imply..." Ammy says, having gotten a the effect she wanted already. "I meant merely that it would be foolish for someone to purposely make themselves known to the most influential denizens of the city after such an act, would it not?"
  178. [01:42:50] <@Officer_Pea> You arrive at a rather large building near the eastern wing of town. It menaces with spikes of iron and doors of stone, and a large golden plaque reading "Peacekeepers" on the front. You notice that there is a sort of jail around back, you can see the bars from here.
  179. [01:44:16] <@Officer_Pea> A few unsavory sorts glare out at you from the bars. The officer looks at you, and shrugs, sighing a bit. "It depends on the situation, really."
  180. [01:46:02] <@Officer_Pea> You're brought inside, through a small office and into a room with blank walls, a table, and two chairs. You're instructed to have a seat.
  181. [01:48:17] <Amaryllis> "Surely you do not plan to put a young woman myself in a cell with such brutes and ne'er-do-wells." Ammy remarks quietly with a nod to the cells as she's lead into the room.
  182. [01:48:25] <Amaryllis> *as myself
  183. [01:49:07] <@Officer_Pea> Pea stays to interview you herself, having a seat across from you as you say this. "Nah, unproven suspects in detention get their own cells until we're certain of their innocence."
  184. [01:49:37] <Amaryllis> "Oh, thank goodness."
  185. [01:50:10] <@Officer_Pea> "First of all, where were you between the hours of 7 and 11 am this morning?"
  186. [01:50:23] <@Officer_Pea> She's got a record thing she's putting your responses into with a quill.
  187. [01:51:13] <Amaryllis> (I don't know the answer to that! When did we arrive in Madain Sari, and when did the various events of the day occur?)
  188. [01:53:15] <@Officer_Pea> (Hmmm)
  189. [01:53:32] <Amaryllis> (it was teleport in --> go find an inn --> submarine stuff, but I dunno when we did the teleporting)
  190. [01:53:56] <@Officer_Pea> (Come to think of it, you've had a pretty long-ass day)
  191. [01:54:28] <@Officer_Pea> (Let's estimate you were in Lindblum)
  192. [01:54:46] <@Officer_Pea> (Because I think this has been that same day, at least I don't think I've cut to night)
  193. [01:54:53] <@Officer_Pea> (Christ)
  194. [01:55:01] <Amaryllis> "Lindblum." Ammy says with an amused expression.
  195. [01:55:17] <@Officer_Pea> She looks up. "White mage?"
  196. [01:55:24] * Amaryllis nods. "My friend - the forgetful one - is a White Mage skilled in the use of Teleport."
  197. [01:55:32] <@Officer_Pea> "Figures, seems like friggin everybody can teleport."
  198. [01:55:40] <@Officer_Pea> "Makes criminal justice a lot harder, that's for sure."
  199. [01:55:51] <@Officer_Pea> She writes that down.
  200. [01:56:33] <@Officer_Pea> "You said you're a bard? Do you do any fighting in your travels?"
  201. [01:57:04] <Amaryllis> "Specifically, it was the royal palace. I believe my friend and I may have interrupted an audience with the Regent Cid when we arrived..." Ammy adds in nonchalantly.
  202. [01:57:25] <Amaryllis> "Fighting? As needed, of course. The world is a dangerous one, even ten years after the Mist has gone."
  203. [01:58:10] <@Officer_Pea> She looks nonplussed a moment, but shakes her head. "Could you describe your weapon of choice?"
  204. [01:59:31] * Amaryllis sighs, then shrugs, knowing what conclusion will come of this. "A knife, of course. A bard can hardly afford to go about carrying a greatsword or lance without losing their class and elegance."
  205. [01:59:45] <@Officer_Pea> "Your honesty is appreciated." she notes this down.
  206. [02:00:21] <@Officer_Pea> "Oh, and one more detail, your name please."
  207. [02:00:48] <Amaryllis> "Amaryllis Middleton."
  208. [02:01:38] <@Officer_Pea> "Like the flower. Pretty. Alright, then. We'll have to hold you in temporary detainment while we summon our witnesses here to compare you against a lineup."
  209. [02:02:47] <@Officer_Pea> "Anything you'd like in the interim? Nothing magical, but we can slip you some drink or a book if you like."
  210. [02:03:09] <Amaryllis> "I suppose now that you know I am friends with a White Mage, bail is not an option, is it?" Ammy asks jokingly.
