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  1. Sep 11 01:10:55 <Pink|GM>    Akazakana seems to be setting up a laptop, paying only a little attention towards them. Upon noticing the attention, though, she gives Audrey a little wave when Eda isn't looking.
  2. Sep 11 01:13:11 <Pink|GM>    He seems quite satisfied with her treatment of his card. It even feels fancy. She has a sudden thought about what she might be able to use it for in her spear. Not either of the modules she has already, though... something /else./
  3. Sep 11 01:14:10 <Pink|GM>    "Come," he says, breaking her out of the burgeoning moment of tinker-thought and gesturing towards the table and the laptop.||
  4. Sep 11 01:16:08 <Saff|Audrey>    Audrey nods and walks towards the table. She takes extra care to make sure that she looks poised while walking, that she doesn't trip and fall flat on her face. There'll be time to think about the card, many sleepless nights that she could waste away tinkering, but now she had to keep from embarrassing herself. This was important. ||
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