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  1. Unsought Pregnancy
  3. Lauren is a seventeen year old girl and she has recently found herself mentally running from the concept that is now in her head; the consequence of a drunken night and the fatal effect this will have to not only her own life, but to her friends also. This is the concept of motherhood and how she can possibly comprehend this.
  5. It is a Friday evening, approximately 7.31PM according to her mother’s brass alarm clock, with large lacerations on the face of the clock, staring directly at her all day and night from the head of her bedside cabinet. She is surrounded like a young child in the centre of a large city at rush hour; various personal items belonging to Lauren are sparingly surrounding the alarm clock, each of which hold extremely delicate memories of her childhood and adolescence. Most of which are all negative and emotional and this may seem strange to one who does not know Lauren, although viewing these items daily and thinking of the memories related to each item, remind her of who she is and why she must always be true to herself regardless of what people think of her; via these moments, Lauren appreciates her life much more and realises the isolation she introduced to her life with her mother had only the best intentions for herself.
  7. The bedside cabinet is elderly, it appears to have been constructed of fine pine wood with an attractive glossed varnish to the generic eye, but to Lauren, that is the cabinet where her mother’s alcohol would be occupying every instance that Lauren sees her mother during her young teenage years, whether going to school, coming home from school, or going to her room in the evenings to talk to her best friend on the phone, regarding school work and plans for the upcoming weekend.
  9. The alarm clock is positioned precisely 30cms from the right side of the 90cms wide cabinet. Lauren obsessively glances upon the small hand on the clock with her hazel eagle eyes, slightly masked by small strands of her hazel hair, with amber dyed tips, each second passing by, she considers one second nearer to the day she will no longer suffer, and finally be reunited with the friends that have committed suicide in an attempt to reside at a happier and more enjoyable place; resulting in elimination of the depression and negativity their lives on Earth summon for them.
  11. Laurens bedroom walls are naked and scarred, the white skin is showing, the cracks in the corner of the walls are much smaller than the cracks in Laurens life; memories stain the walls with photographs of Lauren and her close friends, many of which committed suicide due to their depression, which was very common with teenagers that had similar fashion sense, religious beliefs (close to nothing) and music taste. There is one dominant photograph for Lauren on her wall, and that is the old, faded and torn photograph of herself and Rebecca which is illuminated by Laurens bedroom spotlight which she replaced the original white light bulb for a blue tinted light bulb. Rebecca was Laurens childhood friend that committed suicide on the night of her 16th birthday party that was celebrated during the night of Monday 21st May. Rebecca was found by Lauren in her upstairs bathroom, Rebecca’s parents asked Lauren to go upstairs to Rebecca to check up on her as her parents suspected her to be angry at them both as they had a big argument that morning regarding how Rebecca should attempt to find a job to help with family finances. Rebecca was only five weeks younger than Lauren. Laurens life has never been the same since then, her life was shattered into one thousand pieces but nobody noticed or cared. You could compare her existence to a small wine glass possessed by her mother and suddenly her mother drops the glass whilst intoxicated, the glass plummets into the marble tiled floor of the family kitchen, shattered with incomprehensible force. It was only a wine glass, she didn’t care.
  13. Lauren often felt as if she had to be the responsible and mature friend, seeing as she was older, but ever since Rebecca’s suicide Lauren often holds herself partially responsible for the dark event that occurred that night; she believes if she hadn’t been ignoring Rebecca for a small period of time prior to her suicide, that it would not have occurred at all.
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