  211. [02:03:38] <@Officer_Pea> "Cute." she smiles. "We'll have to limit visiting, too. Sorry to say."
  212. [02:04:04] <@Officer_Pea> "But this should be straightened out, soon enough."
  213. [02:04:22] <@Officer_Pea> "You match the killer's description fairly well, but I don't think you were the one."
  214. [02:05:02] <@Officer_Pea> "Just got this hunch."
  215. [02:05:03] <Amaryllis> "Understandable, I suppose." Ammy sighs. "You said you could deliver a message for me at least? They are staying at room..." Ammy goes on to give the room number and address of the inn they were at. "Simply let them know what happened."
  216. [02:05:12] <@Officer_Pea> "Sure thing."
  217. [02:05:33] <Amaryllis> I'm assuming they've taken Ammy's things like her bag before this?
  218. [02:06:01] <@Officer_Pea> They inspected it for anything that seemed magical, but you were allowed to keep most things.
  219. [02:06:19] <@Officer_Pea> Including the bottle of Spring Day.
  220. [02:07:07] <Amaryllis> Huhhhh, really? Some police force this is.
  221. [02:07:46] * Amaryllis was gonna ask for -one- of the books from her bag, but they're just very lax it seems.
  222. [02:08:06] <@Officer_Pea> It isn't a very structured one, for sure. Similar to Treno, there's no court system, but they seem more fair about things.
  223. [02:09:19] <@Officer_Pea> They don't even have any true legal sway, but the people generally let them do as they will because most citizens' lives are fairly safe thanks to them.
  224. [02:09:42] <Amaryllis> "No visitors, you said? Then I suppose I shall have a drink and then sleep. You can tell anyone passing through you threw me in the drunk tank if you do not wish to attract undue attention to your ongoing investigation." Ammy shrugs.
  225. [02:10:19] <@Officer_Pea> Pea laughs. "Alright then. Sorry for the inconvenience."
  226. [02:11:36] <Amaryllis> "One cannot always see the next twist coming in their tale."
  227. [02:11:42] <@Officer_Pea> She calls out. "Officers? Take her to Block A. Give her a cell with a nice cot at least."
  228. [02:12:27] <@Officer_Pea> A few armored men come in to take you out.
  229. [02:13:02] * Amaryllis stands and lets herself get led away.
  230. [02:13:38] <@Officer_Pea> You're taken to a rather cozy cell, actually, with a decent bed, a pillow, and a blanket. One, that you notice, is actually tearaway in case someone tries to hang themselves with it.
  231. [02:14:25] <Amaryllis> Is she pretty much alone here, or are there others in nearby cells and guards standing on constant watch?
  232. [02:14:26] <@Officer_Pea> Aaand you get settled in for now.
  233. [02:14:29] <@Officer_Pea> Oh, hm.
  234. [02:14:54] <@Officer_Pea> You don't see anyone in the adjacent cells, but there are guards that occasionally patrol.
  235. [02:15:42] <@Officer_Pea> They look positively bored, in fact, and you notice every now and then they take breaks.
  236. [02:15:47] * Amaryllis takes this time to flip open Blade's book and, having nothing much better to do, begins trying some of the physical exercises within. At least the ones that don't blatantly scream DARK KNIGHT.
  237. [02:16:03] <@Officer_Pea> Athletics, please~
  238. [02:16:09] <Amaryllis> 2d6 oh god
  239. [02:16:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, oh god: 2 [2d6=1,1]
  240. [02:16:14] <Amaryllis> (Best result)
  241. [02:16:21] <@Officer_Pea> Oh god. Huff. Huff.
  242. [02:16:26] <@Officer_Pea> One too many giga puddys
  243. [02:16:33] <Amaryllis> (;_;)
  244. [02:17:16] <@Officer_Pea> This shit is really hard, and you're somewhat out of shape, but you try your best anyway, which is no less than Blade would have expected.
  245. [02:17:26] <@Officer_Pea> You eventually tire yourself out.
  246. [02:18:19] <@Officer_Pea> stretches. pushups, situps,
  247. [02:18:23] <@Officer_Pea> whew.
  248. [02:18:46] * Amaryllis crawls into the bed with a little wimper, massaging sore muscles. She turns herself toward the wall to hide her face, and then chugs down enough of the Spring Day to conk her out for a bit.
  249. [02:18:59] <@Officer_Pea> Sweet dreams, Amaryllis.
  250. [02:19:31] <@Officer_Pea> </mini>
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